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    The setting of my stories is Modern. Kinda futuristic, but still modern.

    The first of my 'extra-important' characters is Frost Akalica.
    She is 17 years old, but is somehow part of a military organization. It varies from story to story.
    Her appearance usually consists of white hair tied in a single, messy pigtail and grey eyes. She is blind in her right eye so she wears a cloth band over that eye instead of a regular eyepatch. Most of the time, she wears a translucent sun visor against with a dark grey paisley bandana that she lowers when she's talking to friends. Her clothing consists of a dark urban vest with a grey sweatshirt underneath and some black pants. Her shoes are typical black and white sneakers.
    When on duty, she wears a black military vest instead of her urban one, and also has combat shoes and fingerless gloves.. She is also armed with a silenced handgun that she carries in a holster at the back of her waist, and a stun rod that she sheathes near her left shoulder.
    Additionally, there is a yellow tattoo of a wolf's head enclosed in a small circle on her right shoulder.

    Her personality can be described as strange, to some. She is usually negative at times, ignoring what her allies think most of the time. She is distant and prefers not to talk, except to certain people that she knows. She can be summed up as a cold person, as she is usually merciless to her enemies and is bent on fighting unfairly by striking from the shadows. Once, in her childhood, she was bullied by another girl and sought out revenge by beating her several years later, though she may not be as cold as most would think, as she quickly regretted it. Lately, though, she's begun to become slightly more friendly and has some new friends.
    There have been a few things that nobody knows about. For one, she has a completely unknown background, with nobody knowing where exactly she came from or who her parents are. Furthermore, any damaged tissue of hers regenerates automatically, but she tries to keep this hidden by patching up her injuries herself. She knows exactly why she is able to do this, and would very much like to keep it a secret.

    I'll be tossing another character in here, but i'm kinda tired.
    Edit: She has a British accent.
  2. This is good. I like how detailed you were, then how you still left some mystery to the character!
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    Thank you for commenting. I will post my second character now.

    Irvin 'Irving' Terrick. 17-20 years old or so depending on what universe he's in.
    He is Korean, having somewhat long black hair that he ties back. His eyes are blue and he wears squared glasses. His clothes consist of a grey parka and with some shorts that go just below his knees. His shoes are black sneakers with a curving white arrow on the sides.

    Irving is a nice person, with many friends that he hangs out with a lot. Additionally, he is affectionate towards Frost. Apparently he's famous for some reason, which gets the attention of girls, but he really doesn't care that much. It probably has something to do with his speed, as he practices parkour and is very fast.
    If he's part of a military story, he'll usually be armed with a short, katana-like blade.
    If he's part of Splatoon he'll use an Inkbrush.
    Edit: He's left handed.
  4. It's funny, it's like I can actually picture him in my mind very clearly. I only have one question though. As I was reading you said "Frost" so are you going to explain them like the others next? Sorry I just want to know ^-^
  5. What do you mean explain them like the others?
  6. Oh I meant like you've been doing like CS's so are you going to do Frost next?
  7. I uhh... pretty sure Frost was in the opening post.
    The next two characters I place will know Frost from a previous encounter, as she's the main 'extra-important' character.
  8. Oh oops, I wasnt paying attention:-_-lines: sorry, but okay. How many characters are you planning on making?
  9. At least 4, including the ones i've already made.
  10. Oh okay cool! Thanks for answering my questions as well:ghostuvu:
  11. Third character is Aliyah Crowley. She is 18-21 years old, depending on what universe she's in.
    She has long brown hair with several blonde streaks near the front, and her eyes are green. She wears a dark green parka with a fur trim around the neckline and a pin of a cyan dragon on the front. She wears a lime green T-shirt underneath the parka. Her pants are black shorts with an orange stripe going down each side and her shoes are jet-black colored trainers. Aliyah also wears a satchel with a flashlight in it occasionally.

    Confident, proud, and somewhat stylish, Aliyah was the pride amongst the girls where she was at. Was, of course, because when she was younger she used to bully this girl for being different from everyone, and the others were in it with her. That was until the strange girl disappeared for years and appeared for a short time to exact her revenge on Aliyah. Heavily injured, she was barely able to walk away. With a slightly new outlook on life, she went out to find a private detective some time later to help her find the girl for an apology.
    Since the incident, she doesn't have many friends since the incident, but doesn't mind.

    Fourth character is Nikolay Winters. He is 12-15 years old, depending on what universe he's in.
    His Ethnicity is Russian, though his accent isn't very Russian.
    He has short brown hair and hazel eyes. He wears a dark purple T-shirt with an unknown symbol on the front of it in white, some blue jeans, and dark green high-tops.

    Nikolay is usually nervous, and is afraid of several things. He prefers not to do much, despite what he's done. In the past, he was a lonely boy left out on the streets, but he was picked up by a strange person. In exchange for their care, Nikolay was to do some shady activity for the stranger, without getting his hands dirty. Now self-dependent, he doesn't have a particular goal in mind.
  12. Very nice characters! They are very well drawn out and know what they do.
  13. I like your characters! A lot of those designs seem like they'd be fun to draw.

    Special mention goes to Aliyah and her backstory. It's a nice deconstruction of the "mean girl" type. I'd be interested to see how that story ends.
  14. Fifth character is Jeffrey Kinney. He is 19-22 years old and takes the role of a captain in a mercenary unit.
    He has short brown hair, dark blue eyes, and is usually serious all the time. His clothes consist of a black shirt, a military vest with explosive flares on it, dark green pants, and cyan trainers(black boots sometimes). Additionally, he has a pair of sunglasses that are more transparent than regular ones, and night vision goggles.
    He is armed with a burst-fire carbine that discharges electricity when it fires, and a short sword.

    Jeff is a high ranking officer in a mercenary group. He has attained his rank by his proficiency in leadership and hacking, but unfortunately for him, he doesn't like his team very much. One of his allies continually flirts with him and the other doesn't like military discipline that much. However, he is willing to have fun with his best friend, Irving. But that's not really good enough. He doesn't like normal life much or socializing either, which is why he sticks to the battlefield.

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