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Fantasy There's Something There That Wasn't There Before

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-taps microphone-
Is this thing on? OK!

SO. It's been a hot second and I've really wanted to really get back into roleplaying! SO.

A bit about me:
  1. My name is Kayla / Rhys. I'm non-binary, and you can use any pronouns for me (He/She/They)
  2. I've been roleplaying for around 12 years!
  3. I have a few plot lines for certain OCs. (I have...so many.)
  4. I'm a dork? If I feel like our OCs connect well, expect fan art. I draw....a lot.
A bit about the plot I wanna do:
Just....Beauty and The Beast basically. Not like word for word, but maybe....I mean, like certain songs, maybe having our own 'Gaston' who wants your character. We'd have to dive into that more!


Just male characters? Adam's been around a very long time, and he's realized he prefers the company of men. And for like length, I like novel based (Example: Adam said "What's wrong?". The woman next to him still would not answer). and probably 1-2 paragraphs.

A bit about the character I want to roleplay with:

"Born the forgotten son of Malcom the Second of Scotland, Adam was born Cerranous McCoinnich, heir to the throne of Scotland. He was successfully crowned king of Scotland, and rule for about 3-4 ears, even getting married to a Lileas McConnell. It was when Cerranous's father appointed him a new court wizard, that things went downhill very fast. This man, who went by Colin McAlistair, was not the most trustworthy man in Cerranous's eyes, but he trusted his father more than anything. It was noted that Colin was only in this for the chance to get to Lileas, as he believed that Cerranuos was unworthy of her beauty. It was only after an argument that Colin cursed Adam. This curse is what mythology calls vampirism. Fearful of her now vampiric husband, Lileas fled with Colin, and Cerranous fled, hiding away from the world, causing mayhem wherever he went. He turned into the tale that families told their children; that if they'd misbehave, he'd come in the night and take them away.
Around the 1800s, a man named Adam King came into the picture. Considered a spinning image of the forgotten heir of centuries before (as it was Cerannous, now "civilized" and in control of his own bloodlust). He resided in a large house in the moors of Yorkshire, England, the design similar to that of the castle he lived in in his younger years. It is rumored that he was the inspiration for the character of Heathcliff in Bronte' Wuthering Heights, baring a similar resemblance to that of the main character. Albeit he knew not of this Bronte, he was a wealth man, who gained large amounts of land throughout his stay in the moors. It was only around the 1900s did Adam move again, knowing that people began to question him and his lack of aging.
It is not noted what Adam has one throughout the 1900s, only making his mark once again as he has made his decision to re-enter society once again.

I'm excited to see who might be interested!!
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