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Futuristic "There's a monster in my house, he likes chips and fighting crime."

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One Delta Ten Tango
Hey there.
Here's my idea for a fun action RP in a modern setting with superpowers.

You're trying to look casual, but the handshake is awkward and the tie is all wrong.
- Sign here, there and there. Welcome to the Department, son. Already picked up a heroic name?
- Not yet, sir.
You push your vocal chords to sound confident, but the joy is impossible to hide.
- What about a costume?
- I'm thinking red would be... suitable.
Everyone sees right through your masquerade of maturity, and you get your documents approved with a kind patronizing smirk of your elder colleague.
- Excited, aren't you, kid?
Damn right you are!

It's a dream job. Ever since your superpowers were revealed, you were waiting patiently and passionately to be recruited by the most prestigious crime-fighting force ever created - the Superhero Police Department. Five years of academic training, stressing out, sweating and bleeding, pushing your brains and body to the limits to prove yourself worthy, and you finally earned a place among those you were looking up to - the real superheroes, your shiny knights of everyday news reports.

Of course, it's not the brightest spot, but you love it nonetheless. You've never been to Sun-city before, but it seemed like a nice old dump for the first weeks of patrol. You were promised a place to reside in the city permanently, a communicator to allow you to quickly respond to crimes in action, and a partner - some guy living with you for "the most efficient collaboration", as they call it. Another superhuman, a bit older and much more experienced - you've never met him before, but were sure you'd get along. How could you not?

You arrived at a late hour, by train, feeling tired and pretty much ready to fall asleep on the stairs, though somehow still dragging your numb body to the forth floor. The keys managed to stick into the lock on the third try, and at first you felt bad for waking up your colleague, but it looked like he wasn't sleeping anyway, judging by the sounds of a bulky TV screaming a horror movie. You cracked a friendly smile, turned on the lights and... gasped, turning them off immediately.

It was a giant green... thing. It sat on a slightly bent metal bed, eating chips and growling a little, like a bear on a full stomach. You could see its lower teeth sticking out like some kind of fangs. A terrible creature. A monster. An atrocious piece of...

It noticed you. So much for the first impression!

"New guy?", it asked, frowning in question, and you couldn't help wondering if it ate the previous one. "Chips?", it offered.

So basically I'm looking for a young enthusiastic would-be-superhero who'll have to somehow survive living with a weird scary partner who seems to be a monster but is actually not that simple. A lot of fear and prejudice at first, a funny kind of friendship later - fighting mystical/magical crime together, arguing over an empty fridge, maybe some drama, plenty of action and daily cop routine with a touch of comics-like fantastics to it.

Here are some things about me that you might find important:
- I don't do one-liners. I tend to write a lot, but can go relatively short for action scenes. Though my posts are still gonna be at least four paragraphs long, even on a bad day.
- I'm looking for a long-term RP.
- I prefer PMs over threads.
- I don't do character sheets.
- I don't do face-claims.
- I write frequently, a post per day at the very least. But I'm not gonna bug you if you can't keep up with such speed. We all get caught in real life problems. I understand that.
- My timezone is GMT+2.
- I'm looking for literate partners. Well, I'm not perfect myself, but at least make your posts readable, for crying out loud.
- This plot is strictly platonic.

If you're interested, please, shoot me a PM. Feel free to ask questions, offer your ideas, make suggestions, just generally don't be a brick wall in our conversation and try to show some initiative.
Thanks for reading it till the end. Have a great day!

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