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Realistic or Modern The Z Team -- CS


Feel free to use any coding you'd like, as long as you provide the information requested below:


Physical Description*:
Location of Scar*:

Brief Personality*:
Power Description*:
Who Are They?*

*You can have a maximum of two characters

*Alias: This is their undercover "superhero" names. Though they won't have one at the start, they will each adopt an alias once they truly form the Z Team

*Age must be 17-18

*Physical Description can be replaced with a faceclaim (preferably realistic)

*Location of Scar must be somewhere visible, as that's how the Z Team locates each other - hand, neck, arm, leg, etc

*Brief Personality is only meant to be brief - main traits, etc. A paragraph or so.

*Power Description - can be unique or cliche, but must include drawbacks. They also can't be too powerful, as the teens just received their powers. This will be the largest part I look at before approval.

*Who Are They? This can include biographical and history information, but I also want a variety of different personalities. Feel free to claim a high school "archetype" and look at what others use before you choose. More than one person can use an archetype, but try to add some variety within it or combine archetypes (popular nerd, artistic jock, etc)

Powers: Fire manipulation, Artistic creation, Life creation, Teleportation
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Name: Felix Becker
Alias*: Firestarter
Age*: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual

Physical Description*: Asher Angel
Location of Scar*: Back of his left hand

Brief Personality*:
Power Description*:
Who Are They?*


Physical Description*:
Location of Scar*:

Brief Personality*:
Power Description*:
Who Are They?*
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i am a god you dull creature
fc - Imgur.jpgBasics
Name: Einna El Nur
Alias: Ra
Age: 17
Gender: female
Sexuality: bisexual
Ethnicity: half-Chinese, half-Netherlander
Height: 168cm
Location of Scar: right wrist, palm side

Life Creation: the ability to create and control living things. Strength varies in stages.
Stage 1- Energize: Einna is able to energize herself and others temporarily such as increasing physical strength, intellectual capabilities, and healing speed.
Stage 2- Enhance: Einna is able to alter and add physical traits to herself and others temporarily.

Stage 3- Control: Einna is able to control living things according to her will. Effectiveness depends on many factors, including affability, willpower, and species. Control is near impossible on humans and self-aware beings.
Stage 4- Creation: Einna is able to create living things. These creations will always be loyal to Einna. Creations require a great deal of energy and specific materials, as well as an in-depth understanding of the creation. When stage 4 is first unlocked, Einna will only be able to create one type of creature. Quantity of creatures depends on the amount of energy and materials Einna possesses, as well as if she has adequate space and food to house and feed them. (farm hehe)

Brief Personality: sociable, loyal, artistic, intuitive, impatient, revengeful
Family History: The El Nurs were a well respected wealthy family. Amadeus El Nur was a high profile architect, with his work featured in China, New York City, and across Europe. Cassandra El Nur was a genius environmental engineer/inventor and passionate climate change advocate. Her inventions revolutionized the energy industry. When Einna was 11, Amadeus and Cassandra tragically passed away in a car accident on the way to an environment convention. Their oldest son Elior was forced to take up the mantle at 20 years old. Things were rocky at first, but the El Nurs managed to stabilize and are a prominent player in the real estate industry. Now they are known for buying up abandoned areas and transforming them into modern, green residential and commercial districts.
Highschool Archetype: Einna is the affiable, well-liked artistic socialite.
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Lost: Marbles

Angelo Ramirez





Physical Description*:
6’0, 170 lbs

Location of Scar:
Right Forearm

Brief Personality:
Other than Angelo’s temperament issues (which he makes quite obvious)- he is somewhat unemotional. However, when he does show emotion- he wears it on his sleeve (Aka he makes it quite a clear as to what he’s feeling). He doesn’t like hesitating in life and that often ends him up in a lot of trouble most days, whether it be buying/stealing a candy bar on a whim- or pressing a big red button that could potentially endanger his life. He is very careless with his actions and lacks tact in most situations he comes across.

Power Description:
Teleportation. Angelo has the ability to teleport himself to another spot, just as long as it is within his eyesight. However, teleporting drains his energy. Example, one session of teleporting himself somewhere makes him feel like he ran a mile, and he gets woozy. He cannot teleport excessively. He has not tried teleporting others with him, or objects to him, fearing he might lose all of his energy and pass out.

Who Are They?
The gossip-monger delinquent.

Angelo grew up a relatively average life. He had a decent home, annoying- but still lovable little sister, Jasmine, and somewhat present parents. However, on his last year of middle school his parents had a divorce. Unfortunately, he was split up from his sister, ending up living with his- more distant- mother. They tended to avoid one another most days, but in the moments they did share, Angelo’s mother would always talk bad about their father, or share whatever gossip was happening in her friend’s lives. Since this was the most attention Angelo ever got from her since he was younger, he drank it all in. It seemed she influenced him as well. Angelo became almost nearly obsessed with hearing whatever gossip he could find. Whether it be something as small as someone scuffing another’s shoe, or pretty bad breakup- he always would want to hear about it. If nothing was going around, then he would start something- most typically, a rumor. He didn’t do that often, fearing his peers would catch on if he lied too much.​


Ooh ha ha
Hanuel Gyeong





Physical Description*:
125 lbs

image0 (12).jpeg
Location of Scar*:
The right side of her neck

Brief Personality*:
At first glance, Hanuel appears aloof. Not very friendly and someone you wouldn't think twice about. She prefers to keep her guard up when it comes to meeting new people. However, the more she bonds with someone the more open she becomes. Beyond her cold exterior, Hanuel is very bubbly, and almost like a mom friend towards those close to her. She always makes sure her friends are okay and isn't afraid to yell at them for doing something drastic or stupid.

Power Description*:
She calls her power Siren. With it, she takes on the abilities of a siren almost. In a weakened state, she is only able to manipulate small liquids (i.e bottles of water/soda, soup, puddles). As she grows stronger she'll be able to sing her sirens song to temporarily gain control of a human. She will also be able to control bigger bodies of water the more she strengthens her powers.
It requires a lot of energy from her and using her power too much can cause major headaches and fatigue. She can only control a person for three minutes max, and the strength of their own mind can greatly affect that. (I.e someone who is more mentally aware will not be affected like someone who isn't.) And she can only use sirens song once a day, anymore and it can be fatal to her.

Who Are They?*
A floater among the popular kids (not quite one, but hangs out with them)

When Haneul was born her parents were set on her having a name for herself. At a young age, she attended vocal lessons, dance classes, anything that could help with the future her parents wanted. However, once she got to high school their plans shifted. They told Hanuel to be more realistic, not everyone could make it in that industry and she should stick to a more stable career. Hanuel was devastated at this information but did switch paths to please her parents. She didn't completely switch though, as she has a secret youtube channel where she posts her covers, hoping to get scouted one day. Despite all this, her home life was very loving with supportive parents and she wouldn't change that for the world.


₍₍ ◝(・ω・)◟ ⁾⁾
wip, reserve umbrakinesis (◕∀◕)ノ


- d a e m o n ♡

[ basics ]

name - carman aisling (car-men ash-leeng)
alias - daemon
age - seventeen
gender - female

sexuality - heterosexual

[ visage ]

physical description - carman is pale and lanky with an ectomorphic build, average height and bust, and a bolt of red hair that goes down to her mid-back. her eyes are a dark brown, almost black, but with small flecks of gold that can be seen in the right lighting. she typically wears comfortable, loose clothes- she owns way too many oversized sweaters- but can break out a nice dress when the occasion calls for it. if you look closely, you can see she might have a bit of paint or charcoal stains on her person from different creative excursions she frequently tries.
location of scar - underneath her left ear.

[ bio & persona ]

who are they? - the artsy kid
personality - carman is a rather quiet girl, rather withdrawn only speaking when she has something to say. she's not brooding, though- she's rather very imaginative and a heads-in-the-clouds type. she loves anything art-related, and while she has a soft spot for charcoal sketching, she loves any creative outlet to express herself. she tries not to get too attached to people, though she can be very protective of those she cares for, sometimes overbearingly so. she has a few odd quirks that some call her weird for, but others find endearing- all part of what makes carman, well, carman.
bio -

[ powers ]

the appearance of the z-scar has caused carman to become almost possessed by some kind of malicious being, appearing alongside her powers- umbrakinesis, or the manipulation of darkness and shadows.

darkness solidification - carman can solidify shadows around her into extensions of her body, such as claws, wings, or even weapons, as long as they stay connected to her body. she can also wrap it completely around her body, creating a semi-solid protective barrier. additionally, carman can create balls of dark energy to use as projectiles. they're about as powerful as throwing a decently heavy ball at someone, but can cause temporary weakness and dizziness if taken head-on.
darkness absorption/emission - carman can temporarily draw in darkness from an area to make it visible, but doing this for too long, or taking in too much darkness at once, can lead fr all the energy to suddenly and violently expand outwards from her body, causing a shockwave that can cause temporary blindness in anyone in the vicinity and knock out those too close, including herself.
umbrakinetic cloaking - carman can completely wrap herself in shadows to cloak herself from the naked eye. this requires a lot of concentration, though, and she slowly loses control the longer she's cloaked.
last stand - after taking a critical blow that renders her unable to fight any longer, carman will pass out and the creature in habiting her, a canine-like being with glowing eyes, takes form out of solid shadows. this lasts no more than about a minute, though, and carman is rendered completely helpless throughout.



code by supersonic

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(〜 ̄ △ ̄)〜



hey. i think you're really cool. i like you a lot. maybe we could hang out, or something...

z team—aloe


full name

inoue norio.






17 ½


march third.




hetero bi-curious

feel good

polo & pan




181 cm


63.6 kg

hair c.


eye c.

dark brown.


behind his left ear.


eiji fukui.



[ reliable - ] nori builds his principles on solid foundations. he's unshakeable and difficult to intimidate, and because he's so empathicly oriented, others often find him easy to turn to in difficult times. he's a good listener and tries to give sound advice.
[ patient - ] a double-edged sword—nori is willing to bear with the faults of others but sometimes comes across as a pushover. because he always thinks the best of everyone, it's difficult for him to address real problems and instigate confrontations.
[ jealous - ] fiercely attached to his friends and deeply rooted in custom, nori finds it a challenge to accept newcomers, and often sees them as competition to his relationships. you can be sure that if you're counted as one of his friends, he will be dedicated to you until the end. it's not too difficult to gain his trust; it's only a matter of showing him that you're worth caring about.


carbonated drinks, striped clothes, mismatched socks, vibing to music at 2 a.m.


cold metal, static, large dogs, dripping water


not reaching or helping those he could have.



[ who am i ? ] nori's single father died when nori was three, and he came from japan to live with distant relatives. since he started high school, nori has been relatively independent, although he still lives in his "aunt's" flat. he's not particularly bothered by a lack of deep familial relationships, because he believes that the relationships he makes himself are more precious than anything that he could have gained in a hereditary manner. as a result, high school and the people there are a large part of his life. nori works a part-time job as a babysitter/tutor for a few families in his neighborhood.
he's the "looks quiet but is actually batshit crazy" guy. can and will lie to get free fast food meal coupons. he tends to adopt his friends. he also has a car, which makes his friendship somewhat valuable among high-schoolers.
[ power - ] as aloe, nori can secrete a viscous substance from both his palms and salivary glands. this substance has two properties, which nori can control at will:
remedy; incredible healing properties. can be applied to open wounds and can also be ingested to heal interior injuries. depending on the severity of the wound, healing can take anywhere from five minutes to an hour. has a pleasant smell like cut grass and tastes slightly like mint.
toxin; severe acidic properties. can melt through rock and steel, and subsequently flesh. takes on a smell like burning rubber, and if ingested, will cause critical damage to esophagus and stomach if not vomited immediately.
nori's substance (which he refers to as his "juice") (which is disgusting imo, grow up nori) is much more effective if secreted from his salivary glands. this means that touching a wound with his spit as opposed to juice from his palm will work much quicker to heal it. likewise, it would work better as an acid if he were to spit on something, or simply lick it.





felix becker

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einna el nur

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angelo ramirez

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hanuel gyeong

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♡coded by uxie♡
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Name: Grant King





Physical Description:
5' 4", 115 lbs. Caucasian, short black hair, blue eyes. Often wears a hawaiian shirt, sweat pants, and socks and sandals for "Maximum comfort", carries a sweatshirt for a community college that pretends its a prominent state college ("Go Wombats!") in case he gets cold.

Location of Scar:

Brief Personality:
Lazy. Sleepy. Care free. Some say apathetic. Grant his content with his lot in life, doesn't really worry about doing well in school or going to college or even getting a job. He's enjoyed a life of almost zero responsibility, and hopes to live a similar, unchained rest of his life. Aside from that, a chill dude and a good friend.

Power Description:
Energy Stockpiling: Generates and stores incredible amounts of energy that can be used to create kinetic or other types of energy. While the power reserves are vast energy consumption almost always exceeds energy production, so once the power is activated it burns until the entire reserve is empty. Can be spread out over time at cost of power exerted, so Grant can used a very small amount over a few hours or spend all of his power in one single moment, but cannot stop the process. Currently no known limit to energy storing. ((Can technically force energy generation, but this comes at extreme risks to physical health))

Who Are They?

Grant is the schools resident slacker, self acclaimed "Guru".

In exchange for tutoring for his classes (Or having other people do his work) Grant has acted as a therapist, advisor (Financial/mental/emotional), romantic counciler, and more for his fellow students. If you need a personal problem solved, you go to Grant because he is the least likely dude to even care about gossip. Usually it amounts to what you'd expect from someone like him, but Grant usually phrases it in ways that actually help people, and can help paint the whole picture for people with startiling clarity. All of this makes it more amazing at how the biggest person who could use his help is himself with how poorly he does in classes. Contrary to popular belief, he does not own his own weed farm and actually has a marijuana allergy.


I'm excited to see what everyone has! Unfortunately, I'll need to wait till tomorrow to approve any more forms, due to being stuck on mobile for the rest of the night.


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Name: Alex Caligari

Alias: Kali

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Physical Description: 5'8, 155lbs

Location of Scar: Back of his right hand

Brief Personality: Quite of a loner, never had many friends. His parents work most of the time so after school he spends his time at home blasting music and smoking. A pretty careless person, often starts singing or laughing not realizing people are watching him.

Power Description: Electricity. He can send electric rays from his hand, and even fill a room with them. He can power up electric appliances and chage batteries. However he must be cautious when using his powers, as he can easily burn or break things, hurt the passerby and even hurt himself.

Who Are They?: The typical underdog who sits behind everyone else in class.


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be gay, do crime
Name: Isaiah Mullen
Alias*: The Dark
Age*: 17
Gender: Nonbinary/Transmasc (he/they)
Sexuality: Pansexual

Physical Description*: 6' 0" 170lbs. Noen Eubanks
Location of Scar*: Left side of their neck

Brief Personality*: Enjoys being with friends, teases others as a love language, jokester, enjoys music, plays piano really well, also is really good with a bowstaff and katana
Power Description*: He can soak up other's energy and convert it into dark matter that they can shoot/throw in order to damage buildings/other people, ect. The drawbacks of this is that after a while, the dark matter can become out of control as his energy depletes, leaving the dark matter haywire and out of control
Who Are They?*: He is the typical artsy kid, with a hint of the quiet kid in his personality


Symbolic Animal of Gallifrey
Name: Alys (pronounced Alice) Jones
Alias: The spook
Nationality: Welsh (she speaks with a noticeable accent)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: still figuring it out (but has a strong bias to females)

Physical Description: Messy blond hair that reaches halfway down her upper arms, usually tied in a messy ponytail, pale grey eyes, tanned skin from spending a lot of time outdoors, athletic build (like that of a swimmer of long distance runner), callouses on her hands, scarring on her knuckles as well as some scars on her chest and back (which she keeps hidden)
Usual attire: Her wardrobe seems to have little variety, she always wears an outfit consisting of the same three elements- jeans ripped at the knees (due to wear, not fashion choices) and stained slightly with oil, thick leather biker boots and a lightweight green-grey coat. Depending on the season she’ll either wear a t-shirt or a long-sleeved polo neck. Usually she favours basic, dark colours and unbranded clothing, but every once in a while she’ll be seen in a Doctor Who t-shirt (which confuses the hell out of people)
Location of Z scar: across her left palm

Brief Personality Description:
In terms of the social hierarchy of the school Alys is a loner, and a self-made one at that. People tend to steer clear of her, there’s a belief (a valid one) among the students that she is dangerous. Newcomers are often told ‘don’t fuck with Alys, she’s a psycho’. Her background is for the most part a mystery, she just showed up roughly two years ago on her motorbike, with two bags and moved in with her grandmother (up until that point people hadn’t even known that Gwen Williams had a granddaughter). She doesn’t take people’s shit easily and has a low tolerance for bullies.
Alys keeps herself to herself and doesn’t talk much in class. She’s more of an observer than a participant. Teachers quickly learned not to make an issue out of Alys not talking, the girl’s grades spoke for themselves, she is highly intelligent and has one of the highest grade averages of her year group.When she applies herself to something she does it fully with everything she’s got. When Alys does talk people shut up and listen. Because she speaks so rarely a lot of people see her words as holding great weight. Her low, firm tone, laced with Welsh vowels, combined with grey eyes narrowed almost to slits add even more authority to her voice, as well as a slight threatening edge.
In school Alys is an aloof figure, outside of it, she’s more approachable. (She wouldn’t be considered an open book though, she’s guarded when it comes to certain things). She's a member of the local dojo and attends karate and muay thai classes. During her time in Hawkwood Alys has become the go-to girl for getting your car/bike/van/moped fixed, even the teachers will go to her. She’s a mechanical genius and relishes a chance to use her skills and has even been asked to fix the staff coffee machine and printer-photocopier when they break down. She doesn’t charge for repairs, but if you want her to improve or pimp your ride then it will cost you. She’s also been slowly renovating the house she lives in and at the weekends it’s not uncommon to see her hauling DIY supplies into her house.

Very little is known about Alys’ background. Two years ago she rocked up in Hawkwood on her motorbike with two bags of possessions, a black eye and a split lip. She lives with her grandmother Gwen Willians- a seventy-something year old Welsh woman who lives in an old, slightly rundown house on the edges of town. Since arriving Alys has started to do up the house and of a weekend it’s not uncommon for Alys to be seen painting, fixing the roof or cutting wood on a bandsaw in the front garage
Alys is the youngest of two children. Her sister Rowena was the golden child of the family, her parents made no secret of that. Her whole childhood was spent being told she was second best and once she turned sixteen Alys just couldn’t take it any more. One night she stole her parents credit cards, withdrew as much money as she could, bought herself a second hand motorbike and made the journey to Hawkwood where she knew her grandmother lived. The journey was hard and tough, at one point she was mugged and escaped by the skin of her teeth. Alys grandmother took her in and once she heard the girl’s reasons for leaving she made it quite clear that Alys was to stay with her.

Power Description:
Ghost form: Alys’ powers allow her to make her body to become intangible at will. When intangible her skin turns pale and her whole body becomes semi-transparent, hence why she had given herself the moniker of ‘The spook’. When intangible she can pass through solid objects as if they weren’t there and projectiles pass through her. With concentration she can limit the intangibility to one particular part of her body. When the powers first manifest Alys has to concentrate intensely to both maintain the form and snap herself out of it. When in this form she cannot be hurt by blades, bullets or falling debris, but unless her hands are solid she cannot hold an object.
Ghostly camouflage: with further concentration Alys can make her body so transparent it is almost completely see through. To an onlooker it is as if she isn’t there at all, blending in seamlessly with her surroundings
Soundless step: While in ghost form, Alys walks with no sound and leaves no footprints.

High school stereotype: The dangerous one/the loner
Alys is a loner by choice, people tend to steer clear of her. There’s a belief among the student populous that she’s dangerous, or at the very least involved in something dodgy. This reputation is solidified by the fact that on her first day she got into a fight with one of the jocks (he’d been giving her shit because she parked her motorbike in his spot). She’d goaded him on, then when he took a swing at her, she ducked, grabbed his arm and punched him in the face, hard enough to break his nose. She’s been treated with a mixture of respect and fear since then.

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