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Fantasy The Worst Pantheon: Live and Reloaded (OOC) (OPEN)

Space Buddha

The Enlightened One
______________________The Worst Pantheon_______________________

Live and Reloaded

In the ages since the great ascension, powerful beings have lurked in the Void between universes. Each one driven mad by the cold darkness, and taking every opportunity to indulge in their most base instincts. They are the Gods of Gods, and yet also their audience, as their infinite power over matter and energy leave them shackled to the darkness from whence they came. Their spawn, on the other hand. They lack this weakness, and for their masters they shape whole worlds, toying with them as they please while their masters watch them and revel in amusement. These beings are called a lot of things. Void Lords, Godheads, Celestials, Sources, Random Omnipotent Bastards, what have you. And their servants? Well, they are what we would call gods, with a small "g". They shape worlds for their masters, boring, generic, and simultaneously fantastical by our standards, yet positively dull by those of such multiversal denizens, and they ravage them. All for their master's entertainment, and usually not even on purpose. And you? You will be among the Gods of one of these worlds. What you might call a "Standard Fantasy Setting". Humans, Elves, Giants, Dungeons, Dragons, Magic, Monsters, a few Samurai on that eastern continent over there, but no dwarves. Oh no no, never dwarves. Not since the ascension wars. Those ancient things in the Void might never get that foul taste out of their mouths. Still, the world is born as one of Cliches, and having been granted ten centuries to take shape after the epic of creation, it has stagnated in a dubiously medieval period like so many others before it. However, in that thousand-year gap, the great Thing in the Void waited with its pets for the time to be right, and the time has finally come for this world to know the rule of the Worst Pantheon...

Seriously, they are the worst.



Welcome to the Worst Pantheon, a sandbox-esque god RP in which players will take on the roles of extremely incompetent deities in a standard fantasy setting named "Ocaeril" (Name retrieved from a fantasy world name generator), and given virtually unlimited power. As you probably guessed from the title, this is a reboot of an RP formerly on SB that was closed due to unspecified drama involving a former player. It is not necessary to have any knowledge of the original, as they are completely and entirely unrelated save for a few call-backs which will exclusively be for comedic value. With that out of the way, the basic format of the RP is as follows. Each GM post will be from the perspective of a storyteller, nostalgically recounting the events of the past generation to an unspecified child, who will be the storyteller in the next GM post. The actual amount of time between these will vary, but in most cases it will be half of a century. I will keep track of time, but players can also specify exactly when events happen for their own purposes. Gods will also have their own "Origin", which falls in line with the "Creation Myth", which is described in the spoilered setting-block below. Essentially, the Creation Myth vaguely details the roles in which the gods of the pantheon filled in the creation of the world, and no one in Ocaeril can actually decide who was who, and how it actually happened. This is so that if players leave or join they can be added and subtracted seamlessly, but the in-universe reasons are detailed below. Site rules apply to the OOC thread of course, and I expect everyone to abide by them. As for the main rules, while there are very few given that characters are all powerful gods, they are as follows.



1: Keep it clean. No sex, gods of sex, excessive depictions of violence, or other things that would generally be considered to be nauseating. This is within reason of course. Description of violent events is allowed in regards to just talking about what happens, but vividly describing a scene of gore is off the table. In regards to sex, the answer is no, but if a deity must impregnate a mortal, the baby Jesus method is extremely encouraged.

2: Each god will have a "Sphere", that falls under their influence. Outside of that, they cannot influence anything via direct divine intervention. An example would be that a god of the sea would be powerless to effect a civilization living miles underground in the center of a continent, short of getting another god to aid them. This is of course to encourage bargaining and favors being exchanged between the gods, as large-scale projects or creations will require such cooperation.

3: Metagaming is not permitted. In the original TWP, it was, but given that aspect of the game was rarely used for anything but cop-outs, it has been removed.

4: No doubleposting in the IC. Doubleposting in the OOC is fine so long as it isn't in excess.

5: No making big scenes. If you don't like the way things are going, please do not have a mental breakdown in the OOC before storming off. Just leave, and let the people who enjoy the game continue to do so. (Also, please do not swear revenge and stalk the GM. It has happened before.)

6: PvP does NOT need to be consented to, and in the event that it does happen, it can go a number of ways. If two gods choose to fight to the death, each will be given a "Health Bar" by me, and they must attack eachother until one dies. How effective their attacks are, how big their healthbars are, who has the bigger one, and other such factors will be determined by the terrain and which god has more influence over it, me, and a bit of random chance. For example, a god of the sea would be a lot more powerful if fighting in the ocean. There is also of course the fact that even divine entities can be measured in terms of power. Some are just going to be objectively stronger than the others. Regardless of this, if any entity, divine or mortal, possesses the "Weaksauce Weakness" (more info below) of any given deity, it becomes impossible for that being to directly harm them, and said being can be killed using that weakness without having any capability to resist.

EDIT: 6.5: Upon the death of a player character, specifically when said player is killed by another player, the victorious player character will absorb the essence of the defeated god, and the two beings will fuse into one. The victorious player will become capable of using the defeated player's sphere along with their own, as well as all of the aspects and miracles that the defeated player also had, although with the drawback of having their weakness as well. The character's personalities will also merge, with the victor's personality being the dominant of the two, and the fusion will also obtain all the memories of the defeated god. How one is to roleplay this change is left to the discretion of the player, however it is mandatory that you should update your character sheet upon killing another god. In the event that a god is killed by an NPC of some kind via their weakness, no fusion will take place. In either event, the defeated player may make a new character sheet and rejoin the game, likely taking the role that they had prior to their death.

7: Regarding weaknesses, they can be literally anything. The only rule regarding them is that they have to be attainable and capable of being utilized by your average person in the setting. So something like "Can be killed if one million megatons of 72-inch flatscreen TVs fall on top of him", on a god with no physical form to speak of, in a world where flatscreen TV do not exist, inhabited by beings with no capability to move a million megatons of anything, would not fly. This of course leads to my next rule.

8: No powergaming. It's kinda hard to do this in an RP where you are the most powerful beings on the planet, but you get the point. Don't set yourself up as needing to be the best at absolutely everything. Make mary sues if you want, but don't play them like mary sues or try forcing the plot to revolve around you. This is something that is pretty hard to define, but I am open to popular demand on this one. If over half of the players in the game are accusing you of being a powergamer, you probably are one.

9: Each god gets exactly three actions between news cycles. These actions can basically be anything that their spheres allow them to do, and their effects on the world at large will be described in the GM post. The presumed effects can be acted on, and even described by other players. Once these actions have been used up, only conversational posting is permitted. All posts must begin with the name of your character, and the action that is being used.
Examplus, God of Examples
Action #1

10: This rule does not apply to new players, but to the old/returning ones, do not paste over your previous sheets. Given that this is a reboot, I expect new characters from everyone. If you want to make a character that references one from the previous RP, or is perhaps a demigod from that game, that is allowed. But copying and pasting your original sheet is not.

11: Since this game will focus a lot on worldbuilding, given the creative mode style of it, players are expected to participate in worldbuilding in the OOC as well as the IC. A lot of OOC worldbuilding will probably end up becoming canon IC, so it is best to stay caught up at the very least. This is really more of a suggestion than a rule.

12: Also exclusive to returning players. Making references to the original TWP is permitted, but only within reason. Doing something like opening a wormhole to bring the original planet into orbit of the current one, filling the underdark with nazis, or giving liches atomic weapons is not permitted.

13: Applications from returning players will be accepted in favor of those of new players, but otherwise they are first come, first serve.

14: IC posts must have at least some effort put into them. Meaning there must be somewhat coherent spelling and sentence structure so that I and other players can read it, and one-liners are also forbidden. One liners being posts such as "I give the bacteria souls", while funny, are not accepted.

15: As of right now, the number of players is limited to twenty. This will likely change in the future depending on circumstances, but for now, it stands.

16: Finally, if a certain group of individuals with a serious hate boner for this RP are reading this, please just turn off your computer and rethink your priorities a bit before launching another "crusade", as you so elegantly put it.



The following is a blurb on the Standard Fantasy World (Ocaeril) as a setting, and should definitely be read before you actually make your character.

The cosmology of the Ocaeril fits with the ptolemaic geocentric model, in which the world is at the center of the universe, and orbiting it are the sun, moon, and the planets. The sun is just a miniture sun, as expected, and along with the moon, which is just a regular moon, orbits the closest to the planetoid in the center. Beyond those, the "Planets" orbit. They are simply gigantic, glowing crystal spheres that form lights in the sky that are slightly smaller than earth's moon, and orbit far closer to the planet than a celestial body would in reality. Beyond all of these is the great firmament. A massive hollow crystal shell which is largely opaque, save for a few areas that reflect the light of the sun or planets, which are called the stars. Beyond this sphere is the primordial void of the multiverse, leaving Ocaeril comparable to a single lifeboat in the abyss, with no hope of ever venturing beyond. The firmament is impenetrable in the truest sense of the word, but if it were penetrated, the entire world would be devastated by the Quantum Vacuum beyond, which not even the gods can survive.

Regarding the planets, there are twelve. Each one corresponding to a god of the world's pantheon, though religions disagree on which one represents which as the creation myth varies greatly in content depending on culture and religion, as all have their own version of the story. All of the divine archetypes possess a planet to their name, save for the three Outsiders, who, given their nature, do not have one.

The creation myth of the setting plays a key part in character creation, as well as the nature of religion in the world. The myth is widely disputed given the sheer number of versions of it that have been told, but the following is known. One thousand years before the start of the RP, a primordial being known as "Chaos" by the inhabitants (Actually R.O.B), created twelve beings who sought to imitate their creator and make something out of nothing. These twelve beings are listed here, though the names are only titles, and the actual record of the creation myth is no more complex than what I am going to list.

NOTICE: Roles that have been taken by players will be marked in red and crossed out, they will not be available until that player leaves.

The Shaper: Known to have created the firmament, and the world itself, but created only a barren husk.

The Mother/Father: The title is disputed by religions depending on if their god is male or female, however they are known to have first seeded the world with life. Meaning plants, animals, and later, the first humans, elves, and other thinking races.

The Sorcerer: The Thinker is known to have given the mortal shells of the material world their first taste of independent thought, and bestowed writing and magic onto them for the first time.

The Trickster: Organized the pantheon during creation through a complex network of exchanged favors, so as to allow them to work coherently for a small amount of time.

The Alchemist: Separated the creations of the gods, creating the elements of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, while leaving creation pure in the realm of the gods, which became the Ether.

The Beast: Created the various species of monsters that inhabit Ocaeril.

The Corruptor: Sought to bring ruin to the creation of the gods, and failed to do so.

The Warrior: Foiled the Corruptor's plots, and taught the mortals the art of warfare as they followed his example.

The Abomination: Incomprehensible to the other deities, and took no part in creation of its own choosing.

The Destroyer: Created nothing, but destroyed the numerous mistakes the gods made during creation.

The Navigator: Created the sea and taught mortals the means of navigating it.

The Protector: Took charge of caring for the beings of the material world.

The Apprentice: Created nothing on their own, but assisted each of the other gods in their own workings.

The Messenger: Acted as an intermediary between the gods and the mortals during creation, and lived among the latter.

The Reveler: Simply indulged themselves in every experience the new world had to offer, and encouraged mortals to do the same.

The Judge: Gave the mortals of the world their morals and laws, and defined the border between good and evil.

The End: Created the cycle of life, death, and rebirth itself. and an outcast among the other gods during creation.

These roles comprise the Seventeen creators. However, far more gods are known to be venerated on Ocaeril, which is why we have...

The Outsider:

The Outsider:

The Outsider:

The Outsider

The Outsider

It is known that when creation occurred, other beings were attracted. These beings are called The Outsiders. They are not constrained to any role, and worship of such beings is extremely taboo, though there are exceptions. Only three of these beings will be playable at the start. Should a player leave, or if a god dies, the character will be retroactively labelled as an Outsider, and their role will reopen. This may make you question the authenticity of the creation mythos, and you are correct to question it, but you also shouldn't. The names of these roles really shouldn't be taken into account when making your character. All they really are is designations that say which god did what in the ever-changing creation story of the world. They are not alternative names for your characters, and only serve as a framework from which you should write your character's backstory and relations to the other gods. (IE: Your character has the navigator role, so at some point in their backstory, they should create the ocean.)

Geographically, Ocaeril is roughly the size of the real-life planet Mars, and is covered almost entirely in ocean. There are two main continents, both on the opposite sides of the planet on the western and eastern hemisphere, and both are roughly the size of Australia. There are also hundreds, if not thousands of islands, atolls, reefs, and archipelagos scattered across the sea, with the biggest islands around the size of New Zealand or Japan, with the cultural demographic varying depending on the hemisphere. In the thousand-year period between now and the world's creation, the two larger continents developed very distinct cultures. With the western continent immersed partially in a dark age, with the central area of the landmass being constantly fought over by medieval city-states and fiefdoms, whereas the coasts and the surrounding areas are controlled by a vast colonial empire that constantly fights over control of the islands with their savage and magic-wielding natives, and are not helped by the prevalence of piracy in those waters. The Empire is technologically ahead of their feudal neighbors, having invented cannons, flintlocks, and other such weapons through trading with the east, though given the prevalence of magic in the Ocaeril world, these are hardly a considerable advantage over the savage natives that inhabit the islands, not all of which are human. The feudal areas of the continent are largely separated from the empires by harsh geographic barriers such as mountain ranges and unforgiving monster-infested plains, which the empires know well to avoid. Tree-hugging fantasy Elves are also found on the western continent, however their communities are isolated deep in forests, and while they occasionally trade with humans, they remain largely isolationist. In addition to these two races, there are also gnomes who live in the mountains, filling the role that dwarves ordinarily would for whatever reason, as well as savage orcs, ravenous goblinoids, and some strange and as of yet unidentified races born of the gods themselves. Also, pretty much anything you can find on this page exists in Ocaeril if you went looking for it.

The Eastern continent is a bit less chaotic than the west, with a single human empire controlling the vast majority of the landmass, with roving tribes of centaur barbarians being the only recurring threat. "The Jade Empire", having secured control of its own continent, often finds itself dealing with pirates from the neighboring islands as it tries to expand, with piratical raids from the "Nekomatus Empire", seated on one of the nearby islands (A japan expy) being the biggest threat to its economy at any given time. They are largely isolated from The Empire, though trade occasionally occurs given the west's continued efforts to reach the east. Regardless of what has been said, the eastern continent is no safer than the west, as beings similar to the western Fae, called "Youkai" plague the continent to no end, and the natives of the islands around them are as savage as ever. Not to mention the occasional giant monster sightings.

Regarding the islands, few are very significant, save for Tortuga, (the Pirate "Capitol") Nekomatus, (Japan rip-off) and the various colonies of the western and eastern empires. Various other islands containing cultural expies of the Gilbertese or Maori also exist, and fighting between these cultures is frequent, but largely insignificant.
The island tribes are masters of shamanic magic to the point that they can pose a serious threat to any invading force, though they are often friendly enough to peaceful missionaries that regularly pay them visits. Not all of these natives are human, as said before, with some being reptillian, and others being amphibious races of merfolk.

Regarding the religious distribution of the world, it varies widely, with religious disparity between two nations often deciding who is allied and who is wrapped in bloody conflict, and the often rapid change in religious affiliation of various states given the personal preferences of kings or emperors occasionally leaves vast swaths of the kingdom unaware of the change until months later when a message can be sent to said backwater island, and the result of such news is often open rebellion. Despite this, all nations, tribes, empires and kingdoms on the planet will agree that the Gods do in fact exist, but none of them can or want to agree on how, where, and why they exist, much less who is who or how they should be worshipped. An example would be this. The french-empire expy worships one god, who they say was the Shaper in the epic of creation, however the british-empire expy worships a different god, who they say is The Shaper, and claims the one that the other empire worships is actually the Corruptor. Needless to say, this never ends well.

(Note, religious affiliation of the races will be determined once all roles have been filled, and before the IC thread is launched.)


Standard, boring, lives on the western continent mostly, but also on the eastern one. Comes in various shades of (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((pink))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) and brown, etc. Pretty average, but with a few differences from us. Humans in Ocaeril are actually a lot weaker than humans on Earth, given that the planet is smaller and has weaker gravity, but the only way this would ever be a factor is if a heavyworlder actually went to their planet. They also have a chance to be born with the capability to use magic, and it is actually a rarity for them to be born without ANY ability to use magic, however small. Still, they are pretty normal. Humans are found pretty much everywhere there is habitable land, with the territories of the other races being the exceptions. Humans make up the primary demographic of The Empire and the Jade Empire, which will be covered further in the 'nations' block.


Pointy-eared, self absorbed nature lovers. They come in four varieties, with wood elves living exclusively in deep forests on the western continent in isolated communities, and High Elves living an identical lifestyle, though being notably more magically and technologically advanced than the wood elves. Dark Elves live deep underground in the vast cave system beneath the western landmass, practicing all manner of hedonism and depraved acts while regularly making slave raids to the surface. Finally, there are sea elves, who live in tribal communities on various islands that have been colonized by The Empire and often make their livings as sailors. Outside of the sea elves, the elven races are almost universally xenophobic, and rarely interact with other races or factions. All elves possess an innate magical affinity, though not all choose to hone this natural talent.


Live in the mountainous regions of the western continent, and are one of the most technologically advanced races on the planet. Unfortunately, their technology has a bad habit of exploding when used by anyone who isn't a gnome, and combined with the peaceful nature of the gnomes, and the overall incomprehensibility of their society, they are not a significant force on the world stage.


Often inhabit rural areas, and coexist with humans on the western continent. They are rarely found in military forces, however Halflings do often become pirates.


Travel as roving caravans of barbarians across the western landmass, and regularly raid villages. They are also often found on pirate crews.


Like the orcs, but on the eastern continent, and based off of mongols.

The Scorpi:

Scorpion folk who travel in nomadic caravans across the western continent trading with various settlements. Based off of the Romani. (AKA: Gypsies) Folklore states that they have magical abilities, which is likely true, and they often practice rare and forbidden forms of magic. They are an object of suspicion throughout the western lands given their practices and appearance as terrifying insectoids, but are generally peaceful, so long as you don't steal from them.

The Triton:

Inhabit a remote island chain and are based off of the Gilbertese tribe. Resemble the Zora from the Legend of Zelda.

The Naga:

Vicious tribe of snakemen that inhabit various islands and underwater settlements. Based off the Maori from reality.


Live in caves, sleep on gold, possess ancient knowledge, and kidnap princesses. It ain't rocket science.


Carnivorous fish-folk that regularly attempt to lure Sailors to the edge of their ships so that they can be pulled into the water and eaten. They are not known to have any society beyond simple hunting-packs, and they have not been seen using tools.

The Huskarr:

Enormous walrus-folk that live on a collection of islands northeast of the eastern continent. They are viking expies that regularly raid/pirate remote villages in the Jade Empire and the western feudal states, as well as occasionally the Nekomatus.

The Youkai:

Demonic entities that inhabit the eastern continent, and come in far too many varieties to cover. Impossible to kill without magical weapons, and almost unanimously hostile to humans. The Jade Empire has made an effort to wipe them out, but this has been met with almost no success. They come in so many forms that identifying them is nearly impossible for the empire, and so regular spiritual cleanses of households are practiced amongst its people, given the Youkai's habit of taking the form of unsuspecting household objects.

The Fae:

The western continent's equivalent to the Youkai, but are far less versatile in their capabilities, exclusively being able to inhabit remote, unsettled regions of the continent. Their magical abilities far surpass their eastern counterparts, and they are just as hostile, however they are less of a threat given their crippling vulnerability to Iron, which liquifies them should they get too close to a large hunk of it. With most western fiefdoms being iron-age, a hoard of Fae spirits are virtually helpless against a knight. However, they can still pose threats in other ways, infiltrating human societies where iron is more scarce by depositing changelings, or simply attacking rural villages without such protection.

The Nekomatus:

Inhabitants of the local japanese-shogunate-expy, they are a mono-gender species, all resembling human females with distinctly feline features. Namely cat ears, whiskers tails, teeth, claws, and occasional patches of fur. They are nocturnal, exclusively carnivorous, and are actually hermaphrodites despite resembling females. Among the eastern humans they are rumored to be man-eaters, though this is not confirmed, and outside of their homeland are most commonly seen as pirates. Yes, they are an entire species of catgirls.


Rapid-breeding pests that simply want to kill everything all the time. One of the few creatures on the planet that can be massacred without a modicum of guilt being felt, though the act of massacring will probably not put a single dent in their overall numbers. They are pathetically weak compared to humans or elves, but more than make up for this in sheer numbers.


The most common monster on the planet. They come in every color and are made up of highly acidic protoplasm and acid-resistant nerve tissue. They can fuse together to form larger slimes, and reproduce by dividing in half. Slimes are widely known to be adventurer fodder, though ones that grow large enough can eventually transform into "Emperor Slimes". Blobs of goo as large as a small city. Fortunately, these are rare.


Everything not mentioned here that is on this list also probably exists in this setting, but ask me just to be sure.

The Empire:

They're the Empire. How they stay the empire is questionable however. Their territory includes the east coast of the western continent, the surrounding land up until they hit mountain ranges, and hundreds of islands. They are your stereotypical colonial empire from the Age of Sail, and while they could easily conquer the rest of the world (if they actually bothered to put some research into magic like their medieval counterparts) they spend most of their resources infighting. Religious disputes often fracture the empire and send it into civil war, and with their leadership's propensity to inbreed, and the constant threat of piracy, they have somehow managed to stagnate in the age of exploration. At one point, the Imperial Navy discovered the same island thirty times, with each time them having lost the record of the island's existence in a sea of documents. Forgetting about small continents is not a rare event for The Empire, and how they don't crumble under their own weight is a mystery for the ages. Their relations with the Jade Empire of the east are surprisingly amicable, with the two nations trading whenever the opportunity rises given the mutual benefit carried by exchanging exotic goods. That isn't to say they haven't had their differences, as a number of disputes have led to the two empires fighting over islands.

The Jade Empire:

Not to be confused with the above empire, they are far more stable and well-organized then their cannon-toting western counterparts, though their military is vastly inferior and they do not put nearly as much resources into colonizing their neighboring islands. They are easily the most populated nation of humans on the planet, and rule the entirety of their continent given the lack of natural barriers or roving bands of well-armed savages, save for the centaurs in the north who had to be completely walled off to end their raids after it was determined that they were completely ungovernable. The nation vaguely resembles a hodgepodge of ancient chinese dynasties. As of the end of the millenium after creation, the Jade Empire has been in a state of constant conflict with its piratical neighbors, the Nekomatus Shogunate, and continues efforts to stamp out piracy overseas while simultaneously fighting a losing battle in the extermination of the Youkai.

The Nekomatus Empire:

A vague rip-off of the ancient Japanese shogunate located on an island off the coast of the eastern landmass, this nation of cat girls is mostly feudal, with the emperor's power being a formality in most cases, and is home to samurai, ninja, anime tropes, and cat girls. Did I mention the catgirls? Also pirates. Lots, and lots of pirates, who regularly launch raids on Jade Empire ships. This, combined with the fact that Nekomatus was in fact the origin of the Youkai that now infest the entirety of the east, has led the Jade Empire to be none too friendly with them. In fact, the two nations have invaded eachother with more frequency than any other empires on the planet, and while the Jade Empire fends off Nekomatus raids with ease, it has never been successful in attempts to conquer and colonize the small continent.


What can I say? They're pirates. Found all across the sea and plaguing the empires, tribals, merchants, travellers, and eachother alike. Pirates are a diverse bunch, with some crews simply being common cutthroats fed up with mundane life, while others are fierce tribals on War Canoes, and other still are well-trained privateers and some even being undead armies ruled by necromancers or other such sorcerers and their conjurations. They do collectively hold the theme that goes with the historical golden age of piracy however, so do keep that in mind.

The City-States:

As mentioned before, beyond the mountain ranges that isolate The Empire on its land borders, the harsh and monster-infested lands are home to hundreds, if not thousands of villages, fiefdoms, kingdoms, empires, and other such nations all vying for power in the area, or in some cases simply trying to survive. Local lords oversee dozens of villages from their castle, and while empires occasionally rise and fall in the area, it has stayed roughly stagnant for the last several hundred years in a similar manner to The Empire. Outside of a few exceptions, the kingdoms of the west lag behind The Empire and its eastern counterpart technologically, however compared to its closest neighbor, the medieval nations embrace magic to a much greater degree, and wizards are far more prevalent in this part of the world than anywhere else. Given this fact, the Empire's repeated attempts to annex this region have generally been met with failure.

The Tribals:

As said many times before, the islands are inhabited by hundreds of savage tribes, generally based on pacific islanders, but with the difference of having mastered the art of shamanic magic, which works in this setting. With such power, they can resist the colonial efforts of The Empire on levels that real-life natives were unable to, and thus many native tribes remain largely unspoiled. Their cultures very widely, but tend to fall into the category of either peaceful hula-skirt-wearing native Hawaiian stereotypes, bloodthirsty Maori expies, Naked and arrow-firing Sentinelese expies, or other such insensitive rip-offs of real-world cultures generally fitting into either the "Noble Savage" or "Regular Savage" classification.

Magic in Ocaeril is pretty normal. Painfully normal in fact. It is virtually identical to the system observed in Dungeons and Dragons. With the following magical schools.

Abjuration - protection, prevention, barriers, wards, your "Protection From Evil" and "Dispel Magic" type spells.

Conjuration - Supposedly creating something out of nothing, but in reality just summoning it from somewhere else. Whether or not it needed to be in that other place is usually not elaborated on, but still. The summoning is usually temporary, and this pertains mostly to monsters being called up as servants by mages. Teleportation also falls under this category, as you are just summoning yourself to somewhere else.

Divination - Fortune telling mainly. Allows mages to gain brief, and usually vague glympses into the future.

Enchantment - Applying magical effects to inanimate objects, such as making a sword stay sharp longer than it should, or an arrow chase after its target.

Destruction - Like conjuration, but you're conjuring energy rather than matter and hurling it at things for the express purpose of blowing it apart. Fireballs and lightning bolts fall under this category.

Illusion - make people see/hear/sense things that aren't there, or the exact opposite in the case of invisibility spells.

Necromancy - Any way that one can manipulate or contact the dead, either as spirits or by raising their bodies to do your bidding. This one is generally considered to be taboo.

Transmutation - Transforming one thing into another. Along with physically enhancing yourself and others. ("Buffing")

Restoration - covers everything related to restoring the body, so basically just healing magic. This is the most commonly practiced of all the magical schools, and is used even in places where magic is considered heresy for its sheer undeniable utility.

Magic in Ocaeril can be cast by adept wizards, or in some cases stored in scrolls or runes for use in magical technology. The possibilities are numerous, however magic does have its limits. Short of with an army of master wizards, magic could not be used to rip open wormholes or manifest enough force to do any long-term damage to the planet, and spells require rare and often expensive components to be preformed at all.


The character sheet template, and instructions for character creation are as follows. I recommend skipping ahead to the setting info block before making your character. Otherwise, there are really no rules on what you can or cannot make. You can make mythological deities, fictional characters, OCs, and really anything you want. So please be a bit more original than just making a Q clone.

Step 1: Enter your username into the "Username" block. Easy.

Step 2: Enter the "true" name of your character into the "Main Name" block.

Step 3: Since divine beings tend to go by many names, add a few more in the other names block.

Step 4: Is it a guy, a girl, neither, both, other, or all of the above?

(EDIT) Step 4.5: Add a picture or physical description of your character, nothing complicated needed.

Step 5: What is your character a god of? Enter that here. Gods can only have one sphere in this game, but there are no limits to what you can pick, aside from it preferably fitting with the (current) setting to some extent, and not being sex. Examples of spheres would be Poseidon being a god of the sea, or Anubis being a god of death. So put your chosen concept in the "Sphere" block. Choose wisely, as a god cannot influence ANYTHING outside of its sphere through divine power.

Step 6: Mythical gods embodying a single concept often embody several interpretations of that concept. An example would be Aphrodite, who in mythology had various forms which embodied different types of love. Namely a primordial form that represented unconditional love, the form we are all familiar with which represented romantic love, the version that represented... *Ahem* physical love, and Spartan Aphrodite, who represented the love of killing things. In-game, aspects are like sub-spheres, and allow a god to expand its influence just slightly beyond its sphere while still falling under it on a technicality. Things falling under an aspect cannot be manipulated to the extent that the sphere allows, but minor miracles can still be preformed in that way. You may have a maximum of five aspects, and a minimum of two.

Step 7: As detailed above in the creation myth section of the setting-info, you must choose a role in which your character played in the creation of the world. This is really just setting up the backstory block, and shouldn't be taken too seriously. It just identifies what you were doing in that time period, but what you pick should make IC sense at the very least. IE: A god of heroism would probably not act as "The Corruptor", unless it somehow viewed the act of creation to be evil in some sense of course.

Step 8: Every deity needs a religion! And given that these gods have canonically existed since before the RP began, they already have one. Describe them, their beliefs, their practices, and the places in which the religion is most practiced here. Feel free to make things up if they are not specified in the setting's lore block, but try not to contradict anything I or other players have written. This all goes in the "Associated Religion" block.

Step 9: What does your god command its followers to do? And what does it do with their souls after they die? Specify that in the "dogma" block.

Step 10: Describe their personality in the personality tab. This one is not rocket science.

Step 11: Describe their backstory in the backstory tab. This one is a little harder. Depending on the role you chose, the god must fulfill that role in its backstory, though how it does this is entirely up to you. An example would be the role of "The Mother/Father", the one who created nearly all life on the planet. If your god isn't the motherly type, you can say that they just made it all out of nearby primordial aether and was surprised when it started moving on its own. Also describe anything else your character was doing in the primordial age, but remember that it's origin was still being created by an insane, bored omnipotent. Your character's backstory does not need to fit with those of the other players, in fact, I encourage you to make them contradict eachother.

Step 12: List the commonly used powers and abilities either used by or granted by your character in the "Miracles" block. Things like raising the dead, healing the sick, or causing random hurricanes. You can have a maximum of ten of these, and the only restriction is that they need to have at least one possible "natural" explanation.

Step 13: Each god needs to have at least one weakness that allows them to be permanently killed by a non-divine being. Preferably more than one. This weakness needs to be attainable and usable by any standard mortal being on the planet, to the point that anyone who knows your weakness is a tangible threat to the life of your character.


Main Name:

Other Names:






Associated Religion:





Weaksauce Weakness:


Current Players:

Stikes Stikes - Xorju

Gravitys Momentum Gravitys Momentum - Diddly

Selee-01 Selee-01 - Oen'Abadroth

BlackCat-055 BlackCat-055 - Inqui Rey

Barbas Barbas - Baldur

Churl Churl - Ickol

KolastoRPN KolastoRPN - Helsa

CutieBoop CutieBoop - Tiamat

Revan4221 Revan4221 - Arceus

The Void Ever Watching The Void Ever Watching - The Writhing Cosmos Master

Scrump_Diddle Scrump_Diddle - Rhubarion

VomitIcicle VomitIcicle - Corven

Celestial Speck Celestial Speck - Ocaeril

Just_a_loneley_pilgrim Just_a_loneley_pilgrim - Andreacys

Dead/Inactive Players:

Stikes Stikes - Kurantse

Gravitys Momentum Gravitys Momentum - Farmer Joe

tacenda tacenda - Ziji

Wolf Nerd Wolf Nerd - Divici

NihiloExDeus NihiloExDeus - Phil

The The - Assyrian

Kingly K Duel Kingly K Duel - Cardicarious

Selee-01 Selee-01 - Zyr 'Abaoth

Selee-01 Selee-01 - Yimor


Puppernickel Puppernickel


IC Thread:





This thread is dead, in case you haven't noticed. Basically all OOC discussion goes on in this discord server, so please join if you want to be in the loop.

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GravitysMomentuum - Joe

Gravitys Momentum

Junior Member
Username: GravitysMomentum

Main Name: Joe

Other Names: The Great Harvest, Bringer of Civilization, Herald of the Farmer

Gender: Male


Aspects: Growth, Farming, Famine, Production, Harvest

Role: Outsider

Associated Religion:
The Church of Joe, a large religious organization spanning nations. For every civilization must have some sort of agriculture and a sect of the Church. Every farmer worships him whether they know it or not either through a prayer or a sacrifice.

Most nations throw a great harvest festival in his honor every year and usually that satisfies him in terms of offerings. Other things his followers do are having small shrines to him in their homes.

The farmer shall always provide. Whether he is poor or rich the farmer should be charitable as in his death he will join paradise. Once a follower dies, Joe sees how much they’ve contributed and based on that sorts them out. They either join his gut or continue farming in the afterlife.

A survivor of horrors and travesties, being from the old world. Joe is also thick skinned and insults barely graze him. Having a thing for fear as well as he tries to be scary.

Joe lived as a farmer in a land of laws and regulations. He had a simple life until the Tournament. Most major nations in his world participated in it, and he was chosen to represent his country.

So his country’s patron god blessed him and made him champion. Given complete regenerative powers he took his shovel and scythe. The Tournament assigned him a partner, the Scarecrow.

Joe won every battle trouncing every opponent with his shovel. As he won the Tournament he was given a wish. Joe wished for godhood, while his partner wished to fuse with him.

This was done but the universe wouldn’t let him be a god in theirs. So they sent him to another, and now he was here. Ocaeril.

- To enhance living organisms to take on any feature through the power of farm magic.
- To be able to grow plants to enormous sizes, e.g. the Beanstalk from Jack and the Beanstalk.
- Slight weather control like making rain, and sunny days

Weaksauce Weakness: GM EDIT: A person who has never known hunger or hard labor, who has never had to work for their meals or fear they may not get to eat tonight, Joe is powerless against a man such as this, and he can be killed by such a person.
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Selee-01 - Yimor'Droth


All according to my Scenario
Username: Selee-01

Main Name: Yimor'droth
Image result for light dragon

Other Names: The Eternal, The Abomination, The Living Thing, The Dragon, The Lightbringer, The Luminous One, The Sleeper.

Gender: None, described as They/Them.

Sphere: Light

Aspects: Energy, Lightning, Fire, Radiation, Electromagnetic Force

Role: The Abomination

Associated Religion: Rare, pitiful cults. United under the banner of the isolated Temple of the Dragon, they practice their religion under the aegis of secrecy and seek to awaken their god from the depths of Their world. The cults are more frequent in the Jade Empire. Twelve Exarchs serve as the conduits of the Dragon's power, and wield Their will.

Dogma: We are the Sons of the Dragon! We are not going to suffer in silence, no! Never that! We will return our golden god to the world, and we will destroy all who defy the will of the Twelve Exarchs! Yimor'droth, we summon thee!

Personality: Once a being of incredible intelligence and alien morality, the Dragon has now fallen into a bestial insanity. Currently, They are asleep on a golden planet and have dozens of personalities struggling for command. If one were to take command, They would awaken fully. That would spell the end of the normal world, although the Dragon can create enough change through Their lucid dreams. Their Hall of Light, a planet, is thorny and infested with Angels. A seal is placed on the opening of a shaft piercing the North Pole, and requires two gods to open. This leads into the Chamber of Guf, which contains the Dragon.

Backstory: Once, an eldritch abomination of light and darkness was slain in the distant past by the Void Lord after the Abomination refused to preform his duties. From the corpse, the Lightbringer and the Nightbringer emerged and fought, cumulating in the triumph of the Dragon. The Dragon then was sent into the world, and hid away until They created a race of "Angels" and conquered the Lost City of Arqa. Eventually, They vanished with their Angels and City into the depths of time...

Bolt of Fire: A bolt of fire, ranging from a campfire to a nuke. Can be explained as a meteor.

Madness: Any mortal who gazes upon the form of the Dragon will go insane. A god won't go crazy, but it's not good to look at it for too long.

Burning Luminescence: Yimor'droth glows brightly enough to kill most organic life.

Mutation: Yimor'droth can mutate life through radiation, and cultivate those mutations. Explained as mere monsters.

Mind Alteration: Controls the mind of a living thing. Explained as insanity or brainwashing.

Exarch Creation: In the event of an Exarches demise, They can create a new one. Explained as a magician.

Madness Dreams: A passive effect, explained by "just being dreams". Has negative effects on the long-term sanity of anyone within it's range.

Electric Storm: An unnatural storm, created by Them. Explained as a normal, if unusual, storm.

Weaksauce Weakness: A divine spear, dubbed Dragon Slayer, is the only thing that can injure Them. However, it takes three direct hits to kill. The Dragon Slayer cannot be directly interfered with by the Abomination, but Their will is striving to have it be removed from the equation. They have had little success.

Appearance of the Lightbringer and the Nightbringer.IMG_0922.JPG
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KolastoRPN - Helsa


Username: KolastoRPN

Main Name: Helsa

Other Names: Queen of Darkness, Sin’s Leader, Twister of Souls

Gender: Female

Appearance: Like this.

Sphere: Evil

Aspects: Sin, Corruption, Hatred, Tyranny, Villainy.

Role: The Corruptor

Associated Religion: The Twisted. The Twisted are made up entirely of those that have been corrupted by Helsa. The Twisted are arranged into three ranks; low rank, mid rank, and high rank. The low ranking Twisted are psychopathic monsters, those that have been completely broken, incapable of even thinking of anything beyond destruction, conquest, and slaughter. The mid-ranked Twisted are those that keep their sentience, but don’t really have anything special to bring to the table. Thieves, pirates, corrupt noblemen. High-ranking Twisted are the only ones aware of their servitude to Helsa; only those that willingly join the Twisted can become high-ranking ones. Powerful dark magi, leaders of bandit hordes, battle-obsessed warriors.

Dogma: Only the High-Ranking Twisted are aware of Helsa’s involvement truly follow the religion. They believe that Helsa will allow them to continue serving her perfection in the afterlife, through serving as assets for her to use in the physical world. This is…technically true. Helsa takes low and mid-ranking Twisted and fully converts them into monsters that serve her every whim, while the High Ranking Twisted become beings called ‘Limbs of Helsa’, powerful and sentient creatures that carry out plans she cannot directly involve herself in. They hold no moral standards, and they convert others to the faith through simply corrupting them into evil beings…unless they choose to join. They tend to hide among the world at large, in order to tear it apart from the inside out. They think other gods are nothing but fools that don’t understand Helsa’s perfection, not worthy of being called gods. The High-Ranking ones anyway. They blame every other god for all the problems of the world.

Personality: Helsa is, simply put, a bitch. She takes active pleasure in twisting things into monstrous versions of themselves. She views herself as superior to everything else in the world, including other gods, no matter who they are or what they do. Helsa is fully aware of how the people of this world view her, and she doesn’t care. What do they know about perfection, when she’s greater than all of them? Helsa, in her own mind, is the smartest, richest, strongest, most beautiful goddess in existence. Especially that last one; she’s obsessed with her appearance. I mean, she does look pretty good. Helsa despises the other gods for rejecting her perfection when she was first formed, and ESPECIALLY hates the Warrior for foiling her plans.

Backstory: Helsa was brought into existence alongside the other gods, but unlike the others, Helsa kept to herself. She had been born incredibly deluded, believing herself to be the greatest of the gods, and that she was made to rule over the Pantheon. However, the others did not listen to her, refusing to follow her orders. Helsa isolated herself, certain that they would ‘come to their senses’…only to soon discover that they had begun creating without her. Overcome with pure fury at this, she began wreaking havoc on the gods creations, trying to bend them to her own will. She was foiled by the Warrior each time, but as time went on, she began taking pleasure in the corruption she wrought, caring about her original goal less and less. By the time the world was complete, Helsa had become even more of a monster than before; she only cared about wreaking havoc on the world and twisting it for her entertainment. If the gods actually kneeled before her and declared her their leader now…she’d destroy them just for the heck of it.


Corruption of the Mind: The ability to twist the mind of anyone specifically marked by Helsa. The power of it varies depending on the person’s will.

Champion of Villainy: Those blessed by Helsa become stronger overall, and high-ranking members of Helsa’s cult will recognize them on sight, in order for them to help create legendary-class weapons for them. The success of the whole ‘legendary class weapons’ thing depends on luck, and materials.

Beast-Crafting: High-ranking mages of Helsa’s Twisted can corrupt people into nightmarish monsters through the use of powerful magic.

Weaksauce Weakness: Chocolate pie. (GM EDIT: It will kill her instantly.) It HAS to be chocolate pie.
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Space Buddha

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Firstly, KolastoRPN KolastoRPN , that picture can be edited out. Secondly, Selee-01 Selee-01 , unless you are playing an outsider, your backstory cannot have you exist before the Void Lord created you. You can have all that stuff happen after that, during creation, of course, but pre-creation backstories are exclusive to outsiders.
Churl - Ickol


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Username: Churl

Main Name: Ickol

Other Names: The Greatest Adversary, The Black Tongue, Jt’lr,

Gender: Female

Appearance: A thin, sickly woman with ratty hair and a pair of antlers. If the antlers don’t tip you off when she’s disguised, the extra digit on each hand might. Otherwise, looking at her it is actually difficult to tell what species she looks like, having features that simultaneousky look like many different races and none of them, giving her an unnatural look. Mortals of all races can never decide if they think she is beautiful or ugly.

Sphere: Anthesis/Disorder

Aspects: Dreams, Lies, Chaos, Conflict, Severing,

Role: The Destroyer

Associated Religion: Ickol is not a typical goddess, she doesn’t seek out many followers, she waits for mortals to unconsciously call for her in their dreams. The contrarians, the trouble makers, the revolutionaries, the curious. Saint and sinner alike join her ranks if they are best suited in their ambition through disruption of order, be it the law of the governments, the law of the sciences, or the laws of reality. As a result, there isn’t a single massive organized religion.

The exceptions are the Vril. While she is one of the more popular gods for goblinoid races, the Underdark’s Vril are the only species that completely worships Ickol. Her other groups of interest are the renegade mage’s guild know as the Still Liars, as well as the Dreamwalkers, the mortals she has taken a particular interest in and visited in their dreams, although most are unaware in their waking lives.

Dogma: Ickol cares not about her followers souls except to covet them from other gods, and as such simply sends them to a mysterious underworld.

Personality: Oddly enough for a deity claiming to be the destroyer and the queen of conflict, Ickol is usually an affable or even timid personality. The best way for a follower to earn her favor is to be ‘interesting’, although what will catch her eye is often unpredictable to mortal eyes. Often disguising herself and enjoying the mortal world, it is noted she often lies, and tells the truth only when it amuses her.

Backstory: When the new world was made, she watched. Unemotional, aloof, barely noticed by the other beings, if the gods knew of her future title it would have been cause for a laugh. She did not speak until the Trickster began to organize the gods, and then she subtly began to attempt to undo their work and manipulate the other gods. Of course, the fact the world exists shows she failed to sow the dissent she wanted. If indeed, this wasn’t what she wanted all along. Ickol showed an interest as the world was made rife with monsters and conflict, and would often tail the gods that seemed to be stirring up trouble, and later the mortals doing the same. A passive observer, barely interacting, forgettable. But watching with amusement, learning. The few times she took an active roll, it was very noticeable. It is known something about the creation of the world upsets her, but why is not known by any except for her. Does she wish to unmake the world, or does she wish for a bigger hand in forming it? What is known is that she takes an interest in all that would circumvent the current reality, figuratively but especially literally. And over the centuries she has played some role in many of the famous tales of all great figures, heroes and villains, rulers and rebels, for freedom, joy and peace in equal parts with tyranny, tragedy and war.


Magical Efficiency: Ickol’s blessings have strange effects on magic. Illusion magic is much more powerful with her followers. The more a spell misrepresents the natural reality, the more easily learned and powerful it is, with the inverse for those that try to pursue the typical magical philosophy of flowing with the natural energies of the world. There is also an increased chance of a spell triggering an unintended effect, but the nature depends on if you have Ickol’s approval or ire. Ex: A follower that has disappointed Ickol tries to cast invisibility to escape detection, instead the spell casts a huge fireball. A follower that has earned her attention is able to accidentally turn an enemy into a frog.

Truth in Lies: If a follower of Ickol makes an oath of falsehood, they earn her attention. They must then set about doing whatever they can to make that falsehood true. If Ickol is impressed, she will give them aid in their journey.

Weaksauce Weakness: The more knowledge one has of her, the easier it is for mortals to be aware of her domains in the dream realms and seek them out. As one becomes more aware of her and interacts with her, a reoccurring image will appear in the background of their dreams, a blade from another world, still stained with the blood of a god that decimated the planet. If someone claims this sword, and it is touched by the tears of a god in genuine sorrow, then whether in the material or dream realms the blade can be used to cut her as surely as any blade would an unarmed mortal. This is the simplest method, but any weapon that meets the qualifications functions as well.

Edit: After the dragon slayer has been used to kill a god, it too is viable as a weapon. The tears of Tiamat, bottled by her cult as holy artifacts, are a likely source for the second qualification for either weapon.
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Kingly K Duel

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Well, looks clean and smooth Atherius. Nice job. Ill get to working on my guy as soon as I've got ideas down.


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Accepted! But... Why does she have Felix's sword anyway?

EDIT: In case there are noobs who don't know, that sword was from the old RP. An evil wizard used it to kill an eviler god of destruction.
Ickol borrows the dream element and weakness from Kip, a concept I had for a PC in the original RP if my current one died. I just thought making use of the sword would be a cool call back, and originally the weakness would have just been any blade touched by the blood of a dying god and the tears of a despairing one, but the sword to kill Zemrasil is the easy answer since it already has half the criteria. Here, I just flat out made it the sword specifically so that Ickol has to constantly convince her naturally curious followers there is absolutely nothing up with the sword that keeps appearing near her in dreams.

Edit: For the in-universe explanation, Felix killed Zemrasil in Aetherius, so the sword has been lost, not confined to Elarya. When the new world was created, it was drawn to it, and it latched onto Ickol because she’s ‘untethered’ from the material world, has taken the title of destroyer, and is the embodiment of Felix’s idea of a bad god.
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All according to my Scenario
Firstly, KolastoRPN KolastoRPN , that picture can be edited out. Secondly, Selee-01 Selee-01 , unless you are playing an outsider, your backstory cannot have you exist before the Void Lord created you. You can have all that stuff happen after that, during creation, of course, but pre-creation backstories are exclusive to outsiders.
I'll edit that.

And I stand by the granting of souls to bacteria.
Revan4221 - Arceus


New Member
Username: Revan4221

Main Name: Arceus

Other Names: The Orginal One, the Alpha Pokemon, The Original Spirt, The All-Father.

Gender: Male


Sphere: Creation

Aspects: His Aspects are numerous and take the form of 10 Plates but he can only use one actively at time without harming himself, but he can change them on the fly. However they are also capable of being destroyed or stolen but they are almost always safely kept within a pocket dimension. Fire, Grass, Water, Dragon, Ghost, Psychic, Steel, Ground, Fairy, Electric.

Role: The Shaper

Associated Religion: Arceus is seen as the creator deity of the world, he was the first god ever created and the one who started it all. Worshipers of Arceus are very diverse between all races with distance not being a factor as sometimes he will have worshipers on a remote island that that have never even had contact with the greater world.

Dogma: There is no real premium Dogma with worshiping Arceus other than acknowledging him as the Creator of the universe as a whole. Upon death his followers shall enter into his realm where they shall be judged for their actions. Those that did good will be allowed to stay within his realm as guests, Those that did badly will be sent back to the world of the living and reincarnated to start the cycle again and hopefully do things right this time.

Personality: Arceus despite belief is a very...human individual in the sense he is privy to emotional outbursts as much as any mortal. He cares for all life and especially for his sons and daughters but he does have a bit of a God-Complex in that he tends to get angry when someone doubts his abilities. He however still cares for them he is not angry he is just disappointed. Despite this he mostly acts like a caring father most of the time.

Backstory: Arceus was birthed from an egg Chaos birthed although it was an accident. He created the fundamental concepts of the universe but decided that doing this task alone was lonely and decided to create 3 beings along along with untold numbers of smaller entities called Unnown. These beings were known as Dialga embodiment of Time, Palkia embodiment of Space, and Giratina embodiment of antimatter, matter, and gravity. They helped forge the universe however with the creation of the universe Arceus’s power was shattered into his plates because he couldn’t adequately contain his nigh omnipotent powers any longer, Giratina was also completely unstable within the normal realm as his normal body was composed entirely of Antimatter. Giratina was given control over a dimension called the distortion world where all laws of physics were privy to change and where both antimatter and matter could exist in harmony, the distortion world was connected on a level to the real world without the other neither could exist and when Giratina leaves the distortion world he is forced to enter into a weaker form made of matter instead of antimatter.


Arceus is completely capable of granting power to his worshipers as they gain the ability to bend the world in ways that are separate from magic as they gain the ability to control the concept of the universe itself. This power is no where near the ability to of full on reality warping but it isn’t capable of slowing down or speeding up time for a small area or individual, creating pocket planes, causing explosions, teleportation, and even summoning the Unown that when in enough numbers are capable of full on reality warping thanks to their existence as creation spirts of Arceus.

Arceus is completely able to create life on any level and even create Demi-gods without the need for another god’s assistance.

When Arceus’s power was shattered the plates remained connected on a fundamental level and Arceus is capable of regaining a fraction of his power by absorbing all of his plates once more but this form can only be held for a short amount of time and if done for long can harm him greatly.

Weaksauce Weakness: Arceus’s power was split between his plates and are capable of being destroyed, stolen, or even broken however the greatest weakness is their ability to be used as a weapon like a sword against him.
Name: Dialga

Gender: Male personality technically genderless


Role: Demi-God of Arceus and ruler of Time

Religious Significance: Dialga is part of the Creation trio and as such is a Demi-God of the highest order with some even consindering him to be a full fledged god.

Personality: Dialga is a prideful individual and holds his title proudly as without him time wouldn’t exist and can’t exist, he isn’t above shows of display towards the mortals of the lower world. However he takes his job seriously and won’t let anything get in the way of his job as the ruler of Time. He holds a sibling rivalry with Palkia although he does care for his sister even if he won’t admit it.

Backstory: Created at the dawn of creation with his siblings Palkia and Giratina he forged time into what it is today and his existence is tide to time itself as without him it would have no force keeping it together.

Powers: Dialga is a powerful Demi-God with control over time itself, his roar can distort or bend time, he can send individuals besides himself into the past for a short amount of time although he himself can’t time travel, he can cause time to loop forever, freeze it temporarily, slow it down, speed it up, and many other things involving it.

His powers don’t completely rely on time as he is capable of feats of power like launching blasts of pure draconic essence, create shields, fire beams comprised of the essence of steel, breath the elements, and use psychic abilities. The scale of these attacks vary with some capable of wiping out entire cities, islands, mountains, and countries.
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All according to my Scenario
The Hall of Light, the planet of the Dragon, is the brightest of the planets due to belonging to a god of light. I'll get a complete description out later, but it's golden, thorny, and infested with hibernating Angels and other things.

Space Buddha

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The Hall of Light, the planet of the Dragon, is the brightest of the planets due to belonging to a god of light. I'll get a complete description out later, but it's golden, thorny, and infested with hibernating Angels and other things.
Unless he did that in the backstory, the planet should just be a featureless ball. Also, I will need some elaboration on your weakness. Can any spear that a person calls "Dragonslayer" kill you? Or is it a specific weapon. If so, where is it hidden?


All according to my Scenario
Unless he did that in the backstory, the planet should just be a featureless ball. Also, I will need some elaboration on your weakness. Can any spear that a person calls "Dragonslayer" kill you? Or is it a specific weapon. If so, where is it hidden?
It was done in the backstory, mostly by the Angels. I'll edit that in if you want. The Spear is a specific item, and is currently buried in the Southern Ice Sheet. It's also concealed by illusions created by one of the Dragon's split personalities.

Space Buddha

The Enlightened One
It was done in the backstory, mostly by the Angels. I'll edit that in if you want. The Spear is a specific item, and is currently buried in the Southern Ice Sheet. It's also concealed by illusions created by one of the Dragon's split personalities.
Add all that into the sheet please, but leave out the illusions unless they are surmountable. The weaknesses need to be attainable by an ordinary human. So an impossible obstacle isn't allowed.


All according to my Scenario
Add all that into the sheet please, but leave out the illusions unless they are surmountable. The weaknesses need to be attainable by an ordinary human. So an impossible obstacle isn't allowed.
The illusion just messes up your depth perception, and is not impossible to overcome.


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Decided to make a sheet detailing the creation trio more in depth. Starting with Dialga.

Name: Dialga

Gender: Male personality technically genderless


Role: Demi-God of Arceus and ruler of Time

Religious Significance: Dialga is part of the Creation trio and as such is a Demi-God of the highest order with some even consindering him to be a full fledged god.

Personality: Dialga is a prideful individual and holds his title proudly as without him time wouldn’t exist and can’t exist, he isn’t above shows of display towards the mortals of the lower world. However he takes his job seriously and won’t let anything get in the way of his job as the ruler of Time. He holds a sibling rivalry with Palkia although he does care for his sister even if he won’t admit it.

Backstory: Created at the dawn of creation with his siblings Palkia and Giratina he forged time into what it is today and his existence is tide to time itself as without him it would have no force keeping it together.

Powers: Dialga is a powerful Demi-God with control over time itself, his roar can distort or bend time, he can send individuals besides himself into the past for a short amount of time although he himself can’t time travel, he can cause time to loop forever, freeze it temporarily, slow it down, speed it up, and many other things involving it.

His powers don’t completely rely on time as he is capable of feats of power like launching blasts of pure draconic essence, create shields, fire beams comprised of the essence of steel, breath the elements, and use psychic abilities. The scale of these attacks vary with some capable of wiping out entire cities, islands, mountains, and countries.

Space Buddha Space Buddha what do you think? It’s just a rough draft btw.
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