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The World we lost (DnD 5e)

Baku the Shipping Lord

The lord of shipping
"There has been no hope for us since it all began. It all started with the threats of a war, the usual fighting between Elves and Orcs. People were taking sides on the war, the same races assisting the Orcs, and the same with the elves. We all thought it would be a short lived war. It was, but not in the way we imagined. Hardly anyone from that time is still around. But those things, the Shadar -Kai, they saw the beginning of it all. They were the first monstrosity to come out from the dwarves mistake. The dwarves of all things like what they are best at, dug too deep. They found something that was not to be unearthed. We don't know what it was. Only the dwarves did, and well, their population is lower then it once was. Those grey elves want them all gone. And those horrific creatures that came with the Shadar Kai... If there is hope it is either in death or only seen by fools who seek it. I know not who could be listening in. My name is Alvis, I'm a half elf living in an old desolate town by the Forest of the conqueror. Please if there is anyone alive, find me."

Hello people of RPN. My name is Baku, you may or may not know me. If you do, why hello old user who I may or may not know. And if you are just now meeting me then a pleasure.

This is a dnd 5e custom campaign I have been working on for a while. It is post apocalyptic with a unique little spin on things. Every race will have a unique role in the world as well. But that will be gone over in the actual thread when we get there. Alongside info on the world and the like.

Baku the Shipping Lord

The lord of shipping
I want to do text, (because I'm sure voice would require going off site) I mean if there is enough demand for voice I will make the change to off site.

With text it would be more bursts of activity. Like a burst of replies.

Voice would require more planning and a set date to meet on.

Seraph Darkfire

King of the Underworld
This sounds interesting. Dnd is always fun. I'll have to practice with the rpn dice system. I've got a few characters I can use depending on what role you need me for.

Baku the Shipping Lord

The lord of shipping
Just know I am only allowing stuff from official books (Except for Aarococra and Centaurs) I do have a homebrew I made but it is still going through playtesting.

So er yeah most official Wizards content is allowed.

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