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Fantasy the world of Liones lore



~*~ Lost In A world Ill never understand ~*~

here is some helpful lore, very helpful for creating a cs

dragons lore:

dragons are the second biggest creature in liones, aside from the ever-so-rare giant, they usually don't bother others and can take on a human form if they so choose, they generally have names that come from Vietnamese terms though not all do since some dragons are from other cultures though all live in the five villages, the mudwing village, the firewing village, the seawing village, the icewing village, and the nightwing village. there used to be many villages though those are the only that remain, a skywing occasionally may be found though it is EXTREMRELY rare. despite seeming to look dangerous, they are truly gentle and misunderstood creatures though that doesn't take away from the fact that they ARE potentially lethal, though most wouldn't hurt a fly, skywings are the most aggressive while mudwings are the most docile and small, sometimes kept as companions among faries

Fairy lore:

the fairies are the most common magical creatures in liones, they have a vast array of powers unlike elves or dragons who only have abilities based on their element. they generally have normal names though they come from all over liones so the variety is vast. fairies are smaller than the average human and can fly without wings, they also can enchant things and wield magical weapons.

elf lore:

elves are generally cheerful beings who are considerably shorter compared to most creatures aside from faries, they are very agile and often enjoy sing and dancing though there are multiple species of elves, there are dark elves, druids, fire elves and ice elves. all weild the abilities of their element.

Giant Lore:

giants are short-tempered creatures who often go it alone when they can, most fear them though they really are sensitive souls who wouldn't hurt anyone on purpose.

mermaid lore:

mermaids are elusive creatures who supposedly live deep in the fairy forest in Neverland Cove, though none have proven their existence though sometimes a glittery scale may wash up somewhere though that is the only proof of their existence.

there are many other creatures in liones but many are yet to be logged.


the fairy kingdom lies in the center of liones, there territory is a vast enchanted forest known as the 'fairy forest', most fairies live in the trees or in small caves in the ground. it covers most of liones until the elven forest meets it in the east, covering that area which is also where the DarkStars are known to be, then south is the land of dreams which is still being explored, its said most other species live in that area, then west is where the dragon villages are located as well as a large town of giants. there is also rumors of a special cove in the fairy forest where mermaids live, no-one has ventured far enough into the forest to prove the tail true though.

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