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Fantasy The World Of Innixus (Lore)



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Land of Relphia

Relphia is the land that's mainly -and originally was- inhabited by the Humans. However, there are many who come to visit from other territories to see the land, bond with the people, and create romantic relationships. This land has one of the largest mixed race percentages than the other territories but they're always welcomed with open arms. Relphia is also ran by a King and his Queen, doing what they can for the goodness of the kingdom and the healthy relationship between the other territories. Across the territory there are rivers, forests, and other smaller towns before the boarders are hit and you're in other territories.


The capitol -Altair- is the largest city inside of the land with many people coming and going. It's always busy, always hustling and bustling, and also has one of the best trading districts in the land. Altair is also known for its large area, high walls, and beautiful castle that's spat in the middle. Altair has everything, including different cuisines, housing, and more. Altair has everything if you think about it. Around the outside of Altair is more housing, smaller towns, and even maybe a farmland or two. While being close to the water, they're also a safe distance away from the ocean. Though, that doesnt stop the water flowing through the city.


Vinalda is the land of the Fairies, Fae, and many alike. The lands are filled with flowers, and Enchanted forests. Giving the Fairies shade while also giving them beauty to their territory. The land seems to have some sort of magical grounds that are used to make farmlands for the people there and provide special fruits, vegetables, and more to trade with other territories or keep for themselves. People from outside the territory seem to always say that food from the Fae always tasted magical, sweeter even. It's never revealed if it's the soil, or if the Fairies are using light magic to have a better taste. Either way, they got good food, good land, and they're peaceful with everyone. Except anyone who starts to create chaos within their lands. Then they can get a little bit aggressive.


Astrine is not hard to miss at all. In fact, the capital screams "I'M HERE!" at night. The castle of the Ruler is right at the bottom of a very large glowing tree. By pictures alone, there's no way to tell the scale of how massive this tree is. In person, not even a Giant could compare. During the day, it's not as beautiful, but once night rolls around, the lights come on and everything seems to glow as if you're really in a magical land. There's a King who rules the lands and keeps the peace with the Humans and the Elves, while maintaining a healthy relationship in the process. The Beastmen are people who the Fairies grow wary of due to their sizes, shapes, and behaviors. Now, not to say the Fairies hate all Beastmen. They just don't like the rowdy ones considering how calm they could be and how gentle their environment is. If you also look very closely, the castle with the capital is at the very bottom.


The land of the Elves: Fiora. All the elves live here, tall, small, pale, dark, it does not matter. All the Elves live in peace to the best of their ability, and if they don't like it there then they're more than welcome inside of the lands of Relphia. However, the Elves have different habits and have towns in forests, plains, and even in the trees. Whatever is comfortable for them, they go with it. The people are more of the Neutral territory, having bonds with other territories but are not afraid to put their foot down and tell them "No". There is the stereotype of Elves being stubborn and assholes...Well they aren't entirely wrong depending who you're talking to. Due to unclaimed land in the area, Elves were found living there, creating farmland and towns there as well, while also mixing with the Humans.

Being the capitol of Fiora, the kingdom is ran by an Elven Queen who is almost like the mother to all of the land. While putting her foot down, she could also be a mother who's caring and gentle. Zaleria is good for their troops, being both ranged and close combat trained. Where as there's no wars, there still needs to be some kind of protection for the people, the kingdom, and the land. The kingdom is located right off the river that goes into the ocean, allowing shipment out via water and getting supplies to where they are needed. As the capital is the biggest area for shipping and receiving, there's also another and smaller location that does the same thing roughly south east of the land. Many say that power comes from the tip of the capital, which may or may not be true.

Rillia is actually one of the smallest places with land scattered across the coast and roughly two islands. The reason for this is because this is the area of the Mermaids, Mermen, and more. Due to their nature, most prefer to be in their underwater homes. For those on land, those are the people who found living on land was just as fun as swimming in the ocean and inhabited the coast so not only were they close to home but they were also between land and sea. Despite being the neighbors to the Beastmen, they get along great with them and actually have fun. Though sometimes they do become a bit rowdy. Rillia is good for the abundance of fishers, simply because the merfolk are part of the same world and are able to catch fish with ease and little to no effort. Most of the fish supply come from Rillia and get shipped out to the other territories.


Aqilus has 2 castles. One for the underwater world, and one for the land. The reason for this is because not everyone can safely swim down and expect to hold their breath for hours on end. As many don't get to see underneath Aqilus, there's nothing too fancy down there other than lots of water, shells, maybe small fish here and there. Just your average underwater castle with a throne room and all. For the land castle, it's definitely more inhabited, has a bridge, and also has furniture. No flying fish here. Around the castle the city remains, taking up majority of the island that it's on. Since Aqilus is on one of the smaller islands, there is a bridge to get to the larger land nearby. However you do need to travel to get across another bridge to get to the mainland where the Beastmen reside.


Whitshell is the territory of the Beastmen, who range from Minotaurs, Centaurs, Wolf, and Cat creatures. Anything that is beast or half beast comes from this Territory. Not many people from other territories come here to live for the rest of their lives. The reason for that is because The Banished are the neighbors right beyond the high mountains and winters can get fairly cold up north. There are forests, towns, and different forms of life. Whitshell also seems to be the first line of defense against the Banished in case any were to come out and try to cause a ruckus of the world. They also share land with Rillia, finding the people very friendly and gladly let them have the coast. Beastmen have the best front line with brute force, which is why they're the defenders against The Banished. Much like other territories, there are towns scattered around.


Soilfang is the capitol, being the most bland castle out of them all. The Ruler of Soilfang isn't like the other rulers, wanting extravagant and flashy. He wanted bland, but strong. Simple, but intimidating. So he had accomplished that. Despite the land being a little barren around the castle, not too far away there's a large city that holds the Beastmen, their festivals, and more. Beastmen are rowdy, but fun. They're like the larger versions of Dwarves if anything. Just with more Umph to them. Though some do take life a little too seriously and can hate their own people for a little bit. Their homes a bit larger and a bit more unique due to all the shapes and sizes.

Delgrir & Magbar

Despite Delgrir and Magbar being two different nations, they act as one that share the lives of Dwarves and Giants alike. Now, many would think this combination is probably the craziest idea but the two get along fairly well. Dwarves who pick on the Giants, the Giants pick on the Dwarves. Almost like a big happy family! While they share the same mass of land, they work together to create the perfect towns and homes for their people. Followed by farmland as well. The Dwarves do the trading and the Giants do the heavy lifting and transport. There are some other races sprinkled in with these two territories, Elves, Humans, and Fairies. Mermaids, however, don't travel too much considering the distance to the land. Not unless they travel via boat. Dwarves do the mining on this land, seeing as they can fit in smaller spaces. They provide the much needed supplies from the rock and stone. Oh, let's not forget that there's no lack of bars in the area. No sir, there's plenty to go around.

Kokus - The Capitol

Kokus is the Capital of both the Giants and the Dwarves. As mentioned before, they share the same territories and coexist. Thus they decided to come up with one Capital and two representatives. A Dwarven woman, and a Male Giant, both of who act as good friends and rely on one another to support the land and their people. Despite the intimidating Giants and the tempting need to pick on the Dwarves, they're great people and are accepting of all. They take friendship seriously and will always assist or be there for others. They pick on everyone, everything, and even come up with nicknames that may not make sense to you, but they do to them.

The Banished

The Banished is an undead wasteland. This territory is located beyond the mountains of Whitshell. Home of the Demon race, creators of black magic. Originally the territory is called “The land of the Banished”, this area is full of dead trees, bushes, and more. Growing anything there is useless and the darkness corrupts everything good that resides inside the lands. With an eternal dusk curse, there's no "Night time" but there's no "Daytime" either. Anything that goes in to The Banished never returns the same, or even returns at all. The Capitol sits close to the coastline, though the coastline isn't what you think. They're steep cliffs that lead to scattered and sharp rocks at the bottom which lead to your death.


Shreneno is the Capitol, filled with all types of evil beings. Ranging from Mass murderers, Black Magic users, Demons, and more. This location is nothing to fool around in, in fact, you have to watch your back in every moment, every second, every millisecond. The laws in this area are looser than most, and is definitely not for the faint of heart. The people here are the outcasts and nothing stops them from turning against each other. They provide nothing and they receive nothing from the other lands. They have to rely on lakes, rivers, and wildlife to survive in terms of food.
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What's a world without different creatures?! Now, before we create the list of the Passive and Aggressive creatures, there are already species that exist similar to the real world. Such as Cattle, horses, Cats, Dogs, Amphibians, etc. You get the jist of it all and how it goes. However, these are creatures within the world that are different compared to the normal world. They will very depending on the location. If there are any locations missing, that is because that specific location has your generic creatures that you're already aware of. Over time, there may or may not be additions to these locations.

Pegasus - The male version of the Unicorn, they also fly in the sky like birds.
Unicorn - The female counterpart to the Pegasus.
The Rainbow Bunny - A bunny who's fur coat is the rarest of them all, looking like it had jumped into a Rainbow river. High price for the Rainbow Bunny fur.
The Wise Tortoise - Looking for knowledge? This Tortoise hangs around the coast, though is rarely seen by the fairies. When he does come by, he's the nicest Turtle.
Gnomes - While refusing to interact with others, all it takes is to be in the vicinity of their treasures before they attack like Lions.
RubbleNuk (Pudge) - A cute little turtle who the Fairies see as the Guardian of the Forest.

The White Owl - A bird who blesses the person who comes into contact with him. He is a rare find, so feel lucky when you see him!
Gigantic Moose/Elk - Yes, these creatures already exist. However, these creatures are much larger than their original forms.
The Druids - They travel around the forest, keeping the ecosystem healthy and go through the circle of life. Friendly people and can hold a conversation. Though tend to mind their own business.
Ancient Spirit of the Forest - This large bear-like creature with horns upon his head guards the forests when they are in need. This bear is 84ft tall while standing with his horns and appears when forests are being cut down in large quantities.
Mossed Elephant - This is exactly what it sounds like. It's an Elephant with moss on it, except in the wild they're very aggressive and their goal is to kill. If tamed, they are used for Military Purposes by the Elves.

Virrou - This creature is a Mixture of...Well... No one really knows but it looks like a bird, cat-owl thing. They're cute and like being petted. Snacks are a bonus.
Wolf Reaper - This is a creature that is passive to anyone living. He has a skull for a face and a body with skin so tight you could see his ribs. He has a thick mane and a tail to go along with his creepy appearance. He hunts around the wildlife areas in search for a banished that wondered into his domain to devour.
Bokreel - A Bokreel is a large wildebeest that does not bother anyone unless it is bothered. This creature is the size of an average Elephant, sometimes even larger.
Mojo - Mojo is the largest wild boar you'd ever see. Now he isn't massive like some other creatures. He's just larger than the average wild boar. He will try to eat you so be sure to stay hidden away if you see him before he sees you.

Griffon - The Griffon is a popular bird in the lands of both Delgrir and Magbar. They live up towards the mountains and act as the birds of the skies.
Golems - Golems are what they sound like, they're enchanted rocks that operate as if they're alive. They don't exactly die, but they aren't too living either.
Lava Golem - These guys live deep in the mines if you're close enough to a lava pit. However, you gotta dig real deep down to even see them.
The Yeti - There is a Yeti that lives in the more colder areas of the upper mountains, avoiding most life. When hungry, he will hunt down his food and go back to his home. If you're spotted, you better run.

Lost Souls - Lost souls are those who've died inside The Banished and roam the lands. They're just stuck man.
Wendigo - The Wendigo likes to hang around the forests of the Banished, hunting for its next meal. Whenever that is.
Demons - These are the beings that originally created Black Magic. They will do what they want with you if they catch you. Don't try to play the hero if you know deep inside you'll get overwhelmed.
Shadow Wolves - They stalk their prey in packs before going for the kill. No way to stand a chance unless you know you're being stalked and prepare accordingly. They'll eat you alive.
Reapers - Reapers are as they sound, they're phantom-like beings that use scythes to kill their prey. But not without a little bit of torture first.
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