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you glow girl
very true !!! i think picking up chinese first makes learning the rest easier but chinese is so difficult to learn without proper teachers i feel.,., i've tried teaching korean friends mandarin before and when i tell you the difficulty in explaining z, s and q... hghfhfh it was suffering for both of us
i was actually going to learn chinese first and then i took one look at the characters and said "nope, this is not for me right now". so i made my friend teach me korean. once i get a little more fluent in it, i'm learning japanese and then chinese. i feel like with a good grasp on korean, i'll be able to learn the others easier


Cool Cool
Ok everyone!! We will be reviewing characters this afternoon and making a decision on who we're going to accept for each role. Thank you so much for all the entries! You guys have made great characters, we'll be sad to see some of them go. ๐Ÿ˜” We'll send a discord link after the announcement of the lineup for the new ooc server!
Much love ๐Ÿ’•


you glow girl
sorry this is coming to you 12.5 hours late (i fell asleep heh)

but anyways, as y'all probably well know, applications officially closed at 12am this morning ! like HanTheSunbeam HanTheSunbeam said, thank you all for applying and making such amazing characters. this won't be an easy decision in the slightest (i'm dreading it actually). the gm's are going to review each application tonight and the cast list along with the discord link will be sent in a pm either tonight or tomorrow !

thank you again to everyone who applied โค

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