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Realistic or Modern The World, Decayed - OOC



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Theyre mostly called infected.

You're correct- all except for bloaters and shamblers are capabke of running.

The brain is still located where a brain is located. The fungus acts as a sort of "shield" to it.

All infected can be damaged in the same way you would damage a person, because they are fundamentally still people. So you could choke out a runner, or stab a clicker to death. A blow to the head is going to be more effective, but may also take multiple shots if the fungus has grown enough to act as a form of armor.
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I also posted my changed to my character. Nothing much was changed, just added a little to the physical description. I feel it's a little short, but the clothes, weapons and gear had there own sections, and I felt like it'd be a little redundant to describe them again.

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how has it affected the wild life? is it like the I am legend where they are immune to airborne, or does it not affect them at all? or maybe they are in the same boat we are in?


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Nope, it can't be transferred between species. Maybe a different version of it will mutate down the line and be able to affect certain animals. But as of now, wildlife is thriving.


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I just finished reading your character profile, @balisong1 . I can't wait for Cricket to meet Maude. Someone who doesn't like small talk, and prefers short conversations. It should be pretty funny when they interact XD.


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literally shaking and crying right now man the zoo is so scary wtf😰haha thanks bless,cannae wait for my guy to meet Alpha,also i think the dynamic between him & Ghost will be pretty interesting too!
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