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The Wolf and the Stag: A Game of Throne/A Song of Ice and Fire RP


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The Wolf and the Stag
Two-hundred and ninety-eight years after the conquest of King Aegon I Targaryen, the continent of Westeros was embroiled in one of the largest and most devastating conflicts that it had ever seen. King Robert I Baratheon lay dead, killed by a wild boar whilst out hunting, and his Hand, Lord Eddard Stark had been executed for treason against Robert’s ‘son’, the King Joffrey. Five men battled to obtain their place within the sun, some fought for vengeance, some for honour, some for duty, but one man fought simply for desire: Renly Baratheon, ‘The Summer King.’

Renly had been the youngest brother of King Robert, and although his elder brother Stannis possessed a claim to the throne greater than his own, that did not prevent him from seeking the Kingship. Renly marshalled the forces of House Tyrell, and his own bannermen within the Stormlands, taking for a wife the daughter of the Lord of Highgarden and marching his way towards King’s Landing.

It was during this march that Renly met with the mother of Robb Stark, who had declared himself King in the North, and the two came to a tentative agreement: Robb would be allowed to continue to claim the lands of the North and the Trident in exchange for an alliance against King Joffrey and the House of Lannister.

The next day Renly would meet with his brother Stannis on the field of battle.

Renly would win.

Stannis Baratheon lay dead, and Renly secured his only daughter: Shireen, declaring that she would be wed to his ward, Edric Storm, and would be granted the lands of Storm’s End once Renly himself ascended to the Iron Throne, in memory of his deceased brother.

Meanwhile in the North, Theon Greyjoy is successful in persuading his father Balon to give up his dreams of Kingship, and side with King Robb against the Lannisters. Sensing the riches and opportunity in the West, Balon Greyjoy bends the knee to Robb Stark, using his men to launch a successful invasion of many Western holdfasts, including the Crag.

Renly Baratheon’s assault on King’s Landing is simply too much for the Lannisters to take. With Tywin Lannister’s forces spread thin between the West, the North, and the Crownlands, King’s Landing is unable to get the reinforcements it needs, and falls to Renly’s forces. Joffrey Baratheon is amongst those killed in the fighting, his younger brother: Tommen, is found dead in the throne room, poisoned alongside his mother.

Petyr Baelish, fearing for his life under Renly’s kingship, flees to the Vale, where he meets with Lysa Arryn. He convinces her to bend to knee to her nephew, Robb Stark, and in order to show his loyalty, he is able to procure Robb’s sister, Lady Sansa, who had been whisked away from King’s Landing during the fighting.

Tywin Lannister returns to the Westerlands with his tail between his legs, intending to sue for peace against hopeless odds, however he is intercepted by the forces of the Ironborn. Tywin is slain, and Renly would bestow all of his former lands and title unto his brother, Kevan Lannister who would become Lord of Casterly Rock and Warden of the West.

With his forces now unoccupied, Renly turns his attention to the North, seeing Robb’s acceptance of fealty of the both the Ironborn and the Vale as a breach in their initial agreement. A great battle is fought outside the walls of Harrenhal, where Robb Stark faces off against Renly Baratheon. At first, the situation seems dire for Robb, but all is saved when Petyr Baelish arrives with the knights of the Vale, saving the life of the King in the North, and insuring victory.

Renly, beaten and battered, has no choice but to sue for peace.

For his own efforts, Baelish is granted the lands of Harrenhal. Robb Stark was now secure in his rule. But times change.

It is now one-hundred years since Renly and Robb donned their respective crowns and whilst the Kingdoms of the North and the Iron Throne have seen minor conflict over the past century, a tentative peace has emerged. A hundred years of cooperation is set to be marked with a large celebration at Harrenhal, where a daughter of the North is to marry a son of the Iron Throne.

Of course not all are happy with such arrangements, and there are many in both Kingdoms that fear the other. Plotting and intrigue are rampant, and personal ambition runs high. Will the wedding go off smoothly, or will other people have their way?

Interesting Characters
Kingdom of the North

  • King Stark of the North
    • House Bolton of the Dreadfort
  • House Tully of the Riverlands
    • House Frey of the Twins
    • House Baelish of Harrenhal
  • House Arryn of the Vale
  • House Greyjoy of the Iron Islands
Kingdom of the Iron Throne
  • King Baratheon of the ‘Seven Kingdoms’
  • House Baratheon of the Stormlands
  • House Lannister of the Westerlands
  • House Tyrell of the Reach
    • House Tyrell of Brightwater Keep
  • House Martell of Dorne
Hey guys! Just found the site, and with the final series of Game of Throne coming out soon, I’ve had a real itch to RP in the World of Westeros. For anyone that didn’t read the spiel at the top, it’s basically an alternate history set a hundred years after the events of the show/books in which Robb Stark and Renly Baratheon win the War of Five Kings. I hope to get some people interested, and if you have any questions about the lore, or even suggestions to make the premise better, don’t hesitate to comment below.



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I am thinking that since the war went "well" that the Karstarks would not have been pushed to kill Willem and Martin, and I would also hope that their elder brother Lancel died in Kinglanding, which means if I were to play a house I could have decedents from those two - who seemed quite reasonable. Whatever happens though, this looks very cool - and follows much of how I might have wished the narrative could have gone.

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Great, we've got an Lannister, shame we don't have the Reynes and those damned Tarbecks too to deal with you people.


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Yup! May I ask what happened to Dany?
I'd originally planned for her to have remained in Essos on her campaigns in Slaver's Bay, kind of out of the way/ But if we get enough people I'd be open to have someone playing her descendants.
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I am thinking that since the war went to "well" that the Karstark would not have been pushed to kill Willem and Martin, and I would also hope that their elder brother Lancel died in Kinglanding, which means if I were to play a house I could have decedents from those two - who seemed quite reasonable. Whatever happens though, this looks very cool - and follows much of how I might have wished the narrative could have gone.
Yeah, that sounds perfectly fine to me. A lot of the lore is flexible, so people really have freedom to work how they like with their families, as long as it sticks with the basic premise.

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Btw if second characters are allowed, I'd be interested in taking a Seaworth as well. Davos's house needs representation.

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