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Fandom The Wolf Among Us and Others

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, AU, LGTBQ, Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life, Star Wars


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Hey there!

I'd love to do some fandom roleplays with either CanonxOC or OCxOC pairings with MxF or FxF.
I'm 22 female with 10+ years of writing experience.

- I prefer you be 18+
- Please write at least one paragraph of substance
- I'll double up for you if you play certain characters for me, I enjoy playing multiple characters.

Fandoms I enjoy:
- Bold is what I'd like you to play
- *** Is what I'd really love to do

***The Wolf Among Us - Bigby, OC
***Bioshock: Infinite - Booker, OC
***Witcher - Geralt, OC
**DC - Dick Grayson,
Night in the Woods - OC
**Homestuck - OC
***Fairytales AU - Big Bad Wolf, OC
**Beastars - Legosi, OC
Harry Potter - OC
Star Wars - OC

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