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Realistic or Modern The Witch's Legacy: Salem Academy -IC

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At the moment of the rescue students at Salem Academy were on vacation, with only 2 weeks remaining to enjoy until the next school year. Our rescued kids, however, needed treatment and rest to recover from their horrible experiences and were taken care of. With the new freedom they had, everyone started to socialize more openly than in the compound and by the end of the vacations they were at least well acquainted. They were provided with basic guides describing basic concepts that all witches must know but otherwise they had freedom to go and explore the Academy. On their first day of school everyone had to attend to the auditorium where a beautiful redheaded woman with blue eyes gave them a welcoming speech.

“For those of you who don’t know me yet, I’m Scarlet Rosewood, the Supreme of this Coven. This year Salem Academy has the honor of hosting its first international classroom, everyone please give a warm welcome to our initiated students.” The rest of students applauded when she said that, unaware of the real reason for this particular initiated class. “Thanks to this interexchange program witches all-around the world can meet and share their culture.” She gave the kids a kind smile, this little lie was to protect them and avoid that they relived the trauma they went to in the compound. “I know that we’ll put this coven name high on the eyes of the covenant as always, have a wonderful year.” With that she ended the speech and everyone was guided by their assigned teacher towards their classroom.

The kids had a young fit guy with long dark brown hair, irises white as pearls with no visible pupils and a pale skin, his shirt had a few buttons off revealing his bare chest. He was clearly blind but he moved with more security than anyone that could actually see so it was clear that he chose his outfit to be revealing and it was not just an accident, he gave a little wink towards Vera ( Yuu Vee Rays Yuu Vee Rays ) since he recognized a fellow contractual witch that lost her sight as well. “Good Morning Kids, I’m Professor Alexander Evergreen.” He opened the door to their classroom and let everyone in before continuing. “You may all call me Alex, please.” He left out a little smile while leaning into his desk, the door shutting itself after everyone got inside. “The staff has been briefed on your backgrounds, I helped to your rescue myself, but as you noticed earlier we won’t tell to the students about your kidnapping. We think you deserve some privacy.” He let out a little sight, some sadness in it mixed with shame. “I apologize that I took us so long to rescue you, I assure you that we did everything in our power to do it as fast and efficiently as we could.” His tone shifted afterwards to a happier one, moving his hands towards the desks. “I guess you’ve noticed those metallic circles on your desk, right?”


In each desk there was a medium sized coin, blank without anything special. “This is what we call pentacles, our version of an ID. I’m the Magical Combat teacher but also your guide, that basically means that I’ll mentor you all as the initiated witches you are. Let’s star by taking the pentacle and forming the bond with it.” He gestured all to do as he said before continuing. “Now, repeat after me: I claim my birthright, may all witches welcome me as they have welcomed my ancestors before me.”

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Vera had arrived at the academy with a deep sense of hatred. She didn't want to be here, another unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people. Who knew what they were planning on using them for once their guards were dropped. So she stayed as far from them, making sure she was keeping enough of a visual on her surroundings with her echolocation to keep that distance. They had attempted to treat her, but she just swatted them away, preferring to heal on her own...though that didn't really work out. They had treated her when she tired, and that caused Vera to sulk the two weeks they had to roam and recover. She was given new clothes instead of the rags she had been wearing at the Compound, and in the clothing she had found a black mask with a big white X on it. It was perfect to show others she didn't want to talk to them, so she gladly took it and never took it off if she had to interact with those who weren't from the Compound. It didn't happen often, though. She mainly just stayed inside the residence that was provided for them.
When the two weeks were up, they were all gathered with other supposed Witches and were introduced as a new type of class; an international class. Oh, so they were keeping them a secret? Guess that was so they could disappear and they could easily cover it up when it suited them...and when those they brought here lost their interest. The Russian girl's shoulders raised in a way that made it seem like she had been a turtle, retreating into it's shell. She was glad she had decided to place herself in the middle of their little group. She hated this. But she was there, listening to this Supreme talk about this and that. Hah, Supreme. How conceited were these Witches? She had thought so too when they had been taught the basics of what these Witches knew as common sense and fact. No matter what the title they gave themselves, they were still self serving animals who only cared for themselves.
When the oh so mighty Supreme ended her little speech, they were moving again. Vera hated that she had to use her magical sense so much so soon, but what else could she do? She didn't want to be left behind with all these monsters that were hiding in a sheep's mask. She only used enough to be able to use her echolocation to 'see' those around her, both person and object, so that she didn't run into anything. Since this was the case, she didn't notice their instructor's wink. She sat at a desk in the middle of the room, hoping that would be alright since it would be easier for her to get a feel for the room without missing anything. She didn't want to waste any of her mana, or so those at the Compound called it, on keeping an eye on her surroundings when she still couldn't control it very well. She had to make it last all day, until she was able to rest in comfort around those who she knew wouldn't hurt her.
When she heard him mention something about a metal circle, she moved her left hand onto the wooden surface of the desk to search until she found it. She picked it up and ran her fingers over it, feeling nothing but the cool metal it was made of. What was this even for? As she turned her head in the direction of his voice, he began talking about what it was. An ID for someone who attended this place? And they had to bond with it? By saying something out loud? The girl's eyes narrowed even further in this man's direction, setting the metal disc back down on the desk. So that was their game? Just like those bastards at the Compound! Well, she wasn't doing it. They weren't getting her to use her voice for their own secret plans and tests. To solidify this point, Vera crossed her arms, leaving the metal disc on her desk. She didn't care if it sounded like he actually felt sadness when he talked about their previous situation, she wasn't buying it. It wasn't the first time they tried winning her over with false emotion, and she guessed it wouldn't be the last either.

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Lorena spent the two weeks prior to their first day of classes taking care of her fellow students, helping in everything she could while also learning from the basic guide they gave to everyone to be more acquainted with their customs. She took special care of Eve, the poor girl she released from a water tank using her magic. Luckily being raised by the scientist made her smarter and easy to deal with but also quite cold and uncaring, Eve wouldn’t admit it but she became quite tolerant of Lorena’s presence. Deep down she thanks her for caring about her like no one ever did but still could not be happy locked down again in a nest of witches.

On the opening speech Lorena heard to the Supreme with admiration, seeing in her the example of the witch she wanted to be in the future. She wasn’t surprised to hear they were being called an “international class”, the supreme is the mother of the entire coven and must protect everyone. It’s only natural that she took the decision of avoiding panic and prejudice by telling a little lie. Eve on the other side couldn’t give less of a shit about anything said, she just wished that the next four years passed fast.

Lorena was sitting in the last row of seats right on the middle, mainly to keep an eye on everyone. She repeated the words that their mentor said, looking how the blank metal started to form letters and numbers engraved into it. Specifically her name, age and year, she was surprised but amazed at the magic. “So these are pentacles…” She flipped it and saw in the other side a beautiful silver pentagram with a “W” on the middle and a green background, showing genuine excitement at it.

Eve was sitted next to Lorena and looked at her reaction with a little smirk, how could someone that made water appear out of nowhere and could control it however she wanted was surprised by this? She wasn’t and couldn’t understand why Lorena was, she looked at the guy on front after. Her serious face back in place, she didn’t even bother on checking out the pentacle, just put it inside of her coat after bonding with it. The temperature wasn’t really that cold but these clothes hided the scars of her body perfectly and were confortable so she kept it.

Lorena noticed Vera’s attitude, not surprised at all, and looked how Alex was going to say something to her. She raised her hand gently towards him, giving a gentle smile before standing up and walking towards the blind girl. “I know is hard to trust them… and I’m not asking you to do it either, these” She put her pentacle on the table next to the one belonging to the other girl. “are no different from a driver’s license, or any other mundane document that identifies you to a government.” She smiled and explained what she learned on those two weeks to her, with a sincere interest in teaching her without forcing the knowledge. “We don’t have cars, or guns, we have something more dangerous and unregulated: magic. It makes sense that we have something to identify ourselves, right? Besides these are ours, they can’t take them away or do us anything for using them.”

Alexander nodded and smiled relieved to her understanding. “I’m assuming you’re the class representative: Lorena Villanueva. Right?” The girl nodded to him while still looking at Vera, expecting so see a least a sign of cooperation in her. The professor also waited while the other kids performed their bonding with their respective pentacle.


ˢˡᵉᵉᵖⁱⁿᵍˢ ˢᵒ ʰᵃʳᵈ ʷʰᵉⁿ ʸᵒᵘ ᶜᵃⁿᵗ ˢᵗᵒᵖ ᵗʰⁱⁿᵏⁱⁿᵍ
Soruka Fox still hadn't understood why he was 'saved'. It wasn't really being saved, just he was under new ownership. He didn't even want to be healed, because he would rather let it manually heal than have some strange Mr. 'Doctor' Men or Women using the power of... whatever to heal him. Having a few cuts on his arms, his left arm being entirely burnt up, and a smaller cut on his right leg, he let it heal. The only thing that really concerned him was his arm, so he politely asked for a large amount of bandages so that he could cover it up entirely. The first two weeks were rough; he was moving to new places pretty fast, and he didn't understand it, along with other people that he didn't know. He didn't exactly try and acquaint himself with everyone else, but at least got to see who's around him. He continued to browse his notebook, making his writing more clear and not doing much testing as he had been doing before. After long, the first day of 'school' came, and they were being forced to go to a... performance? Most likely a speech.

As everyone had filled into the auditorium, Soruka had taken a look around. A few people did catch his eye, being that they interested him during the Compound and during the two weeks prior. How... incredibly interesting. He began to flip through his notebook, as the speech began. Supreme of a Coven? How odd, that they would call themselves Supreme over all of us. Or maybe it was a label. He still didn't appreciate the fact that they called themselves Supreme. He surveyed the crowd from where he was sitting, as no one else other than a girl with cool looking mask reacting to it. Wacky. The speech ended, with Soruka still mid-thought, and he quickly got up to follow the rest of the people around him to the classroom. As a mental joke for himself, he half-expected there to be a ritualistic pentagram on the floor, or something hanging from the ceiling, like a frog leg. Or something. Compared to that, he was found with a... coin. Custom silver dollar? He picked it up, and flipped it out of pure boredom. Glancing up towards Alex, he tapped his nose and his tongue, attempting to say that he can't smell anything, nor taste, then simply decided to 'bond' with his pentacle. Hopefully it isn't like Rick and Morty. He took a breath in, and began to talk quietly. "I claim my birthright, may all witches welcome me as they have welcomed my ancestors before me." As the pentacle lit up, he didn't know what do to. Looking around once more, he saw that the cool mask girl and someone else seemed to be possibly conversing. Interesting. He took no interest, and sat down in his chair, sketching out the pentacle in his notebook and examining it further.

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Chunhua welcomed the changed that the Academy brought. As soon as she arrived, she was given a warm meal and a new set of clothes. This was one of the first times that Chunhua got to wear things that were bought just for her! True it was just a t-shirt, a hoodie and a long skirt, but it was leagues better than anything she received in the past. The Coven even gave her a nice headscarf, so she could hide the coils of serpents attached to her head. While she was fascinated with her peers, she also spoke little to no English. There was really no need for it at the Compound, since they just yelled at her, dragged her to a chamber, and then dragged her back to her "room." Here, there were witches trying to converse with her, kids asking for her name, and adults trying to teach her a new language.

She was given a total of 4 hours of English lessons every day ,so by the start of school, Chunhua had picked up the basics, and then some. Amazed at the kindness of her teachers, Chunhua could now hold a half decent conversation, though she spoke with a heavy accent. On top of the new language, Chunhua was faced with an entire world to explore. For 14 years she had lived without sight, and any new building or animal was always far too much to take in. She was fascinated by buildings, and by mirrors, and by water, and by insects, and by rocks, and by- there was so much to look at!

The first day of school brought much confusion. Chunhua thought that it would just be her and the other Compound children, but no! There were so many people! As they were ushered into the auditorium, Chunhua had trouble taking everything in. Here she would be protected, fed, and nurtured. Here she would learn how to control the curse that she was given, and maybe even make a friend or two.

Her first lesson wasn't too easy. Something about the small silver coin on her desk, and an identity? The professor spoke, and a few of the students copied him. Should she do the same? She was about to speak when there was a faint echo in her ear, "You're far too easy to fool," accompanied by the feeling of a snake's tongue at her ear. Ever since she got her sight back, the coils on her head began to talk to her. It was evident that no one else could hear them, but they were incredibly rude. Always gossiping about her peers, and making snide remarks at Chunhua. Drowning them out, she did her best to recite the professor's spell, and waited, unsure if she did it right.

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Vera hadn’t stopped glaring at their supposed instructor. She was convinced that he was there just to make sure they didn’t do anything to try and leave. She didn’t even care she couldn’t actually see what the man looked like. And she would have kept up her obvious defiance of his instructions if it hadn’t been for the approaching girl. Vera’s guard visibly dropped as she seemed to focus on the girl’s words, though she never stopped glaring at Alexander. She didn’t need to stop showing her hatred for him just because she was listening to the other girl.
As she explained what Vera had obviously ignored what they had been taught the last two weeks, she reached out. Her left hand found the girl’s pentacle and began examining it, feeling the indents that came from the bonding with the girl, the Witch, that it now belonged. There was indeed a star on one side, and on the other, the girl’s name. Lorena, if she felt the indents right. She sighed as she put Lorena’s pentacle down, going to pick hers back up. It still felt cool to the touch, and unblemished with the imperfections that was a human’s, or in this case, Witch’s touch. She felt it for a couple of seconds before sighing again, not looking happy but conceding to the girl that Vera considered family.
“I claim my birthright,” she started, her voice small. But, to those around her that could hear it, it was like the jingling of fairy bells on a snowy day. “May all witches welcome me as they have welcomed my ancestors before me.” She finished, only to startle when she felt the undisturbed metal begin to change. Out of fear, she dropped it on her desk, her hands clenching together on her chest. Okay....so it just wrote itself after that. That....wasn’t freaky or anything. After a minute, she picked it back up, examining it to find that now it had her details on it, with a pentagram and a W on the other side. She showed it to Lorena, now confirmed that was her name by the man that right now she hated most, almost looking like she wanted praise. Of course, given her narrow eyes, most would just thing she was glaring at them.

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Lorena picked up her own pentacle, putting it inside of her clothes. She didn’t have to think too hard on it to stick itself in her skin, quite easy and marvelous. She then smiled at Vera’s pentacle and started talking in a cheerful tone. “That was awesome Vera! Magic can do beautiful and wonderful things.” She took a pause, giving it some seriousness to her statement before proceeding. “I know that we can all be wonderful witches, our past is behind us and we have an opportunity to explore this wonderful gift we have. Everyone… let’s do our best in here! Not because I’m telling you to, but because this people aren’t those scientists… They are like us and understand us better than any adult could, ever, they want to help us. They’ve already saved us from those monsters and now they only want what is best for us.” Her voice was filled with hope and happiness when she talked about how she felt inside these walls, something impossible in the compound but very easy in here.

Eve just rolled her eyes at her words, the girl had a way to getting under her skin with those happy speeches from time to time. She knew that Lorena wasn’t naïve at all, she was just… really optimistic and the academy had proven themselves to her in more ways than anyone else. She crossed her arms as continued to look to the front of the classroom, that blind guy who was their mentor now… how did he became a combat teacher? Yeah he didn’t seem limited by his sight but still, is his ability that powerful? She tried to calculate how close could she get with one of her glass’s shards before he could stop her but without knowing his power it would be suicidal to even attempt to put those theories in practice. So she put a hand on her desk and another one on the chair, focusing in them… until the image of both objects appeared in her head, now she could make chairs and desks… she could be a school supplier, what a shiny future for a witch.

Alexander just smiled at the girl; at least some of them would listen to one of their own. He understood how closed circles of friendship bonded by trauma and pain could be hard to pierce but he was patient and would gain their trust. A mentor can teach if he isn’t listened in the first place so establishing a connection was an obvious goal for him. “Maybe some of you haven’t noticed… but I’m blind. Some of our powers come with a price instead of just being located on one of our body parts. Powers can be localized, contractual or fading” He explained. “In my case, I have a contractual power like some of you.” He gave a little look to Soruka, Chunhua and Vera. “I paid with my physical sight for a power I didn’t want to in the first place. So I get how magic can feel more like a curse than anything else, however, I gained a much superior sight, my third eye opened.” He touched his forehead slowly, laughing a little. “Some say I’m supposed to actually have a new eye on my forehead and other say that it’s just a spiritual eye.” He shrugs, signaling how little he cares about those things. “The important thing is that I see the world in levels I never dreamed before. That’s way I want my first advice to you all is to see the good sides of your power instead of just the downsides, because you’ll have it forever and might as well learn to love it as it is.” Some nostalgia filled his voice, surely from remembering his old days when he was still a student in this very same room.


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Keigo arrived at the academy and immediately regretted it. He hated being in large crowds because he was so shy. He especially hated being in school. He felt the same about his old school. He knew he had to do it though. He had to for his friends and because these people got him away from the scientists. It was nice to get some clothes tho. He always hated what the scientists had him wear. He especially liked the the face mask that had the white x on it. It showed that he couldn't talk because of his power. He also liked that it matched Vera's mask, who he has a certain fondness for.
When the people tried to treat him he always ran away screaming, in his head of course. The scientists made him terrified of needles and every time he sees one he freaks out. He finally told them they could after he went to sleep, so that he couldn't feel it.
During the 2 weeks, even though he knew some people at the academy he still stayed in his room the whole time. He mainly just read books and drew pictures. He liked drawing and especially liked drawing people. Everyone he comes across he usually draws.

When the 2 weeks were over, they were all gathered with others. Of course, Keigo hated being in crowds, so he looked like a tamato in the middle of all the students. When the Supreme was talking, Keigo hardly listened to any of it. He was too busy looking around to make sure no one was looking at him. He found it scary that everyone called themselves witches. He'd always heard that witches were bad and always snatched up little children, but these witches saved him, so they couldn't be bad........right? By the time he finished that thought, they were already going to the classroom. Wow, he didn't listen to anything the Supreme said.

As they all walked into the classroom, Keigo made sure he got a seat at the back of the room. It made him feel less scared when he knew nothing was behind him. As everyone was seated then the Professor started to talk. Keigo listened this time, taking in all his words. He felt like he could relate to the professor because they both have contractual power. Keigo looked into his eyes to see how he should draw them for his sketchbook. "Hmm.....the professor is.....attractive? I never saw an attractive teacher at my old school." He said happily in his mind before stopping with a horrified look. "Oh god, did I just share my thoughts with him!" He yelled before looking down, trying to get the thought out of his mind. He still was a little confused about his power. He doesn't know when he is sharing his thoughts and not. He started to get out his sketchbook before he noticed the pentacle. He had forgotten about it after his little thought problem. He picked it up and examined it closer. He was supposed to say the phrase, but......he can't talk. He started looking around at everyone else while they were saying the phrase. He got so nervous that he started turning red. He didn't know what to do. He finally decided to face his fears and ask the teacher even if he might have heard his last thought. "Um, how do I say the phrase?" Keigo asked through brainwaves.
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Having gone over several flyers hanging around the school, indicating for the start of a new schoolyear, Hana started to get more excited about this. It had been a while since she had gone to an actual school. However, through the shards of memories, she couldn’t pinpoint what she had done in her time when she was “away”. The doctor had said she had a case of amnesia. Her unconsciousness locked away the memories of that time which were like a defense mechanism. They didn’t say much more as they didn’t want her to go through that painful experience now that she was just rescued. It seemed like she had been stuck with some bad guys that did bad things. They never really specified what they did there which was kind of annoying. No matter how much she tried to remember, it never came back to her. Eventually she tried to accept the fact that she won’t get to know much about it anytime soon. It would take a while, but her memories could come back anytime if the right triggers were presented.

She sucked on her lollypop as she walked further into the domain. Finally finding the auditorium she had to be at. Once seated, a pretty woman started to give a speech of what was going to happen during her time here. It sounded fun from what she heard. Then they were guided to their assigned classroom which was a walk away. She took in the scenery around her which was pretty nice. Not completely the way she would decorate her home, but still pleasant to walk through. That was already a huge plus point. Almost bumping into the person in front of her as she didn’t realize they already arrived at the classroom.

It was a classroom she was used to seeing from her vague memories. It was reassuring to her. The moment she sat down in her seat, a teacher called Alexander gave his introductions and a bit of information of the current situation. Kidnapping? She tilted her head to the side as she couldn’t follow that part. Was she kidnapped? She couldn’t remember… Maybe that was a hint ! She bit her bottom lip as she tried to stick some scenarios to the kidnapping but none of them seemed to match. Her guts were telling her that she was wrong. Sighing softly as she still didn’t have any major hints of her past. It only got more confusing as Alexander said that he had rescued them.

Now, a more interesting subject that she could understand was the pentacles. They could become shiny if she polished them enough. Listening while she was inspecting the coin piece. Blinking as she suddenly was instructed to repeat after him. As if it was an automatic reaction, she replied: “I claim my birthright, may all witches welcome me as they have welcomed my ancestors before me.” Pausing as she realized she was indeed a witch. But she didn’t do anything spectacular… So how come she was a witch of all things. A lightbulb appeared in her head as she then realized she could heal people. “Right…” She muttered under her breath as she started to process everything at her own pace. Twirling the coin around between her fingers.

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Banged, battered, and overwhelmingly tired. This was how Lionel had arrived at the academy. For the first few days, he found himself stumbling in and out of sleep. His dreams were full of nightmares and his reality was mostly incoherent. Figures had danced around him. He felt pressure on his body and heard babbles of words. What were they doing? What was their goal? And where exactly had they taken him?

All became clear once Lionel was able to stay awake for more than a couple of seconds at a time. He felt...alive, for the first time in a long time. His injuries had been tended to and he was given actual, real, food. They told him that he had been saved, but that he had to stay there, at the academy, to learn about why he had this power and how he could control it.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Today, was the day of the welcoming speech. Lionel stood in the crowd of students, looking on as a woman made her way onto the stage. So, she's the supreme... He thought to himself as she spoke. This whole coven thing was having trouble setting itself in his mind. Wasn't all of this just a fancy way of saying "this is a cult"?

Lionel scratched his head and let out a quiet sigh. Sorry Mom. Guess I'm in a cult now. Bet I'm making you real proud. He thought sarcastically before noticing that the speech had come to its end.

He proceeded to follow his new instructor into their classroom and stopped briefly to scan the room. It looked just like a regular classroom; This was...unexpected to say the least. Honestly, Lion had thought there would be some magical vortex in the middle of the room, with living vines running all across the walls and crow human hybrid statues looming over them...or something. Needless to say, it was a little disappointing.

Lion took a seat against one of the windows, not particularly caring on who he sat next to. Well, there was one but...she probably wouldn't sit next to him. There were quite a few people in the class so the probability of that was rather low. Instead of worrying about that, Lion decided to listen to the instructor and picked up the coin in front of him. He began rolling it between his left hand's knuckles as he repeated the phrase out loud. Though he had been educated upon what the coin does during his stay, he still raised an eyebrow as letters began to engrave themselves into the metal. Weird stuff...

Lion stopped the coin's motion as soon as he saw the name that had been engraved onto it.
"Lionel Solis"
He put the coin name side down on his desk and closed his eyes. Solis...he didn't deserve that name...

Lorena's ( Neo Alice Neo Alice ) sickly sweet speech brought him out of his own thoughts. "Oh yes. I'm so excited to explore our wonderful gifts that ripped us from our normal lives and got us thrown into a torture bin that most of us won't psychologically recover from." Lion said plainly as he looked forward, wondering if the instructor's clothing choice enhanced his power or was simply a seduction tactic.
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ˢˡᵉᵉᵖⁱⁿᵍˢ ˢᵒ ʰᵃʳᵈ ʷʰᵉⁿ ʸᵒᵘ ᶜᵃⁿᵗ ˢᵗᵒᵖ ᵗʰⁱⁿᵏⁱⁿᵍ
As more people poured into the classroom, he turned his head towards the other person with a cool mask like the other girl. He had his notebook in hand, and took close to no attention at the rest of what was on his pentacle. Sliding it into his pocket with his free hand, Soruka picked up his pencil, and continued to write. There were some interesting characters already here. Someone with a... turban? He really didn't know, but he wrote them down. After a few minutes of silent writing, the teacher decided to look at him. Jokingly, he quietly muttered, "Don't look at me in that tone of voice...", with a little quick laugh coming out. He got up, and stretched a bit. His notebook was on his desk, with the simple words of 'memento mori' and 'memento vita'. Remember Death, and Remember Life. He was morbid like that, but that was only from his time at the compound. There was a drawn design on it as well, with half of a skull on the left, and half of a heart on the right, with memento mori on the top, and memento vita on the bottom. The notebook was black, as the art on it was pure white. As he finished, he looked around where people were compared to his seat; the 2nd last row on the end, not too far back but far enough back where you aren't noticed as well. And you can get out easily, so that's quite fun.

As he surveyed the people, he saw someone that was blushing like a motherfucker. Deciding it would be a decent idea to help, he walked to them, and squatted down. Just as a wild guess, he just started talking. "I suppose you can't talk? Because you can see... and probably hear." He pulled out his pentacle and placed it onto the desk. "You gotta say... 'I claim my birthright, may all witches welcome me as they have welcomed my ancestors before me.'. If you can't... like, talk, then try using other means. Like a text to speech thing. Or if you have... mind powers. Or something. Maybe you can set stuff on fire..." He began drifting off, then snapped back quickly. "Just think it! Like, really hard. Maybe it'll work that way!" Unintentionally, he placed his notebook on the desk next to his pentacle. A little smirk had fallen onto his face, and he popped his neck, because he does that. He's quirky, ok? He took little notice when the dude that really didn't care about anything walked in and just... vibed way to hard. But he did have a point. These powers sucked for the first bit, and they still suck! The thoughts began to drift into his head, as he sat down onto the floor next to the mute's desk.

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Alexander cheeks went a little pink for a moment after hearing what the boy thought of him directly in his head, he just thought what he was going to tell them instead of actually doing it. “Thank you… you’re kind of cute too, if you took away that mask I’m sure I’ll see a beautiful face.” He then changed to speaking out laud to everyone else to hear. “You fellow student has a point, since you can’t talk you’ll need to share your thoughts with the Pentacle for the bond to be made, Keigo.” He smiled at him once more, giving him a little wink with his left eye.

Lorena turned around to see the guy with the sarcastic tone, instead of just screaming at him she knew exactly how to handle him. “Would you have preferred killing yourself or your mother unaware of the power you had? Yes, we went through horrible things but you above all people should be thankful that things didn’t go worst.” He voice was serious, she wasn’t upset, just commanding authority. “You can start growing up or keep bitching about your life, your choice.” Though love, it works from time to time. There wasn’t any negative emotion or sarcasm in her voice, just plain seriousness. “That goes for everyone else too. If you can’t stop living in the past you won’t have a future, are you going to let those monsters keep taking your lives even after being dead?”

Eve just smirked again, that’s Lorena for you, maybe she was born with the wrong element, fire would suit her best in these occasions. For the first time on several days she spoke out loud, towards the boy. “I was born in that place, you were just visiting for a year, if someone is entitled to complain is me.” She sighted, her voice without any trace of emotion at all. “You don’t see me doing it, right? Lorena might not be the most realistic girl in this place, but she’s the only one who’s given a shit about us since the beginning. Since we were locked up in the compound she’s being there for everyone, so if she says that this is the best for us… it is.” She didn’t expected an answer and didn’t care if she got one but Lorena was, in a way, the only mother she had ever knew and she had to defend her too.


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Seemed like he triggered a bit of a nerve in that one. He honestly hadn't thought his little snide remark would warrant such a speech. "I never said that I'm not grateful that they rescued us from that hellhole, or that I would have rather died. So don't go getting your panties in such a twist." Lion waived a dismissive hand in the air. "I just don't feel like prancing around as if everything is candy and rainbows. It's only been two weeks. Trying to force everyone to move on so quickly is unhealthy."

"Also, insinuating that I have no right to complain because you had it worse is pretty cruel."
Lionel said, moving his index finger in the way of Eve. "Everyone has a right to complain."

Lion stretched in his chair, letting out a yawn. Honestly, he didn't care that much about the topic at hand, but his stubbornness had prevented him from keeping quiet about the issue. But what if what he said made her or anyone else angry? Dang...he didn't really want that.

"But, she's right. You were always there for us." Lion said more quietly than his previous words. He owed her. There were a couple times where he thought he would break in the compound, but Lorena's kindnes had helped him through it. It made him realize that not all people in this world were bad people, and it gave him hope. "So I guess I'll try to dial it down a bit."

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Vera gave a small smile under the mask as she put the newly made pentacle into her jacket pocket. She would worry about it later. Right now she had to worry about what else Lorena was saying. Of how magic was beautiful and wonderful...or some crap like that. The smile quickly faded as her eyes narrowed once more into the hateful glares that had once settled on Alexander. Only this time, it was toward that certain sentiment that she could not agree with. If it was such a wonderful thing, then why keep it hidden? That was because it was dangerous, unknown, and unwanted. That was why the Salem witch trials happened, and that was exactly why it was such an unlawful thing to show it off in front of those who nothing about it. Why Lorena acted like it was something else entirely was beyond the Russian's comprehension. And then there was this thing of them 'helping' them. Only wanting what was best for them. Yeah, because that was why it took them a until two weeks ago to figure out that the Compound was a thing and get them out. Who knew how many people had died before they had gotten there. Those currently in this room could have very well died if these so called saviors had been a few days later. Vera wasn't about to put her trust into these people until they could prove, without a doubt, that they wanted the best for them. And that wasn't happening until she was allowed to see and speak to her mother who must have been worried sick and probably already thought she was dead since a full year had passed.
Oh, that wasn't a thought she would have thought about. She had been avoiding it since the first week of her kidnapping. Her mother had been her world, and now that she wasn't facing a life threatening experiment or anger-filled scientists, she was now realizing that she may have very well lost the one adult she trusted in this world. Her eyes had softened just a tad as she had let her thoughts run down that dark path. She wanted to leave, but just like in the Compound, she was a prisoner to these adult's whims and wishes. The softness and sadness were quickly replaced with the previous anger and defiance as she looked back in the direction of Alexander as he had began speaking again. He was talking about how a Witch's powers were of three categories and what his was. Vera had a sneaking suspicion that she fell under Contractual, and even felt a tiny bit of respect for the one who was forced to take on their group if his took the same thing from him. But she would never admit it, since it didn't change much in her unseeing eyes. He then went on to explain his own ability, which didn't interest her, so she began 'looking' around the room to get a better feel for it and her range of comfort. Most people seemed to prefer the back of the classroom, which she understood. She would have gone there if she didn't need the middle to make sure she wasn't snuck up on.
She was just finishing this secondary sweep when someone spoke up, and she had to admit: she liked this guy. He seemed to be one of the few who seemed to understand they weren't actually allowed to leave if they wanted to. She smiled under the mask again, but it wasn't a friendly smile as the previously hidden one. It was one of pained agreement and she crossed her arms once more. And of course the overly optimistic Lorena spoke up in favor of this place. She thought this was such an improvement? She wouldn't make too much trouble since it would only bring problems to the few people she felt she could trust, but she certainly wasn't going to bend to their will. They shouldn't let themselves be trapped by what happened? Maybe they could do that if they hadn't been moved from one cage to another. The only difference? Those at the Compound didn't hide their intentions. And Vera had a feeling those here were hiding theirs. Vera's life, or what was left of it, would resume as soon as she was home again. In her mother's arms and in the familiar cold, wintery weather she loved and felt at home in. And then another person, a girl by the sounds of the voice, spoke up. She was siding with Lorena, and her defense was that she was born in the Hellhole that they had been trapped in. In Vera's opinion, that didn't count as much of a defense. That was all she knew, so it would really be equal to having an abusive family. But everyone else? They were ripped from their lives and had everything completely changed. So no, Vera didn't feel sympathy for the girl. And her respect for the two who had spoken in favor of this place had gone down just a bit. The Russian wasn't a fan of those who trusted that easily. Especially after what they had gone through. But she wasn't going to say anything, since she still figured that's what they wanted, so she just retreated into the shell of her new jacket that she had yet to take off since she had gotten it. She was becoming the turtle she was during the opening assembly, hiding between her shoulders and the hood of the jacket. She wanted to go back and hide in the mountain of blankets she had already...borrowed...that made her feel safe once the door was locked.


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People sure like to talk. The classroom's atmosphere was already dense with debate over the intentions of this academy. Some thought it was a paradise of protection, while others saw it as another place of enslavement. While Chunhua definitely wasn't of the latter, she wasn't of the former either. She knew that it as unlikely that this school taught kids only for their own protection, and not for the Coven's personal use, but this was the safest place Chunhua had ever been, which wasn't saying much, but still. She caught words of the conversation about, "our wonderful gifts that ripped us from our family." It struck with her, though her family wasn't the best around. Chunhua would honestly rather be blind and on a remote farm in Southern China, then have experienced the Compound, and now this Coven. True, Lionel had a point, but he always seemed to be a little rude when arguing, which didn't help his point.

What did help his point was when the class rep girl chirped in with the whole, "Would you have rather killed your mother?" and "Yes, we went through horrible things but you above all people should be thankful that things didn’t go worst.” Which Chunhua found a little hard to believe. Chunhua's past experiences made it hard to believe that this place was born purely out of good. "Oh, count your blessings and be quiet" she told herself, and it was fine advice to follow. At least here, other people went through similar things. She eyed Sheridan. "at least there's someone to talk to."

Her scarf had ben tied at her chin, but Chunhua had recently found that to be incredibly bothersome. She would always be adjusting it, to avoid the thing from getting too tight around her chin. She contemplated whether or not to redo the scarf, but eventually decided that they had already seen her "hair" so no harm could be done. She undid the small fabric ribbon around her neck and took the triangular piece of fabric off. Laying the cloth over her hair, she decided it best to tie the little ribbon at the nape of her neck, instead of at her chin. She found that it was much more comfterble.

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For the first few days since his rescue, Aiden had kept his eyes wide open, afraid that this was just some pipe dream his brain had conjured. He was afraid that when he next opened his eyes, he would wake up, disoriented as hell as the scientists operated on him. He didn't last the next day though, as he passed out from sheer exhaustion. He spent his dreams in a wakeful sleep, tittering between the edge of mind and matter, wherein a single move could send him toppling off either side.

The next few days at the academy was spent in idle sloth and fasting. Eventually though someone came to carry him away from his room. He arrived there, still sleepy and irritated. They dare try to test my patience? Me? The Haunting Conducter? Then he remembered that those times were long gone already, the world likely having moved on from those days.

He could have been a star like he'd always wanted.

Instead, he was stuck down here in this strange school with strange people. Although, strange might not be accurate as he was one of those strange people himself. He sighed as he finally resigned to look up at the woman who appeared on the podium. Now as he was looking, he could see numerous rows of chair piled up around his own in this humongous room filled with students of all shapes and sizes. It would seem that this was the auditorium. As that thought declared itself, the woman's voice echoed throughout the room. Her wavy red hair whipped around her as she welcomed the class, his class, into the academy.

Once her lines were finished, the students automatically clapped as if this was an everyday occurence, although their eyes betrayed their body as it hid a curiosity. After that, the group was guided to a surprisingly normal-looking classroom. He'd expected something more occult-like such as bubbling cauldron somewhere or a couple of magical brooms. No wait, there was one but it looked like the one back home. Plain and simple and modern. Nothing out of the ordinary save one small thing.

It hid itself meekly on the desk near the door which he took. The object flew into view in front of him as he inspected the engraved marks. He looked up at the front as the guide took his position and introduced himself and the coin.

So this was a pentacle huh? He put his palm underneath it as the coin bobbed and hovered in the air. He looked around the classroom and saw and horror peek out from under a cloak. A gasp tore out from him as he shuddered, seeing a number of snakes pull and seeth from the person( OrWangatan OrWangatan ). He remembered those rare occasions when he got to see the others. Who especially stood out from the others was the snake-haired girl. He'd always been terrified of snakes and her hair just made him all the more tense of her presence. Was that girl her?

His control on the coin wavered once again as his panic ensued. He forced himself to look solely at the coin, reciting the spell concisely. The next moment, the coin's surface rippled, morphing to form a familiar phrase took hold: Aiden Miller.
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Keigo became even redder at Alexander's response and just put his head down. "Ahhh, I've already ruined everything!" He yelled. He finally calmed himself by scribbling in his sketchbook. That's how he always calms himself down. He took Alexander and Soruka's advice and picked up his pentacle. "Ok, here goes nothing..........I claim my birthright, may all witches welcome me as they have welcomed my ancestors before me." He said as the pentacle had started doing something. His name, age, and year were engraved into it. "How is this possible?" He asks himself as he examines it. "This is incredibly! I should draw this!" He exclaims as he opens his sketchbook to a free page. He draws it, and all of his information inscribed on it. "Ha, there we go. Maybe one day I can finally get a career in art and showcase my works." He said excitedly. "But then people will judge it!" He yells while covering his face with his hands.

Keigo remember he had to draw the Professor, so he opened up to a new page. He went back to looking at Alexander's eyes to see what shape they are. "I hope he doesn't think I'm checking him out again." He said nervously as he drew the man's head. He always started at the head and went down because it was easy for him. "Hmm....hey...professor? Can I follow you around and......um.....draw you?" He asked nervously.

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The teacher thinked again towards him. "I would love to, but call me Alex please." He smiled gently at him. "Later i'll be your model, i promise." His voice had a different tone in his head, more suggestive and provocative. Maybe the inhibition of having a private conversation than no one else would ever hear. Alexander clasped his hands together excited when everyone was over with their bonding; he smiled happy and continued with his teaching. “That was good everyone, you have given your first step into being a witch. Now… let’s talk a little about” He stands up mid-sentence with a little jump towards the runeboard. “The magic inside of your bodies, shall we?” He lifted his right hand, pointing it towards the edge of the runeboard and pink light, mana, flowed from his fingertips towards it. Blue shapes started to fill the runeboard creating an image of blue currents within a body. “Oh, this is a runeboard by the way. Our version of a whiteboard, it works with mana instead of erasable marking pens. “


“This is exactly how your body moves mana through your entire bloodstream, I know this to be true since I can actually see it myself.” He touched his forehead again, as a remainder to everyone. “The yellow dots represent specific pressure points, try to draw them so you can memorize them. They’ll be very important in your training to unleashing the full potential of your abilities.” He then walked towards his desk and opened the first drawer, taking out a special miniature sculpture of the drawing in the runeboard made specifically for blind people to be able to touch and comprehend the flow of magic. He walked towards Vera’s desk and placed it there. “With this you can also learn it.” Maybe he could actually see, unlike her, but he was technically blind. Just because you can see with your mind doesn’t mean that you forget that your eyes no longer work. “I made this specially for you, please keep it.” He smiled kindly at her and then returned back to his desk.

Lorena seated on her chair again after noticing the lesson had begun and took out her notebook from her backpack since she knew that any other drawing made by another witch wouldn’t be as accurate as the one made by Alex, his ability permitted him to see something that witches had been theorizing about for decades, or so she read from a book in the library a few days ago. As a girl she neglected her studies but she wasn’t a girl anymore and she had people to protect now.

When Eve noticed how focused Lorena was, she standed up from her seat and walked towards Vera. “I’m borrowing that for a moment.” She said softly, without actually waiting for an answer. She touched the sculpture for a few seconds until the image of it popped in her head, it was done. “Thank you, I’m giving it back now.” Her cold voice was straight to the point as she placed the sculpture back into Vera’s desk, then walking to her desk paying no mind if she was being rude to the teacher by interrupting his class in any way. She focused on her left hand, letting her magic flow and take the shape she just copied a moment ago. A replica of the sculpture appeared on her hand immediately after a faint blue glow, with her right hand she pointed towards Lorena’s desk and the sculpture levitated itself to it like telekinesis. She didn’t explain herself or replied to Lorena’s thankful words either; she just kept paying attention to Alex.

“Ok… Nice demonstration of your power Eve.” The teacher commented on what he just saw. “Anyway, remember those classifications for your magical powers? I already explained contractual so let’s talk about the other two: Localized abilities are those that are placed on a specific body part. Eve there has a localized power on her hands meanwhile…” He points towards Aiden ( CystalChompound CystalChompound ) before proceeding. “Your classmate Aiden there has a localized power on his eyes. Now these localized abilities need that you can have a flow of magic towards the specified body part to work and have some limitations that can be improved by training.” His happy tone goes more serious when he gets to the final category.

“Fading abilities… they are a kind of mixture of contractual and localized abilities to me. They don’t have limitations but the place in which they are located will stop functioning eventually from the restrain of such power.” He looks towards Hana ( Wandering Soul Wandering Soul ) “Your healing power is in that category and as such you are prohibited from using it in the Academy unless it’s an emergency. Do you understand? Your life is at risk, every wound you heal takes away years of your own lifespan.” He lets out a sight. “You’ve lost 15 years by now aside from those 15 you’ve actually lived; please use the power carefully after graduating. I know that many of you wish to leave already, I get it and believe it or not all witches get you. We didn’t choose to be born witches or going to a coven, those things just happened to us as well. But you must understand something very crucial here; the covens are what keep you safe. You have the right to feel however you want, but your class representative does have a point. Like it or not, you could all be dead right now or traumatized even if the scientists hadn’t kidnapped you in the first place.”

He stood up, voice serious and determined. “Think about it this way, witches get a gun at their 14th birthday that humans can’t see but we can’t really control and can’t get rid of, see how this could go wrong without any guidance?. You are safer in here than outside. We are prepared to help you in ways the outside world simply won’t.” He just stated the facts of a witch’s life, something he learned around their age too. “Just because we’re older now doesn’t mean we weren’t on your place when we first came to a coven. So I can say with no doubt that you aren’t prisoners just students, after you graduate you can leave and never come back… I came back because I know how important is to teach and protect the next generation. But you can do whatever you want with your life after graduating.” He sat down again on the edge of the desk, letting the serious attitude aside. “But enough of that, since everyone has their pentacles let’s go!” His voice was full of life and happiness again, excited for the next part of the lesson. He jumped towards the door and opened, running outside before realizing he left everyone behind. He came back after a few seconds, his cheeks and chest red from the agitation. “Well? C’mon! The fun part is next!”


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Soruka had calmly listened, before just stating the obvious, at least to him. "Shouldn't there be... a psychologist? Or something here? Because, I..." He stopped mid sentence, then continued. "Ah, nevermind." A soft laugh came from him as he sat on the floor, tightening the wrap on his arm. As he did so, he jokingly make a quick remark, "Vulgarity, girls! There are children here." Soruka shook his head, before continuing to make sure that the bandages weren't loose around his left arm. He wasn't trying to lighten the situation for anyone other than himself. Did it work? Most likely not. But he would still do it. He smiled quickly, "Y'welcome. And probably not... in fact, he might like it." He grabbed his notebook, and pentacle, and went back to his desk. Before long, he realized that the professor didn't say his name. That's just normal, people usually call him some random term, as expected within this cult school. But as he looked around the room, he saw that most people looked normal. No people with horns, or those weird, long noses that have warts all over them, or anything like that. Snapping back to listen to the professor, he popped his neck. There were many more dots at your crotch compared to most of the rest. Weird. So there's localized powers... which are kinda unlimited, and they don't give up anything... lucky bastards. Then, on the flip side, there's people who can only use their power a limited amount of times... that really sucks. A smirk befell his face, as he quietly placed his pentacle in his pocket, Soruka's notebook in his other hand. As Alexander actually fucking just left, and then said to follow him, he got up, not really knowing what to do, and stood next to him, silent before actually talking.

"How are you so... excited? Happy? I really don't understand. Apologies if this sounds dumb, but I... I haven't been happy in a proper while, but..." His sentence was stopped as part of his bandages came loose. Again?! Part of his arm was visible. It was nearly pure black, with speckles of red down it. Tightening it back up quickly, he looked around quickly before turning his focus back to Alexander. "So where the hell are you taking us now?"

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when she looked back at the compound's fading silhouette, she felt a strange sense of longing for it. not the type of longing one would feel for a place of comfort, no. it felt more akin to the sense of belonging that she believed garbage would have towards its heap, if garbage could feel.

she was being taken away from somewhere she belonged in. somewhere i deserved to rot in.


her first week was spent entirely in her room. lorena, like an angel, checked on everyone. including me. how kind.

lorena's vivacity, however, was not welcome. not with her grief and guilt to contend with.

accusations of her cowardice and incompetence became a constant. but at least they hurt less than the other accusations.

those other accusations, specific jabs at the consequences of her flaws, were harder pills to swallow. those she held close became her tormentors, reminding her of just how much misery she caused.

if not for chunhua's intervention, she likely would have withered away into a husk in the room she was designated to.

with the help of the salem academy staff, she deemed herself stable enough to function in a class setting.


or so she thought.

"i apologize that it took us so long to rescue you." but with a few consolatory words from their supervisor, those preparations crumbled to nothing.

"that doesn't-!" but she stops herself midway. what right did she have to complain and get mad? how dare she feel so entitled as to blame them for her failings?

at least they did something. even if she suspected ulterior motives behind their actions, it still resulted in a somewhat happier ending for some of them.

her declaration, i'll be fine, seems like such a joke now. because here she was, on her first official day at the academy, far from fine.

normally, she's not much of a crier, but with the way her eyes are prickling up with tears right now, no one would believe her.

or blame her for the sudden volatility either.

she might even garner sympathy from the group if she were to just let it go.

which is why... i can't.

sympathy is not something she deserves from them. especially since many of those here had it much worse than she did. more than that, she chose to do what she did. she didn't resist them enough. she completely numbed herself to the fates of those brought before her; there is no excuse to rid her of this responsibility.

and with her emotions being a mess, can she even be sure that these feelings are genuine? that these tears weren't subconsciously induced by her machiavellian tendencies?

knowing me, it's probably that last one. here i am, already trying to manipulate them. you haven't changed. you piece of shit.

she would have continued to stay in that state had she not sensed a foreign voice in her head.

the one with telepathic abilities has to be... kei? kai? she can't seem to recall his name right now, but hearing his voice in her head reminds her to snap out of it.

having an audience to this pity party would be... pathetic. pitiful. two labels that she doesn't want to be associated with.

furtively, she leans her head down and makes a show of massaging her temples, a smokescreen. she quickly wipes her tears away before anyone notices and decides to distract herself by thinking of something else. something new.

like the pentacles. this shift helps and after a few minutes of analyzing the peculiar thing and the peculiar man, she calms, her woes seemingly forgetten in light of her suspicions.

the supervisor seems intent on us using these penta-things too.

which is rather shady, if you ask sheridan. she wonders if the pentacles have other features that they chose to withhold? maybe, like an arcane-equivalent of a GPS tracker.

regardless of her suspicions, however, she doubts she can avoid using it. at least, not without gaining unwanted attention.

so she quickly utters the magic words and after a few blinks, she feels the pact sealed.

how very on-brand, she supposes. hopefully, this eccentric id was merely an aesthetic choice, rather than a functional choice.


before the class can go on, however, a debate heats up between some of her inmates whether one should act with optimism or cynicism towards ones' predicament.

in her opinion, it was a moot argument. everyone had their own ways to cope. but more than that, is it a good idea to be speaking so freely in front of their supervisor?

after all, none of them can confirm what exactly their intentions were in rescuing them all. even if they claim to be doing this for their good, people lie.

so, for now, the best course of action, i think, is to suck up. even if she learns nothing else, she would at least leave a favorable impression.

with a practiced bounce in her step, she skips over to follow after their supervisor and gives him a soft smile.

her smile becomes strained, however, with soruka's approach and the undoing of his bandages. She wants to point it out, to help, but he doesn't seem to want to draw attention to it, given how haphazard he was in rewrapping the bandages. So, she opts for somethin less overt.

"sir alex, before we get to the fun part, I wanted to ask: the academy's clinic, where was it again? I might need to visit them after."
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Vera kept to herself as whatever else happened around her. It wasn't any of her concern, after all. She instead let her thoughts wander once more to her home back in Russia. To the shopkeepers who let her take things if it was something of vital importance to survival, or the officers who had chased her half heartedly. They might not have known she had known, but she was grateful for it. Her only real family was back there, and she needed to get back to her. Her mother was not of a strong heart, so Vera only feared what her disappearance did to the woman who had loved her unconditionally. Those she shared this room with were also family, sure, but it's starting to seem like they are all of varying opinions that conflicted with her own. She refused to get too close to anyone outside of them, but now she was debating on if she should have been distancing herself from her supposed classmates.
She was knocked out of her thoughts when she heard something clink against her desk's surface. She quickly felt around to feel what it was, and whatever it was, it felt...off. Interesting, but off. It wasn't something she had ever felt before. She was almost amazed...until Alexander spoke up. Her eyes narrowed in anger at his comment. He was so cocky and arrogant, it made her sick. He was just like those Compound jerks. But, despite that, she was still curious about this thing that he had set on her desk. So she picked it up and turned it over in her hands, feeling everything that it had to offer. Once she had, she had a pretty clear picture of what this hack of a professor had drawn up on whatever it was he was talking about. She would have kept feeling around it when she felt it get ripped from her hands. Her eyes widened as she heard the chick say something about taking it. Her eyes narrowed into a glare as she directed it in the direction of the voice. She wanted to take it back, but this girl hadn't spoke out enough for her to determine her height. So she could only glare as she heard her say she was returning it and the sound of it falling back on the wooden surface. Vera felt so humiliated. Her hands reached up to her unseeing eyes, her fingernails almost digging into them. She already hated this power, but it also stole something so vital. Sure she was able to get a sense of her surroundings with echolocation, but it was just a temporary fix. It vanished as soon as she stopped making noise.
Vera only let out a low growl that only she could hear. She hated this. She hated this. She hated this. She hated this. She hated this. She hated this. She hated this. She hated th- “Well? C’mon!" She heard ring out. Her head snapped in the direction of the voice and was confused. It sounded like it had come from outside the door, if she remembered the layout of the room correctly. What was he doing out there? Were classes over already? Was that how school worked in America? That didn't seem very productive. No...she heard him say to follow....so they were going somewhere else? She wearily got up and slowly made her way to the wall, sticking the tablet thing in the shoulder bag she opted for a bag. Once she found it, she headed for and out the door. She wasn't going to waste what little mana she had left on trying to find her way out. She was wasteful earlier and that was now biting her in the butt. She stuck close to the wall, left hand never leaving it as she waited to hear where the hack was leading them next. Though, honestly, she would prefer going back to her room. It was safer...guarded from all the adults and unknowns that this supposed school housed. But no one else would be heading that way, so she was stuck following the hack until she could hide.


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Aiden started a little as the teacher pointed right at him. "Uhm, yes..?" he hesitantly said, hoping beyond hope that the guide had asked a 'yes or no' question? He seemed to gesture then to the rest of the students, continuing his lecture. Guess I must've got it right then, Aiden thought to himself, quietly willing the coin to go through his sleeve, hidden.

The man then commanded them to follow him as he walked out of the room, seemingly forgetting his students. He then stopped abruptly, befote turning around and waving them over. It would seem he was right at this man miising a brain cell or two. He groaned as he struggled to get up, then right after that gave up as he rested his head against the cool surface of the chair.

"Let me take a few Zs first and then I'll go," he said as he proceeded to lull himself back to sleep. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted the girl with the mask scowling as she stomped her way outside.

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After answering to where the location of the infirmary was, everyone followed Alex towards the forest. Even the telekinetic dreamer was forced up to partake since this wasn’t the time to sleep. The forest had perfectly smooth paths of stone leading toward the center, where a big arena was located. “Well this IS the magical combat class, so don’t be shocked.” He wavered his hands dismissively, walking toward the center of the arena they was a big table with stones on top, enough basic charms for everyone. “In the table you’ll find your basic charms.” He rolled up his left sleeve showing up his muscles… well actually the same stones were on his arms but is not like if that was the most enjoyable part of the view. He then explained what each charm did, detailing their functions.

“The Mana Perception Charm is going to be especially useful to you, Vera.” He said after his long explanation about the charms was over. “After everyone has put on their charms I want you all to pair up to practice with the raw mana manipulation skill, I’m taking Vera as a partner so everyone please pair up.” He smiled as he stood up next to the blind girl, crossing his arms. “There are some things that only you can learn, if you’re wondering why.” Knowing that the girl would probably think that he was taking pity on her he felt he should explain why he chose to be her partner.

Lorena grabbed one of each charm, placing them on her right arm they glued quickly and illuminated at the same time than her pentacle. Eve followed after, putting the charms inside of her coat and sticking them to her skin. A rush of energy was felt on the process but it wasn’t unpleasant, just a new sensation of their inner mana fueling their charms. Both girls paired up waiting for instructions from the guide.

“You all feel the energy flowing to the charms right? I bet is almost the same way it felt when everyone got to use their power for the first time. These are basic charms and eventually you’ll get used to the feeling too, meaning they’ll require less mana to remain active.” After saying that he let pink energy flow on top of his palms, making a sphere of mana. “Just close your eyes and focus, let the energy flow through your hands towards the outside. But focus on the control, grip on the energy and maintain it still in the air.” Then the sphere dissipated after a movement of his hand. He leaned towards Vera, whispering very softly while putting her hand in his bare chest. “Now you can feel the pressure points here, right? Focus your mana in your fingers and gently tap them into my pressure points” He requested to her. “This could close or open the pressure point depending on how much control you have and damage internal organs eventually, but for now it will allow you to disturb the pressure point to a degree.” He then taps one of the pressure points on her arms very gently, allowing her mana to flow more freely than before. “Just like that.”

Both Lorena and Eve had a better understanding of the technique because her own powers were localized in their hands and were capable of creating spheres of mana although in blue instead of pink. Controlling mana isn’t very different from controlling an element so Lorena was capable of morphing the sphere into different shapes after getting used to the energy. “It feels… light.”

“Well, it is light, blue light.” Replied Eve rolling her eyes, still with the sphere hovering in her hands.

“Eh? Hahaha, not that kind of light. It’s just not as heavy as water, it takes less effort to move it.” Just the flicker her left index finger launched the star shaped mana half a meter above into the air where it dissipated in beautiful blue lights.

“Oh… Yeah, I get what you mean, it does feel less heavy than the objects I make.” Said Eve while admiring the blue lights in the sky, still mainting her sphere hovering above her hands.



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"We're going to do what?" Chunhua muttered in Chinese. It was bad enough that everyone saw her gross appearance, but she was going to practice using her "gift?" Did the Coven even know what "gift" she had? She had many doubts, and on cue, the serpents started spewing their venom again. "Just show them what you can do." "It'll be the Coven's fault, you know." "Do it. Show them how powerful you are!" Their whispers were turning into screams. When Chunhua was calm, she could move her hair as she pleased, mostly it didn't move at all. When irritated, sometimes, her snakes would slip out of her control and whip at the air. When she was panicked, or truly angry, she lost all control, and the serpents did as they pleased, usually making biting attempts at anyone near. Well Chunhua was certainly panicked. Snakes coiled around her head and wove around each other. It looked as if they were controlled by something else, and it was observing a new environment with malice in its eyes.

"Don't be dramatic." Chunhua thought to herself, "don't make this any worse than it already is," she repeated to herself as she pushed forward and picked up her charms. They felt heavy in her hands, and she could see her pentagram shining through her hoodie's pocket. Her hair whipped and lashed as her arms betrayed every thought, and pressed the charms into her palms. A terrifyingly familiar warmth pooled behind her eyes as she turned her head down and shut her eyes. "This doesn't need controlling. It needs to just go away....I wish I was blind again."

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Vera didn't know how she kept up with the group, but she did. She didn't know if there was a wall close by, and she wasn't going to check since she didn't think the others would appreciate having her move at a snail's pace to get there. It would just be distracting. So she stayed still wherever she was standing a little ways away from the group, her arms folded across her chest and the hood up over her head. It made her feel safer. She decided to actually listen to what this hack was saying, preferring to have something to focus on instead of worrying about what was going on around her. He was explaining basic charms, which was actually kind of interesting. The Mana Perception Charm especially. It sounded like it would make things easier to sensing those around her, and he even said as such. And...she guessed she could trust him on that since he said he was blind as well...but that was all she was going to trust him on! Her grip on the sleeves of her hoodie, causing the fabric to fold underneath her grip. She would never let him know she had that thought. It was just a moment of weakness. She was thrown off balance when he said he would partnering with her as well, which brought her guard back up. What was he playing at? Vera clicked her tongue in annoyance, allowing the echolocation to give her a small 3D map of the area so she could find the aforementioned table and get there while avoiding the others who made their way there. She also had to make sure she was paying attention to the different charms so she doesn't pick up two of the same kind since she wasn't an expert in perceiving the mana around her, if they leaked any mana at all.
As she made her way back to the area she had been standing, she had rolled up her sleeve and attached the two that interested her, Mana Perception and Raw Mana Manipulation Charms, to her right arm. And the feeling that followed was very familiar...in a bad way. But why couldn't she remember where she recognized it? From the Compound? Before that? Vera shook her head as she huffed out an annoyed sigh. It wasn't worth her time. As she stuffed the remaining three charms in her hoodie pocket, she jumped at the sudden presence beside her. She could feel everyone's mana, and this hack of a teacher seemed to have quite a bit of it. But did that discourage her? Nope! She stood tall and glared back at him as he told her why she was being partnered with him. Seemed like a half-assed excuse to keep it seemingly away from pity that she wasn't buying. She just continued to glare at him with her arms crossed once more as he continued explaining what this feeling she had when she attached the charms to her arm. Ah, that would explain why it was a bad feeling. But...at least one was helpful, so she would have to look past it. She listened to him explain how to materialize the mana so that everyone could see it with the naked eye...or most people, anyway. She was about to try it herself when she felt him take hold of her right hand. This...this was not okay. She jerked away, stepping back and trying to pull away from the adult man who was grabbing her. But he was stronger than her, so she was pulled back as if her struggle hadn't even happened. So, even though she was still fighting him, she instinctually closed her eyes as tears threatened to make themselves known, the fear she had been trying to bury all throughout the day starting to rear its ugly head.
What was he going to do? Why was he touching her? What was he going to make her do? Was it going to hurt? How bad? How many bones would be broken? As these thoughts raced through her mind, her paranoia surfacing, she felt skin. Her eyes fluttered open in confusion as she looked in the direction of the man. What was he doing? He was talking about pressure points? She curiously pressed lightly, trying to remember the tablet thing that she was given earlier and, after knowing what she was feeling for, she could feel it. She seemed a little intrigued at the weird feeling that wasn't actually physical. She blinked a couple more times in her confusion before she actually started listening to him again. She did make it a point to try and take his hand off her arm as it still made her feel uncomfortable. He was talking about how applying mana to these pressure points could actually hurt someone, among other things, and he then proceeded to do something to a pressure point to her arm that made it feel...lighter. Yeah, lighter would be a word to describe it. She tensed her muscles a couple of times to feel the difference, but the change didn't seem to be physically targeted. Vera, in light of this, shifted her focus back to where her hand was placed. So just...focus the mana into her fingertips and insert the mana into the pressure point? She did just that, but it didn't happen right away. And even when she did finally manage it, the small stream of mana was obviously unstable as it wavered and was constantly changing its form before she pressed against the pressure point. She wasn't sure if it actually worked or not, but the small blue mana stream was no longer visible to those who could see.

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