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The Winter's War: A Game of Thrones/ASoIaF RP


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Winter is Coming

Never had these words of venerable House Stark run truer than the most recent Winter. Few took Old House Stark’s prophecy of doom at face value, though after The War of Winter, all now take heed of this Northern proverb. In the bitter winds, men marched with violent intentions, ravaging the face of Westeros as they each fought for their own Dragon, each claiming to be the true successor to Late King Aerys. Houses were brought to near extinction as attacks from the sea and chivalrous charges all but snuffed out life wherever the war spread to. The conflict, born of kinslaying and stained with the blood of the just, saw Princes Aemon, Maegor and Princess Maegelle slaughter their nephews and stake claims to their brothers crown. Though brief in time, the ferocity of this siblings quarrel butchered the Lords of the Rivers, saw great suffering forced onto the mighty Stormlords and the all-but-enslavement of Nymeria’s children in the Southern Sands. The forces of Prince Maegor saw to it that Princess Maegelle was publicly executed, the crime of slaying King Aerys’ children driving the headsman’s axe down. With the combined might of the Reach, the Vale and in time the West, the last remaining claimant met a fate all too similar. Prince Aemon was beheaded in front of the Sept of Baelor, ending the Winter War and leaving only Prince Maegor to rise and take his older brothers place as lone King of these seven realms.

Victory he obtained, though not without a cost. The food stores are low, Winter and War ravaging them like a salacious fire. Houses now without power, new forces in the Seven kingdoms seeking to carve out their own place among the regal Lords and Ladies above them. Resentment is what binds the realm, defeated foes showing no such grace as the armies of King Maegor step over their lands and further impoverish their people. The situation is dire, Winter may be over, but the Spring sees to it that the corpses once frozen now rot, putrid bodies and a constant reminder of loss. King Maegor seeks to rebuild his realm, mend old wounds yet is determined to show his power to all the disenfranchised supporters of Prince Aemon and Princess Maegelle. In this time of peril, some pose the question; Did the war truly end, or is this another interlude?


The Reach

King Maegor’s greatest allies in ‘The Winter’s War’, House Tyrell of Highgarden now takes its position as the predominant Westerosi power, second only to House Targaryen itself. Despite the great powers the Tyrells now wield at court, the Reach now lies in ruin, burned and pillaged by the Stormlords to the east and the Dornish to the south. Although the Reach has famously been one of the richest and most fertile Kingdoms, much of their lands now burn, and the men of the Reach look for revenge on those who previously did them harm, especially now that their voice rings so loudly in the ear of the King.

The Vale

The secondary ally of King Maegor in his wars, the Vale now bears the title of victor, though after the death of their lord and some of his sons during the fighting, there are many within the Vale who do not feel like winners. Little fighting took place upon their soil, though many of their men died subduing the Riverlands and the North, and the Lords of the Vale now look hungrily towards the King for the spoils that were promised to them when their armies first set out from the Bloody Gate.

The North

Gallant and brave, Lord Stark had joined his forces with those of House Tully and Queen Maegelle. Blood tied these Houses together and by blood they would need to be parted, or so the Lord of the North and his many vassals parroted on their perilous march South. Victories gained at Seagard and minor disputes else where came crashing down, as by blood this alliance came asunder, though leaving the bitter taste of dishonor in the mouth of Lord Stark. The forces of the Vale, having taken the Starks initial and meager host by surprise, found many captives to hold over the Wolf’s head, first of them the Stark Heir. Unable to march forward and support his Queen, inviting only the death of his son should he act, the Wolf was pacified, left to cower and crawl back home. Aside from their pride, the North has faced minor challenges, the greatest being the excess of hostages now residing in King’s Landing. With the war at an end and dishonor the plate the North must feast from, they say the wolves grow anxious, eager for their chance to redeem themselves.

The Iron Islands

A savage and brutal people ruling over a savage and brutal land, the ironborn fought the war in much the same way they normally fight; with raiding, pillaging and bloody murder. Though House Greyjoy swore themselves to King Aemon, they saw no great attachment to he who sat the Iron Throne, instead using the conflict as an excuse to line their pockets with gold, salt wives and whatever other treasures they could carry off from the North and the Riverlands. Whilst this tactic has thus far been an effective method of gathering riches, it has done little to win them friends, and House Greyjoy is not confronted with the prospect of peace, and an increasingly hostile Seven Kingdoms.

The Crownlands

The epicenter of politics in Westeros, the Crownlands swayed like a gust of wind during the war. Fighting for the various different sides at the various different turning points that changed the strategic map of the realm. Betraying King Aemon I when the gale turned in the favour of King Maegor II. Playing the game as they are forced to do being so close to the rotten and conniving city that is Kingslanding. Having finally joined the right side, the Lords of the Crownlands serve the new King with the same passion and rigor they did the old. So long as the gale stays it’s course and storms do not rise once more to blow King Maegor away.

The Westerlands

Cowardly is what some might call the lords of the West, who first raised their banners for King Aemon, and then turned their cloak to fight for his brother, however the Lannisters of Casterly Rock might prefer the term pragmatic. The Westerlands lie unaffected by much the hardships of war, their armies almost untouched and their lands unharmed, with this newfound power, many in the Westerlands think themselves above the rules of the new King, though whether that is the case is yet to be determined.


Arguably the biggest loser of the war, the realm of House Nymeros Martell now lies in a state of occupation, famine and brutal repression. Having risen for the pretender Aemon I, their initial advances into the fertile and distracted Reach proved effective and after supposedly blowing a huge blow to House Tyrell in the form of poison, many thought they might even take the famed palace of Highgarden. This proved to be false, however, and with brutal efficiency Lord Tyrell with the aid of houses Redwyne, Hightower and Tarly blockaded all ports in the region, all pathways in and out, and worst of all, burnt the capital of Sunspear to the ground. Now, a bitter Dorne wakes up to a new King and a new reality, one where they are becoming increasingly irrelevant.

The Stormlands

The most loyal of King Aemon’s subjects, and the last to wave his banner above the walls of their keeps, the Stormlords face harsh punishment in the weeks to come. Although they mustered a noble defence against the forces of the Reach and the Crown, avoiding the fate of their Dornish brethren, the Stormlands still suffered greatly, and with a new king upon the Iron Throne, there is like to be little sympathy for the followers of the old king.

The Riverlands

The Riverlands are ablaze. When the wife of Lord Tully, Mad Maegelle Targaryen declared herself queen, the lords of the riverlands were eager to answer her call, though had they known the great tragedy that awaited them, they would have perhaps been more cautious. The fields aside the River Trident found themselves the main battleground for the majority of the conflict, leaving many Riverlords at the mercy of the Vale, the Westerlands and perhaps most brutally, the Ironborn. Many ancient lines have been extinguished, and many ancient holds but a remnant of their former glory. House Tully had never been the grandest of houses, yet now they are left with the unfortunate task of rebuilding their war torn kingdom in hope that they do not live to see another conflict undo all their hard work.


Important Roles Needed:

High Septon
Grand Master of the Alchemists Guild
Lord-Commander of the Kingsguard
Kingsguard [4 Slots Open]
Lord Commander/Commander of the City Watch

House Bolton
House Manderly
House Redwyne
House Rowan
House Marbrand
House Crakehall
House Corbray
House Sunderland
House Caron
House Dondarrion
House Goodbrother
House Drumm

(Plus various family members of established houses)


Hey everyone! Me and a group of dedicated GoT fans we’re really craving an RP and we are looking for more players to come join us for this brand new start! If you are interested in A Song of Ice and Fire and have the time to spare, please do show your interest and if you want to come join us on Discord, shoot me a DM and I shall send you the link. If you have any pressing questions, inquiries on various roles and anything in between, please don’t hesitate to ask below!

As always, make sure to have fun!

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Are merchants and other high profile but non-lords available to be RPed on as well? When do you think any character sheet or main thread will be made too?
Hey Centurion! Yes, they are! We hope to get up the CS within the next few days, especially as this gains some interest! The main thread, will hopefully open shortly after!
Hey Centurion! Yes, they are! We hope to get up the CS within the next few days, especially as this gains some interest! The main thread, will hopefully open shortly after!
Cool, thanks for the quick answer Brad. Mind tagging me when you get the serious threads up? I can probably make a few character sheets quickly.


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This all looks amazing. Very well presented. I am still on season two (never read the books, casual that I am) - so I don't know if I will be able to join. But I will look on with interest. Good luck!
Hey! I'm a big fan of the TV series and the books even if I haven't read past the first one. I would be interested in taking part in this, Also please don't worry about the post count, I'm returning to RPN after a long hiatus, thought a new account would be better than going back to my old cringey past.
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hi hi !

as someone who’s behind in the series and books, i hope you don’t mind me intruding in this roleplay and fandom! it’s been awhile since i watched the show! i really need to get back into it soon because i’m so b e h i n d ! but, i’m fairly interested and the lot of you are lovely beings!

if it helps i’m learning valyrian and can i just say just how hella e x t r a it is? good lordt.

the premise is intriguing and i can’t wait to hash out b e t r a y a l s and roleplay with you guys!

throws my hat into the ring. . . .

where are my sea dragons?

would it be alright if i bring in some fun with the lovely house . . .



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Might go for kingsguard or a family member, need to try something other than spending weeks on a bunch of CS's for a family then doing nothing with them lmao


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Hey, looking for any other Starks? :p
We do have a Stark family currently, made up of me, @TheAncientCenturion, @Hypnos, @ailurophile and @TheFool. Although I am sure if you speak with Lord Stark's player, @TheAncientCenturion, there might be a place to slide you in!

Might go for kingsguard or a family member, need to try something other than spending weeks on a bunch of CS's for a family then doing nothing with them lmao
Hey Lance, that's fine, we do have plenty of Kingsguard spaces open, although they are getting filled by the second.

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We do have a Stark family currently, made up of me, @TheAncientCenturion, @Hypnos, @ailurophile and @TheFool. Although I am sure if you speak with Lord Stark's player, @TheAncientCenturion, there might be a place to slide you in!
Don't forget the honourable mention.


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My Lords and Ladies,

Yo. Join the RP. <3

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