The Winter of 1637

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  1. Definitely going for the ability called First Blood.
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    "Hmph." The knight crouches, and becomes invisible within a few seconds.

    It doesn't take long before he reappears before the arbalest, and he gives her a pat on the shoulder.
    "Too easy." He yanks her cloak off and immediately sticks a knife in her back.

    "GAH!" She starts walking around haphazardly for a few seconds... then collapses. However, her two remaining cohorts ran up to the knight to fight him, and one of them locks blades with him. As the other prepares a slash, the knight grabs the first pirate and slams him into the other one, knocking the two over.
    Their weapons clattered on the ground.

    The knight stepped back and waited for the pirates to stand up.
    "Go on, pick up your cutlasses. I dare you."

    "Bloody hell, this ain't worth it!" One of the pirates runs away, followed by his partner.

    ...that's the end of that, then.

    "Come on, let's go find those two and bring 'em back. I saw them over here." The leader walked through the plains, with the rest of the knights following him.

    "Hey Raleigh?"


    "What's with that 'level 15' thing?"

    "Don't worry about it."

    They didn't notice a thing as a shadowy figure appeared behind them, and after a few seconds, disappears. Along with the unconscious arbalest.

    -A while later-
    Noah could feel himself coming to. He was in a bed now? And it wasn't cold anymore.
    Though he could barely open his eyes, he knew he was within the walls of the Astral Knight's castle. He was rescued by his allies.

    As his eyes ever so slightly widened, he noticed a knight he had never seen before, sleeping on a chair. He wore standard chainmail with a tabard, but his shirt had short-sleeves. He had bandages covering his arms to deal with the cold, though. The knight had a blue scarf, black hair, and a good ol' bandanna.


    -[Say nothing.]
    -[Screw it, keep sleeping.]
    -[Attempt to talk to him.] (Write something.)

    NOAH, astral knight
    6 2 2 4 0 1


    Leech Blade
    Flame Lance
    Ice Break
  3. Oooh, shiny. Background checks are very important, I see.

    >[attempt to talk to him] "Hey, who are you?"
    Always good to gather info. Don't wanna go in blind.
  4. Of course, let's go with this. Seems like the first thing anyone would say here.
  5. I second that.
  6. "Hey..." Noah says weakly. Well, not that weakly.

    The stranger's eyes open relatively quickly, as if anyone could sleep while sitting in a chair with their arms crossed.

    Noah takes a breath before talking, because everyone always feels tired for some reason when they wake up.
    "Who are you?"

    "Raleigh Ternster." He answered, halfheartedly beaming. "Semi-decorated quote unquote 'knight' from the East, and pretty much the fastest guy around."

    The astral knight wasn't quite done yet.
    "Eh... where's Lyra?"

    "Your friend is fine. I thought I saw one of those shadowy guys, and when I investigated, I found your unconscious bodies. I couldn't carry you both back, so I hid you both in bushes and went back to the castle for help."

    Noah wasn't quite so hot on being crammed into a bush, but this guy did save his life.
    "Alright... thanks, I really appreciate it." He hopped off the bed after recovering his energy. "So, where -is- Lyra?"

    Raleigh points a thumb back in the direction of another room.
    "She's still sleeping. We were able to cure her of poison, so she'll rest easy."

    Noah checks on Lyra in another room, who is sleeping pleasantly in a bed. The only problem is her stressed expression, though...
    Guess we should pass some time now. Lyra needs to wake up before Noah can continue his quest.
    "By the way, in case you didn't know, we were able to repel the pirates."

    "How'd you do that? They had cannons."

    "I tossed a grenade at one of their ships; the thing went down immediately. And then one of your friends; Xerces used some fire magic on the second ship."

    Okay, now what?

    -Talk to Raleigh (Write-in...)
    -Talk to Will (Write-in...)
    -Talk to Cadre (Write-in...)
    -Talk to Xerces (Write-in...)
    -Read a Book (Pick one)

    The Encyclopedia has been updated.
  7. ✧ find + read a book about status effects.
  8. Right, I think Noah would have either checked out a book while he was resting or figure out what Xerces had been up to. I am definitely concerned about the peppermint not working on Lyra earlier, though, so that Status Effect book will be needed.
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    Noah checks out his backpack, which is able to carry a near infinite amount of items, as long as they don't exceed his carrying capacity. He pulled out a green book labelled 'Status Effects' and opened it...
    Status Effects, by Flint Goslyn
    Author's Note: If it weren't for the increasing amount of adventurers popping up, then my advisers would just nag me about creating this book, so here it is.
    Many monsters and humans are able to inflict status effects on enemies by using certain abilities. This book is a guide on how to alleviate or stop such effects. First, we'll start by listing most of the common statuses.
    Circa 1637, January 19

    Poison - There are several misconceptions about poison, leading to it's lethality in several situations where it could be avoiding. It should be known that poison does NOT deteriorate the health of afflicted persons. But rather, it weakens them by reducing their maximum Health and Will. Also, health cannot be restored when one is poisoned. Like most statuses, this can be cured by using a minty concoction, a cupcake, a cherry mixture, or a dose of epinephrine.
    Stun - When one is hit with a heavy blow, they have a chance to become stunned, usually only for a few seconds. When one is stunned, they cannot act or defend themselves for a few seconds.
    Dazed - An affliction from when someone suffers a stunning blow that doesn't quite work, or from an irritation in the eyes. Dazed victims are significantly less likely to hit with their attacks, and they are pretty much defenseless.
    Burning - When a mage uses fireball, or when a dragon uses dragonfire, affected victims usually get lit on fire. Like poison, it doesn't cause damage, even though it should be giving second degree burns. Burning people cannot recover Will, because it's really hard to focus.
    Bleeding - Obtained from laceration or a deep cut. Bleeding people will slowly lose their health, so it's important to patch up their wounds quickly.
    Unconscious - If someone sustains significant damage to their Health or Will, they will be knocked unconscious. The only way to help a knocked out ally is to use a revival spell, or inject them with epinephrine.
    Intimidate/Shift - Reduction of a person's resolve or a shift in the magic something reduces Attack or Magic. This doesn't appear very often.
    Shatter/Rift - Destruction of armor or barriers reduces Defense or Aegis. Nowadays, this doesn't appear very often.


    "You attacked my mother!" Welp, sounds like Lyra was finally awake. And she was causing a ruckus, so Noah wasn't able to read the part about positive status effects.

    "I'm sorry, what? I don't quite follow."

    Noah walked into the room to see Lyra angrily mouthing off to Raleigh. "You may have forgotten, but I haven't! You and your band of adventurers went and starting attacking us for no reason! I tried to get you to stop, but you wouldn't listen!"

    Raleigh thought for a moment, as that did seem familiar to him... "First off- she was corrupted by some dark magik, and if you're that kid... Weren't you like, five when you tried talking to me? And not only that, I didn't understand what you were saying."

    -"What was that about attacking her mother?"
    -"What was that about her being five?"
    -[Ask something else...] (Write-in)
  10. ✧ "what was that about attacking her mother?"
  11. You probably know which option I'm looking at. Let's have Lyra clear up what she meant by her mother being attacked.
  12. "What was that about attacking her mother?" Noah asks Raleigh, who has this defensive expression on his face.

    He starts swishing his fingers around as he explains it...
    "So, in 1636, I was on this sidequest with some of my adventurer friends... to go to this place called De-"

    "No!" Lyra yells, stomping with barely any noise. "Don't say it's name!"

    "Alright, alright. Just went to this place with succubi for someone's delivery task, and most of them were attacking us for some reason. So we had to incapacitate like, all of them."
    It was hard to miss Lyra's growling. "And we had to fight the queen succubus- probably her mother, which had some weird parasite on her, and that's where your friend is wrong."


    "We -didn't- actually attack the queen. The hero commanded us to all to not attack and use all of our Defense and Dodge buffs. After like several minutes, the parasite decided to attack us itself, and we destroyed it."

    After a brief mental review, Noah turns to Lyra.
    "If that's true, then why'd you say he attacked your mother?"

    "Everyone was injured! The dark monsters could've killed us all if they could."

    "But they didn't." Raleigh took a few steps towards the succubus girl. "Listen, we're sorry... but we got a lot of Exp."

    There was a blank expression on her face after that last word.
    "...what. What's E-X-P?"

    "...nothing important."

    -"I think you should forgive him." (to Lyra)
    -"Shouldn't there have been another way to solve the situation?" (to Raleigh)
    -"Where's Blake?" (to Raleigh)
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  13. ✧ "shouldn't there have been another way to solve the situation?" (to raleigh)
  14. I definitely think this is the best option as well. C'mon Raleigh there had to be a better way.
  15. "Shouldn't there have been another way to solve the situation?" Noah asks Raleigh.

    The knight shakes his head.
    "I don't think we had one on hand. For one, none of us knew any light magic, annnd also status curing spells don't work unless the target is on our team."

    Noah just stared blankly.
    "I didn't understand some of that..."

    "WILL! Get your stupid chickens out of my room!" Xerces yelled from a distance. A few seconds later, Will is seen running past the nearby doorway.

    There was a awkward moment of silence before Raleigh continued talking.
    "There's also the fact that I wasn't the party leader, and sometimes I feel like there's some strange force controlling my every action." Lyra stared at him for a few seconds. "So yunno, I hope that this doesn't haunt you for the-" Then she speedwalked out of the room, getting the attention of an offscreen knight.

    It was probably Cadre, that nature loving boy and the only person not mentioned.
    "Hey wait don't go outside it's snowing out there!" There's the sound of a door opening and closing, and then the sound of Lyra speedwalking towards a different door.


    "Welp, i'll be going now. Gotta prepare some things." Raleigh leaves the room... and then comes back. "Oh and by the way take this." He holds out a capped syringe. "This is an Epinephrine Shot. Do you know what that is?"

    -"Yes." (Explain.)
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  16. >Yes. I read that a dose can cure poison or revitalize the unconscious.
  17. "Yes, I know what an epipen does, Raleigh. It's a quick way to cure one a status effect or get someone to wake up."
  18. "Yes, I read about what an epipen does, Raleigh. It's a quick way to cure one status effect or get someone to wake up." Noah takes the Epinephrine Shot and pockets it.

    "Yep, pretty much. By the way, these syringes are magically enchanted to recharge after a while. So don't worry about saving it for an emergency. If one of you is in danger outside, you can use it to cure things like Freeze and Slow."

    That... doesn't sound right.
    "I don't it's healthy to share needles."

    "Don't worry. It'll clean itself. Normally these things clone themselves for the party, but here it shouldn't be a problem. Now, seeya." Raleigh leaves for real this time.

    Epinephrine Shot!
    Noah has enough knowledge to learn
    Serpent Blade - Bite an enemy with a poisonous snake's fangs.
    Lyra has enough knowledge to learn
    Lesser Heal - An extremely rare spell that is learned when a dark person tries to use healing powers. Restores a small amount of Health.

    Noah takes a look around the castle, looking for Lyra. He finds her huddled up in a corner.
    "Hey, how are you doing?"

    "I don't know. It's just that when I see that person's face, I just feel..." She tenses up, but only for a second before sighing instead. "I'm not sure how I feel."

    "Don't worry, it's alright." Noah decided to leave Lyra alone, and was about to leave, but...

    "Hey wait." Lyra was suddenly standing behind the knight. "Uh- l-let's go find out what's causing the blizzard."

    That was their main quest, after all.
    "Alright. But if you want to go outside, put on some pants first."


    It took a few minutes to persuade Lyra that if she didn't put on some pants, she would freeze to death outside.
    Anyways, now it was time to go outside and into the storm.

    "Noah." Raleigh appeared again, holding some sort of gilded sword and scabbard. "I almost forgot- Blake asked me to give you this."
    It was a beautifully crafted sword, with a gold trim and a rainbow colored scabbard decked with 6 gems.

    "Uh-" Noah tried to pull the sword out, but it wouldn't budge. "What?"

    "I don't even know." Raleigh said, walking away to let Noah figure it out.

    Lyra took a glance at the sword.
    "I think there's maybe some enchantment on it that's preventing you from wielding it!"

    Noah sighed, as he couldn't wield this new, fancy sword.
    "That's possible... guess i'll just hold onto it for now." He attached the scabbard to the left side of his belt and prepared to head outside... after he pulled out his map.

    "First; before we leave, my map has formed two routes to an area we need to investigate."

    "Why is it pixelated now?"

    "Don't worry about it. Anyways, the Red Route is shorter, but we'll need to cross a river of ice. It may be unsafe, though."
    "Alternatively, we could take the
    Green Route, which is safer, but longer. Whichever one we pick, it'll lead us to this cave that we were unable to study before."

    -[Red Route]
    -[Green Route]

    NOAH, astral knight
    6 2 2 4 0 2


    LYRA, marksman


    Loaf of Bread - 2/2
    Loaf of Bread - 2/2
    Strange Meat - 3/3
    Assorted Vegetables - 2/2
    Epinephrine Shot - 100%

  19. I think we're well-equipped to deal with a river of ice, so bring on the Red Route. It'll stay short if we play it safe.
  20. Looks like it's gonna be snowing for a while...
    It doesn't take long before you are beset by two Arctic Woof-lfs, which are related to regular Woof-lfs in every way except for the Arctic Woof-lf's innately better resistance to cold climates. "Uhh... what do they want with us?"

    They were sniffing the air, and it became obvious what it was they were looking for quickly.
    "I think they want our food." Noah says, moving his bag of food behind him. I don't know how you can catch the scent of meat and bread while it is snowing, but okay.

    "What are we gonna do?"

    "I'm weighing our options."

    -Toss a piece of bread at them and hope it satisfies them. (Lose some food, Safe-ish)
    -Attempt to speedwalk away from them and assume they won't attack you. (Might not lose food, but...)

    (Noah and Lyra will slowly lose Hunger and Will as the journey drags on. They can be recovered by eating food. Yes, I know that 'losing Hunger' sounds good, but I couldn't find a better word.)
    Noah: -2 Hunger, -1 Will.
    Lyra: -1 Hunger, -2 Will.

    NOAH, astral knight
    6 2 2 4 0 2


    LYRA, marksman


    Loaf of Bread - 2/2
    Loaf of Bread - 2/2
    Strange Meat - 3/3
    Assorted Vegetables - 2/2
    Epinephrine Shot - 100%
  21. Well, this is part of the reason for picking the shorter path. There's no need to hurt any of these dogs today, so let's toss a little food at 'em and keep moving.
  22. ✧ toss a piece of bread at 'em.

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