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The Wicked Walking (Interest Check) (p.s. not about TWD) (always open!)


I was thinking last night, then it dawned on me
Whaaat, you've never seen Narrnia? Fauns are those half human half goat guys. As for a job, I was thinking he could do something with the forest like a park ranger, lumberjack, herbalists or something like that @Lady Astra

Motivational Snek

MOTIVATION (Previously BiIsGreat)
I've thought about it a little bit, but I've been busy with school, so I haven't been able to think about it much. I'll think about it some more during lunch, which is in exactly 11 minutes.

@Lady Astra

Lady Astra

The Sorceress of Smiles
@SunSmurf I like the sound of either a lumberjack or park ranger. Then again, if you want to take the musical root of fauns, you could be a musician.


Fiery Maiden
I was thinking about maybe a fairy who owns a bookstore or maybe a bakery or something. Still not really sure what side to take.

Kiyoko Tomoe

The Donut Goddess/BBCode Priestess
Hmm... Interest..? Check. Room for Dedicated Memory...? Still processing.

I'll have to hope that I actually get the time in life to participate in this actively. While I could definitely manage once a week, that wouldn't do this RP justice to have just once a week posting.

Lady Astra

The Sorceress of Smiles
@Kenji Jensai Very well. Just click on the link to the OOC Chat and continue posting info on there. If you have any questions, also ask me on that thread so I can keep getting updates on everyone's progress.


Howling Tempest
Well enjoyed the idea last time around and am interested in taking part once again. Might draw more people with a new thread though...

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