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Fandom The Wheel of Arceus (Lore)



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This is just a lore section for The Wheel of Arceus RP to expand upon the AU. It's mainly going to contain terminology, timeline, Arceus's functioning and biology for this au, other information to add later.


Gijinka is the term used to describe a Pokémon/human hybrid. These people are the offspring of Pokémon and humans. These relationships are considered not only obscene but highly illegal. Gijinkas as a result do not typically know their parents. They face discrimination and hatred from most people due to the act that created them. All Gijinkas share physical traits of the Pokémon involved in making them. Depending on the Pokémon, some Gijinka look nearly human while others look far more like Pokémon. Gijinkas currently have few rights, though they are allowed to own Pokemon and participate in non Pokémon League ran battles in Sinnoh. Currently there have been protests over the the rights of Gijinkas and many argue in favor for and against them. Gijinkas have an easier time connecting to wild Pokémon currently than humans do.

Dead Zone: Dead Zones are areas of land found in various parts of Sinnoh's ecosystem. The Pokémon that used to be present in these areas have all seemingly vanished. There are no wild Pokémon in the Dead Zones. Even captured Pokémon have shown great resistance to entering Dead Zones. Scientists currently have no explanation to explain the phenomenon, the current theory is that pollution might be affecting these areas and causing the wild Pokémon to flee however this ignores how tamed Pokémon also seem to resist going into these places.

Wheel of Arceus: The wheel of Arceus refers to two things. The first would be the large floating ring seen in the middle of depictions of Arceus. Pokémon professors and scientists debate on just what exactly this wheel is. Many argue that it must be some sort of man made device on the god while others argue it is a natural feature. Many have contesting theories on just what exactly this part plays in the Pokémon's biological function if any.
The second item the term refers to is a group of individuals who go under the same name. The Wheel of Arceus is a cult of people both human and Gijinka that follow the teachings of a man simply known as Desmond. The cult believes that they are waiting for the signs of Arceus's return and must be prepared for when that day comes. While many believe they are another doomsday cult, they aren't preparing for any sort of end time scenario. Many members are extremely diligent trainers and seem to take training extremely seriously. Whatever they believe about what will happen when Arceus returns seems to drive them to strengthen their Pokémon and themselves relentlessly.

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