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Fandom The Wheel of Arceus (CS)



I'm just a busy bat
This is the character sheet for the Wheel of Arceus group RP. Please fill this out.

(Human or Gijinka. If they are a Gijinka please add what Pokémon they are mixed with)
Occupation: (If they are a Gijinka most are typically roaming trainers or work in low entry level jobs.)



Pokémon Partner/Team:
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I'm just a busy bat
I'm going to post sheets for important NPCs as they come. These characters will also have a small background section just to give a small tid bit of their past. As the rp continues more information about these characters can be found out and will be edited to add in the new information. (The information will be marked with a NEW tag to help with people just wanting to see the new stuff more easily)

Name: D'Angelo Aukai
Gender: Male
Age: 32 Years
Species: Human
Occupation: 'Exotic' Breeder, Former Gym Challenger, Regional Traveler

Appearance: D'Angelo is a tall, lithe man. He sooner looks like someone in his early to mid twenties than he does his early thirties. D'Angelo has a naturally dark complexion, being an Alolan native, though he does have some odd features. His hair is fairly long and extremely unruly. D'Angelo tends to wear the green and yellow gradient beast in a low hanging pony tail that goes all the way down to his back. The most noticeable of his features however is the fact that he seems to be missing an eye. D'Angelo wears neon green bandages over his right eye and uses his hair to help hide the area. As for the other eye, D'Angelo's eye is usually squinted and so the natural color of his eyes is pretty much unknown. Besides his youthful face, D'Angelo's fashion sense certainly helps make him look younger than he really is. D'Angelo wears an outfit a younger trainer might be seen wearing with a black and neon green color palate. The most noticeable of his getup is the short sleeve hoodie that D'Angelo constantly wears. The black hoodie has two sets of neon green spikes that run up the sides of the hood. The other noticeable feature of D'Angelo's outfit is the tights he wears under a pair of pale navy green cargo shorts. The black tights end near his calves and have neon green skulls on his knees.

Personality: D'Angelo likes to come off as an extremely playful person. He's always smiling, no mater what and loves to talk to people. He's a man with a gift for gab and always loves to tell stories from his past. Though it's hard to say if any of the stories D'Angelo tells are true. It does seem like the man might have a habit of lying when he tells his tales of his outrageous adventures of traveling and battling across each and every region. However, even when presented with proof of his lie, D'Angelo will still claim this is stories are one hundred percent true. Outside of telling tall tales, he does his best to be nice to everyone around him. With a strong love for Pokémon, he tends to enjoy mainly spending his time with other like minded people.

Pokemon Team: Alolan Muk, Galarian Zigzagoon, Stunky

Background: D'Angelo is a native from Alola who claims to have traveled the world and challenged, and won, every gym. While it's possible there isn't really proof that D'Angelo has done it. His knowledge on regions however is extremely good and he does know every gym leader from them. Currently, D'Angelo had arrived in Sinnoh to study the regional mythology more in depth. It was during his travels that he discovered the Dead Zone of Eterna Forest and would later join a small internet forum to talk about his experience. In the meanwhile, D'Angelo makes his living being an 'exotic' Pokémon breeder. He's discovered a method that allows him to breed regional variants outside of that region with an hundred percent success rate. This has made him quite the bit of cash from trainers looking to get rare regional variants. However, he doesn't sell to just anybody and does seem to have a vetting process.


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(i apologize for not listing a source, because I cannot find the one who drew the picture).

Name: Lucas (Luke) Aspen
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Species: Human
Occupation: Aspiring Pokemon Ecologist, Explorer, Former Gym Challenger

Appearance: Luke is of somewhat average height, being around 5’10”, with a rather lean build. He has white skin, along with short, albeit messy brown hair adorning his head. There are also a pair of rectangular glasses that go over his green eyes. Luke normally dresses for whatever the climate calls for, though most often can be seen wearing a t-shirt of some kind, blue jeans, and a pair of tennis shoes or hiking boots. He also wears a togepi-shaped pendant like a necklace that his grandmother gave him before he and his family left Unova for the Sinnoh region. She claims it brings good luck, and while he isn't really a superstitious person, he still wears it for sentimentality reasons. Plus, it can't hurt if said rumors were true, right?

Personality: Luke tries to give off a more cooled-off, laid back demeanor to those he meets. However, many will find this is more of a facade hiding the real deal, as when something catches his interest, this attitude transforms into one of curiosity, energy, and fixation. Possessing an analytical and observant mind, it’s common to notice him drawing or jotting down the many things that catch his eye in a notebook or some sort of device. This tends to pair well with his more adventurous side that wants to see it all for himself, though sometimes he can be pretty reckless if left unattended, whether it be walking through hazardous terrain to get a better look at something, or meandering a bit too close to something potentially dangerous.

Pokémon Partner/Team:

Background: WIP
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