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Fandom The weakest souls have the strongest hearts ~ Soul Eater AU! Canon x oc, doubling (anime spoilers)

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Bipolar fanboy
Hey there! The name's Kuro, and I've been craving Soul Eater for awhile now. Fellow Crona fans, especially those who like to/would like to play the precious enby, this is the rp for you!

I've been envisioning a world where Medusa and co. failed to revive Asura, and Maka brought Crona over to the DWMA's side. However Medusa finds a new lab rat, or two. Two teens, a weapon and meister team, which she performs another black blood experiment on (having deemed Crona a failure).

This experiment ends terribly as it was rushed and the matured bodies couldn't handle the transformation contrary to when it was first performed on a very young Crona. The weapon partner perishes, leaving the meister with a monstrous version of black blood and the knowledge that her dead partner is inside her. She is cast out and goes wild, terrorizing Death City.

The story will follow the original cast, this character, and any OC you would like to add. I ask that you double as I will do the same.
I ask you to play Crona, Ragnarok, and optionally Maka. I will play various canons as needed.

Romance is a must. Ideally one main ship will be Crona x my oc, and I will play someone for a pairing you choose as well. I am very LGBTQ+ friendly!

I reply frequently and write one to two paragraphs per reply. Please no one-liners, give enough to build off of. Short-term rp only.

Please PM me or leave a comment for details!

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