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Expect the unexpected, it expects you

Creature: Witch

Age of Beginning: Come into their powers at 21

Strengths: Magic of all kinds

Weaknesses: Vampires are unaffected by magic.

Extra: Near their 21 birthday, they give off a scent like ora that makes them targets Stages

Stage 1: Vocal spells

Stage 2: Single word vocal spells

Stage 3: Vocal chants (powerful) and non-vocal spell (simple)

Stage 4: (Rare) Non-vocal

Creature: Vampire

Age of Beginning: Anytime

Strengths: Speed, strength and strong survival instincts, also immune to magic

Weaknesses: Werewolves

Extra: they love the taste of witches coming to their power and


Victorian: The most powerful of the vampires, they are pure bloods and can only be matched with Alpha bloods. They out last their creations and are thought to be descendants of the first.

Masters: Usually the ones that deal with new born vampires, they are servants of the Victorians, collecting and transmitting information for Victorians in the hopes of being blessed and given their blood. There is more like parasites.

Vampirics: Vampires created and able to create, they are typical vampires that draw from the thirsty and the joy of causing pain.</span> <span style="color:#663300;">

New born: Freshly made vampires, driven by thirsty and the need to kill. Simple minded creatures that follow orders that allow them to do both.

Creature: Werewolves

Age of Beginning: First turn after the age of 20 on the first Harvest moon.

Strengths: Speed, strength and loyalty

Weaknesses: Magic

Extra: Loyal to witches, to avoid being hurt by them, a pack is usually loyal to one coven and after their first change they are able to change at will.


Alpha: Born the most powerful but not the less vulnerable. Only way to become Alpha, is to kill the current Alpha and eat his heart. Insuring the Alpha blood runs through the future line of the succeeding Alpha. Those of the Alpha bloodline are automatically given the power of an Alpha, but only an Alpha's heart can secure the Alpha position.

Beta: Usually Alpha born, trained with less power, but can equal an Alpha. Beta is usually of Alpha descent, only second to the Alpha.

Zeta: Pack wolves that are trained for combat in the most dangerous of ways. They are the first line and usually the last line needed.

Pups: Wolves in training to become Zeta, they learn to use all their muscles at will, to fight, to hunt, track and kill.

Creature: Succubus

Age of Beginning: Puberty

Strengths: Fly, Make men fall for them, and use some magic

Weaknesses: Females

Extra: Birth only females


Queen: Highest level of succubus, able to specifically lure any male she wishes and take life force from multiple males at once.

Princess: Second highest level, able you lure multiple men, but unable to take their life force at once.

Pawn: Succubus that can only lure and take life force from one male at a time.

Creature: Goblin

Age of Beginning: Birth

Strengths: Earth, climbing and echo manipulation

Weaknesses: Magic and Water

Extra: They live under ground and like to stay in their holes, sometimes never coming out for anything.

Creature: Mermaid

Age of Beginning: Birth

Strengths: Swimming, water magic and echo manipulation

Weaknesses: being on the surface for too long

Extra: Usually stays in the deepest parts of water, are two kinds salt mermaids have a drier appearance, and they do not speak human languages (usually using echo communication to speak)

Creature: Troll

Age of Beginning: Birth

Strengths: Strength

Weaknesses: Magic and speed

Extra: Live in the mountains and doesn't like humans on their territory, campers and hikers go missing because they are usually eaten by Trolls

Creature: Water Nymph

Age of Beginning: 16 Nymphs decided where they want to live and what magic to use.

Strengths: Water magic, stealth and sound awareness

Weaknesses: Fire magic and need to always be wet, if they get dry they will die

Extra: Water nymphs usually dwell around people, often they seem as just another human swimming and can survive hours out of water, as long as their skin is wet in some way. They usually only come out for mischievous reasons.

Creature: Tree Nymph

Age of Beginning: 16 Nymphs decided where they want to live and what magic to use.

Strengths: Earth magic, Air magic and if it touches earth, they feel it.

Weaknesses: Fire magic and powerful Water magic

Extra: They can hold moisture, they live in trees absorbed in them and they are usually solitary creatures, but are also helpful when they think something wrong is going on

Creature:Forest Nymph

Age of Beginning: 16 Nymphs decided where they want to live and what magic to use.

Strengths: Earth magic, Water magic, and Air magic

Weaknesses: Fire magic and their own kindness

Extra: This nymph can use all magic and is always wondering forest and woods, they believe in helping and communication. They are very soft hearted and trusting.

Creature: Fairy

Age of Beginning: Birth

Strengths: Fly, Magic and blend into their surroundings

Weaknesses: Fire, bright light and dark magic/vampires

Extra: Fairies are small and usually are mistaken for light flies, but they fly quickly and usually keep to insects, plants and other earth creatures. They do have the ability to grow to human size and hid their wings but they do not usually do this, usually at most once in their life time.

Creature: Siren

Age of Beginning: Puberty

Strengths: Their song, sound waves and they have a ability to turn to smoke (they actually step between the living world and the dead one, they are still in that spot unless the move but can not be touched or seen)

Weaknesses: Werewolf sight, Vampire sight and demons

Extra: Siren song effects both male and female, unlike Succubus' they birth both male and female.

Creature: Griffin Age of Beginning: birth

Strengths: Fly, strength and cunning

Weaknesses: Magic

Extra: Griffins are rare and hard to find, they stay in caves and high up, rarely ever coming down but they do work with witches, sometimes.

Creature: Pegasus

Age of Beginning: Birth

Strengths: Fly, strengeth and speed

Weaknesses: Werewolves, Griffins, Vampires and demons

Extra: They hid their wings often and stay with houses, but usually only to hid their movements.

Creature: Demon

Age of Beginning: By spell, Birth or half-breeds at age 19

Strengths: Dark magic, fire and immune to physical pain

Weaknesses: Light magic

Extra: Half breed demons keep their human forms, while full blooded are born in their demon form. Only half breeds are able to be good, but they still can only use black magic drawing them back to evil, every time.

Creature: Water Elf

Age of Beginning: Birth

Strengths: Water magic

Weaknesses: all other magic

Extra: They live in water but they can survive outside of water, they also blend in with humans and usually stay away from water when they do. Water has an attraction to them when they are too close.

Creature: Forest Elf

Age of Beginning: Birth

Strengths: Earth magic, animals and nature

Weaknesses: Fire magic Extra: They are curious creatures and like to get to understand humans as much as they can, but they never leave the forest to do so.

Extra: They are curious creatures and like to get to understand humans as much as they can, but they never leave the forest to do so.

Creature: Wood Elf

Age of Beginning: Birth

Strengths: Earth magic, Fire magic and combat training

Weaknesses: any creature that can out power them

Extra: they mingle with human and sometimes live as humans, but always near the woods. They are fighters, the only elves that have any combat and weapons training and they are not afraid to defend themselves, their home or those they care for.

Creature: Dragon

Age of Beginning: Anytime

Strengths: Immune to all forms of magic and magic creatures, breaths fire, and unable to get burn

Weaknesses: Human blades, but can be wounded by Magic resistant creatures they are not powerful enough to do any more then hurt a Dragon or Reapers

Extra: Thought to be extinct for centuries, dragons are not lizard creatures, but human creatures that can only be detected by the absence of magic and when their eyes change.

Creature: Soul Captures/Reapers

Age of Beginning: Anytime

Strengths: drawn from souls, able to take any soul from any creature, abilities are of the last soul they devoured.

Weaknesses: Only as strong as the soul they last devoured. Extra: N/A

Extra: N/A

Creature: Humans/Hunters

Age of Beginning: Birth/in training

Strengths: Knowledge of creatures

Weaknesses: Human

Extra: Hunters are humans that know all about the supernatural world. Some hunters fight to kill supernaturals and some fight to protect them. Those that protect are usually raised or trained by supernaturals, but there is a 15% that are trained and raised that kill their teacher and started to kill other supernaturals.

Creature: Empath

Age of Beginning: Birth

Strengths: Feels emotions,force emotions and using emotions to control/manipulate/duplicate another power.

Weaknesses: There own emotions can block their ability to sense emotions and result in being targeted and killed

Extra: Empaths have been rare since before the supernatural world killed off dragons. They have a natural gift and have blue eyes that no matter what can never change. They use their full power when the blue glow into a moon, their pupils vanish and they are at their strongest. Only a handful exist at one time and there is not proof that only one creature is able to have this power.
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Expect the unexpected, it expects you

Witches-Werewolf (protectors)

Dr. David Anthony Shaffer-Michael "Mike" Daniels

Jeremy Michael Shaffer-Christopher "Chris" Daniels

Allison Daniella David-Shaffer-Faith Donna Zeta

Nicolas Shaffer-Kimberly Mark

Sarah Kameron Shaffer-June Sarah Luna

Alexander Dustin Shaffer-Kasey Dalia Weist

Zyana Shaffer-Zora Daniels

Dylan Arthur Steele-Elena Michelle Luna

Elisa Sam Steele-Houston Joel

Ruth Summer Guest-Darrin Rashid Walker

Elizabeth Freya Mercado-Ethan Arthur Steele

Dylan Seth Haines-Wendy Maxells

Simon Derrick York-Steven Andrew Weist

Austin Felix Fuentes-Aalyiah Weist

Benjamin Vincent Duncan-Cynthia "Cyn" Kimberly Smith

Jasmine "Jaz" Summer-Linda Lee Gomez

Heather Alice Riley-Kal Henry Daniels

Kelly Michael Davis-Michael Daniels Jr.

Shone Daniel Riley-Toni Desiree Phillips

Kora Gail Heist-Logan Newman



Stage 1) Words: Using simple words for simple actions/magic that are spoken in Latin and using Latin to do all spells

Stage 2) Phrases: Speaking the Latin simple word to do simple spells and using Latin to do all other spells

Stage 3) Thoughts: Using MOST spells without saying a word.

Stage 4) Mastery: Using all spells and elemental powers without words, phrases and sometimes even without concentrating or saying the words in Latin.
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Expect the unexpected, it expects you

Black List-Charge

Adan Kane- Wrongful use of magic, murdering a pack wolf, belittling other creatures and threatening both relations with the pack and within the coven
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Expect the unexpected, it expects you


Jeremy Michael Shaffer {Coven/Witch Leader}

Christopher Daniels {Pack Alpha}

Simone Rockwell {Half blood representative}

Damian Yu {Pure Demon representative}

Hermon Summer Nox {Wood Elf Leader}

Arnold Zost {Water Elf Leader}

Katie Allen Hughes {Forest Elf}

Valerie Susan Cruz {Succubus Queen}

Sole Kolen {King Goblin}

Noel Anthony Woodlend {Mermaid Trident}

Patrick Marks {Troll Empirer}

Valentin Denis {Aqua Nymph Master}

Ellis Lee {Nature Nymph Master}

Taylor Soto {Forest Nymph Master}

Fargo Emmet {Fairy King}

Maria Olivia Locke {Siren Lady}

Carla Emmore {Griffin Representative}

John Runman {Pegasus Representative}
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