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"Ahh finally we can get to business, these guys seem to much like the silent types" Bruno said joking to himself as he followed the man down the hatch and ladder then to the metal doors. ...A hidden room under an abandon warehouse, nice... Bruno thought to himself as waited for the others so they could continue on.


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Gabriele watched as the guy who was standing at the door came inside and showed them a latter he wanted them to climb down. She stood up, and then put her hands on her hips. "Finally something interesting happens." She said smiling. She waited as two of the men started heading down then went after them. She wondered on the way down if Atlas was down there and if they would be meeting him now or would they be waiting while. This all seemed very secretive which made her wonder if they were going to have to prove their trust to this guy.

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He noticed that people were in fact following him, so rather than wait for them all to be crammed in a hallway, he opened the door to reveal a sort of lobby-type room, complete with a glass table in the center, chairs surrounding it, a door for each wall, a water dispenser by a door, a potted plant, and a rather ugly lightbulb hanging from the ceiling.

"Everybody wait here, please," he said once everybody entered the room, "I'm gonna go back in case anyone got left behind." He walked past the crowd and hoped they wouldn't wander off while he was gone. He then climbed up the ladder and re-entered the warehouse.
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The machine jolted for a moment as he turned to see the little girl, some confusion fell over him as he felt a multitude of questions roll in his head as of the child's reasoning for being there. He gave a soft sigh though as he saw the old man in the trench coat come over, maybe his daughter? The darkness that was given was actually kinda nice as it let Kral nodded to the man's words and turned to his new metal friend. "Your an odd one there pally, but I do welcome you and your A.I. friend, maybe we hand gestures or something" he said and softly chuckled as he gave a thumbs up to him before walking over to the designated ladder, just simple hopping all the way down.

Once they had entered the room he looked all the way around it and said "Wow...creepy hanging light and everything huh?" he said as he walked to the middle of the room and perched onto the back of one of the chairs, looking around. He wait for everyone to funnel in and then spoke up "Alright people, lets go ahead and get introduction out of the way so we can all be a happy family" he said in a slightly loud way as he motion from person to person. "My name is Kralkatorrik, you guys can call me Kral" he said and gave everyone a thumbs up that was pointing towards him.


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Calista watched as everyone filed down the ladder. When she was last, she went over to the hatch, climbing down herself and closed the hatch above her. She followed everyone else into the room and took a look around. Everyone found their own little spot in the room. Calista walked over to one of the corners, claiming it as hers. Glancing around the room, she watched as the lantern man left to go check for any stragglers.

The large man in the blue ish shell armor suddenly spoke up, breaking the few minutes of silence. Looking over, Calista listened as he introduced himself. Breathing out, the girl looked at the others, seeing if anyone would pick up the conversation. She sure wasnt going to. She still had her guard up.

Ida spoke up in her head

I suggest appearing friendly. It might relations between you and the others easier
No thanks. Knowing they wont kill me is enough

With that settled, she remained mute, remaining in the corner with her arms crossed across her chest



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Bruno entered the lobby like room once the doors were opened. He looked around studying it for a moment before one of his fellow mercs spoke up. "Ahh finally some else willing to talk!" Bruno said excited gesturing to Kralkatorrik. Bruno then clear his throat before saying "I am Bruno Fifty expert mercenary". Then he looked around and added "Any one care to be next in introductions?"


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Jhayda D'adri had quietly followed the group into the building and down the hallway. She had nodded a greeting at the man standing at the door. As he left the room, she leaned against one of the walls, one knee bent with her foot up behind her. She pulled her oversized hood down off her head and her dark hair fell out. She gazed around the room in silence, checking out the strange array of individuals around her. She smirked as she noted a few of the others were, likewise, sulking in a corner or gazing moodily out from behind cold eyes. As Bruno and Kralkatorrik spoke, she crossed her arms, waiting for someone else to respond, not feeling overly eager to make herself known. This place seemed safe enough... Well, the buzz wasn't there at least. This city was clear. For now.
When you had senses like a robot, sneaking wasn't overly difficult. Having well-oiled quiet limbs helped, though. Still, having such enormous people to hide behind and slip around was honestly the biggest reason Alex hadn't yet been spotted by the 'recruiter'. She was sure at least one other recruit had at least sort of seen her-She didn't have any sort of invisibility augments yet, mainly because she didn't need them-but no one had yet addressed the helmeted figure who was right on the fringe of the crowd, just playing with their phone. Maybe because she was behind the massive mechanical dragon-man. Who was trying to introduce everyone. Aw, crap. She had hoped to remain mostly unnoticed until everyone was there. She wanted to figure out... Well, exactly what was going on with this mission before someone noticed her and assumed that because she showed up, she couldn't say no. Sleipnir could always say no. Even if she had to use a Jazzhand to say it for her. So she slunk around to the other side of the small crowd, pretending she was texting, when really, she was looking for a system to infiltrate. If there was any kind of local security cams or power systems on open networks, she'd want to erase the footage and get ready to hit the lights when it was time to go.
"Hmm... No... Hm."
she muttered to herself, quiet as she could be with her helmet muffling the noise. She had finally drifted as far from the Dragon machine as she could without clearly slipping away from the crowd, but she was sure someone had noticed her. With any hope, the recruiter would remain blind to her, and she could somehow manage not to introduce herself. Just had to wait it all out...


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"Quite the interesting crowd that they've bundled up." The voice in Rui's head spoke up once more, prompting the lad to look around at the others, noticing just what sort of people he was associating himself with now. A lot of tough looking people, certainly. A couple weirdos who didn't even seem to be human anymore was what stuck out to him the most though. Especially the one that called himself Kral. How much money would someone willingly drop to make themselves look like that? Talk about an addiction. Then the man who called himself Bruno decided to be social and try to get the whole group talking.

That was probably a bad idea. Rui loved to talk. "Rui Henderson! Hacker extraordinaire, with several million dollars in data breaches! I think?" He paused for a few moments to make sure his number were right. "Yeah! Something like that!" His voice was full of emotion, his hands gesturing and moving about in the dark warehouse to be seen by no one. "Yes. Let's just recklessly introduce ourselves to people who'd probably just love to turn in that bounty on you."

His bright blue eyes scanned the room once more, picking up what looked to be a rather anti-social looking woman, clearly giving off 'Don't talk to me vibes'. And a pink haired woman with the same deal. Jokes on them. Rui could never pick up on that vibe himself. "Don't you dare. No! No!" The voice spoke in his head, sounding angrier and angrier as he approached the texting woman. "You really are trying to annoy everyone here, aren't you?"

Rui had blocked out the voice ages ago. He stood there, a few feet from the 'texting' woman and placed his hands on his hips as he leaned forward a few inches. He put on his biggest, cutest smile and looked straight up at the helmeted woman. "Who ya textin'? Or're not texting at all!" His eyes narrowed towards the end, giving the boy a rather smug look as he moved his hips from side to side, stupid look on his face and all. "The screen's reflecting off your visor! I can totally see what you're doing!"
Hacker extraordinaire... Yeah, Alex heard of that Rui guy. Big bounty, but only a few people in this room could probably turn him in and not get caught themselves. Alex wouldn't have tried if she could. She didn't like the idea of turning in her fellow thief. Besides, she could get money her own way, and... Well, why get rid of a potential future partner? If that really was Rui, he could teach her a thing or two. Of course, Rui had to give her a reason to think twice about it. He not only pointed her out and approached her, but he also pretty much flat-out pointed out her hacking. Maybe she would just drop an anonymous hint and see how he'd hack his way out of a cop raid. No, wait, she could just put him down here and now. Emotionally.
"So why am I the only one doing this, Hackmaster? Come on, I think most of us know how to take care of ourselves in these rough places, and that at least some of us know how to spot a potential trap... Honestly, if it weren't for the fact that I think I can fit in that vent up there, I'd be worried about mister trenchcoat just sealing that hatch and calling for a cop squad. So, I think I have most of an escape plan down in case I need it. What about you, prettyboy? Anything better than 'Hope the nice girl lets me tag along'?... I probably would, actually. I could learn a lot from you. Still, if this is a trap, y'all better think fast. We don't have long until our 'Recruiter' returns and realizes I'm here."
She said, smirking under her helmet as she searched for anything useful. Funny thing about underground secret rooms, they got terrible reception, and she had yet to find anything aside from the other people in this room to hack. And though she probably COULD get under Kralkatorrik's skin, she had no idea how to remote-pilot a robotic body that complex. Better to let Kral control himself. He probably would be one of their best bets in a straight fight. Well, okay, a lot of people here were badass warrior types, but a shell that tough would probably last pretty long under a hail of gunfire. Not that he was the only one with a really tough-looking shell in here, but his definitely looked the tankiest. She could count on someone like that to take a bullet or two while she cut and ran. But for now she just stood there, trying to find something to hack because maybe, just maybe, she could get a leg up on whatever trap there might or might not be.


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Prettyboy. He liked to be called cute over pretty but it was definite improvement over being called a girl.

"Well...who's to say I haven't been testing the waters?" His blue eyes seemed to glow as he retrieved a small phone from his bag. It wasn't ideal, but seeing as it was all he had that was portable that was still charged, it was the best he could do. "I've had this thingey running a program on a loop. It's queries up fake emergencies, using building addresses it pulls from its GPS. If the police really were on their way, or preparing to raid, it would buy me some time for sure! As for like..a SWAT team.." He put a finger on his chin, thinking for a few moments as he hummed. "Um..well they'd be communicating by radio, or something similar, yeah? Wouldn't that little phone of yours picked it up if you were scanning for stuff? It should totally pick up a bunch of heavily mechanized and armored cops, depending on the range of your scan. Even if I couldn't decrypt or hack any of their vehicles or anything by the time they arrive, that's a good head start to get out of here. Five minutes to sneak out of here, and get somewhere safe like..a sewer! Besides, I'm so small and weak looking that they'd be more focused tearing down those huge dudes with the big guns!"

He gave a thumbs up after his long-winded statement, puffing out his chest. "You'd totally bring me with you though. I'm adorable! I can also fit in vents! I'm smaller than you!"


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The underground room was fairly large and yet it seemed almost crowded by the time their cloaked host departed. One of the more outlandish looking armored giants introduced himself as Kral, seemingly opening a introduction round that drew as many people as it chased off. John considered joining in after watching Bruno chime in but paused as a petite looking guy spoke up. Henderson? Some tech's back at the corporation had been throwing he name around, some net wiz apparently. There had even been a line in the news somewhere, though to his regret he'd skipped that. Seemed like the Minutemen had more pull then expected; pulling in the big guns for this meeting.

While Johnathan was no slouch, he hardly considered himself an expert on digital matters; which meant he'd better keep an eye on the hacker extraordinaire. Training his attention on the young man, John casually shifted through the crowd, making use of his enhanced senses to eaves drop on the two net experts conversation. While not a bad plan, the idea of the pair squeezing into a vent shaft was amusing enough to produce a chuckle, at which point the former guard decided to approach.

“We just got here and your already trying to leave via sewer? The company's not THAT bad, is it?” He asked, offering a hand in greeting, “The names John. And while I might know a thing or two about computers; we'll probably be relying on you to do the heavy lifting in that department.”
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Calista looked over to the male that claimed his name to be Rui. She'd heard the name before, it was floating all over the dark net. Though, most of the articles werent about his impressive skills. Wasnt he older than her? And look at him here, acting like a child.

The girl just ignored what was going on, reaching down and pulling out her phone again, turning down her brightness. She may not be a networking genius, but she knew the basics. She had to pay alot of money to get this phone modified. It carried a library of different programs that she could barely understand and the phone's wireless connection never appeared on the public web. It was practically invisible, at least, to the unskilled.

Are you sure using your phone is a good idea?
I'm just passing the time. I'm not doing anything sensitive

Every now and then, Calista did enjoy playing a game here and there. Opening one of the apps, she turned her phone 90 degrees, holding it landscape and played her game. It was certainly better than just standing around

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The Veteran walked through the rain and dread of Oldtown. It reminded him too much of scenes he saw during the war, ruined buildings homeless walking around shell shocked, yeah it wasn't very different at all. He was a couple of blocks away from where he was headed. Rolling his shoulders he looked around, dark corners every where the only soul in sight was a stray cat. It would of been the perfect place for an ambush, he rolled his shoulders again. The man was wearing a brown coat over simple cargo pants and a T-shirt. Oh that and the holster carrying his machine pistol and a couple grenades. Those would be a surprise for any unlucky son of a bitch planning on jumping him. He kept walking, checking his surroundings every couple of minutes.

“Fuck, it wouldn't be the first time I got a letter like this… Last time was in Chicago, from what I heard they’re still cleaning up the mess. That code though, it was old. I don't think the Gov would of had access to it. But again what do I know.” The man thought to himself as he walked, stopping only to kick a can that was on the ground. “I wonder if they got the message the last time, more importantly. I wonder if the signature was real… It would be like him to… No he’s dead. We barely survived that raid, and we were in full Armour…”

A lamp flickered, and he saw a figure that didn't belong. By reflex he slid towards a nearby building and flattened against it while drawing the pistol from his coat. He didn’t touch the charging handle, no need. It was cocked before hand, only rookies wouldn't of had their weapons readied beforehand. The man started walking in the same direction the Vet had been before he spotted the contact. “Oh stop thinking that way, that's what got you into that firefight in Connecticut, it’ also what got you out of it…”

He followed the man silently for several blocks always trying to stay further back. His coat helped to spoof sensors but it wasn't fool proof. It was also a rule of his to never trust his equipment one hundred percent. That was a mistake too many people made these days. They continued on in unison for several minutes, at one point the veteran saw someone trying to be sneaky moving along the rooftops. In itself it was a sound tactic, and he wouldn't of noticed it if not for his experience.

The duo got to the building and the man, the veteran had been following went into a warehouse. “What a cliché setting, also a good place to stage an ambush.” He thought to himself with his satirical humor. He waited for a while watching people enter the building. Not many of them seemed to be concerned with being discreet, and the ones who were didn't do a great job at it. “Guess it's time to see what this is all about.”

He went in

He moved into the building keeping his weapon at the ready. The front door was locked but there was a backdoor that was left ajar allowing him to slip in without noise. When he got inside he saw that all of the people who he watched were gone, probably into another room through some sort of hidden entrance. He moved to ontop of some nearby crates. High enough that if he jumped on someone from their it would probably knock them out rather than killing them. He waited there for several minutes until the trench coated man came into view again. He didn't appear to notice the veteran on his perch. It was his mistake…

The man threw himself from the crates with all of the grace of a bear falling from a mountain ledge. It wasn't pretty but it worked, he landed on the man throwing him to the ground with a blow to the head. Moving with decades of experience the soldier dragged the man out of sight and stripped him replacing his clothes with the man’s. He also took everything that looked to be of use from him including a communicator, his weapon, ammunition, PDA, ect. When he came to, he would have to go rouse his buddies in person. “Feel sorry for you if you're an ally bud, and your fucking lucky if you aren't” he said in a low voice giving him a gentle slap on the cheek.

After getting the disguise the veteran quickly moved to the panel that the man had come out of. He went down the ladder slowly, hoping no one would notice that he didn't belong. After all it's all well and good if they are friendly, if they aren't… “Nice little base, if these guys are Gov though. This might be my last mission. Heh” When he got to the lobby that they everyone had come into beforehand, he looked around. Picking a door at seemingly random he went through.

He tensed immediately at seeing the man who by all accounts shouldn't of been there. No! Couldn't of been there. He went into the stolen trench coat quickly and drew his pistol, aiming it levelly at the ghost of the man he once knew.

Denzel saw a familiar face walk in, clearly shocked at his return. He smiled and raised his hands in the air. "It's good to see you too, you crazy son of a bitch," he said.

"Who the fuck are you?" Nikolai said gesturing with his machine pistol at the man.

"Damn, didn't know the scars made me look THAT different," he said, still smiling. "It's me, Nikolai. Denzel Greeves. Atlas."

The veteran gave him a look. "Come and take it.." He challenged the man sitting at the desk.

"All ye tyrants that be." Came the reply, but he wasn't satisfied yet.

"What did I say to you in Detroit while when we airlifted out with the civilians"

"You never said anything, and I left without you."

The reply calmed the man down, it was something only someone who was there would of known. "Son of a bitch, it really is you.." He said with a sigh and sat down in the chair in front of the man's desk. “I heard you were dead, you old snake”

"Well, those corporate bastards are gonna have to put in a lot more effort if they want to put me in the ground," he said, chuckling a bit. He momentarily felt the burn scar on his face.

"Oh as I'm sure you can tell, your messenger is a little tied up right now. Maybe you should go grab the people out in the hall."


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Calista glanced up as she heard someone enter the room. It was the man from before who greeted everyone outside the warehouse. However, he seemed a bit off. She watched as the man went straight for one of the other doors in the room, opening it. A moment passed before the man suddenly pulled a gun out of the coat. Instinctively, Calista held onto her phone with one hand, reaching down for one of her pistols with the other. However, Ida was quick to respond

Wait. Dont do anything

Calista watched as the man posing as the greeter and whoever was inside the next room exchanged words. It seemed the two were glad to see eachother again. As she continued to overhear the conversation between the two men, she caught the name "Atlas", the name of the person who had sent everyone in the lobby the initial invitational message. Calista took another look around the room, then shifted back towards the new man and the door. She couldnt see the man known as "Atlas" from where she was standing. Relaxing, her hand came off her gun as her arms crossed over her chest once more

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The man in the black coat climbed back up the ladder and looked around the warehouse with his phone's flashlight on. Once he concluded he didn't leave anyone behind and that nobody else was coming, he turned to go back down the ladder. Then, suddenly, something hit him like a truck.

Lights out.

Denzel pressed a button on his desk and spoke through the intercom directing his voice to the medical staff.

"Alexander, a mutual friend of ours has knocked Wilson out. Could you go up to the warehouse and fetch him? Bring someone to collect anything lying around, too."

A tall, well built man stepped outside of the room. He appeared to be old, with short gray hair and some wrinkles on his face, yet he also seemed to be in excellent shape for his age. He was wearing brown army boots, camo pants, and a plain white t-shirt. His entire body is heavily scarred, with a burn scar on his face preventing some of his beard from growing back in. He smiles.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the American League of Minutemen," he said to the group gathered in the lobby. "I'll just speak to you all out here, there's no way in hell all of you will fit inside my office. My name is Denzel Greeves, otherwise known as Atlas. As some of you historians may know me, I was the original leader of the ALM back in the day, before I was captured by the United States military. I can tell you my story individually later if you wish, but for now I'm getting right down to business." Two men walked in, both wearing doctor's uniforms. They walked past everybody and went straight up the ladder.

"I've gathered all of you here today because you are the best Lynnhaven has to offer. We've observed you for a number of months and have not only deemed you capable of joining our cause, but are also capable of being loyal to it. Our mission is to, ultimately, liberate the United States from its current tyrannical leadership. Of course, we're much too small to do that right now, so we're starting with Lynnhaven. Now, if you're not the patriotic goody-two shoes that's in it to serve, that's fine, we have money for you." He chuckles a little before continuing. "But we do have more standards than some run of the mill mercenary group, I'm telling you that right now. If you step out of line too many times, you're out of here. Might even be forced to alter your memory if you know too much, hate to say. Can't afford the government rolling through our main base. Not again." He looks grim for a moment before continuing. "Are there any questions so far?"

The two doctors returned, one of them with Wilson on his back, fireman style. He was, embarrassingly, down to his underwear. The doctor carried him through the left door. The other doctor was carrying the clothes Nikolai left behind.

"I believe these are yours," he said to him, "Please return Wilson's belongings to the medical bay when you're done here." He left the clothes at his feet and walked off with Alexander.


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Jhayda lifted her head as Atlas entered the room. Where the original man had gone, she didn't know, but she didn't particularly care. She pushed herself off the wall and walked over to Atlas to listen. Looking around the room, she was certain that most had a unique skill set wanted by the rebellion group. She had learned not to judge a person by their looks, but she could tell there were a few illegal modifications held between them and she was sure there would be more, such as her own, that couldn't be seen on the outside.

When Atlas mentioned loyalty to the cause, she smirked slightly, and nodded, amused, as he mentioned money as the main motivator for staying with the group. She didn't particularly care about their 'save the country' motto, but it was vaguely more appealing than the current government's regime. These guys could also be a convenient source of connections and information to find out about her own history.

Jhayda laughed out loud as the doctors brought Wilson in. She raised an eyebrow at Nikolai, gathering he was the one who had stripped their greeter so. "Really classy first impression there," she said to him.
"...We've observed you for a number of months..."

Clearly, Monk had become sloppy. It was quite a shock really to realise just how dangerously stupid he had been to allow these jokers to find him, there were worse people out there for sure.

Basic due diligence now required that he burn everything and walk away from any static assets he had. It was a shame because he really liked that laptop and going back to his makeshift toolshed to sweep it for bugs would require actually going there which was out of the question. Worse would be abandoning his cyber presence and contacts wracked up over the last year. What a massive pain in the ass. He'd dump all the crypto today and exchange it for gold, he always got screwed a bit on conversion but there was no helping it. His whole revenue stream and online collection of personas wiped out. It was his own fault for lack of care.

He'd need to source some clean gear and he made a mental note to get inside of anything he could dig up on the minute men and rake through it with a fine tooth comb. This room was full of names and faces, some of them resident, others not, but ultimately all connected by the true sequence of events that had brought them here. Some of the required information might be available from data brokers but alot would need to be trawled for via public databases, criminal records, credit ratings, commercial insurance risk profiles, social media, vehical or equipment licensing, property registries, the list of possible sources stretched on and on.

Of course these yahoos were onto him now and Monk wasn't ready to leave the country just yet, even though his better judgement screamed at him to do just that.

For some reason he couldn't fathom, plans lined up in his mind as to how he might acquire the necessary distance, equipment, and position to actually do something useful for this group.

He'd need to cash out and get physically lost first. In his minds eye he envisioned himself literally disappearing into a mess of people in some burnt out no go zone in the city. There were some component markets that could serve to kill two birds with one stone in this regard. He could pick up the bare boards and chips to build a rig and then slip into the maze of boarded up tenements that marked the cruddy sides of town.

With a white room and a hacked connection he could at the very least provide research and net cover services for the team.

These guys looked like they were very likely to be in need of medical and cyber support. He counted a number of full shells that, if they were going to be deployed in combat, would absolutely require maintenance, there were a number of limbs also. He'd need a sterile room, a generator, and a list of machines, the list got longer if he considered it likely anyone was going to need a bullet pulled out of them or any personalised compounds cooked up.

If he could kit out a new shed he'd be able to get some drones in the air that would no doubt be useful to operations. There were all manner of toys he could tweak or outright build for people if the need arose.

Last but by no means least a few safe houses wouldn't hurt to have on standby. The odd cache of weapons or field supplies could go a long way in the right situation.

Some of it would get expensive but that only really translated into time spent raising funds or diverting packages. Of course time was also a resource so his ears pricked at the sound of money on offer.


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Rui's attention turned to the tall man who slid into their conversation and extended a friendly hand. Rui's own hand extending and grasping his, giving a surprisingly firm handshake. "Well, it was only if the cops came! It's not like I want to leave already! As for the company..well, it's not like people here are very talkative!" Rui huffed at the end there, crossing his arms. "But yeah..John? Even if you don't know the specifics of computers, you can always help!"


"We've observed you for a number of months.." Yo! He was totally famous! He knew it!

Rui looked at the old man as he introduced himself, ending his speech to see if the group had any questions. "Oh! I do! What if we need new stuff? Like..computers! I sort of had my best one confiscated. Not saying I couldn't do anything with what I have now but...I sort of need something a bit more powerful. You dig? In fact..where are we going to be staying? I bet I'm not the only one here who doesn't have a place to stay. Oh, and food! There's a lot of stuff we gotta have!" Rui prattled on and on about the potential needs about the group, his arms moving back and forth lazily as he spoke to the man who called himself Atlas. "Oh. Do you guys have coffee?"
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Calista watched as the old man entered, formally introducing him as Denzal, or Atlas. Standing up straight, she listened carefully.

"...We've observed you for a number of months.."

Calista couldnt help but smile slightly as she spoke with Ida
See? I told you someone was keeping tabs on me all these months
Hey, you didnt have to take my word that it was nothing

The girl huffed lightly as she continued to listen on. The male who loved acting childish was quick to speak up when Denzel opened up the floor to the rest of the people in the room. Sighing softly, she listened as the kid babbled on about the obvious needs. At this rate his voice was just annoying and his childish personality was getting on her nerves, something that rarely happens.

She herself didnt have many questions. As petty as they seemed, Rui's questions were mostly important. They all implied the question "How much are you guys willing to support us".

She began to debate whether or not she needed anything. Though, like most people here save for a few, she was a combative type. As long as she had her weapons and things to shoot out of them, she was fine.


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Bruno had only a short wait until the boss appeared. The man who looked like he had been through a lot, which after introducing himself it seemed to be true...I had a feeling I was being watched... I guess I was right.... Well atleast I'm getting work from it... Bruno thought to himself listening to his current employer. He nodded along with Atlas explanation. "As long as the pays good and you not sending any of us on a suicide mission I have no questions or complaints hahaha" Bruno said happily with a laugh at the end.

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"Klink-Klink-Klink-Klink-Klink-Klink" the bullets fell in rapidly into their chamber. Symere had not reloaded his revolver until this morning, it had remained unloaded even with the encounter with the man outside. But here he was standing outside a patriotic rebel's office as he explained his cause. He smacked the barrel into the revolver with a loud clap, the six shooter aiming downwards. The revolver remained un-cocked as the elderly man had finished his recruitment speech.

They had been taken down a ladder after one of the recruits so boldly stated that they would be the last one to make their descent to the hallway. He had not placed his revolver back into the holster, Symere felt unsettled in the tight corridor. It was not so much the fact that these "minutemen" so to speak had been keeping tabs on him. Symere was used to that, he has caused trouble for the tyrannical regime that ruled over the United States and had been tracked down to some degree before.

That wasn't the case anymore, however, Symere is a problem. However, not deemed a big enough problem on a national scale. Even then, with the thought of being observed Symere had dismissed that as the reason for his cautious behavior. More or so it had to do with the company he was with. Here Symere stands with ruthless androids and hired mercenaries. Yet, the majority showed little to no caution upon entry into the warehouse. This would intensify Symere's feelings that he was laid in a trap.

Though Symere was in company with a lot of odd-balls with violent backgrounds there was also characters that did not signal any alarms. For example, one of which seemed like a little nerd struggling with gender identity issues to Symere. Another, coming off as a gentleman. The man, during this train of thought had stated that it would be a time to ask questions. Symere backed towards the wall, close to the ladder from which he made his descent. Even if no harm had been done to anyone in this moment of time Symere would not take any chances as he kept his gun pointed downward and his mouth closed.
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Kral stayed on his little perch and nodded to the man's words "I mean hey, some liberation today, some money tomorrow, all sounds great to me" he said as he could feel his mind starts to suffer from some old pains he once before dealt with. The old him knew Atlas well and made shell's for the man once before, but the new Kral was different and only knew fragments of the man's past. Luckily Kral was un-recognizable in his shell so he should be safe from any drama. Though he felt odd seeing and hearing the man that he could once call an equal. Kral then sighed and looked over the others, seeing that some were still hiding off into corners while some made little groups. Though the child like one with alot of words lodged in his mouth seemed nice enough, but there was one that caught his eye.

The machine opened up his arm, the entire thing folded out in small monitors and even what seemed to be a pda. He was looking through his scanners and he noticed an odd read, turns out when ever an A.I. is communicating with it's user, it sends off encrypted signals through the area. He noticed do to most of them coming off of the girl, might be a good idea to talk to her, maybe see if there's anything else to one of the loners in the corners that could come in handy. He went against his social sensor once again and walked up to her, leaning against the wall as he closed up his arm and looked over to her "Well hey there, I see your one of the ones who didn't speak up either. Ya know it's a good idea to get to know your teammates or ya know...atleast know their name" he said reaching out, attempting his best at a formal greeting in a calm manner.

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