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Fantasy The War of the Shadow - Characters



King of the Underworld
This thread is for all character submissions. I'll leave this thread open for a week before closing. I'm looking for four characters to join my own characters in the game, if we get more than that then there will be a review process before I select the final submissions to join the game.

Please note that although I detail the character of Callista specifically here there will be multiple characters played by myself. I will add them onto this thread as you encounter them.

For your submission I am looking for you to provide me with the following information, using the guide below as a template:-

  1. Basic Details (Name, Race and Archetype as per the Lore thread)
  2. Appearance
  3. Personality overview
  4. Backstory

Name: Callista
Race: Human (Erenlander)
Archetype: Wildlander



Callista is certainly an imposing figure, yet of everything, it is her features that strike most fear into her enemies.

Her eyes, light brown in colour are otherwise cold as ice, promising death to her enemies, an inevitable end that they cannot escape from. Her mouth, a thin, hard line carries with it no humour, no kindness, nothing but cold, hard death.

Her stance, proud and tall, tell all who come upon her that here is an implacable, unyielding foe that will haunt them to the grave or die trying.


There is little that remains of the woman that Callista used to be. Knowing that ultimately she was responsible for her own downfall and, ultimately, her own death from the Shadow that follows her relentlessly, she has sunk into a shell of bitterness and self-hatred. Her soul is tainted and blackened from the experiences that have destroyed all of the person she once was.

Yet, unbeknownst to her, some unknown entity favours her and calls her their own. Perhaps she doesn't realise that the strength of her own personality, her own indomitable willpower to survive in the face of almost overwhelming odds that would have crushed another is enough to retain some small favour in the eyes of this mysterious agent.

Perhaps someone, somewhere, realises that Callista is not totally lost yet, that there is still a chance, however small that she may yet become the champion she was born to be. Callista now is a sardonic, black-humoured individual lost behind the boundaries of her own self-pity. She tries to keep herself to herself and rarely speaks. When she does there is very little humour and warmth in her voice. She was never trained to love or to have respect for her fellow people, only for herself and her own abilities, and her recent experiences have driven out whatever humanity she once had.

And yet, deep beneath it all is a woman who, if befriended, will give her all for her companions and defend them with the ferocity that only she can muster. She is reckless, dangerously so, charging forwards with little regard for her own life, as it is all she has left, and yet, perversely, she spends her entire existence on the run from the Shadow, that posses the ability to end her life at any time it so chooses. She has her own set of morals, twisted that they are.....and loyalty is one of those morals. Callista is a paradox, a paradox of a woman and one deeply conflicted. If she could seek some sort of redemption....something to free herself from the self-imposed curse that has claimed her life then she would do it without a moment's hesitation.

Callista doesn't trust easily, and certainly doesn't trust anyone with her dark secret. Since she desires isolation, the closer she gets to someone, the more harshly she treats them, trying to drive them away so they don't suffer the same ignominious fate that she herself has. Yet, deep down, all she desires more than anything else is for someone to break through the barriers she has set in front of herself, someone to save her from herself.


How do I reconcile with my fate? I was once an agent of darkness, Izrador's chosen one, it was my life's duty to seek out and strike down the enemies of my lord. It was my duty to bring to them the divine justice of my lord. Yet this is no longer the case. I have been driven to the depths of the world, to whatever dark corners will shield me from sight. For I am the hunted, not the hunter, cursed to wander the world for eternity lest the agents of shadow that pursue me strip the flesh from my bones and devour my soul. A sad fall for one such as myself, one who once stood high in the divine graces of my liege.

Callista was once exulted as an agent of Izrador, one of the Legates. She who once stood in her lords favour, as one of the Night King's Lieutenants. How badly things went wrong. How far the mighty have fallen. Callista was a protege. Marked for greatness at an early age, she was taken as a babe by acolytes of Sunulael, the Priest of Shadow. The Night King could see that this one was special, unlike the rest. His divinations prophesied that she would one day become a mighty warrior, perhaps the greatest that Aryth had seen.

And so Callista was stolen to the dark citadel of Theros Obsidia, and there she was trained from the day she was strong enough to hold a weapon in her hand. And train she did, each day working long and hard, practising in the art of war, learning the tenets of Izrador, being drilled each and every day in the Dark God's beliefs. And Izrador watched, and was pleased with what he saw.

When she was ready, Callista was given her divine mission. She was to seek down and destroy the enemies of Izrador. Callista revelled in this task, for she had been tempered in war and death, so had little place for love, friendship or humanity. She existed for one thing and one thing only - the death of her enemies. Callista was unmatched in her ability, and all who stood before her fell beneath the strength of her blade, and the power of her prayers. With the favour of Sunulael watching over her, it seemed that nothing could halt her mission.

As with most things though, the equilibrium would shift eventually. There was one thing that would prove to be Callista's downfall. Her own pride. As she slew one foe after the next, Callista grew overconfident and cocky. She was tasked with tracking down and slaying an elven channeler by the name of Lucan Stelios. Callista tracked the Channeler down successfully and, overcoming the defenses in the spellcaster's home, struck a mortal blow to him. As Lucan lay dying, Callista stood over the fallen body of her foe, mocking him in the name of Izrador.

Lucan wasn't finished though. With his dying breath, the channeler cursed his slayer. The curse, given power by the hand of fate and the wish of the dying, manifested itself and severed Callista's link with Izrador quite forcibly. Suddenly, her connection with her dark god severed, Callista, bereft of her powers and abilities as a Legate, felt weak for the first time in her life. Worse, the dying channeler's curse not only severed her link with Izrador, it destroyed the dark god's hold and power over her.

To her eternal horror, the realisation of what she had done and the carnage and death she had been directly responsible for hit her hard. She was now bereft of her god, and her soul was stained with the deaths of countless hundreds of innocents. Izrador would not accept her back, and worse, knowing the secrets she did, she would be damned and hunted by the dark god's agents. They would not tolerate her existence. Without having a choice, she renounced her divine charge, her life now become one of mere survival. Callista now travels the world, trying to hide from the Shadow that trails her always, realising that she cannot ever escape. She knows deep down that she is doomed, that through casting aside her charge she will inevitably die.

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