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Fandom The Walking Dead Rp

Sub Genres
  1. Horror
  2. Romance
  3. Zombies


Junior Member
Hiya! Thank you for stopping by!I’m Aria but you can call me Ari!
Currently I am craving a Walking Dead roleplay- preferably taking place during the prison season or Alexandria.

Let’s come up with a plot together! Please message me with any triggers you may have.

No one liners please.
Please be 18 + as I’m 23 and am only comfortable playing with adults.

I’m looking for someone to play Daryl Dixon or Rick Grimes for me.

Characters I can play: Rick Grimes, Glenn Rhee, Carl Grimes(Aged up), Paul “Jesus” Monroe, Negan— I am hesitantly putting this name up here as I tend to play a softer Negan and have a hard time playing his character.

Things about me;
I have no triggers at all
I prefer discord as I get notifications there
I work full time so please be patient!
I would really really prefer the story be romance

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