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The Volc gang. (A red dead redemption rp)


The Flowiest on site
I'm basically ripping off red dead 2 for a rp who wants in?

Set in the last days of the uncivilized old west, you are apart of the notorious Volc gang led by the charismatic leader Joe Dee Volc, looking to make enough money to buy enough land and live like royalty in Mexico or some other foreign place other then America

Rob innocent folk, banks, other outlaws,
Run from and kill the law and bounty hunters until they are literally sending teams of men with dogs!

The gang needs three to four skilled gunslingers,
Two sneaky sorts,
A charismatic bullshitter able to talk their way into and out of anything
A skilled hunter with knowledge of the land.
You can write and play as any character you desire, but they need to have been found by Joseph in their darkest/most desperate moment, they need to have almost undying loyalty and faith in their leader.

Who wants in?
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