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Fantasy The void war of Jarack

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Neon Chilli

Just a bottle of chilli standing in a ghost town
In the land of Jareedi is the king of Flames,
The king treated war and battle as games,
ordering his warriors to never take names
Burn the strong, the wicked, useless and lames
So all of Jarack will know...

Soon Jarack will be painted red
Warmth from Jareedi with the mages dead
If the lands of Jarack can abandon hate
They could join in something great.

In the land of Maho is a Magic king,
Hated by people for saving his offspring
The knomages fought but they came up short
The city of Mogga was caught
The Jareedi knew how to thwart...

Soon Jarack will be painted blue
The mages of Mogga will see it through
The lands of Jarack best watch their breath
As Maho shall cause their death.

The Akuman king wants peace, he flew off to make it so
But the Akuman king rode a Dragon, and he didn't know
How the lands of Jarack fear dragons, to see one means you'd die
The Akuman king fought back, so all could hear his cry

"Soon Jarack will be painted dead,
No flag of blue no flag of red
For darkness comes, of that I know
Jarack is a target of a evil that grows
Send out your best as I will my own
Forge a alliance to safeguard our home"

The Demon king is coming, from a distance cross the sea
The shadows and the monsters, well they don't frighten me
The lands of Jarack now united strong and free,
All of us together will make the darkness flee...

(Song of Jarack--written after the Void war before the three kingdoms fought once more. )
((I can't write spoilers forgive me))

Long ago, the kingdoms of Jarack were in constant battle...To save you all the trouble I'll just touch on a few things.

Jareedi rules Jarack, With fire and metal they consistently win the wars fought against Maho over many years. Always expanding further and further.
They forged the armies that could conquer Maho and march onward to Akuma but it was in no way a easy victory.
The magic king chose to surrender when the city of Mogga was taken by the fire forces.
This led to the creation of Rolragga, the best of Jareedi and Maho fused into one beautiful enchanted city.
Seven years have past, Jarack lives in a age of uneasy peace...

With the death of the fire king, his wife proved herself cunning aswell as strong and she has been elected as ruler.
In a effort to control her divided kingdom Shina Hart creates a new title that demands respect and alludes to her strength and power. The Dragon Queen.

With the Magic King's surrender Ains Circa was able to save the grand library of Mogga, Though the city was taken and remade into Rolragga with jareedi forces occupying more land. The magic king has spent years building strength and scheming.

Alot has happened in Akuma, to put it short forty seven tribes united under one chief. Welt Stawa is a legend amongst the akumans, the most talented beast master in all the land. It was on the back of a purple dragon Welt demanded the land of fire and magic respect his people and his land... Of course when a man riding a mythical monster rocks up and makes demands people listen.

They have managed to form a alliance between the three kingdoms...
At the dragon queens request, the three lands plan to offer important figures as marriage canidates, a way to strengthen the bonds between the lands.
But while the Dragon Queen continues to assert dominance over Jarack and the magic king wishes to conquer the lands of Jarack and further...
The Akumans have news of a new terrifying threat to the lands. Shadows, demons, ghosts... Many names are given to these mysterious enemies.

A event is being held in Rolragga, royalty and important figures from all across Jarack shall be in attendance. It is there the Akumans shall share what they have seen.
But is it to late?
This is a medieval fantasy world with magic and monsters, There is two main narratives at play here...
1) who shall rule Jarack? Each kingdom has the means to rule, some easier than others but all three wish to sit on top with the other two being subservient.

2) a fourth faction moves to invade Jarack, they rival all of Jaracks kingdoms and could easily defeat them all one by one.
Only one kingdom knows of these foriegn invaders.

If you choose to play you shall be making a character to fill a role,
Jareedi, Maho and Akuma each have different agendas and goals which I shall give to each player as needed.

A party is being thrown in Rolragga, the three rulers have each sent representatives of their land.
The important figures here being Princes, princesses, respected knights and nobles from each kingdom.

Each ruler is lucky enough to be blessed with at least two children of age, (princes and princesses)
Each kingdom has sent a entourage to accompany these members of nobility.
If you wish to make a character please post here what kingdom your character is from and what role they play.
For example
"I'd like to play as a Warrior of Akuma"
So I'd tag that person where relevant and everyone knows that spot is taken.
I aim to make the CS page once people show interest but I'll remind you if you reserve a limited role and do not make a cs in time you can lose your spot to someone quicker.
Post requirements is two paragraphs or more twice a week.

(I'll most likely have a character of some importance in each faction but I only plan on making one member of royalalty. Most likely from Akuma.)

Akuma faction
(Strange technology and rare magic. Seen as dangerous tribals)
((Basically Jedi without the religion))
Akuma’s king shall be played by me
Eldest Son- Neon Chilli Neon Chilli

Jareedi kingdom
(Fire, water an earth magic aswell as talented blacksmiths. Seen as outstanding warriors)
((Inspired by avatar the last airbender in terms of style magic etc))
The dragon Queen shall be played by me

Maho kingdom
(Home of magic, birthplace of Artefacts and enchantments. Seen as brilliant mages)
((Mix Harry potter with anime))
The magic king is played by me

Mysterious fourth faction
(these people have very unique magic and if you choose to play as one of these roles you may be on a bit of a leash)
((The perfect threat))
Captured assassin-

Let me know if your keen or have questions.
I'll tag people who might care here, if you do or not dont worry as i wont be offended or heartbroken aha
Vexumin Vexumin Historia Calamatium Historia Calamatium Juju Juju Syfer Syfer Master of Lava Master of Lava
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Master of Lava

Gods and mortals, fear my fury and my flames!
Hey, I think I’d be really interested! I’d love to play the knight of Jareedi or the spellsword of Maho. Or both if you’ll let me.


Whiskered Wizard
I’ll go as a prince of Jareedi again! I will also be changing up my character compared to last time.

Neon Chilli

Just a bottle of chilli standing in a ghost town
Once enough people show up and choose a faction I'll send pm's with info relevant to the kingdom you chose.

Master of Lava

Gods and mortals, fear my fury and my flames!
Well like I said, I can also do Maho if you allow for second characters at this point. But yeah, I think having my first one from Jareedi would be fine.

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