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"For the greater good"
Welcome to the Villmont Academy

The students chattered amongst themselves as they walked back up the steps to the Villmont building. Returning to their home after spending their lunch wandering the streets in the heart of New York City. No onlooker paid these students any mind as they seemed like they were ordinary interns returning back to their boring office. But the students were anything but ordinary. Under their clothing and tucked in their pockets were deadly weapons. In their capable hands, they could take someone down before they even had a chance to scream.

The ‘VAA’ was more than what meets the eye, once an old castle remodelled to fit the aesthetic of New York. The historical site now appearing as a modern office building. Despite its exterior, the interior hasn’t quite caught up with the times. Each of the sixteen floors is connected by grand staircases. The lack of elevators is usually quite a shock to the system for new students trying to travel between floors for classes. Making up for the lack of convenient transportation is the beauty of the campus looking around you would find all of the old structures of the castle still standing. A true sight to behold, walking through the campus never gets any less awe-inspiring.

Welcome to the Villmont Academy for Assassins

Another year had begun at the Villmont Academy and the returning students were holding their breath in nervous anticipation. The school year always started out with a bang. Some form of challenge or chaotic even was always sprung on the students to prevent them from getting too comfortable. It set the tone for what to expect from the rest of the school year. They were already a week in and yet there was nothing. It was almost peaceful by Villmont standards.

As students gathered in the halls ready to start their poisons class an announcement rang out over the intercom. “Good afternoon students, now that you’ve all settled in, there will be a meeting at the end of the day, everyone is required to attend. Severe consequences will be thrust upon those who neglect this warning.” Unknown to the listening students they were going to be given a welcoming they would never forget.

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Briar Beckett

Briar hummed softly, replacing the dead roses on her bedside table with new ones. Their fragrance and colour already brightening up the room. She had spent her lunch break decorating her half of the room to make it look welcoming. After a tragic set of circumstances, she had been left without a roommate for a while. This was no longer the case as Mr Villmont had informed her that she would be getting one today. Something about a late acceptance and there were no other rooms. She didn’t mind though, it was nice to make new friends.

When the door clicked open she spun around to greet her new roommate. They were pretty, like in a way where she kind of wanted the newbie to step on her. Oh, her gay submissive heart. “Hello, it’s lovely to meet you. I’m Briar” she introduced herself, holding out her hand to shake. “I hope you like roses? These rooms smell kinda strange and it covers it up well.” Smells strange was one way to put it. Blood, the roses cover the smell of blood well. Especially if you get in from a mission late and don’t have time to wash it out of your clothes before bed. She didn’t mention this of course. Sometimes newbies were still a bit squeamish about casual talk of death.

Briar clapped her hands together before picking up her ‘poisons and how to use them’ textbook. “Want me to walk you to class? I hate to rush you but we have eleven flights of stairs to walk up” she explained. While she had been tackling the stairs for most of her life miss pretty brown eyes hadn’t. So if they were going to make it in time they would probably be best leaving early. “The Villmont family are like trillionaires yet have never heard of an elevator” she joked, laughing softly.

Half an hour and eleven flights of stairs later the girls had arrived to their classroom. Despite leaving early they were a bit late to class so they had to join a random table with two other people. As soon as they had sat down Professor Kephie launched into the lecture. “Batrachotoxin, a neurotoxin extracted from the slime on the skin of a specific species of frog” the professor explained, writing on the board as she spoke. “What you will be most interested in is the fact that it kills within minutes with no known antidote.” she began to walk around the room placing one box between two people. “In your tables, you will take turns gathering the toxin from the frogs in the boxes in front of you. You can do this by scraping the slime off its back

Briar lifted the lid of the box but quickly returned the lid as the frog tried to escape. No known antidote huh? That could be pretty interesting. Well, at least Kephie wasn’t making them consume it and see who could come up with a cure the quickest. “Well, this is going to be interesting” she laughed, smiling over at Josephine. Due to their lateness, it looked like she had ended up paired with Kendal. Oof, probably not the best option for a newbie. She could be a bit scary. Besides, how could she say no to working with Hallie? She completely adored her there was no way she could pass up the opportunity. “Oh, Kendal, Hallie. This is Josephine she’s new” she introduced her new friend.

The frog in their box croaked loudly. It made her feel kinda bad. Poor little thing trapped alone in a little box. Did they have to hurt it to get the toxin? She wasn’t sure if she could hurt such a cute little thing. Sure she killed people for a living but she wasn’t a complete monster. “Hallie, want to get dinner with me after the meeting?” she asked, scanning the page on Batrachotoxin. “I stumbled upon a little exotic fruit shop and brought something called a banana passion fruit.” she looked up from the text and winked at her. Whenever she found a weird fruit she couldn’t help but think of the girl. She was a big fan of her videos after all.
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Raelynn Daniels

Rae rolled her eyes; she was used to the threats from the faculty and had managed to say relatively under the radar so far. Rae had made her way back to her room during lunch to gather her books for the following class. Poison, how to make and administer discretely. Not her favorite class, but by no means her least favorite. At least this was something she could learn from reading plenty and wouldn’t bring back memories that she would quite frankly, rather not remember.

Rae looked to her right, her new roommate’s half of the room, it was almost like no one lived there, everything was perfectly put away in its spot, and the bed was made without even a wrinkle in it. Rae knew that a lot of people were rather weird at VAA, they were killers after all. But Kendall was different, Rae felt uncomfortable around her. Her past roommates hadn’t made her feel this cautious. But this was probably a good thing, something for her to learn from, someone to keep her on her toes and watching her back.

Rae walked towards the door, looking over her shoulder once more before closing the door behind her to make sure she hadn’t forgotten something. Rae sighed staring up at the grand staircase, her dorm was on the 5th floor and poisons was on the dreaded 16th floor. Which was only dreaded because she had to walk up 11 flights of stairs to get to it, groaning she started to make her way up the stairs

Rae had been walking these stairs for 3 years now and yet she still wasn’t accustomed to it, completely out of breath she headed towards the Professor Khepri’s classroom, slumping herself down into the first seat she could manage to walk to. Reminding herself she really needed to get back down to the gym. She felt like she would never be a successful assassin if she couldn’t survive just walking up stairs. Pulling out the rather large books for the class Rae hid herself behind them, taking the time to read about today's poison, Batrachotoxin, an almost undetectable paralytic and cardiotoxin. She watched as the professor wrote on the board, Rae felt like this class was so pointless she could literally learn any and all of this from a book.

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Lord Szatan

Kendall had never been an incredibly social girl. From the time she could remember she never really had any close friends at all. That was completely fine with her of course, she had no interest in keeping up relations with people. Relationships were exhausting and between training and schooling she had never had any time for them. So she spent most of her time alone and lunch was most definitely one of those times. Kendall didn't like being off campus too long. The city made her feel uncomfortable, too much unknown and random people brushing up against you. The thought of all those people and all that space that the city covered made her heart pound. New York was entirely too dirty, and the people even more so. The last thing Kendall wanted was someone touching her. There was no telling where those people had been and that made her avoid being off campus as much as she possibly could. Missions were different, on missions she had a plan and an almost exact knowledge of the place she was going to. Blueprints were a god send and she used them in missions as often as she could get her hands on them. Knowing the ins and outs of a targets home or place of work gave her an advantage that she felt comfortable in. Less surprises meant less distractions and god knows she needed less of those. Kendall's mind worked a mile a second and it was hard to stay focused on the task at had with too many unknowns surrounding her. Knowing was better. Knowing was always better.

Kendall had a habit of always going to the same small restaurant every lunch break. There was a small sandwich shop not too far from the Academy and it was small enough that she knew most of the customers. Kendall observed them as they made their daily routines. Habitual and easy. Habit was something she could relate too. A man in a business suit who always ordered a ham sandwich with heaping amounts of vegetables, he was loud and boisterous and always flirted with the cashier girl, his name was Clark Timmerman and he lived in the apartment across the street. A teenager with a shaved head that either ordered a simple turkey and cheese sandwich or something with replete with chicken, she was abrasive and Kendall was had taken her for an arsonist, she was a foster kid named Petra Perez and had even left the city for a time. The last customer that had caught her eye was an older woman by the name of Kelly Anders. Kelly was a mother of four and a cheating kleptomaniac, Kendall had seen her steal countless watches and bracelets from the boutique next door. She was married but always met a tall man dressed in all black and adorned in spikes named Jesse Olson just outside the shop and they made their way back to his home for what Kendall could only assume was sex. It was Kelly that she found the most interesting, a cheater and a thief, Kendall wouldn't be surprised if she found herself with a target on her head. Kendall spent most of her time during lunch watching these people move in and out rather than actually eating anything, but the second she was done it was back to the dorms.

The second she got back to her dorm she collected her books that she needed for Poisons class and situated them neatly in her satchel. There were a few wrinkles on the bed that she'd missed this morning so she straightened those out before straightened those out and turned her head to her roommates side of the room. Rae wasn't annoying. That was a blessing. Kendall hated those bubbly types always trying to be your friend up in your face constantly nagging you. In fact, Rae seemed to be cautious of her and that was completely fine with Kendall. She didn't need her roommate to be her best friend, just for her to stay out of Kendall's way. It was easy to get people to stay out of your way if they were afraid of you. Kendall looked herself over in the mirror and narrowed her eyes at a spec of dirt on the shoulder of her brown leather jacket. She reached up and brushed the thing off with her fingers, satisfied she straightened the white shirt under her jacket and ran a hand through her hair before heading out the door.

The eleven floors she had to climb for Poisons was a nuisance at best. Kendall never found a need to complain about the lack of elevator. These things had to be lived with so she lived with them. Besides there was nothing wrong with a good workout and the stairs typically provided one. Kendall was always early to class always arriving exactly five minutes on the dot before class started. This gave her time to finish up any assignments that she'd left unfinished and get everything set up for class. She had a very extensive note taking set up that her mother had taught her and arranged neatly in her space were several high lighters, two pens one black and one red, and of course her notebook the pages of which were filled with incredibly neat and close handwriting. Kendall didn't have any assignments to finish up for this class so she was left to sit patiently while she waited for class to start. By this point, Kendall was sure Professor Kephie was used to her always appearing too early and then sitting there until saying nothing until then. Thankfully the classroom wasn't completely silent in that time. The sound of the Professor's pen moving back and forth as he worked on one thing or another was enough to break the silence. The only thing that irked her was the clock above his head ticking. The infuriating thing made her eyebrows twitch, but if she focused on Professor Kephie's pen for or carving her fingernails into the wood of the desk it was fine.

Once the Professor was ready to start class everyone started trickling in Hallie was the first to arrive at her table and Kendall gave her no sign that she even acknowledged her presence. Kendall wasn't terribly friendly and that wasn't hard to pick up on. Next to arrive was Briar and a girl she didn't recognize. A pretty girl at that. Kendall watched her as she moved across the classroom and took a seat with Briar. Her eyes practically bored into the girl as she sat there, watching every one of her movements with an odd interest. Kendall's ears perked when Briar introduced her as Josephine. Josephine. Her fingers glided across the wood of the desk, spelling out the girls name as she continued to watch her. This was a name she'd want to remember something about this Josephine peaked her interest. Kendall stayed silent as Briar launched into talking to Hallie, sliding her hand across the desk toward Josephine and offering her hand before she finally spoke.


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Melissa Shibuya

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Mel plopped down with on her bed with a groan. Only a week in and it felt like her old school; Miserable and boring. She wanted to kill someone. Or get a cat. Or use a morning star. Didn't matter to her. She nuzzled up into her soft pink blanket, gazing longingly at the vase of white lilies on her nightstand. Oh, how she dreamed to stuff those in someone's eyes again.

It was still an unnerving atmosphere for Mel. Being around such experienced killers threw her off-- some of her teachers and classmates had numbers in the hundreds-- especially when she only had one kill under her belt. She couldn't help but think that killing was much different than she thought it would be, though she still had nightmarish flashbacks of Lizzy's intestines. I guess my capacity for guilt is gone after shoving everyone around so much.

After lying thoughtlessly for a few more minutes, Mel sat up and realized that she probably should go "learn". Grabbing her tote and slipping on a pair of black flats, she stepped in front of the full mirror she had propped up in the corner of her room. She brushed her hair behind her ear and looked at her outfit, deciding it was good enough before swinging her door open and walking out into the hall.

She groaned yet again when she saw the stairs, reminded of just how many she was about to ascend. Each time Melissa scaled them, she was winded. Good way to get fit, I guess? Stepping up to the first stair and exhaling determinedly, she ran up the staircase, her heavy steps hoeing loudly in the otherwise quiet hall.

After tens of minutes of what felt like hell, Melissa slipped open the door to her classroom. Clutching her stomach, she stumbled over to slide into an empty chair. There was a brown haired girl next to her, and she looked at her confusedly. Rachel? ...Ria? Rae? Rae. That's Rae. Melissa swallowed hard and brushed another strand of hair out of her eyes, scooting closer to Rae. "Hey, Rae, right?" She whispered, keeping an eye on Professor Kephie and rapidly scribbling down notes on some sort of poison.​



President Soap🧼

She looked up at the 'castle.' The outside was pretty. Yes, she won't deny that. A ton of rich, terrible, murdering assholes decided to make an academy for even more murdering assholes. Not that she's y'know, judging or anything... She wasn't going to ask herself why she was doing this in the first place. Jo had thought about this for a whole year, planning, hyperventilating, figuring it out. She's not going to lie and say any of this was just a breeze for her. It took some work. But it paid off, she's here and it wasn't for the scenery.

After a bit of time, she arrived at the assigned dorm. So... what? It was just like a college? Hey, maybe she'll even get a degree out of this. Though, let's be honest. It's not like she's planning on staying.

She wasn't sure what she expected. A torture room? Knifes on the wall, blood splattered everywhere. Maybe she'd even prepared herself for it. What she didn't prepare for was a blue-eyed beauty in front of her posing as an assassin. Well... maybe it was the other way around. But something told her this girl was just posing for the beauty part of it. Joey quickly wiped off her short shock and walked in further to the room, placing her bag onto the bed. "Josephine." She probably would've thrown in the classic 'my friends call me Jo.' But y'know. Was she really planning on making friends here? Her gaze swept across the room and landed onto the roses and her panic almost flooded.

It was just roses.

Everyone likes roses.

It meant nothing unless there's actual evidence. She wasn't stupid. Just... desperate.

She nodded hesitantly before muttering an 'It's fine.' She didn't know what to feel. Clean beds? No guns attached to the wall, no target on the headboards? Just as simple as it was, it was just a room. Briar had clapped her hands together, making the brunette jump instinctively. 'Poisons and how to use them.' Oh great, that'll come in handy. "Eleven flights of stairs, huh." Jo tried to wipe off her uncomfortable state off her face and calmed herself down. Body language said everything, she knew that. She studied that. Which meant she knew how to make it seem like everything was fine.

But nothing about this, or here, was fine.

"I can handle it. I used to workout with my dad a lot." The thought was strong enough to make her fake smile fade in the slightest. Why was she opening up to a stranger? No, why was she opening up to someone who has probably killed at least 40 people. Jo cleared her throat and placed her hand in her pockets, forcing a chuckle out at her joke. Before she knew it she was almost walking past the classroom, too lost in her own thoughts to actually notice when Briar stopped walking. They were late. Okay, she could care less. Interesting didn't cover half of this school. It was like fucking hogwarts in here. "Mmhm. I'm sure this'll be the highlight of my day."

She followed Briar to a table, making eye-contact with one of the girls there. Why was she staring? Jo didn't know why but she kept eye-contact with her, letting out an involuntary shiver at her gaze. Tearing her gaze away forcefully to focus onto the frog they were supposed to extract the life-ending poison from. Poor thing. Jo wonders if-- A hand was pushed into her vision and the last person she ever thought would even speak to her, did. A small breath escaped her lips, looking up towards the most likely killer. "... Uh, hi." She stared at her hand for a few seconds, was she really about to shake hands with a literal-- everyone here was a murderer. The sooner Joey got over it, the easier this'll be.

Shaking her hand while she analyzed her. This girl could simply extract the poison from this frog and jam it into the arm within seconds. There was nothing keeping Josephine from doing the same. But it was a question of who actually had the guts to do it. That worried feeling had come bubbling up at the thought of it. Replacing her straight face with an uncharacteristic smile. "So... Kendall. Let's get started on this poor guy. Hm?" She released her hand to pick up a syringe.

Squinting her eyes at the frog. It wasn't like she was afraid to extract the venom or whatever the hell it was. But she didn't want to like, hurt it.

With a sigh, she held out the syringe to her. "Why don't you show me how it's done." If there was anyone who seemed like they could handle something sharp in this room. It was most definitely tall, dark, and broody.

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Lunch out in New York was always a trip, there were so many restaurants and cafés, but nothing beat stopping at Bella's apartment. That girl had gotten the recipe for carbonara down to a science and every time it was perfect. And seeing her god-daughter was always a treat, despite the fact her father hadn't been around today. Now, however, she was back in the grand halls of Villmont, heading up to her dorm room. Her roomie, a mystery girl, was most likely not back from lunch yet or had gone off to class already. Which was a good idea given that they had a ridiculous amount of stairs to climb, like out of everything these guys could have renovated, they just left the stairs? No elevator or anything. The poor guys with broken feet. Well anyway, it wasn't exactly a problem perse, more an annoyance, and annoyance that made sure her ass looked fantastic. So, after grabbing the bag with her school supplies inside, and filling her cat's food bowl, she left her room and began the trek upstairs.

Poison was one of Riley's favorite classes, as she always loved science while in grade school. She particularly loved one of the lessons from last year involving snakes, that was just fascinating and thankfully they had some anti-venom because someone had "accidentally" tainted her water bottle as practice and it was just not cool. And she didn't even know who did it, not many of those jerks from her first year liked her at first. Honestly, Riley wasn't really sure if any of those guys really liked her all that much. They weren't there to make friends, but you should at least be able to trust your future and sometimes current coworkers. As she climbed those stairs, Riley continued to think on the topic. Most of these people, she would be working with some time in the future, but there was no telling which of them you could actually trust. And did any of them really deserve that trust? Sometimes it has to be blind, and most of the files here were classified and Riley wasn't skilled enough to get her hands on them. Yet at least.

Walking into the poison classroom, she wasn't surprised to find she was not the first one to arrive. Kendall, Raelynn, Briar, and Josephine were all in and seated before her, so Riley, not sure which one, if any, she wanted to talk to, sat down at an empty desk near the front. The few minutes she still had before the class started allowed her to grab her dark green, college ruled composition notebook, and the corresponding pen of the same shade green. She took wonderfully notes, her handwriting was neat, but since she occasionally traveled with these notebooks, she wrote her notes in Russian, a language she was forced to learn the previous year for one of her missions. And sure, sometimes it would make her look like a Russian spy, but she can play dumb and fake the poor English of a college transfer student which got her out of most situations. Anyone who wanted a copy could just ask her to translate her notes over, it helped her memorize them and she didn't mind sharing. Plus she could use them to get favors, small favors, but favors none the less.

Class started fairly quickly, other students, like Melissa slipping shortly before. That girl was odd, a little odder than most of the students here, so Riley often tried to about her. Anyway, her attention was the teacher, and then the task at hand. "What a noisy little frog you are," she muttered, moving the box on her table slightly as she heard a loud croak. They were supposed to get a toxin from it, which mean it probably had hidden glands they had to find without getting poisoned by it in the process. The first day back, and they were just jumping in yeah? In front of her now was not only her notebook but now her textbook, Riley flipping through to find the page on Batrachotoxin. Of course, there was a good chance this could be a poison dart frog, she couldn't remember the scientific name for it, meaning she was gonna need gloves at least because most of the toxin for those guys was concentrated on the skin. "I guess he might be scraped," she chuckled.


Shadow Goddess

VAA. A place for "Assassins"
So you know that at anytime somebody was completely capable of killing you. How reassuring. That how they marketed the place?
Yeah let's just all get the most dangerous people together in one place. Great idea.

Josh sighed.

Another day at this rotten hellhole. What was the point of even being here. Josh wished he could just walk right off and never come back.
Although at least the other people here were in the same boat. Walking to his class he knew he was probably late. It wasn't really his fault. It was just a crazy day.
He couldn't even find what room he was supposed to be in and ended up roaming the halls for awhile before just giving up.
He sighed as he reached the class and slipped in quietly, hoping to not draw too much attention. If the teacher was gonna bother him for being late he'd just have to figure out some excuse.
Hopefully nobody minded on the very first day. He wouldn't be late again. He wasn't a slacker, he just was horrible at figuring things out day one.
He sat near another girl who seemed just as bored here as he was. That probably meant that the class wasn't going over anything important.

"Please tell it's something pointless. I'm gonna groan if we're diving into anything I can't learn on my own already." He whispered to her.
He didn't know anything about her but if she wasn't interested in replying he wouldn't blame her. To be quite honest everyone here kinda blended in.
The whole place was so grey and emotionless he didn't really see faces so much as moving figures anymore.


Shadow Prince

Raven looked up towards the ceiling of Villmont Academy's revered university. The dated yet classic interior was impressive; given from both an architectural and artistic perspective. The ceiling seemed to be the only contrasting aspect of the building however, having its design as flamboyant as possible while leaving many of the walls and staircases to be paled by comparison. From what it looked like to Raven, there was not much effort put into taking away the ominous atmosphere created by such a lack of colorization. Though, it was to be expected coming from a school dedicated to perfecting the craft of assassination.

His eyes diverted from the ceiling and drew his attention toward the staircases. They looked absolutely dreadful to traverse. Despite having an incredible amount of stamina and endurance, the thought of having to use those stairs on a day to day basis was mentally tiresome. As if he already was not dissatisfied enough with the arrangement, the fact that he had to constantly use stairs just to get from one place to the next soured his mood even more. Not that he was a joy to be around or anything.

Books held firmly between his arm and side, Raven had a sharp intake of breath before exhaling. This was definitely going to be quite the annoyance having to follow through on his end of this deal. The veteran assassin took a few steps forward while not particularly looking in any given direction. He was told to meet in the foyer to be given a tour of the campus before being introduced to what would be his office, where he would spend a good amount of hours each day. Of course, this was when he was not instructing. That was something to look forward to... teaching kids how to use weapons more effectively without killing themselves in the process.

"So this is where my legacy goes to die. People can get assassinated, but I wasn't aware that futures could." Raven said to himself.

"Anything can be killed if it has to do with people Mr. Solis." A voice responded from behind him.

Raven whirled around to find a very inconspicuous looking gentleman in a suit staring right at him with a salesmen-like smile. He proceeded to hold out his hand waiting for Raven to grasp it. He tentatively reached for it and shook it with a firm grip. The smile however, was not returned. The man seemed to not be detoured by it.

"I'm Virgil Remington, a former student and current advisor for Villmont." The man now introduced as Virgil explained.

"An advisor? We have those here?" Raven asked confused.

"Naturally. While this may not be a... shall we say, traditional university, the students here will eventually need to specialize in a particular form of assassination. Though I suppose this would not have applied to you given your... variegated resume." Virgil answered.

Raven placed his hands on his hips and tilted his head.

"I find it hard to believe that any kid here would want to restrict themselves to one skill." Raven doubted.

"Well of course. Specialization will not keep our students here from being well rounded assassins. There are just those who have a higher aptitude in certain areas; a concept I'm sure you're aware of Mr. Sniper." Virgil responded with subtle sarcasm added at the end.

Raven gave a rather unamused look to Virgil. He already did not care for the guy upon first look, but his last few sentences were not doing him any favors either.

I wonder if everyone else here is as wonderful as this guy...

"Alright, whatever. Can we go ahead and get this started? I'm getting tired of lugging these books around." Raven told him impatiently.

"It would be my pleasure." Virgil grinned.

It would be my pleasure to sow that mouth of yours shut.

It took way longer than Raven expected to tour the campus in its entirety. Unsurprisingly, there were many hidden areas that were not easily accessible without the proper knowledge. This was mainly due to the fact that since the college was established in public eyesight, it had to maintain legitimacy by obscuring sections of the building for the sake of not compromising the true operations. Some classrooms had a normal outlay, though there were other classrooms that required to be "in the back" as Virgil called it.

Either way, his arm was growing tired of holding onto the books he had with him. They were not anything special, mainly on gun maintenance and human anatomy. Though he did have a gun catalog thrown in the mix. Looking at pictures of current and newly developing rifles was a guilty pleasure of his.

The man was just ready to get into his office so he could put them all down and sit for a little while. Additionally, he wanted to at least make his office a little more comfortable by readjusting it to his preferences. The desk for sure would have to be given a serious overhaul.

Finally, Virgil stopped in front of a door in a smaller hallway away from the main staircase.

"Here we are. Your office is right through that door. See how it says your name on the side there?" Virgil commented.

"Yes Virgil, I did notice that thank you." Raven snidely responded.

"On your desk you will find a paper detailing important quick-dial numbers, your faculty email and password, as well as the login info for the computer. Your itinerary will be sent to your email along with your class information. Later today I believe you will also have an introductory session to become familiar with the students." Virgil informed him.

"Okay, so what exactly will I be teaching?" Raven asked.

"Instructing." Virgil corrected.

"Right. Instructing." Raven rolled his eyes.

"You will be instructing students on weapon proficiency. Since you are a very capable weapons master and a highly skilled sharpshooter, you will be leading a class in learning and mastering their ability to use the staple weapons of assassination. You will have to come up with a course syllabus soon as well, and the board decided they would let you determine how you would grade overall performance. Material will also be left entirely up to you." Virgil explained.

"Great. So I'm both overwhelmed and underprepared. You guys are just randomly throwing me in here." Raven complained.

"I supposed you better go ahead and get acquainted with your office then." Virgil replied.

"I supposed I should." Raven remarked.

And with that, Virgil bid Raven a good day before walking off. Miffed at the personality of the advisor, Raven opened his door and took a step into his office.

Raven took a deep breath as he gathered in his surroundings. The office itself reminded him almost of a lawyer's office; having many bookcases and dark stained wooden furniture. There was a window where light was barely pouring in enough to give natural lighting to majority of the space. Raven then walked over to his desk, where he found the aforementioned paper as well as a key for the office itself. The veteran assassin pulled the desk chair back before seating himself and crossing his arms.

"So I'm really a teacher now." Raven said to himself.

Instructor. Virgil's pesky voice in his head reminding Raven of his error.

"Right, instructor."


Lord Szatan

Kendall would admit she almost smiled as Josephine shook her hand in greeting. Almost. She wasn't particularly a very smiley person so that was a bit odd and caught Kendall off guard for a moment. She sat there drawn into herself kind of confused as to what had just happened, but soon the feeling was gone and she looked back up. Josephine picked up the syringe and seemed to debate with herself for a moment before pushing the frog Kendall's way and handing her the syringe. Kendall smirked as she took the device from Josephine, purposefully brushing her fingers as she did so and attempting to gauge her reaction with her eyes locked on the other girl's face. The moment passed and Kendall gently chuckled as she pulled gloves over her hands. She knew she wouldn't have to hurt the thing but she'd rather not get distracted and accidentally touch something she wasn't supposed to. That would be an early end to her career that she didn't want.

"You don't have to hurt it." Kendall said, her voice careful and precise, "Just take some of the stuff off it's back." She took a piece of paper and gently use it to push some of the frog's slime into a pile so that she could suck it up in the syringe. Her hands were steady and incredibly gentle for someone like her. Kendall loved animals, they were one of the only things she felt like were completely free of evils. Most humans were evil right down to their core and those were the ones that had to be stopped. That's what Kendall thought of herself as. A sort of reckoning to be had for the evils of this world. Judge, jury, and executioner. That sense of twisted justice is where she'd gotten her codename, she was effectively the Grim Reaper, death knocking on the door of those who had done wrong. The Angel of Death, although, Kendall was no angel. The way people went out under her hand was gruesome and most often extremely painful. The guise that made Kendall sleep a little better at night was that they deserved it, but she knew that deep down she enjoyed it.

"There." Kendall shook her thoughts away and presented the filled syringe to Josephine, "I prefer a more hands on approach, but that gets the job done, I suppose." She didn't like using poisons or guns or anything really where you didn't have to get up close and personal with a target. If you were going to kill someone you might as well feel them die. Kendall had an odd fascination with watching the light disappear from someones eyes as their struggle dissipated. It was weirdly calming to her, watching someone fall into a slumber that they would never wake up from. Death was sleep and the only escape from the pain Kendall caused. In someways that she was not, death was merciful. People might beg for it by the time she was done with them. Poisons couldn't give Kendall that satisfaction of knowing that she held someones life in her hands and that she could so easily crushed it at any moment. Kendall's eyes locked on Josephine's and for a moment, she wondered.

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Raelynn Daniels

Alright, maybe she had under-credited the instructor and the class. They were going to be hands on for once, and as much as Rae wasn't easily disgusted, she really hated even just the idea of touching a slimy frog. Blood she was fine with, but a frog, why did it have to be a frog. She opened the top of the box to see that the frog wasn't even dead. They were going to have to extract this poison from a living frog. She almost felt bad for the frog, the poor thing didn't choose to carry the poison.

Rae had been so distracted by the frog in the box in front of her she didn't notice when someone had taken the seat beside her. Rae looked up towards the blonde beside her. 'great she remembers my name, ans I don't have any idea what hers is.' of course Rae recognized the girl, but school had just started a week ago and in Rae's defense, she didn't really talk to a lot of people. She tried to stay more to herself the best she could, especially in a school like this, it was better to not make enemies. If you make friends, they find out about your life and in a school like this you couldn't risk your secrets getting out.

"Uh.. Hi" Rae pulled at her fingers. "I'm sorry, whats your name again?" She furrowed her eyebrows together, observing the girl. "I'm honestly horrible with names." She sighed, looking over to the professor she began to drone on about the frogs in front of them. This was all things that she read about during the past summer months.

Man Rae was popular, this was probably the most she talked to anyone all year, or ever if she was being serious. “Well that depends” she turned to the boy beside her. “Can you learn how to remove a poisonous substance from a frog without killing yourself in the process on your own?” She raised an eyebrow talking rather frankly.

Maybe Rae knew something about the species in front of her. And poisons wasn’t her least favorite class, but it wasn’t exactly something she excelled at personally. It was easy for her to absorb information, but a little hands on practice never hurt anyone.

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Mel hadn't realized there was a frog in front of her and only saw it when Rae opened the box. She recoiled back, her hands tightly clenched together. Mel wasn't fond of slimy animals, but the sharp syringe next to the box caught her eye. She picked it up, toying with the instrument before hearing Rae speak up.

"Oh, that's not problem! I'm Melissa. Call me Mel though." She said cheerily with a smile, still rolling the syringe in her hands. Usually she wouldn't be this open, but having something so sharp nearby put her at ease.

She turned her attention to the boy that plopped down next to Rae, looking him over curiously. But Rae's next words quickly took all of her interest, her eyebrows shooting up sharply. "Uh, this is deadly? No thanks." She said, flicking the box with a long red nail. She briefly glanced back down at the syringe in her hands before looking back at the frog. "Do we kill it?" Mel's hands already itched to stab it, especially considering it was slimy and had the capacity to kill her. She'd rather stick to taking notes then experimenting with frogs and lethal toxins.

As Mel continued playing with the syringe, a sharp sting jolted up her index finger. "Hnghh," She reacted through gritted teeth, looking down at her hand while cradling it with in the other. Placing the syringe back on the table and dotting away the blood, she examined the puncture with concern heavy in her dark eyes. "Uh oh. Isn't that pretty deep?" She said to nobody in particular, looking down at the exposed white in her finger. Shrugging, she put her finger in her mouth and quickly sucked the blood dry, ignoring that it was very possible she would get some stares.

A few seconds later she pulled her finger away and wiped it off on her skirt. It was no longer bleeding, and she nodded proudly at her handiwork. She then turned back to the frog and her tablemates. "So, how are we gonna do this?"​

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Atlas Macharoy

The night before has an endless replay button attached to it. One that transports him to a time where all he could smell was gunpowder and his ears were clogged up with the sounds of last breaths. And for what? Atlas was felt like his sister’s soul was eating at his heart. Whispering into his ear about how pathetic he was. He wasn’t quick. At any second it would be her last, but here he is. Killing people. Killing. Killing. Killing—

The scalpel went a little too deep, Atlas realized as he was transported back to the class. The current fumes of dead frogs and toxins replaced those of old. He hated the smell. He placed the scalpel down besides the frog before using his gloved fingers to gently shove the skin up. He had no clue what he was doing. Poisons and the like will never be his choice of killing. He felt it could be ineffective and ultimately takes more time than necessary. He understood though, this class wasn’t meant for him. It was meant for those who liked poisoning others and for all this scolding of those who used poisons, it was better than what he was doing.

He frowned as he messed up again, groaning to himself before he placed the syringe down next to the scalpel. He needed to clear his head. He was thinking too much about the nights before and he was afraid the professor would notice his failure to do this correctly. He made his way back to the sinks while glancing over at other tables as they did the experiment. He could always ask someone for help as he choose to work by himself in the first place, a stupid idea on his part, but at the time he didn’t want to worry about talking to someone. He already felt like there was a voice in his head. He didn’t want to worry about a real one too. He cleaned off the gloves, his eyes never straying from the water as it trickled down his hand and into the sink. His heart slowed down and his mind almost cleared for a moment before he quickly shut it off.

He didn’t know what he was doing here.

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unch had been a quiet affair for Jamila. Instead of going with one or two of her associates, the young woman had opted to go alone. She had been recommended to try a charming little French restaurant as she was coming back from her mission and she’d fallen in love. Before long it was time for her to return to the academy for class. Her mind went to her roommate. The two of them had started off tense. Jamila was less than pleased to be roomed with a teen and one that was so green as well. But she was nothing, if not professional and polite. She’d felt with far worse than a moody teenager.

Speaking of worse Jamila couldn’t help but think back to her mission over the break. It had been a rather long one but the pay was well worth it. Her targets had been a mafia boss and his son. Jamila had played the part of a naive airhead in order to catch his attention. And then the defenseless damsel to get his son’s. They hadn’t an inkling of suspicious, she played her part well. After acquiring the information that she needed it had been quite easy to get rid of them, a minuscule dose of Ricin in their meal and they were out. She had been left a sweet parting gift by the late man, more than enough money to take care of herself and a few other valuables. Oh how she loved gifts, especially the expensive types.

When Jamila sauntered into the poisons classroom she sat towards the middle, grabbing her materials from her bag once she was seated. Honestly she saw no point of taking the class given her speciality. When the frogs before placed before them she gazed at it blankly, she was very familiar with Batrachotoxin seeing as she’d used it many times before. Jamila wasted no time with extracting the poison or rather the Alkaloids from the animal.

...and I do them very well."

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Lunch had been a quiet affair for Jamila. Instead of going with one or two of her associates, the young woman had opted to go alone. She had been recommended to try a charming little French restaurant as she was coming back from her mission and she’d fallen in love. Before long it was time for her to return to the academy for class. Her mind went to her roommate. The two of them had started off tense. Jamila was less than pleased to be roomed with a teen and one that was so green as well. But she was nothing, if not professional and polite. She’d felt with far worse than a moody teenager.

Speaking of worse Jamila couldn’t help but think back to her mission over the break. It had been a rather long one but the pay was well worth it. Her targets had been a mafia boss and his son. Jamila had played the part of a naive airhead in order to catch his attention. And then the defenseless damsel to get his son’s. They hadn’t an inkling of suspicious, she played her part well. After acquiring the information that she needed it had been quite easy to get rid of them, a minuscule dose of Ricin in their meal and they were out. She had been left a sweet parting gift by the late man, more than enough money to take care of herself and a few other valuables. Oh how she loved gifts, especially the expensive types.

When Jamila sauntered into the poisons classroom she sat towards the middle, grabbing her materials from her bag once she was seated. Honestly she saw no point of taking the class given her speciality. When the frogs before placed before them she gazed at it blankly, she was very familiar with Batrachotoxin seeing as she’d used it many times before. Jamila wasted no time with extracting the poison or rather the Alkaloids from the animal.


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Luckily for Elias, he could approach the day a bit less skittish than his standard, as he was to attend one of the few classes he felt fairly proficient in. Marksmanship practice was a nightmare of loud, sudden noises and his knobby elbows still trembled at the weight of some of the higher caliber weapons. This though, this was far more his speed.

Everything was still incredibly overwhelming. The realization that this was to be his life now was still settling in, but it hadn’t taken long for all new brands of paranoia to creep their way into his psyche. The prospect of being closer to a city than he’d ever been kept him up all through the night. Grandiose ideas of an impending apocalypse brewing in a highly populated area festered in his mind all night, so he’d spent the entire evening scrawling notes about which of the public transportation systems would likely be the first to be destroyed in Armageddon. He settled on the subway system just as the sun began to rise.

He’d extracted the poison from the frog with ease, as he’d dissected many frogs by the creek where he used to live as a child. He scratched at his red-rimmed eyes, burning with exhaustion from the night before. A couple of the girls had already grouped up and started socializing. That was a whole other challenge to this place. The social climate. The honesty of knowing that everyone was also of the mentality that killing was acceptable was a bit of a relief, but upholding conversation never got any easier. He’d had friendship once before, it was nice, but the first steps before actually making a friend were grueling.

He stared at the frog a good long while before darting his eyes over to the syringe. It wouldn’t take much to kill it, just one swift blow right between the eyes should do the trick. He could picture it in his mind’s eye, the way it’s life on this terrible earth near this terrible city would ascend to someplace better. He broke out of his fantasy by means of a groan to the left of him. The guy seemed frustrated and Elias watched intently as he continually missed and hacked at the creature on the table.

When the young man got up to go to the sink, Elias’ exhausted mind had an impulsive thought. Next thing he knew he was reaching across the table and dragged the other boy’s frog over. He quickly extracted the poison and shoved the tray back to its original position. He didn’t know what would come of it, but hopefully it was taken as some gesture of friendship.


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Honestly, Riley thought this task may be some sort of trick. The frogs didn't make the poison themselves, she knew that thanks to some random documentary she watched, it can from the bugs in their diet, and if she remembered correctly, scientists studying the frogs they weren't even sure if the bugs made it naturally it if came from the plants and other things they consumed. The amount that the frogs produced anyway wasn't enough to study, and while it was more than enough for indigenous and ancient peoples to use with their weapons since only a small amount is needed, wouldn't they all need multiple frogs in order to get a good sample? These questions kept circling Riley's head as she tried to figure out the best way to extract the poison. Killing the frog would almost be a necessity unless the little thing could heal quickly after being stabbed. Since the poison was so thin on its skin and given the possibility it hasn't fed recently, making it secrete more might not work. One idea did come to mind as she scanned the room for someone who may be able to help in her small dilemma. Jamila.

Riley admired the older woman, the way she held herself, her grace. Sure, she was not the best of people, but nobody there at Villmont was. So, with notebook in hand, Riley stood from her seat and made her way over to the older student. She waited for a moment, not wanting to accidentally get stabbed by something, before speaking "Excuse me, Jamila?" She started, "I'm having a little trouble figuring out how exactly to extract the batrachotoxin. Since the frogs we have don't actually make it themselves, I guess you know that, but I'm not sure how exactly to proceed." She paused briefly, glancing back up at her table to make sure the frog wasn't trying to escape, before looking back at the older student. "Would you mind giving me some help? Or, at least a few tips?"


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Mags had already accepted another year at Vilmont and though she still hadn't killed anyone else she enjoyed learning the art of killing another human. She did have plans, that is if she could keep up with them. She made it to her room the other bed left unoccupied...for now. She hadn't yet been assigned a roommate but she figured she would get one and if not then she had a whole room to herself. What more could she really ask for. She had already set up a space for Gus-Gus before heading off to her first class of poisons. True to her nature she was running late but made no effort to get there faster. No reason to, she'd arrive when she arrived. When she finally arrived she opened the door without a care in the world ignoring how loud it was. She strolled across to a table that had a lone male in it who seemed not to have a partner. He was near two dark haired females and he looked like he was bored with class. She made no regard to the professor as she sat down and placed her book in her lap.

Based on her observation they were doing something with a frog. She turned to the male just a little, "What'd I miss?" she asked with no real emotion in her voice. She was just there because she had to be, not that she wanted to. She looked at the syringe next to the box. When her eyes glanced the board she saw what neurotoxin they were learning about. She understood how most common poisons worked but not ones that came from animals. She was still learning but the one thing she knew is how dangerous this neurotoxin could be. She knew she could help the male but she had no feeling to actually say much to him other than her initial question. Introductions were pointless and she wasn't there to be buddy buddy and chat with others. She could've cared less about that but if anyone asked her questions she would answer without hesitation, she just wasn't going to be the one to introduce herself.

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Freedom Washington
Freedom had woken up with a smile on his face. He rolled out of bed and went into his kitchen to make some coffee. He took it black. After he had his coffee he walked out and grabbed his copy of the newspaper. That he is the thing he does first in the morning, read the paper. After about an hour or so he started getting ready to teach.

he had showered, groomed his beard and brushed his teeth. After he was done cleaning himself it came time for him to get dressed. He threw on a pair of rancher's jeans. After he put on a button-down shirt than a jean jacket with the red white and blue painted on it, with a giant bald eagle on it. He put his holster on and set his .44 magnum named: Karen under his jean jacket and his knife named: Margo in his boots. His boots had spurs on it that would ting with every step he took.

He grabbed his wallet, his phone, his keys and the bag that he carries his papers and a spare cylinder of ammo for Karen. Lastly, he grabbed his cowboy hat and walked out the door with a thermos of coffee. He hoped in his truck and drove off to work.

After an hour drive, he pulled up to his parking spot. He climbed out and walked into work. He hadn't been in those halls for so long. It was his first year back after being in the business for almost half a century. He walked into his office and laid his bag down on the desk. Justice had been placed there the night before. She had room to stretch and play. He set his lunch in his fridge and pulled out a raw deer steak. He threw it to Justice who gobbled the steak whole. "You must have been hungry baby, Don't worry I'm here now." He said pouring some coffee out. He set his feet up on his desk, took a sip of his black coffee and read his newspaper. His class would come later. He had known how he was going to introduce himself and his class. All he needed was to wait.

He pulled out a cigar and set it in his mouth. He had lit it, he was just chewing on the end. If he could smoke in that room then he would have been. The dean probably wouldn't like it if he had started to smoke in his office.

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amila began to slip her gloves off when she heard someone address her. When faced with Riley Ramos she gave her polite smile. Jamila knew her from the other classes that they happened to take together. They’ve only talked a few times, mostly about assignments and work. “Of course, watch and listen closely.” Jamila slipped her gloves back into place. She grabbed her frog from the box once again and a syringe. “Make sure that you have a firm grip on your frog or it will hop right out of your hand. Our frogs are kept in environments that simulates their natural habitat, in order to keep their toxicity levels up.”

Jamila held the frog up. The little thing hadn’t seem to recover from the first time the posion has been extracted from it. The frog began to croak loudly but Jamila ignored it. “This is a bit harder if one doesn’t know what they’re doing. If you can locate the granular skin glands then you can extract it from the source.” Jamila demonstrated. The syringe began to fill with a milky substance. “The fear coursing through its veins will also cause it to produce more poison on its back.” Jamila grabbed a cotton swab and ran it over the creature’s back. After her little demonstration Jamila placed the frog back in the box. She poured the poison that she’d collected into a vial with the rest.

Jamila once again slipped off her gloves and discard them. “How to pinpoint the exact location of the glands should be in your textbook. And as for a tip, keep a steady hand or you’ll start drawing blood and your frog will end up dead.”

...and I do them very well."

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Jamila began to slip her gloves off when she heard someone address her. When faced with Riley Ramos she gave her polite smile. Jamila knew her from the other classes that they happened to take together. They’ve only talked a few times, mostly about assignments and work. “Of course, watch and listen closely.” Jamila slipped her gloves back into place. She grabbed her frog from the box once again and a syringe. “Make sure that you have a firm grip on your frog or it will hop right out of your hand. Our frogs are kept in environments that simulates their natural habitat, in order to keep their toxicity levels up.”

Jamila held the frog up. The little thing hadn’t seem to recover from the first time the posion has been extracted from it. The frog began to croak loudly but Jamila ignored it. “This is a bit harder if one doesn’t know what they’re doing. If you can locate the granular skin glands then you can extract it from the source.” Jamila demonstrated. The syringe began to fill with a milky substance. “The fear coursing through its veins will also cause it to produce more poison on its back.” Jamila grabbed a cotton swab and ran it over the creature’s back. After her little demonstration Jamila placed the frog back in the box. She poured the poison that she’d collected into a vial with the rest.

Jamila once again slipped off her gloves and discard them. “How to pinpoint the exact location of the glands should be in your textbook. And as for a tip, keep a steady hand or you’ll start drawing blood and your frog will end up dead.”


President Soap🧼

Her breath caught in her throat while they brushed hands, It wasn't attraction. Definitely not. It was just being touchy with a psychopath is all. Leaning closer and cocking her head curiously to the side as she watched her throw gloves on to handle the frog. Josephine was more than sure that the whole 'poison' thing was about killing the frog and removing the poison from there. But soon enough Kendall explained that she didn't have to. Jo could've done that. Now she was kind of upset she didn't do it in the first place. She didn't want to seem weak in a classroom full of killers.

Can't they smell weakness?

They're not vampires, yeah. She knows. But she's just waiting for that special factor to make her want to run from this school. And Jo wasn't sure if Kendall was an exception yet. Although she didn't seem that bad. She kept herself from asking the question if Kendall actually wanted to hurt the frog. What? Look. Assassins wouldn't be assassins if they didn't get a kick out of death. It's like... an office job. It's not satisfying. You'd always want more than that. Why pursue a career you wouldn't be happy in? Simple as that. But maybe the thing about assassins was they wanted more than this. But the only thing they wanted more than a different career was more blood on their hands.

But then again, who was she to know?

She could always just ask-- her thoughts were interrupted by Kendall. She took the syringe from her being more than careful not to make unnecessary skin to skin contact with her. She rose an eyebrow to settle for a 'good job.' Even if it wasn't as difficult as it seemed it would be. Her words baffled her for a few moments. 'Hands on approach?' What did that even--


She means-


She blinked and hesitantly nodded.

"Right. Me too." It took Jo another second to reel in she might've just admitted to killing someone. Would it really be admitting if she hasn't killed anyone? Though, there's no way she could actually roam around the school telling the truth. Maybe everyone here was afraid of the other and that's why no students are dead yet. Instead of letting Kendall have a chance to press on the subject, well, she doubted she even would. Joey quickly changed the subject. "Wouldn't it be easier? for them."

It depended on the person. Jo always thought her morals were pretty good, and she used to think not even the worst person on earth should suffer something as bad as torture or worse. But now she wasn't so sure if she could stop herself from using a 'hands on' approach once she finally found the person who killed her father. She inspected the poison inside the syringe for a few seconds before placing it down next to the frog.

"Y'know, less suffering. Less work for you. Why prefer a hands on approach?" She narrowed her eyes the frog before returning her gaze to Kendall. One might say Joey was... Intrigued. It was almost like reading a crime novel, but this time she got to be the detective.



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Half expecting the older woman to turn her away, Riley smiled softly when Jamila agreed to help. Her plan to make note of what she was doing didn't seem to need her attention as much as Jamila's demonstration. Since the frog was so small, despite the fact she saw where Jamila had stuck it, Riley would still need to look up where exactly it was. Extracting the toxin shouldn't take her too long, but Jamila had certainly done this many times before given the confidence to her movements, but Riley was also fully aware that she was a poison specialist...so, did she take this class just for fun? Anyway, once the older woman was done, Riley nodded. "Thank you. I would have felt bad if I hurt it more than I needed to. And I have a feeling we aren't supposed to kill them anyway," she said with a slight chuckle, "But yeah, thanks again Jamila, a lifesaver, really. In this case." And almost as quickly as she had come over, Riley returned to her table resisting the urge to throw up awkward finger guns.

She spent a few moments skimming her textbook for the page she needed, finding the section pertaining to this particular frog, she slipped on a pair of gloves. Opening the box, she was greeted by a little frog that for the moment looked rather calm, until she reached in to grab it. It croaked, tried to jump away, and ended up hitting the side of the box before she grabbed it, getting a good grip on the little frog. Hopefully not hard enough to squish him. Next, she grabbed the syringe and taking one last look at her textbook, she stuck the frog. It croaked and obviously began to struggle. "Oh don't worry darling, it'll be quick." Riley had stuck it in the right spot as no blood came with the toxin. She extracted as much as she could, before withdrawing the needle and grabbing a cotton ball as Jamila did, wiping the frogs back before she put it back in the box. She then moved all the toxin she extracted to the small provided vial.

Riley was finished, working on safely removing and disposing of her gloves, her eyes moved around the room. She was beginning to wonder where North was. Sure, maybe he wasn't taking Poison this year, but he didn't say anything about it. So maybe he was just late? If that was the case, he was probably gonna get in trouble later, so Riley refocused on her table, pulling her notebook over to finally write down everything she would need to remember later. Occasionally, her muttering to memorize was joined by the little frog in the box, either telling her to shut up or just make sure everyone knew he was still alive.


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Jasper Blackwater

Jasper needed to invest in earplugs or something, anything to block out the noise. Ever since he had moved into the dorms he had barely gotten any sleep. His roommate was... Interesting. Last night he stayed up all night scribbling something down and muttering about armageddon and the subway system. Not that bad in itself. The main problem was his spotlight quality desk lamp lighting up the whole damn room. So instead of going out for lunch, he had a quick meal in the cafeteria then slept for the rest of the lunch period. Only to have something else disturb his sleep, nightmares. It had only been a month and the burns on his skin had healed, leaving no scarring behind. Except for some mental ones. When he closed his eyes he could still see the blaze speeding towards him. The people on the other side of the glass desperately banging on it as they were burned alive. The moment when the glass gave in and allowed the flames to reach him.

Taking a moment to push the thoughts from his head he checked his watch. Oof, he was late. It probably would have been smart to set an alarm on his phone. Leaping out of bed he gathered what he needed for his class and sped up the stairs. While he was quite fast he didn't have the stamina to run up the stairs without dying. By the time he had gotten to the top he had to stop for a minute, wheezing as he tried to catch his breath. Once he had kinda caught his breath he snuck into class and took a seat at the same table as Elias. There had obviously been another person sitting at the table too seeing as there was a very dead frog beside him. He quickly scanned the room and saw a guy who he hadn't spoken with before.

Professor Kephie gave Jasper an annoyed look before placing a frog in front of him. "Tardiness is not accepted in my class Mr Blackwater. I expected better from you" she said, holding her hand up before he could give her an excuse. Once satisfied she then moved around the table and examined the dead frog, poking it with the back of her pen. When it didn't react she scribbled something down on her clipboard. Oof, that couldn't be good. Not wanting anything written down about him he carefully read through the textbook. It seemed like there were two ways to get the toxin, he decided to go with the safer option. He carefully collected the slime off its back before placing it into the vial.

Now satisfied that he had correctly gathered the vial he stood up from the table, tossing his gloves in the bin. Just to be safe he joined the frog murderer at the sink. "Not a fan of frogs?" he asked, dispensing some soap onto his hands and washing them. There was no way he was taking any chances with having the toxin on his hands. "I'm Jasper, I just started here" he introduced himself. He seemed normal enough. The more that he thought about it, everyone seemed pretty normal. He wasn't sure what he had been expecting from the school but he didn't feel like he was in a room of killers. Everyone that he had met so far, excluding mister 'the world is ending' were pretty cool. Even then Elias was alright when he wasn't trying to share his Koolaid. "So what's do you think the welcoming event is going to be?" he asked. Oh god, he hoped that they wouldn't have to kill people in front of the other students. He wasn't sure that he was up to killing again so soon.
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Clayton Miller

Alright, maybe he was running late for class, again.. But who could blame him?? Those damn stairs took a lot of time and energy to get up. Clayton was out of breath by the time he reached the top of them, there was a reason why he stuck behind a computer. He really preferred a behind the scenes gig. Granted he acquire a new love for combat from his years at the school, so field work was no longer his least favorite thing. But damn, stairs and exercise, that was asking a lot of him.

Clayton made his way towards his classroom with professor Khepri's class. Honestly, Clayton hadn't looked at the email he had gotten from her, explaining what they were going to be working on in class, along with what they needed for supplies, he felt like he might as well wing it as he didn't really give a shit about poisons, except for maybe what they could do to him. He never planned to use them on others himself, blowing up people and things from remote locations. That was more his style.

He reached towards the door, slowly turning the knob trying to sneak in through the back. Of course professor Khepri didn't miss him coming in, but she didn't seem to have a problem with it. Clayton saw a few guys relatively close to the back of the room with an extra stool near. "Hey." He crouched down besides the two of them. "I'm Clayton." He looked up towards the front of the room and then back at the two guys beside him. "What have I missed." Starring at the dead frog in front of them, he raised a questioning eyebrow. "Who did that?" Clay had been around long enough to know how expensive the dumb frogs could be, considering he had gotten a lecture during his first year after accidentally letting one loose. How was he supposed to know that they could kill an entire piece of the food chain?

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Lord Szatan

There was something odd about this girl. Something that didn't quite fit in Kendall's eyes. She watched Josephine carefully as she spoke, watching the way her mouth formed each word and the way she inspected the poison in the syringe. Kendall held a strange glint in her eye reminiscent of a child marveling at the candy in a candy store. For some reason she couldn't fit this girl in the box she was able to fit the rest of the students here. A box that was simply labelled 'killers' that she shoved everyone here in, including herself. But Josephine wouldn't fit. There was something different. Her hands were too soft, her eyes were entirely too bright. Kendall knew the effects her choice in career could have on someone, but Josephine didn't give her that impression. It was bugging her and she was now determined to get under Josephine's skin, not literally of course, and figure out what made her tick.

Josephine seemed rather curious about Kendall's preferences in killing. That made Kendall even more curious. She'd never met another assassin interested in her preferred methods. Josephine was a little odder than she initially thought. Why was she concerned about the target so much? They were dying, it didn't much matter to Kendall how much pain was involved in that. It was all means to the same end, death. So what was the problem with a little pain? It's not like they were going to live to remember the pain. So why couldn't she cause a little pain? Why couldn't she draw a little satisfaction form the whole thing?

"Sometimes," Kendall informed Josephine with a grin, "They deserve the pain." She ran a gloved finger over the back of the frog and held the goo covered thing in front of her face, glancing at Josephine around it, "And sometimes, I feel like having a little fun." She opened her mouth as if to pretend like she was going to lick the poison off her finger before wiping it off on a napkin. She glanced back up at Josephine and placed her head in her hands curiously.

"That's why I prefer the hands on approach." She grinned, "Tell me, brown eyes, why do you?"



Roaming The Universe and Stars
Atlas Macharoy
Atlas was in his own head for a while as he absentmindedly replaced the gloves then frowned as someone joined besides him. He didn’t want to talk, but found being quiet would only peak their interest more or give them a reason to hate him. He glanced over at the fellow beside him. “I’m not really a fan of anything.” He said bluntly as he pulled the glove on.

“I’m Atlas.” He seemed surprised to see this guy was new. It made sense why he would run into newcomers, but it made him feel weird in the pit of his stomach. He couldn’t quite describe the feeling, but it was the feeling of sadness as more people join the ranks to kill another human being. He shouldn’t feel that sad however, since he was one of them.

“The welcoming event is ruthless at best. Not anything to anticipate about or get excited over.” He shrugged. He glanced back at the table Jasper was at, then saw his dead frog. As well as someone looking at it. He walked back over and sat calmly, moving the motionless creature on its back. “I did.” He said to guy then looking over at Jasper. “But, ah, Jasper yeah? Do you think you can help me?” He asked.

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