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Fandom The Village Hidden in The Moss (Naruto AU)

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Action, Adventure, Anime, Naruto Universe


bruh moment
Pain. Death. Fire.

All of these occurred in a few short hours in the Village Hidden in the Air. The origin of the blaze was -- and still is -- unknown, but we all know where it ended up. Everywhere. Countless people were lost. My people. Families, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, children, all merely erased. I haven't been back to what one was the Air. The village I was Gurasunakage of.

I was supposed to protect them. Die for them if I had to. I would have gladly given my own life to prevent the fire. Still would, I suppose. Sadly, no justu can turn back time. I've looked. Even though we still have a place to stay -- our new village -- I feel that they all still blame me. That I did nothing but sit in my office until I wasn't safe anymore. It's not true. None of it is.

Moss Official Arcive
The Village Hidden in the Moss

The Hidden Moss is an extremely new village, only five years old. It is located in the Land of Jungle located directly south of the Land of Wind and the Land of Rivers. It is a relatively small village, only being founded 5 years ago, with 70 Shinobi, 15 SAGE Special Ops, and around 500 overall villagers. The Hidden Moss specializes in farming, as it is mostly self-sustaining, but it also has a vast timber industry, as it is located in the jungle, and multiple mines on the very outskirts. Because of this, the most common occupations are merchants, farmers, miners, and timber workers. However, being a Shinobi still pays more.

The Mosukage rules over the whole village, however, he has meetings with his advisory council twice a week, as it can be very stressful running a village, even one at the Moss's size. The Moss has little to no outside influence in politics, as they do not usually contact other villages aside from when the Mosukage sends out caravans to other lands near and far for the mass trade. This occurs twice a year.

Although they are self-sustaining, they do import certain goods, such as meats, glass, silks, cloths, etc. Things they couldn't normally get otherwise. They aren't very trusting to outsiders after the Fire in the Air. Especially towards outsiders. Otherwise they're a friendly bunch.

Hi there! If you've made it this far, I'm going to guess you either didn't read any of that, or read all of it. That's fine. tldr: A village got burned down, the survivors moved to the jungle, set up there, and are self-sustaining. I'm going to come out and say it right now, I haven't completed all of Naruto Shippuden (neither has my friend who is a part of this RP as well), So I'd appreciate it if nobody would spoil anything for us, which is why this isn't taking place in the Leaf or anything like that. Just a nice, friendly, Naruto AU roleplay, right? Sure. I'm only looking for a small group, maybe 3-5 more players.

What would be expected of players:
  • Activity. This is a large one. If you have something going on, don't have the time, or just don't want to be here anymore, just let me know. I'll work something out.​
  • 2. Semi-literacy. None of us are perfect. My friend is new to roleplaying, so I'm willing to give everyone a chance. One liners are okay, but do your utmost hardest to avoid them at all costs.
  • Respect. Respect us, we'll respect you. No bullying.​
  • No sexual roleplay. I don't want my RP getting taken down because of... that. Just fade to black, please.​
Message me or Nori Nori or reply to this if you are interested or have any questions!
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The Flowiest on site
You after people to play characters living in this village with jobs or as the ninja, in which case are we allowed to be whatever? Jonin, genin...
Have you some mission ideas?


bruh moment
I guess I'm mainly after ninja, and yeah you can be whatever. I only have one mission in mind at the time but we'd need someone to play a villain for that.

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