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Fandom [The Untamed/Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation/MDZS] Search!(ongoing!!)

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ghost boi turnips
I am currently in the process of reading the book, but I have finished the show and would love to do a plot based on this.

Specifically, rather than Wei Wuxian/Lan Zhan, I would rather do something with other characters. Preferably Xiyao (Lan Xichen and Jin Guangyao)

Preferred partners:
Someone who has watched the whole show
and knows enough about the universe in order to be able to roleplay! (I myself will be sneaking some extra details from the novel, but I'll be mostly following the characterization and events of the tv show)

Someone who can do paragraphs, descriptive!
Willing to play as Lan Xichen, as I want to try my hand at Jin Guangyao.
Much prefer a partner who is 18+. Mostly because I myself am 19 and I would feel comfortable
with others who are also 18+.

I don't know if others here know of this as much as I've seen in other places but yeah.

Ever since finishing the show, I've been craving a roleplay in this marvelous universe. I'm not sure how popular or known this is (considering the genre and stuff) but I'm throwing this out here I guess in hopes that there is someone else here that might be interested.

I cried at the temple scene!! Especially at the fact that Xichen is the one to stab Guangyao. I mean, Xichen had a completely different impression of the man compared to everyone else, he was fond of him and stood up for him despite the fact that everyone was against Jin Guangyao because of his background. Despite his own brother telling him of the guy's crimes, he believed in him until the end and the pure, naked horror and betrayal on his face when he learned that yes, the man he had grown close to, was indeed a monster just hit me right where it hurts. Oh and the look of acceptance when Guangyao said, "stay and die with me"? I was a goner.
I need a roleplay with these two!

So, I started thinking.... What if... now hear me out, what if... When the angry spirit starts collapsing the temple, instead of pushing him away, the two actually stay together under the collapse... But they survive instead? Watching the scene in the show, I started thinking along these lines. Both are wounded, near death experience and all that. Everyone probably thinks they got crushed by the rubble except they don't die. Extremely wounded, but alive.

I just want me some angst where Guangyao regrets everything he has done, especially considering it hurt Xichen this much. And Xichen struggling with his conflicting emotions but also unwilling to just straight up abandon the guy (despite the fact that he has done some truly evil shit, but in my opinion, Guangyao isn't inherently evil, just a really messed up man with some major childhood trauma that has warped how he views the world and other people) so we have a drama/angst rp of injured Guangyao and Xichen, struggling to survive while also attempting to ignore the feelings that have been there for each other. Give me that slow burn, the pain, the fact that Xichen probably feels so betrayed and confused, yet he still has a tiny tiny tiny tiny part of him that still remembers the man who had sheltered him after the burning of his home. And Guangyao, struggling with the weight of every sin he has committed, wanting to push the man away but so unwilling to.

I need me this so bad aaaaaaa.

So, if I caught your attention, please please hit me up lol. I'm also willing to further explain all this especially if you're kinda confused. This post is sort of rambling but I hope it has caught someone's attention because I just got trapped by the idea after having watched those heart-wrenching last scenes! and it was a holy shit moment!

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