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Realistic or Modern The Undying Hunt | characters



mama and the mothman

miri rozel
witch | 27 | librarian
main npc

most know of miri as the sweet, but sometimes manic librarian (and director) of pirn's hall of knowledge.

she was born and raised within pirn, oregon. as such, she's a common face around town. though she enjoys the serenity of books and the silence of the library, she does frequent coffee shops and Le Duchamp quite often, where papers and ledgers can be seen scattered across the booth as she eats.

to the veiled members of society, miri is a blossoming young woman, ready to take on the world-- or at least their little slice of it. many veiled come in and out of the hall of knowledge (pirn's famous 3.5 story library two blocks from central downtown) on a daily basis, and though it may be surprising to some, she holds no prejudice towards them, and acts as friendly and kind to them like she would any other unveiled.

to the unveiled members of society, miri is the eldest daughter of mr. rozel, former chairman of the council that governs the unveiled within pirn, and someone who others have very high expectations for. some of the older unveiled might have found it odd that she didn't show any interest in following in her father's footsteps, but those who know her know that she opted to do what she loved instead.

lorraine fraiser
watcher | 44 | council chairwoman

the council chairwoman is a force to be reckoned with, inside or outside of the unveiled council. an active member of pirn's local politics, as well as the parent teachers association, lorraine is a busy woman, though she handles it exceedingly well. if she's not seen by the mayors side hashing out details over the next festival, or beside shan at their local wednesday barbeque, she's seen with her husband, lane fraiser, and their three kids at the crescent lake or hiking across the many nature trails.

within the unveiled society, she's seen as both a pillar of strength and an annoying hag who dares to regulate them.

shan patel
hybrid | 37 | councilwoman

shan patel is a member of the unveiled council within pirn, as well as the PTA head for the three elementary schools. she's a close friend to lorraine fraiser, and the two can be seen on the weekends with their children downtown or hosting get togethers at lithia park.

she's often the one who handles punishment and rewards in the unveiled society within pirn; if someone steps out of line and the council deems it fit for action to take place, shan is usually the one who handles it. seen as an incredibly powerful unveiled, her abilities are still shaded in mystery, and those who may step a toe or two out of line usually give her a wide breadth.

marcus stalvey
watcher| 48 | mayor of pirn

a busy man with an even busier schedule, marcus stalvey is the mayor of pirn, who somehow balances the veiled and unveiled world with ease. though his abilities are lacking compared to the other notable watchers in pirn, he makes do with a smile on his face.

he has a noticible relationship with the chairwoman of the unveiled council, though no one is quite sure whether its positive or negative; they seem to butt heads as often as they work together and when they do work together, they seem to produce spectacular results.

makayla jones
shifter | 22 | barista

everyone's favorite girl to hate, makayla jones was born and raised in pirn. the jones family farm is well known and well loved, but their youngest daughter has always caused a racket; whether it be unable to control her shifting while growing up or her holier than thou attitude. though she's eased up with age, makayla still has a sharp gaze and an even sharper tongue.

she works at the local coffee shop instead of her family's farm and seems to enjoy the independence that it brings her.

malachai reynolds
dhampir | 42 | blood bank owner

malachai "mal" reynolds is a dhampir of unusual make, able to walk in the sunlight with only a twinge of pain from his exposed skin. mal is well known, though not always for the best of reasons. when he first arrived in pirn, about twenty or so years ago, he caused a lot of trouble-- so much so that mr. rozel attempted to ban him from the city. but after saving his daughter from a deranged vampire seeking more witches blood, the witch hunt was ended and he was allowed to stay.

in the following years, mal has created a legitimate business to help aid those who suffer from the thirst, as well as mortals who may need blood transfusions and the like. it is well known that mal will hand out blood bags to any vampire who needs their fix, with only one stipulation: stop attacking humans. the business is highly profitable, with veiled clients coming by from all over oregon and washington, and unveiled clientele coming from all over the world to purchase or plead for blood.

he's often seen checking in on miri at the hall of knowledge and seeking ancient tomes from the underground library.

noah parker
guide | 189 | maven of the upper planes

while not a permanent resident of pirn, noah frequents the town on occasion, to check on his protégé and his appointed charge.

considered a maven in the guiding sphere, there is a strange juxtaposition about him; his face and demeanor are exceedingly friendly, and his presence, especially around other good-aligned unveiled, has a tendency to make others feel warm and comforted.

and yet, despite that, he is a stoic man, with little room for idle chit chat. his speech is blunt and his tone is dry, and for those who actually know him, they're aware that he's analytical and methodical in his duties.

layla williams
watcher | 26 | bakery shop owner

layla is well known among the denizens of pirn, as her family's bakery has been in the heart of downtown for nearly 70 years. as her parents have passed on, the business has fallen to layla and her younger sister, who is currently out of town and away at uni. she has a love for all things sweet, which includes non-edible things as well. breads, desserts, and sweet goods are sold at william's bakery, all freshly made.

she greets everyone with a smile, regardless of whether or not they're entering her shop or passing them by on the street.

maureen undowe
selkie | 24 | waitress/songstress

Maurie is a little bit of a local phenomenon and gigs at local diners, clubs, and venues under the stage name The Silken Surf. She is usually a solo act, accompanying herself on guitar or piano, and most of the music she performs are originals. This is of course a by-night job, so in the waking hours she waitresses, and quite enjoys the job.

Maurie is a lovely sight, with a soft face and gentle features. She moves gracefully, but is rather stout and curvaceous at a smaller 5’5. Everything about Maureen’s appearance seems to shine like someone who has just emerged from the sea. Her thick and slightly wavy auburn hair, reaching past her shoulders, has a healthy, radiant glow. Her porcelain skin is supple, full of youth, and the scent of a salty sea is always carried in her aura. Turquoise green-blue orbs rest above a rounded button nose and plump pink lips, but she seems to use no makeup to accentuate this natural beauty. Maurie’s style is flowy and earthy, often simplistic in nature but put together with an eye attuned for comfort and style all at once. She has no piercings, tattoos, or modifications, but does employ a certain amount of thin gold jewelry like bracelets and necklaces. as well as pearl clip-on studs.

write up by cablebelly!

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    full name
    Colette Clarissa Delafaux
    Woman. She/Her. Heterosexual
    Danielle Rose Russell
    Physical Desc.
    Prussian blue irises. Long auburn wavy hair, ends below her shoulder blades, usually tied in a ponytail or french bun when working. 5 feet 4 tall. Average, petite, fit urbanite body.

    Distinguishing Features
    Two dimples beside her lips when she smiles. Two elongated diagonal scars across her lower back, stretched thin as if formed from her earlier years. No piercings other than for earrings. She usually dresses simply: standard ensemble includes cardigan over a blouse, tights and comfy ankle boots or flats.
    "Is there ever free-will if we can be bound to an idea?"
    Blessed, though there is reason to believe that she came from a lineage of Watchers. Colette has been blessed by a benevolent entity of Light which she refers to as Saint Celeste. The entity seems to bring a small measure of fortune to Colette whenever she attempts something noble, such as baking pastries for the homeless and finding that she had more ingredients than expected; though this 'fortune' is not always consistent. Saint Celeste also seems to possess strong feelings of enmity against unveiled of evil-intent, constantly nudging Colette to confront the unveiled directly.

    Power set.
    Colette’s blessing grants her the pure Light of Saint Celeste, a righteous power that manifests itself with various hues of the sun; from the heartening warmth of noon-light to the simmering embers of sunset.

    The ‘Light of Celeste’ will scorch, burn and even disintegrate any unveiled derived of darkness, though its burning effects, for now, are greatly diminished against all other unveiled. This Light also provides some measure of protection for Colette, capable of being that difference between a fatal and a severe injury. It also allows Colette to recover from injuries as quickly as a human in peak physical condition and each recovery is always completed perfect (i.e. there will be no permanent scars or lasting ailments).

    Her powers often appear as wisps of warm light which she can fling like projectiles or a massive blast emanating from her core (see: 1. 2.) Colette’s mastery over her powers are very rudimentary and it often fluctuates. She suspects that Saint Celeste often temporarily takes over control to get her out of dangerous situations.

    Living on the edge.

    For the most part, Colette has always played a game of avoidance, steering herself as far away as possible from any signs of danger as a sort of denial or protest against her calling. This same denial probably plays a major factor into her lack of control of her powers. Nonetheless, the offensive capabilities of her blessing is undeniable, especially against the evil-spawned unveiled.

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