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Fantasy The Unbalance Revolution[OPEN]

"i have a nam ynow," she sighed "alright alright" she tied the vine to the bugs railing
(There is about 50 feet between us and the bug)
After it was secured to the bug Ronald pulled it tight and tied it to the hen house
He then proceeded to climb the vine slowly making his way to the bug
(your good. We can’t get to close if we want to use the turret)
Ronald removes some the metal from the hinges on the door
“Ready?” He asks
(Sorry I forgot this existed 🤦‍♂️)
Ronald removes the metal and the door falls forward into the room
3 men stand in the room
A sliver flash speeds through one of them before he even has a chance to turn around the metal dart comes back floating in the air next to Ronald
The 2 other men’s hands light up as they summon fire in their palms
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