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Futuristic The UGDF Reaper Incident

Sub Genres
Horror, Slice of Life, Zombies

The Dark Creator

Not fun at parties
This rp will have anthropomorphic or furry characters. If you do not like roleplays with furry content, this is not for you.
You can play as a human. This roleplay will also put your knowledge of Stealth, your trickery and luck (d20) to the test

The United Galactic Defense Force is a military power focused on the protection of innocent lives across the Galaxy. Multiple species from different planets, mostly similar to earth, have joined this force.
Due to the vast array of people joining the force, teams have been set up, each team having some sort of specific role. One example of this is the specs ops unit known as the Phantom squad, which are masters of stealth. Another example are the Succubi, a team of females that specialize in "advanced" assassination (Obviously no erotic content)
This is the story of how the biggest ship in the universe becomes space rubbish, all because of a simple parasite, and a terrorist organization

Dont like the survival horror aspect of this rp? This can be a future military slice of life rp instead. (more utopian than normal, living in their conditions is actually pleasant)
Teams to pick from (only affects "gameplay")
Hawks: Advantage on crit attempts
Bats: Night Vision goggles, makes traversing the dark sneaky
Bandits: Start with a higher damage gun
Rats: Gain info on enemy types, start with Skeleton card (Works on every keycard door)
Combat is basic turn based action, but all attacks are guaranteed unless you attempt a crit. Crits require a d20 roll (2 rolls if you're a hawk). 1-5 Miss, 6-10 1x damage, 11-15 2x damage, 16-20 3x damage

I will only have two rps on at a time from here, one being the slice of life version, the other the horror survival version
(Inspired by Dead Space and SCP: Containment breach)
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