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Fantasy The Traveling party of heroes! Character page.


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Ayo post info here so everyone has an idea. I shall post my characters here to
@Shiyonichi @nighttimecatplayer @MiraAutumn @Spoiled Bread @Pikmin100xx
Appearance: (picture is nice but mention stuff like height and notable features)
(things from your life on earth that could help in some way, or just basic trivia now.
"I could take apart and rebuild a computer from scratch!" "I can play guitar!" Etc etc)

((If you want to add backstory or how you died feel free to do so here or in the rp's first post as a memory. either is fine but you don't have to))

Aerth stuff.
God given weapon/tool:
God given power:
Your mana/magic:
I may also post some characters here when need be but as they are more NPC's enemy's and in one case a objection, I shall list info as the isekai characters learn it.


The Tactician Magician
Name:Emily Lilly
Age: 21
Gender: Female
She is around 5f3 and looks rather pale at times.
She knows how to cook a lot of modern day recipes as well as how to cook them.
God given weapon/tool:A bright blue staff shaped like one you would see a mage use in an rpg.
God given power:She heal minor injuries.
Your mana/magic:water manipulation can control small or large bodys of water.


The Fall Maiden
Name: Kian Vaith
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Appearance: Caramel brown hair and soft hazel eyes with hints of both brown and green. Stands at a slightly shorter than average 5'9.

  • Lead guitarist and backup vocalist during his high school years
  • Can hold his breath for 3 minutes
  • Good at explaining things and calming people down considering he was a teacher of music before death
Aerth - The following were all randomised
God given weapon/tool: Staff sling

God given power: Pyromancer, able to summon, wield and manipulate flames
Your mana/magic: Beast-tamer, given gift from the gods to use mana in order to communicate with animals and certain monsters, giving him the chance to convince them to do his bidding.


The Edgelord
Name: Alex Walker
Age: 20
Gender: Male

Alex stands at 6ft exactly and while usually hidden due to his hair, he has a thin scar on the left side of his face next to his eye.

  • Fairly good at deductions.
  • Knows basic hand to hand combat techniques.
  • Pretty good at lying.
Aerth stuff.
God given weapon/tool: Dagger
God given power: Hammerspace, he can open up a portals to a another dimension where he can store objects in. The dimension has infinite space and time stands still in the dimension. The item he throws in to the portal must not be living or permanently anchored to the ground.
Your mana/magic: Telekinesis magic. He can move things around with his mind.

Spoiled Bread

The Lord of the Uneaten
Name: Sharon Ishtar
Age: 24
Gender: female
Appearance: Standing at 5'6. Sharon's most notable gaze is her sharp gaze, now where's her glasses again?

- She can hack into various system. Oh, wait... It's useless now.
- She can do digital art and create video games. What? It's useless too??
- Can draw really fast with decent quality
- Sewing is also one of her hobby.

Aerth stuff
God given weapon/tool: A light spear made from sturdy but lightweight black steel. It's more of a javelin I guess.
God given power: She can produce spider silk from either her mouth (faster) or palm (slower, but at least it doesn't looks like vomitting noodle).
Your mana/magic: Lightning magic. Can produce and control electricity.
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The Flowiest on site
@Pikmin100xx @Spoiled Bread @Shiyonichi @MiraAutumn
As the first four to post please vote on something aha

I have two characters but you shall only escort one of them. This character being the "protagonist" of this rp.
Boy or girl, the personalities shall differ but them being chosen by the gods hasn't changed. (Similar powers/mana etc)

To keep the thread looking tidy please vote with a rating or pm me what you prefer aha
Cookie= boy
Heart= girl.


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Finished !! Only relationships and playlist are left blank aha @Flowiest-D

bidelia of tirzah. biddy to her bosom buddies, and ma'am/tirzah to just about everyone else.
that's a very good question! also, no, she's not too sure what the answer to that is, but most usually assume that she's in her late twenties or something.
satsuki kiryūin - kill la kill.

xx → 5'5".
xx → sharp upturned eyes that are grayer than they are blue.
xx → dark flowing hair, usually tied back in a neat bun.
xx → shapely and well-toned.
xx → pegged as unapproachable thanks to her ever-present frown.
Usually: a loose cotton tunic secured with a braided belt and a pair of leggings.

novice > apprentice > adept > expert > master
xx → apprentice weapons instructor. She's knowledgeable enough that the students can consult her for tips with handling their weapons, but her social skill is lacking.
xx → adept seamstress. she finds it soothing to sew on stitches on just about anything.
xx → expert at wielding one-handed swords.

xx → Magic-resistant. tirzah is surprisingly resistant to magic. the low-tier stuff is pretty much null against her, and most mid-tier magic won't even make her sweat.
xx → Possesses supernatural endurance and strength. She's a walking tank, capable of hurling actual boulders at any who are unfortunate enough to become her enemy.
limitations and weaknesses

xx → Weak to mental magic. while she remains fairly impervious to most forms of magic, any magic that manipulates the mind is extremely effective on her, for no such mental barriers exist to prevent such attempts.
xx → Incapable of manipulating mana and using magic.


xx → competitive
xx → extrovert (in the sense that she is energized from social interaction)
xx → industrious
xx → sensitive
xx → slow on the uptake
xx → stoic
xx → weak to compliments

play it in order ^-^
xx → song - artist

coded by shady.
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The Flowiest on site
Name: Kihan Yoella
Age: 23
Gender: male
Kihan stands at 5ft8 with a lean build. He has a very expressive face when speaking or interacting with someone but when alone or silent he looks stoic or maybe slightly confused. With white hair and golden eyes he was often referred to as a Angel, but it took along time to grow comfortable in his skin and be able to give a prize winning smile to compliments.

Knowledge/skills: Kihan is skilled in wielding a Sword and staff. He is most skilled in controlling light or “bright/holy” mana.

God given weapon/tool: the chosen one can potentially form any gift from the gods.

God given power: the chosen one has pure mana.

Your mana/magic: Kihan is most confident in light mana.
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