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The Traitor’s Mystery


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Hi , I'm Emma, or you can just call me Emz/Ems, whatever you want
Now although the layout might not look the best, but don't let that put you off (I'm just not good at it)

The Mole:
10 contestants will try and work together to get as much money as possible. They will have to complete each task I give them, but only the winner at the end will get all the money. However, within the 10 contestants, there is one 'mole' , a traitor basically. He or she will try to ruin every task whilst pretending to be a contestant if that makes sense. At the end of each 'episode' all the contestants will have to answer 10 questions about the mole and whoever gets the least points, will be eliminated (The traitor obviously can't be eliminated). And so on and so on until there are three people left : the traitor and 2 contestants. In the final episode after completing all tasks, the contestants will again complete an answer sheet about the mole and whoever has the most points between the 2 contestants, will obviously win all the money they collected as a group.

The Mole as Roleplay :
Now, I will be the person who leads the group and gives out the tasks and decide who the mole is, now since on this site you can see people's latest activity, this rp will be on discord!!!
At the end of each episode one contestant must be eliminated, now I find that a little bit harsh on the roleplayers who wants to roleplay, so I decided once one person is eliminated, they can join another person to find out who the traitor is, but they won't be able to help the group with tasks, they can only watch the group complete them since then, but they can help the person they joined with their ideas.
At the end of every 'episode' I will dm every contestant with 10 of the same questions, and whoever has the less points, will be 'eliminated'.

Examples :
Task : climb a mountain, every 10 meters is 100 euros
Traitor : You could for example pretend you're afraid of heights, but might be too obvious, or climb the mountain to gain trust from other contestants, or try to climb the mountain but don't climb immensely high so you didn't get a lot of money and you're not too suspicious. (Hint : If you're the traitor, the best thing to do is to vary between being obvious, trying you're best to gain truth and in between)
Contestants : You could try you're best to get as much money as possible, or you could fail it, so the other contestants might think you're the traitor and so you can trick them and live another 'episode'.

Rules :
-Be Active as this rp relies on lots of communication
-You Need Discord
-1 or 2 paragraphs is the standard (3 lines in each paragraph) , sometimes you can get a little bit less or little bit more. (more is always appreciated)
-I will post CS as soon as when we have 10 people
-The first 10 people will be accepted : Comment that you're interested and you're discord name + number (Whoever doesn't, will not be counted as participants in this roleplay, sorry)

That's about it, if you have any questions, you can ask them as well as it's probably a quite complicated roleplay, thanks for your attention!


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