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Multiple Settings The Town on the Hill [Horror/Fandom]

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Action, Adventure, Horror, Mystery


The Purple Soul
A Town Without Secrets is Forcefully Given Some...

In the depths of a completely normal area of Delaware, lies a completely normal town of normal people who live normal lives in the modern years. Within this town are a group of kids who enjoy the recent and past horror movements, specifically in horror video games, indie or official, of the past decades. They go to school, watch YouTube videos, and live completely average teenager lives.

However, in the dead of night, in the deep and depth-full darkness, a strange machine boots up and extends its range across the entirety of the town on the hill unbeknownst to any civilian sound asleep in their warm beds.

The next day and onward, our protagonists notice strange occurrences that begin to occur around their town which quickly escalate, and they seem to be the only ones that can stop each event, item, and creature that invades their everyday lives.


This may seem like a strange premise for a story, but here's the TLDR: Horror Games, old and new, begin to show up for real in the small town on the hill and the area around it. Sometimes it'll be just one monster, other times it may affect the whole of humanity within the machine's range. I'm hoping for this to be a moderately ongoing story, but I guess that's what anyone really wishes for either way. But this isn't where the character interaction or mystery ends, because...

As an added bonus, you, the players, will get to design most if not all of this town! Not only will it help with a little bit of world-building, but it'll allow possible backstories and story elements for the main characters and their families. I may edit a few small details, or add a building or shop here or there, but for the most part you and your co-players will be the architects of the main location of The Town on the Hill.

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