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The Town Called Pleasant (Mystery RP)

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The Town Called Pleasant

Somewhere nestled in a forest in the center of Suffolk’s rural countryside is a small town called Pleasant. Despite being surrounded by small farming villages and homesteads, there isn’t a lot that is known of this town.
Many rumors float between villages about this elusive town. Tales ranging from the believable to the outlandish. Stories of ghosts, monsters, murderers, cannibals, and the like were perhaps some of the more favored of the younger generations; while the more imaginative, suspicious adults have hypothesize a commune or cult that has managed to avoid the prying judgmental eyes.
The rest say it’s just a sleepy town, but can say they have never known anyone from there or know of anyone who has been there.
It isn’t on any maps, and its name doesn’t appear on road signs. No newspaper articles exist and not even a whisper on the internet of such a place.
If it wasn’t for the haunting tolls of the church bells that echoed through the forest, Pleasant may have never of been known to anyone. And most people hadn’t really cared to find it.
Until now.

December 17th approximately 10:30pm.
The air, thick with fog and ice cold misty rain. Pitch black. Silent. Everything deathly still.

December 18th approximately 6:00am.
The sky is dark but the fog has lifted, leaving behind a blanket of frost and ice. Light dances over the glittering foliage and vegetation as the villages come to life.

December 18th approximately 6:37am.
A panicked woman rushes out of her home in her slippers and dressing gown. Screaming into biting cold.

December 18th approximately 7:18am.
Police sirens. Flashing lights. Gathering locals.

December 18th approximately 7:36am.
More police arrive. The locals start to become organised. The woman sobs into the arms of a policeman.


Rosie Holland

Age 11

Last seen at home approximately 9pm, December 17th.
Approximately 4ft tall with strawberry blonde hair, green eyes and freckles.
Wearing purple striped pajama top and unicorn leggings.

If you have any information, please call the Suffolk Constabulary at – 01----------89


The Town Called Pleasant is a mystery RP which may not contain Sci-fi/supernatural/horror/fantasy elements.
It’s part of the mystery! You’ll have to find out!

Who are you?
You are plucky young child between the ages 10-15, living in the village of Graycott, Suffolk, England. The closest of the 4 villages to the Pleasant Forest.
There isn’t much to your village. Houses and cottages, fields, a small church, a village shop/post office and a village hall with a playground outside.
You and your other party members attend the same school in the nearby town of Brunswick.
Rosie Holland also attended your school. Her disappearance is all anyone in the school is talking about currently.

The premise of this is similar to Tales From The Loop. Your life seems to be split into to two. School, family, clubs and all the normal life stuff continues as normal as possible. But, strange things may happen that only you and your party seems to see! You may go to your parents, the police or any adult to tell them the strange or possibly terrifying things you’ve seen, but they will be hard to convince. After all, you’re just a kid.
You need proof that what you’re saying is real. But for some reason, the evidence always disappears. But you know what you saw. And you know it’s real.

This RP can be the one narrative but it has the potential to be several! With the potential for a long term RP, each mystery will be treated like a chapter in The Town Called Pleasant setting!

Looking for a party of 3 to 4 players who love to build narratives with others, relish in character development and love mystery!


  • Must be over 18+​
  • Literate and happy to type at least a paragraph.​
  • Must be active. Daily responses are not expected. Once a week is fine!​


  • Be kind to one another OOC.​
  • Be respectful of people’s characters and choices.​
  • Absolutely NO sexual suggestion/activity in this RP.​
  • Follow the forum rules.​

If interested, please fill out this character sheet and send it to me in a PM and I’ll review it!


Age: (10 -15)
Family: (Who your character lives with/interacts with)
Appearance: (Can be written or drawn.)

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