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Multiple Settings The Tournament (Inspired by Mortal Kombat)


As the title says, inspired by Mortal Kombat but not crossed over with it, nor is it fused with it in any way. Naturally, that means there will be a lot of violence and fighting in this RP but not only that, there is the possibility of romance (it will be LGBTQ friendly, even if some of the characters are not). We would both start with a minimum of one character but can add as many as desired, and you would be invited to add to the lore, create your own villains/heroes/arcs within the setting as well. I enjoy Roleplaying with people who aren't afraid to pursue ideas and help the world grow and evolve.

The setting will be written below, which will also serve as a taste of my writing style, please DM me if you are interested.


Ever since the dawn of man, there have been those born - or perhaps cursed - with the power of magic. History is filled with these people, tall tales of them performing amazing deeds, but tragically most of these deeds were cruel and evil. For the longest time, humanity was at the mercy of those who were born with unnatural powers, but all that changed as humanity's technology began to catch up.

Those who were born with magical powers found themselves facing evened odds against those they had long suppressed and ruled, and thus were the sorcerer-kings cast down to their ruin. But as is common with these things, humanity over-corrected and turned from victims to villains, as they sought out any child born with such power and killed them, in spite of whatever they may or may not have done.

At least, they tried.

But there is no rhyme nor reason to those born with magic, it does not follow bloodlines, it does not care about parentage, it's as arbitrary as a roll of the dice. Today, magic is largely seen as a taboo, something not discussed nor researched in any capacity. While humanity acknowledges that magic used to be part of its history, everyone agrees to the lie that the purges destroyed all magic users, thus humanity has nothing to fear. Yet it does persist, as rare as ever and as random as ever, those who are born with these powers learn to hide them out of fear and shame, lest they be killed for the crime of their existence. That is, those fortunate enough not to be slain by their parents when their powers first manifest.

Once every ten years, a tournament is held in another realm, a tournament that welcomes all who choose to attend it, though magic users are always given a special invitation via a dream. The tournament is held by three ancient gods, who promise a gift to the champion, one need only have the strength to defeat all challengers, and claim their rightful prize. But there exists a dark secret, for the true purpose of the tournament has been kept a secret for centuries, a secret kept with blood and death. Will you find out the truth behind this tournament? Or will you fall like so many countless others before you?

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