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@Senor_Fluffy Oh, sorry to see you go, but I wish you the best! Happy writing, my friend!

@everybody else
Ooh, scary shapeshifter boss dude! Sounds fun! Yeah, I'd definitely be down for giving that scene a go too, after everyone else has posted. Now, granted, Tanya probably will only be so much help, since she's basically one-handed at the moment. Since I decided I wanted to be mean and write pain, her left wrist is quite thoroughly broken and torn. She's gonna need a healer. But she's still fighting, of course, so it'd be cool to throw in a follow up scene at some point in this battle.

Curious where you're going with that "grayish blue energy surge" bit though... #intrigued

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@Literary Revenant

Heyoooooo. What's the currency called? Gold, coins, dollars, etc.?
The word for currency is divided into 3 words, like a Skyrim shout! Sye-Kro-Miir. (Psy Kroh Meer)
Sye are Coppers, the least valuable coins but the most used. It takes 100 Sye coins to make a Syekro or Silver. Silvers are more valuable of course and used among business men and lower level nobles in bigger deals. It takes 75 Syekro coins to make a Syekromiir or Gold Piece. Syekromiir is the currency of the wealthy, a measure of status in Vian earned by the successful and high born. The most valuable of coins, Syekromiir is coveted, but not as much as the Balran.

The Balran is equivalent to a diamond in it's worth, with the word Balran translating into Blessed Piece. Minted from a special metal called Mivethiin, metal only found in the deep mountains of Kalin. Used for the best armors, Silvethiin is the ultimate status symbol, attainable only by the Elite. Five hundred Syekromiir make one single Balran, and when someone earns a Balran they are accepted as elite regardless of their history or origins.

(And most of that wasnt made up at all. Nor was it made up in a few hours. No siree.)


Skreep Skreep!

The coins Janet handed out, which ones were they? Sorry, I was in the middle of finishing up my post last night, and got hung up on this really stupid minor detail. The dialogue just didn't really work well without knowing what to call the coins.

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Should we change currency when we get deeper into Vian? Does the Balthoran coins have the face of the current king stamped on it?

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