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Fantasy The thrillseekers, (BlueBay gangs rp)

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Aces scrap yard... You ever wonder where the majority of wrecked cars and those people who wrong the Lombari family end up?
It's here. Under piles of crushed steel and mud is where the unlucky lay.
But for the five indviduals who just won 125,000 dollars, Aces scrapyard is the beginning of the story instead of a abrupt end.
Lalo's face couldnt help but smirk as the man in a suit split the prize money evenly between the five
"Better If I do this here and let everyone know that I ain't stiffing them" twenty five grand is a decent pay day for what? Fifteen minutes of work? Of course the night wasn't over. In fact for these thrill seekers getting out of the industrial area may take the rest of the night.

Lalo was hoping the cut above his eyebrow would dry up instead of having to hold his hood into it to soak up the blood. A damn clown threw a bottle like a fastball which gave Lalo his first wound in about a week, needless to say the clown ended up with his skull being a pile of red jelly but it was Lalo who was inconvenienced by this not the dead clown. Putting his money into his wallet and then zipping that safely into his pants. The young man almost didn't hear the warning...

"Listen guys... we hold these events on neutral ground to maintain civility amongst the gangs that come to watch and participate, but your officially on Lombari turf. Now the family isnt out to kill ya or take ya prizes back but those goons you just crippled and murked have friends of their own. I ain't trying to force you, but these friends pay the neccesary fees to walk Lombari turf in relative safety... a safety you guys might not be guaranteed what with the fat stacks in your pockets"

Lalo's eyes squinted as he raised his still bloody bat towards the man "I ain't scared of some dopey clowns or wannabe robot bitches, if they want to take on a king then I'll loot there headless body"
The Lombari man laughed as he took a cigarette from the front of his suit pocket.
"might be easy to down some fools when bullets aren't allowed but there's no rules on the streets, your just five individual targets with hundreds looking down the scope at ya"

The Lombari blows smoke and coughs before continuing. "Look I'll make this real simple for yas...
option one, join the family work for the boss and live good for the work you do.
Optione two, pay the protection money us Lombari are owed and you walk safely to the train station and go on home.
Option three? You leave this junk yard and fight all the fuckwits this city has to offer. Cause you have money they want and.. you know, revenge for their friends an family... hell some of dem clowns slice up people for kicks, seen three clowns kill a man just to take a selfie... sick fucks them clowns"

Lalo thought back to that memorable game of king of the hill.... after teleporting on top of the hill made of cars, Lalo proceeded to swing at anyone trying to climb up to fight him. A lot of brain damage was given out in that brief amount of time, in fact all five of the team seemed to be super in some way. Effectively stomping the competition and winning the game in outstanding fashion.
Not that anyone would underestimate the dangerous city that is BlueBay, but Lalo guessed the other four winners and himself wouldn't be scared into joining or paying the mafia. The Mario crime families maybe... but certainly not the Lombari.

"I don't speak for everyone here, but I already picked option three. So ima murder any in my way as I journey to get a drink and some flash"
With unflinching nerve Lalo reached into the man's suit and stole a cigarette. Walking slowly and casually to the exit, unable to light the smoke as his lighter was soaked in blood.
Vahn Vahn silent whisper silent whisper Jigajig Jigajig not_sans not_sans
Please follow suit in remembering the fight/leaving the area
I will control enemies once a majority of the characters are outside the junkyard.

I am in the process of finding a map to mark out to help us all picture the same areas etc. Til then have fun and respect each other OOC and in game somewhat
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there lived a certain man in russia long ago
ash had been quiet throughout the conversation between the powerful teleporter and the clean-cut mafia man she observed the insides of the building and wandered a tad still listening in to the conversation. she had her cash-stuffed carefully in her suit and had smiled and been excited by the amount of cash she had been giving she grew up in gangs where they pretend to like sleazy businessmen to get money from them so the fact she got it by getting her hands dirty and stabbing those goons was exhilarating, to say the least to her and she didn't look it but she was excited to work with the rest of the powered gang.

when the man gave the choice she thought it from a few different viewpoints and was undecisive but when lalo walked out she knew then what her choice was she smirked flirtatiously putting on her act and cat walked over to the rest of the crew and the mafia man "well i don't know about you but I could do with some kicking ass, see you soon~" she booped his noise and catwalked to the door and followed lalo "hey~" she said in a flirtous tonw


Ruby was off to one side counting the prize money she had been handed. Once she was done and satisfied she put it away inside of her suit she turned around surveying the area. Such easy money for such an easy task. Fighting in this little contest was a breeze and the vast majority of people she had fought were pushovers. I mean who brought a penknife to something like this. As the representative of the Lombari spoke she walked over to him and listened to the options before laughing, the sound coming out distorted due to the voice filter she had built in her helmet. "I would love to see them try and take this money from me." She grinned under her helm, lightning suddenly dancing through the night sky. "I'll fry each and every sucker who even looks at me funny.."

With that she turned and left the area following Lalo and Ash.


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error was to busy thinking about how he was going to spend his money to listen to the conversation he got bits and pieces of it but nothing important, but as soon as he got the cash the thought of taking it all crossed his mind but there was no way he could kill them all, they proved them self's on the hill so he let the thought go.

when he was given the choice he did not have 2nd thought about it, he would never join a gang especially one that could have killed his parents, just the thought of his parents haunted him.
he started to follow the others.
"if they try take this... well it's there death wish." he said with is robotic like tone.
he always kept his mask on he had almost forgotten what his voice sounded like.
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Lalo was nearing the junkyards exit with a curious glance at the spectators on all sides shouting death threats and insults towards himself and the other winners. It was a interesting night at the very least, with high chances of said interesting times to continue on into the morning. A attractive "hey" caught Lalo's ear as the costumes caught up to him. Lalo flashed a grin and matched her tone "hey yourself"
To think he would fight on a team with actual costumed villians.

Remarkable really, the confidence needed to stand out like that...
The fact they either somehow made said costumes or pay someone to design and make it...
Lalo's childhood dream was being a costumed hero, as a teenager he had a phase of wanting to be a super villian with a unique suit and helmet... A phase he grew out of but ultimately the nagging thought of
you would look dope in a neon helmet and custom armored suit
Would drift about whenever a costumed hero or villian caught his attention. Either way Lalo respected those with the balls to stand out in such grand ways.
It might of been the extra money in his hands or the adrenaline but Lalo decided to offer a invitation to the other four
"ay all of you, how about we go celebrate proper?
I know a decent bar that's nearby some great places for food..."

Lalo smiles as he pointed a direction with his bat, he speaks again as he forgot to Clarify this was a sign of respect and a show of a truce
"...oh! I won't do shit to anyone unless they start it"
Vahn Vahn silent whisper silent whisper not_sans not_sans Jigajig Jigajig

The chain link fence leading out had four Lombari's with handguns waiting to open the gate. On the outside of the chain link fence was a small throng of clowns. Around twenty men and probably some idiotic teenagers all with face paint and melee weapons.
The murder circus set up on the street with boomboxes playing the same song and a camera man on both sides to record the carnage, some of the clowns seem to be introducing the scene and explaining in crude but oddly descriptive words how they plan to kill these five would be kings.
Etc etc...
They wait impatiently outside only staying put because of the Lombari men with guns inside the junk yard...
But once your outside the show will begin.
Typical murder circus weapons...
Hammers/bits of lead pipe (held by the poor clowns)
Giant mallet (held by big strong sorts)
Axes/hatchets (held by all sorts)
ShotGuns/smgs (held by the richer clowns)

Buzzsaw/blade launcher
(custom weapon of Boss Cuttie. A clown with a minigun that fires circular saw blades)
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there lived a certain man in russia long ago
Ash smirked at his same tone and looked around at all the goon gangs and wastes of space around them “there’s certainly a lot of them” she thought to herself but was excited about the possibility of murdering so went with it

she looked at the others and then at Lelo and got closer to him and started to walk her fingers a cross his shoulders “sounds fun but your buying the first round~” she said
Flirty and started to leave


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General Question did not really bothered to count the money as the whole purpose for him coming to the Lombari families little game: "king of the hill" was to test the new armour that took him time and money to absorb and modify however it was unexpected to say the least when he heard that he was forced to be in a group.

It was expected that his armour would be hard to bring him down in the fight and with this being a junkyard, General Question spent most of the time acting as a unmovable defensive tank standing close to a some of the wrecked cars. If he ever got damaged enough, he was always at a hands length to get replacement parts from the wrecked cars.

However after all was said and done, he did managed to take a few souvenirs from the group Lalo called wannabe robot b....ahem girlies...Their components would be useful in the General Question next phrase of plans but the Lombari family representative proved that there was another unexpected complication.

General Question found the options provided as questionable but he heard the replies from the group.

Lalo: "I don't speak for everyone here, but I already picked option three. So Ima murder any in my way as I journey to get a drink and some flash"

Ash: "Well I don't know about you but I could do with some kicking ass, see you soon."

Ruby: "I would love to see them try and take this money from me."

The lightning danced around the night sky as General Question noted this might be her power.

Ruby: "I'll fry each and every sucker who even looks at me funny.."

Error: "If they try take this... well it's there death wish."

General Question did not even bother answer the Lombari family representative and followed suit along with the rest of this forced group once managing to catch up with them would Lalo offer an invitation.

Lalo: "Ay all of you, how about we go celebrate proper? I know a decent bar that's nearby some great places for food.. oh! I won't do shit to anyone unless they start it"

Ash: "Sounds fun but your buying the first round."

Ahh the circus is in town, with the numbers one would suspect they should have brought lions, tigers and bears. Alas that was not the case as General Question decided now was the time to speak.

General Question: " Do we attempt a preemptive strike? Or attempt to steal what ever vehicle they came on? Unless they all come on foot then I already have a few spares......which I believe I cannot attach to anyone else as I don't have the tools. "


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Lalo looked towards the walking suit of power armor and then the clowns outside the gates with a chuckle before answering the tech knight
"good question, I figure we could show the clowns whose boss before heading off... hell one of them might have a lighter on them.."
Swinging his bat to clean it in a half hearted manner before pointing it at the gates and clowns beyond it
"...I'm happy to jump over an take the first few pops at them for the rest of you to jump in, but im not buying rounds for those who dont help put down a clown"

Lalo couldn't help but notice the clowns hadn't started a fight, a pretty good indication that none of them have guns. Unless they were waiting to whip out a revolver or something...
Still the murder circus being here so quickly means they must have been waiting around for the other clowns in the yard or arrived during the match after hearing about having to avenge their fallen homies on social media.
"how about we all walk up to the fence and before it opens I zap over behind one of the tossers holding a mallet and brain him a couple of times, demoralize them somewhat."
Lalo swung his bat to the ground to make a loud thud against a buried car.
"Put the fear of death and God in them.. or spice them up more"
A cruel smirk appeared on Lalo's face as he pictured what he considered will be light work.
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error looked at out the gates he'd figured theirs about 20 of them and 5 of us its simple math
"I'm only taken out 4, I don't feel like dieing tonight. that ok with everyone." he did't wait for an answer
"good and yeah I could use a drink after this."

error had instantly regretted what he'd said but he can't just run away so he stood his ground and waited for Lalo's first move.


Ruby followed on silently eyeing up the others as they spoke. At the mention of the Murder Circus being outside waiting for them Ruby grinned under her helmet. "I'm game for kicking some more ass and then celebrating afterwards." She cracked her neck and knuckles. "I can fry them easily" She chuckled. Walking on up to the fence she peered at the collected group of clowns. watching them. "Just give the signal and I'll light them up"


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"just four? That's better than one i guess" Lalo cocked his head a tiny bit as he answered the fire hand guy, it was the one in what looked to be a armoured hoodie capable of storing/conducting electricity. The confidence radiated off them almost like the sparks of energy on the suit
"aha I'm a fan of you lightning darkqueen, but don't worry the signal is easy to spot.."

Lalo aimed his bat as if swinging at a 6ft7 tall imaginary clown, then in a cloud of smoke he appeared behind one of the larger clowns breaking his neck with a tremendous Swock from the bat as the big man fell dropping his mallet onto the road. The clowns shout and scream, one of the cameraman ran as the first death among them happened. But as quick as Lalo appeared the clowns retaliate almost as fast...

Blocking the swing of a axe with his bat before teleporting behind a clown to treat his head like a watermelon at a Japanese beach, in the first forty seconds of the battle Lalo had killed three clowns but was caught off guard by a number of bottles and hammers being thrown at him. The desperate assault of the teleporter was successful as a bottle shatters across the back of his head and a hammer hits Lalo's knee which forces the man to retreat using his power.

As the clowns look back and forth trying to pin down where lalo is going they realise the others are ripe to start killing, the two clowns holding mallet chase Lalo down as if to prove his first kill was lucky. The rest of the clowns start walking towards the costumed villians with a number of taunts and declarations of violence...

"You'll bleed to my ratchet hachet bitches!" Being the sort of trash talk they love.

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there lived a certain man in russia long ago
Ash had stayed quiet during the conversations and when lalo started to attack she started her spell she said it quickly and then held a knife in her hand she was impressed by the attacks made by lalo but was worried when he was starting to get overpowered the clown gang started to walk towards the villains and she took a deep breath “let’s kick their asses shall we” she ran and threw one of the knives in the chest of the clowns she jamp on his chest and kicked him down killing him and started running towards lalo

she got tackled by one of the clowns and he slammed her up against a fence and punched her in the gut and was starting to wind her she pulled her knife out and stabbed him in the head and killed him but exhausted fell to her knees and held her stomach
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error started to heat up his left hand
"these shitheads know how to die fast"
he used his right arm to pick up an axe that one of the clowns dropped and as he was attack by one of the clowns he just barely blocked the heavy swing with the axe then he used his left hand to burn the clowns mask and face, as he caught on fire another clown swung at error cutting about an half an inch deep in his chest.
"now you asked for it asshole"
he swung at the clown with the axe and missed but the grabbed him by the head and burned him alive.
"you just going to stand there, we could use some help from the guys in armor"
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General Question watched Lalo make the preemptive strike using the teleportation ability that he had made famous during the king of the hill. Literally hitting a home run on one of the clowns from the Murder circus. General Question still questioned if they were some sort of circus or just another gang dressing up like clowns and giving good clowns a bad name. Lalo count would be three clowns before his tactical retreat.

As General Question took count of the remaining seventeen clowns did Ash used some sort of magical incantation while General Question is not credible enough to be called a man of science, people cannot argue that magic of any kind was rare and seeing how Ash just summoned a knife out of thin air was impressive as she attack one of the clowns and from the looks of things it was a clean take down however before any sort of celebration could take place did another clown tackled Ash and slammed her against the fence. General Question began to move out to assist his team mate only to see that she had successfully took care of it.

General Question watched as his team mate Error picked up an axe, defended himself and then burned his second attacker before barely dodging the axe cut and getting another kill this time on his first attacker. By General Question's count that would thirteen clowns left but then Error pointed out the obvious.

Error: "You just going to stand there, we could use some help from the guys in armor"

General Question was making some attempts to get in the way of the clowns but being the most questionably armoured member of this group, he was unfortunately the most slowest in speed however General Question was trying to catch the attention of the two members carrying the mallets or was it sledgehammers?
General Question decided that he really did not want that free drink from Lalo only for him to register and finally adjust one of the many various new implants that he had taken away from the wannabe robot girls as General Question body modified itself to accommodate the new implant even go so far as to generate a third eye on his fore head did General Question continued on his path to the nearest clown that was rushing the group. The third eye would scan the clown this clown for a moment before signalling him out for some reason.

As General Question marched forward one of the clowns with mallet or sledge hammer swung at the General Question's right leg and instead heard not a bone snapping or cracking but instead metal gong. General Question attempted to swipe at the clown with his right arm but the clown was able to move away and swung this time on the left leg only to hear a loud metal gong. Once again the General Question tried to swipe at the clown only to be easily avoid as the clown went again for another strike at the leg of General Question, this time General Question did not bother attacking as General Question realized that the clown is staying out of his reach and that he is too fast to catch normally. General Question made a mental note before reorganizing the implants identification that he was doing on the other various parts and decided to instead design something for his arms. While he is doing this the clown realized that General Question stopped trying to attack him and that he is standing still. The Clown quickly shouted at his buddy to help.

Clown 1: "Lets Trash this tin can!!! The tin can stopped swiping and is standing still! "

Clown 2: "Maybe you knocked out whatever or whoever is inside of it."

Clown 1: "This tin can needs to bleed."

Clown 2: "What if it aint got blood?"

Clown 1: "Then its going to be scrap metal. You with me?"

Clown 2: "This is going to be a piece of cake."

As the two clowns kept on striking the armour of General Question in an attempt to break down the armour and kill or destroy what ever or whoever is in the armour. General Question was modifying his arm and then after what some would say a good number of swings did General Question began again. As dents seem to be forming on the legs of General Question did the first clown swung once more arm only for the left arm to spring out and extend towards the neck of the clown, once the neck was within the length of the clowns neck did General Question hand finally grabbed the neck and lifted the clown upwards. As the clown struggled to get free, trying to pry with his hands to remove the now tighten fingers of General Question did the mallet or sledgehammer fell to the ground. The second clown kept trying to swing at the left leg and arm to try and get General Question to let go only for the two clowns to hear the declaration of General Question.

General Question: "I see....you have a primitive form of cyber technology implanted into your body....That is why the girl robotic eye scanner highlighted you....Technology none the less."

Clown 1: "What the ..."

At that moment the left arm de-extends quickly and slots back into normal arm length which quickly spooked the second clown to jumping backwards. Only for the first clown to realize what General Question was talking about. As General Question right arm was already raised and moving into position.

Clown 1: "No.."

General Question: "I believe the medical professionals call it a pace maker...... Consider this your contribution to the future and society.... Well more likely society would be thanking me for this more than you."

Clown 1: "STOP!!!"

At that moment the right arm of the General Question pierced through chest of the clown directly under the collar bone and then just as swiftly General Question removed his right arm out of the hole that he had just made, the second clown cannot believe his eyes only to see at the last second General Question tossing the body of the first clown at him as the body weighed the second clown down for a moment. This gave General Question enough time to pick up the first clowns mallet or sledge hammer and walked to the second clown and simply used it to smash the second clown face in. General Question is still admiring the pacemaker while the black smoke emitted from his finger tips to absorb the pacemaker and once that was done did he made an announcement to anyone that would listen.

General Question: "Eleven clowns left....."

General Question marched on in an attempt to try and get another clown all the while dragging the mallet or sledge hammer.

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there lived a certain man in russia long ago
Ash watched the blood bath that was general questions attack and her mouth dropped “now that...was badass” she breathed heavily being winded by the clown from before she stood up and made another purple energy knife come from thin air she held it in her hands

one of the clowns with a bat ran at her and swung

she leaped over it and punches him in the side she gets punched in the back of the head by another clown and she falls foward and starts to crawl away “fuck-“ the clown with the bat steps on her ankle

“You ain’t going nowhere sugar” he pointed the bat at her face

she groaned in pain “you aren’t either.”She pulls out a knife and stabs him in the leg and he falls back and drops the bat

ash makes another knife and hits him in the forehead

the other clown picks the bat up and hits her in the side

“Mother fu-!” She cried in pain she held onto her side and grabbed the bat from him and swung it at his head and knocked him dead

“9 left” she said puffed out she ran to help Lalo and punches the clown attacker in the face giving lalo A second to breathe


Ruby watched on from the side-lines as the others began to engage in fighting, crossing her arms. One by one the clowns fell victim to one or another of her new found acquaintances. She gazed across the area as a few of them took some hits. When Ash got knocked down that's when Ruby made her move. "Alright... time to get involved..." As Ruby move forwards she realised that she was suddenly surrounded by about six clowns each one wielding various weaponry. Chuckling she cracked her knuckles. "You should of brought more people.." She heard movement behind and weaved her body to the left, just as an axe swung through the air where her neck had been not a few seconds before. "To slow.." She said in a sing song like voice. Spinning on her heel she swung out, a quick jab to the Clowns Adam apple. He chocked, dropping the axe clutching at his neck. Ruby followed up with a deft kick right between the legs.

"TAKE THEM!!" With that the other clowns rushed forwards. Laughing Ruby dived into action rushing forwards. Leaping up into the air she spun around slamming her boot into the side of one clown's head, knocking them down. "7 left.." She dived and rolled to the left before launching a barrage of punches at another clown, striking them multiple times in the chest and face, before delivering a powerful uppercut. "6" A swing here and a thrown hatchet there. She back stepped before raising her hand to the sky and grinned. "Bye bye.."

With that she fired a bolt of lightning right up, causing it to crackle and spread across the sky. Sheet lighting danced, the night sky lighting up. "Time to fry." She swung her arm down, numerous bolts of lightning raining down from above, striking the clowns around her their body lighting up like Christmas trees before each one fell down one by one, smoking and charred.

"Three left.."


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It was as Question slays his first two clownie victims the rest of the murder circus start to see themselves in a losing battle. Ruby enters the fray to slay and as three remain...
Two try to run, Lalo killed the clown closest to him which left one sad clown by himself in what looked like a small bloodbath that used to be his homies and squad mates.

"I shouldn't have waited!!"
The clown screams through muffled laughter, pulling out a glowing red syringe the clowns face twists into a suicidal grin as he jabs the needle into his neck and injects that glowing red into his body... His skin bubbles and shifts as the clowns skeletal structure grows outward. A pained voice grows louder as the transformation slowly settles into a new monsterish form
"now I'll Show you whose Boss you li-ah! You little bitches!!"

Lalo for one was stunned, he hadn't seen a instantaneous physical transformation like this...
"shit what did he shoot up?!"

Whatever it was caused the clown to grow eight feet tall with limbs the size of people, length and width.
The monster clown jabbed his muscular fingers into the road tearing out a chunk of pavement as easy as one would rip a page out of a book. Throwing this bit of road at Lalo and the approaching Magic caster, of course Lalo was able to move himself and the woman out harms way. But the monster clown didn't wait to see if he hit his targets. He had taken a running start to crash tackle into General question, forcing both to the ground with the clown on top raining down hammer fists in a effort to crush the robots head into a bloody puddle.
A effort that could probably result in said bloody puddle...

Question would notice this clown is bullshit strong, the structural integrity of his armor breaking apart with every strike landed an by golly the clown has done nothing but connect since grounding that robot.
"see that shit?! That fuck threw the road at us! The road!!"

Lalo teleported into the air above the clown and question, with falling momentum and the biggest downward crush the man could manage... The bat gets punched out of Lalo's grip as the clown swings repeatedly at the robot. Lalo landed on the clowns head with both feet and teleported to the ground to inspect his bat which was now crushed flat like a empty can of soda.
A sudden feeling of being helpless washed over Lalo who realised if nothing was done soon they could lose this fight to a single roided up clown
" i uh, I hate to admit this but I currently can not kill that clown, one of you heavy hitters will need to stab his eyes out or something before he rock an socks robot"
Monster clown counts as a mini boss, please do not control monster clowns actions.
For boss fights and fights against legitimate threats I'd prefer you write attempts rather then state what happens as I plan to react as said threats.
The more descriptive and logically said written attempt is helps your character succeed.

For example if you write "Sally tries to stab the clown"
that's not to good a attempt, the clown will dodge and strike back.

But if you write "with quick steps Sally rushed towards the clown trying to tackle into him to stab his neck in a repetitive manner"
That attempt I'd consider better than above and would react accordingly depending on your character and the enemy.
Say a 4ft girl tried to crash tackle and stab the clown, despite how well written the attempt is that will probably fail, you know?

If you would like a better explanation please ask somewhere other than here
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there lived a certain man in russia long ago
ash smiled after being saved from possible doom from the psycho clown thanks to lalo she watched as his attacks didn't do much she started to worry due to her being a human with just slight spell casting she had also been weak from the attacks from earlier but ash breathed in and put one of her daggers in her hand

she exhaled and looked at the villains around her for what she thought could be the last time because of her weakness. She ran towards the clown and threw 5 daggers towards the clowns stomach

(not sure if this is what you wanted I can fix it if need be)
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when error saw there was only 3 left he wanted to have some fun so he walked up to one of the cameramen
"can I have this, thanks"
he takes his camera
"sup guys welcome back to my live stream today we just took out some clowns that thought they could beat us"
error lifts one of the dead clowns faces up
"and that did't go so well did it"
"now I'll Show you whose Boss you li-ah! You little bitches!!"
"what the he-"
he turned to see this new monstrosity before the group.
"I would say holy shit but that would be an understatement."
he drops the camera and runs to go help.

"hey guys maybe we should all attack at once and you know not die"
he starts to reheat his left hand ready for an attack.


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The magic knives thrown at the monster clown sink deep into his side drawing blood but they do not stop the big man from swinging his fists up and down. Lalo didn't have much on him so he threw one of the dead clown's hatchet which bounced off the giant clown as if the sharp weapon was made of rubber. With that the teleporter was convinced that he would be ineffective here
"yea I can't jump him into the air or anything either that thing is way to solid.."
When the guy in the helmet with fire hands suggest they all attack at once...

Lalo Appears a meter beside Error shouting over the noise of Lombari taunts, incoming sirens and of course the big clown punching metal.
"let lightning there take a swing! then I teleport you onto his back to burn his head off!"


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To General Question this was a surprise but who in their right mind would plan for human to drink some sort of body enhancer and transform into a hulking eight foot mini-giant...See no one reading this actually planned for something like this suddenly happening...The proverbial right hook out of no where.

The block of road was tossed towards Ash direction and General Question watched as Lalo saved Ash for the haphazard attack. It was oddly a given that General Question would be targeted as he was the only member missing the needed agility roll to save himself. The hulking clown knew General Question was not going to retaliate quick enough as the Clown mounted General Question and started to ground and pound General Question into bits. As the structural integrity began to gave out General Question had begun his devious plan.

Not even bothering to defend himself or raise his arms, as General Question disconnected one of his visual receptor implants or better known as his spare eye and implanted it directly into his left hand before disconnecting the arm and letting it fall to the ground. All the while changing the color of his helmet glow from green to yellow as if to highlight the damage begin done by the clown as well as dimming the light a bit to show that life was fading away from General Question and was close to being scrap metal but the clown does not know that this was all part of a devious plan. Drawing all the clowns attention directly at a prone General Question. It was not hard to see the magic knives sink into the clowns stomach but that did not stop the clown from his pound and ground move. But more so no one seemed to be paying attention to the moving left arm that used one of the eyes to see where it was going, as its metal fingers tip toed its way to the rear side of the clown before setting itself directly near the clowns ass if one could see they would notice that the left arm began coiling itself backwards making an impromptu metal spring as if it will attempt to shoot the hand directly into the ass of the clown but to more specific it is attempting to launch the hand into the ahem bunghole.

However this is not all of the plan as General Question was now setting the his glow to change a bit and would launch a barrage of different color flashing lights in an attempt to create a photosensitive epilepsy onto the clown and now General Question was waiting for one more strike....To launch his two prong attack, the first one to blind or momentarily shock the hulking clown and the second one to attack an undefended region of the body and now was the time as the clown fists came crashing down onto General Question the plan goes into motion. The helmet lights up trying its best to blind or shock him to look away only for the spring loaded arm to launch and attempt to pierce the bunghole of the clown....if it connects General Question knows the clowns rage is going to blow a gasket and hopes that his team mates can take advantage of this brief distraction.


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"this is our chance, do it"
error worried he'd vomit as soon as he got telported was all of a sudden was on top of this monstrosity
"shit shit shit"
a little bit dazed by suddenly being in a new place error attempts to burn the clown by the face with both his hands at max heat.
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When Lalo heard the dude in the helmet say something about a chance he stepped closer and placed a hand on errors shoulder. It didn't seem like much of a chance, the robot was getting so smashed that its helmet was starting to imitate a rave. The helmet flashing lights briefly until the clown grasped with both hands and ripped it clean off with a scream of rage that shook all standing on the street...

Seeing as the clown was about to kill the man inside the robot and the dude with fire fists offered to jump in Lalo did his part teleporting error directly behind and slightly above the monster clown. Error was able to use his burning hands to claw into the clowns eyes, hanging on for dear life as the clown thrashed backwards attempting to stop the fire. Tripping over Question's robot arm and falling to the road with a pained roar it rolls onto his stomach and back a few times which flips Error onto the road for a painful case of road rash.

The monster clown was blinded and howling in pain, headbutting the road multiple times before standing up and trying to swipe at any close. Taking a running charge into no one the monster clown destroys the chain link fence and the stack of wrecked cars behind it, leaving the monster stuck under a small hill of rusted metal still screaming and thrashing. The Lombari who were cheering and taunting previously quickly became distraught as they had to get involved...

A Lombari suit shouts whipping out his revolver, he misses the first few shots as two bullets whiz past Lalo's head causing him to teleport backwards in shock. As the man aimed again a car launched from the pile of cars lands infront of him causing him to fall backwards.
Lombari men swarm the monster clown trying to bring it down with gunfire as it stomps about blind in a rage swinging half a car as a club.

"we need to go!"
Lalo shouts as three police cars arrive to punctuate his statement. They cut off the road leading towards the train station getting out of the cars and using them as cover they aim guns at the villains demanding they get on the ground. Lalo appeared behind one kicking him down and taking the gun shooting the cop in the leg and teleporting behind another to take as a hostage "drop the guns!!"
None did but all four cops left able to point their guns at Lalo demanding he drop his gun. The wounded cop makes a call for back up as a hostage situation/super situation is getting out of hand.
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Ash groaned as she took cover from the police and started coming up with a plan to get the fuck out of here. She lifted her head looking and saw the three officers pointing their guns at lalo and hostage. She talked to herself “I could drop the knives on there head and then we escape in the police cars it’s perfect!”

Ash summoned five knives above the police officers and they all came down on the men some hit there heads the others their shoulders ash ran over and made sure they were out she examined them “yep dead.” She looked at lalo “looks like you could’ve used some help~” she said playfully and started to rake through the men’s pockets finding keys. Shouting to the others she said “we can take their cars outta here let’s go.” she got in the front seat of the car
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The failed surprised attack to the clowns bum caused the clown to instead trip and fall instead but it seems like his team mates took advantage of the situation and successfully blinded the hulking clown enough to get the clown away from General Question also permanently blinding the clown.

General Question left arm would return back to the main body as General Question reattach his left arm to his shoulder and successfully attached it before getting back to his feet and standing up as if the damages caused was of no consequence apart from the see able sparks flying out from the armoured chest.

Suddenly the clown turned its attention to the Lombardi family members that were at the chain fence with General Question hearing the death threat and General Question heard the suggestion from Lalo.

Lalo: "We need to go."

General Question followed and with his left arm still re-configuring itself to stay attach and fix itself did General Question use his right arm to pick up his dismembered helmet as they went out of the junkyard. Only for the police to arrive and demands to get to the ground as General Question watched as Lalo incapacitated one police officer and take another hostage. The remaining four turned their attention to Lalo only for Ash to step in and a brawl happened to which Ash came out on top with the cop on the ground bleeding. General Question thought now would be the time to screw with the cops and the Lombari family in one swoop as General Question crept to get behind one of the police officers before adjusting his speaker module to mimic the Lombari family representative from earlier.

General Question: "Ya Cups...watcha you doing here? Don Lombari paid the police commissioner to keep you away from Aces scrap yard so we can wipe the competition together. We ain't done disposing the bodies yet."

At that mention one of the police officers turned to General Question only to receive a stiff metal uppercut as the police officer flew up wards and fell on top of the police car. While another turned and began shooting at this mass of metal as General Question went and used his right arm to extend and grab the police officer gun. General Question would wrestle control from the police officer and took the gun away from the police officer. While still using his speaker module to mimic the Lombari family representative voice he spoke again.

General Question: "Ya out gunned and ya out manned. Consider this Don Lombari giving you mercy....Besides we set this up so that the police commisioner can come in guns a blazing, cameras flashing and people swooning... Ya know what the comish always does."

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