the three number game


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probably a lot of people are already familiar with this game and will recognize it before I finish describing it.

I have a rule I'm thinking of that describes a relationship between a set of three numbers.
it can be anything, like "they must be in ascending order from left to right" or "all numbers even" or "exactly one of the three must be odd" or something like that.
when you post, you can do one of two things : either (a) "test" a triplet, or (b) try to guess the rule.
(a) post a single set of three numbers. I'll say "yes" if they obey the rule I'm thinking of, and "no" if they don't. one triplet per post, but you can post as often as you like.
(b) try to guess the rule. you don't have to get the exact wording. as long as your guess is equivalent to my rule - that is, all possible triplets either obey both, or fail to obey both - you win.

there are no scores or anything, but the idea is, you try to guess correctly on your first try by testing a bunch of sets of numbers and eliminating possibilities. you can test as many sets as you want before guessing.
to keep things simple, triplets only use whole numbers from 0 to 99. also, I'll edit this post with an updated list of every tested triplet and rule guess, so people can easily see what hasn't been tried / find patterns.

ok, I have the first rule in mind. go! :3

1 , 2 , 3 ✅
3 , 7 , 5 ✅
11, 13, 15 ✅
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