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the prophecy.

Mother’s children will at once roam this world.

For many years they will be bounded,
But one night will shine hope upon their faces.

Three sisters, not by blood, but of fate,
Will be the one to break the threads that tie us all together.

Their sun will shine bright and release us from our jails.

The mischievous will grant wishes and play games.

Fire will be eaten by the ones of justice.

Reputations will be eliminated as the evil overcome to demons of the world.

The untamable will fly high into the clouds.

Restless souls of the dead will finally move on.

Let the harvest grow and the water flow.

Let the King rise over and have dominion over his subjects.

We will not be tied down.

We will live freely.

Like Mother created us to do so.

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The sky was blanketed by the night stars. The soft whispers of souls passing over echoed in the midnight breeze, causing shivers down the spine. It was way past everyone’s bedtime. The streets were still with the occasional passing of a car. Lamps illuminated portions of the side path, flickering routinely. A lonely widowed woman sat on her small footstool on the side of the path, her jewels laid neatly upon a rug in front of her, waiting for something. She could feel it in her bones as they ached in the cold wind. Why did she decide for this appearance today? Out of everything she could present herself, she had to go for the oldest ajumma body that she could think of.

Well, I suppose it was all to fulfil the prophecy. Nothing worth having came easy, right? She was willing to sit here in the cold if it meant that her children could be freed once more. The thought of them being all alone, scared and miserable, brought nothing but sorrow to her aching heart. She knew that there would be the odd couple who would be sitting there, producing enough steam through their ears to provide themselves with their own personal sauna. After all, their capture wasn’t one that they fancied. But then her mind would drift to the ones that really shouldn’t have been in there in the first place had she taught them how to control their emotions and powers. Knowing their soft soul, they were probably worried out of their mind, rushing around their blank, empty jail to find something to bring as an offering to her. Finally, there was no doubt one trying to become the next Harry Houdini, plotting his next escape.

But of course, she didn’t have any favourites at all when it came to her children. She did, however, know that there were going to be some children who were happier to see her than others.

A tingle ran down her body, and this time, it wasn’t because of the cold. She could feel their presence before they were even in earshot or she could see them. This must’ve been them. The ones the prophecy foretold. She could sense their energy, pulling against her soul as they slowly kept their way up the road. “Three sisters, not by blood but of fate…” she whispered to herself, finally seeing the shadows of the group emerging “Will be the ones to break the threads that tie us all together…

It was game time.

She straightening up her rug, ensuring her beautiful jewels laid perfectly on display. Okay now… she needed to act, well, old, I suppose. She hunched over slightly, wondering if she should’ve taken some improv classes before trying to pretend to be an old lady. After all, she was old. But she had never been old. If you catch my drift. Forget the classes – it was far too late now. The prophecy needed to be fulfilled.

She needed her children back.

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The night felt chilly more than usual or at least that's what ae-ri thought, she wasn't sure if it was due to the weather changing to colder days showing that autumn was in full blossom or it was just the alcohol in her body making her extra sensitive to the crisp breeze. Well, it wasn't like she had a lot of alcohol in her system one bottle of soju was enough for her to get her drunk, to make her sing her heart out in karaoke as she made very clear she could do IU's high note in Good Day effortlessly and profess her love towards her best friends as she reminded them that if they needed a kidney one-day, ae-ri would donate hers without a second thought. She would have also done the same sober but she wasn't going around telling them as if her life depended on her friends knowing that ae-ri would do anything for them.

And to be honest, who wouldn't do anything for Minsu and Yejun? Those two deserve the world and no, it wasn't her drunk self talking she felt like a proud mom after Yejun finally decided to post her webtoon, maybe it wasn't yet in the list of most popular but ae-ri believed in Yejun's talent, and when the girl had the first fan sign of her webtoon she was going to be there as the first person in line. And Minsu finally got her 4000 followers in Soundcloud, in reality, ae-ri believed that she deserved more but it was just the people that didn't know what they were missing and when Minsu happen to have her first big gig she was going to make sure that her friend knew that ae-ri's voice was heard all over the place as she cheered on her friend.

So a night of celebration was what lead to ae-ri's drunk state, was she going to regret it in the morning, most likely, but it was worth it. The way back to their apartment felt longer than what in reality was, mostly because ae-ri wanted to play with a cute stray cat that she saw on her way home and insisted on bringing the cat home with her, something that didn't happen. Adding the twirls and wobbly steps that the girl took along the way making her walk slower than usual.

But even in her drunken state, she noticed the old lady alone on a cold and dark night, maybe if she wasn't like that she wouldn't have felt so sad seeing her, she wouldn't have felt the need to rush towards her and try to help her, but in reality, even sober Aeri would have wanted to help the old lady because that was the kind of person she was, always making sure everyone was happy and safe. "Let's help that old lady" she said more as a statement than a question.

She rushed as she wobbled her way, feeling dizzy by the sudden movements "You should go back to your house, is cold and dark you could get sick. Do you need help? My friends and I could help you! We could call you a cab or something so you get home safely" she started rambling in Aeri's eyes she was making a kind action, but she wasn't aware of the consequences of her amiable decisions would cause to her friends and her.
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na minsu.

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    she's thinking thoughts, probably

how much had she drank? probably not as much as she might have on other nights, granted minsu hadn't really been trying to fight the alcohol. clarity had been relinquished with almost too much ease, if only to match up to the drunkenness that had quickly come over her friends. ae-ri had been giggling like a madman after they'd gone through only one bottle and there was no way in hell minsu wasn't joining her on that, even if she'd needed another two bottles to get to that state.

there was a thought in the back of her head that she was probably the least drunk of the trio as they stumbled through the streets, though thinking felt like too mighty a chore in her current state. at the very least, she was definitely the most upright, with ae-ri slumped over her right shoulder and yejun propped up by the arm she had looped through hers. there was a laugh bubbling in her throat for a reason she couldn't pinpoint, but that didn't feel like a problem. nothing wrong with laughing.

her words came out haltingly, as if she was apprehensive as to whether she'd gotten her best friend's name right.
"are we... going the right way?"
the laugh finally slipped out, a quiet giggle that adorned her question in a way that felt very appropriate to her drunk mind.

in the distance, minsu thought she heard ae-ri speak. "let's.... old.... -dy." her mind failed to piece together what exactly the-voice-that-sounded-like-ae-ri's said and she ambled along, pausing only when she noticed her shoulder felt far too light.
minsu mumbled, concern giving her a moment's clarity to glance around her surroundings for her friend's limp form. there was a mixture of relief and confusion when she found ae-ri bumbling away from them towards her grandmother.

her grandmother? what was aeri's grandmother doing on the street?

she squeezed her eyes shut in an attempt to finally reign in her mind from the alcohol's grasps, and it worked, to an extent. because minsu noticed it wasn't aeri's grandmother. thankfully?

"do you need help? my friends and i could help you." she waddled over, pulling yejun along and resting her chin on ae-ri's shoulder and immediately deciding against it when the other girl swayed underneath her. "we could call you a cab or something so you get home safely."

minsu chimed in, a dopey smile forming on her lips as she studied the old lady. she really didn't look like ae-ri's grandmother up close.
"we could even..."
another giggle, just because it felt right,
"carry you home ourselves! we're pretty strong."

it was hard for her not to notice the jewellery on display— not because she thought they were attractive or anything, but because the old lady had an odd earnestness to her gaze that seemed to beckon towards her jewels and they were extremely tacky. minsu's arm slinked out of yejun's as she bent down to have a closer look, mildly intrigued by the size of such gems, despite how gaudy most of them were.

she glanced up at the old lady, curiosity still evident even as her words slurred slightly. she felt sleepy.
"ajumma, are you selling these? jewels these big will sell more at the pawn shop,"
there was no attempt to stifle her yawn as she added,
"don't get... scammed."

너는 어때?


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we'll help you!



in the streets.


ajumma, minsu and aeri

there was midnight, bearing bouquets of moonbeams and starlight tremblings. the sky’s jewels flitter across the mind like birds, bright and mesmerizing. tonight’s activities revealed themselves in stumbling steps and a mystical shroud veiling yesterday’s woes and tomorrow’s worries. yejun was not sure how many drinks were currently flowing through her system, her memory having become significantly more foggy after the third soju shot, but there was a voice in the head telling her she was not that drunk. so,, why not listen to that? at the very least, the amount of alcohol had matched the celebrations; it was one for herself for finally garnering enough courage to publish her webtoon and a second one for her best friend for hitting a new milestone in soundcloud followers.

ah, how dreams glittered and gleamed….

yejun had been deep staring into the sea of stars above, faithful her physical support wouldn’t abandon her in these drunken times. only when her best friend spoke up did she break away her gaze from heaven’s twinkling lights.

"are we... going the right way?”

now, that was a darn good question. yejun squinted her eyes, peeking into the darkness edging around the trio. everything looked semi familiar in its umbral state, though she could swear to have passed that sketchy shop sign during the day. a vague remembrance flickered -- one of warnful whispers and chills running down the spine. yeah….perhaps it was better to avoid passing it during witching hours…

“I think we are going the right w-” her sentence was broken up as a sudden pull fractured her focus, eyes gravitating to the source. there, yejun found herself looking at minsu and ae-ri, both concerned about a….random ajumma on the street? the offerings of help flowed into the air, friendly and good-hearted. but drunk yejun was still yejun, and a heart-stopping realization seeped into her being, alerting and sobering.

“wait!” she shouted, pulling both her friends a step away from the old lady. there was a step forward from her, stature protective as she shielded both of them with her own body. call her paranoid but innocent strangers were a fairytale yejun did not believe in. even a harmless mask could grin and lie,, just as a wicked soul could harbour secret guile in a weak vessel. who knows what kind of wraith might be hiding behind those innocent wrinkles? no, this would not do. before anyone would be helping a random stranger during these hours, a test had to be done.

“guys… we don’t know this person,” she stated, shaking her head. immediately, a hand started fumbling around in her bag, searching for the sacred spray bottle filled with holy water. “we gotta…” there was a hiccup.” check for evil spirits..” there was another moment of the purse’s contents being shuffled, the clinking noise of keys filling the cold air. aha! victorious, yejun pulled out a glass bottle, and without missing a beat, sprayed its liquid into the grandma’s direction. thankfully, there was no skin burning or grotesque reveal of an evil spirit. the elderly woman stayed the same, save for her new. . . . vanilla smell..?

[it was her bodyspray, not the holy water…]

oh well. now that the senior was deemed innocent by yejun herself, she crouched down. her gaze briefly darted around, as if wary of any unwelcome listeners, before leaning in to whisper; “ajumma, you need to be careful out here. there are evil spirits preying on the innocent and vulnerable at this time. please let us help you get somewhere safe.”

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She had dreams of what these three sisters would look like, act like… After all, these were her children. She cared for them very deeply. She wasn’t just going to throw them away to anybody. But she imagined that they would be proper young women. Full of passion and a desire to learn about the world around them. Proper etiquette and manners. A soft, beautiful complexion. She wanted only the best for her children, and if the Shaman foretold that her children were destined to be released by them, her hopes were high.

She could sense them getting closer. And closer. And closer. And then she saw them. Dear Lord. No. This couldn’t be the group. Her eyebrows furrowed, stretching her neck to see if there might’ve been some group behind them also. But there they were; the three sisters of fate, walking towards her in a drunken manner. The frown only grew as she soon realized the aura surrounding around these three girls. Well, there went her hopes and dreams of her children being cared for by proper, young, mature women.

One of the three rushed towards her, barely able to keep a straight line before rambling away at her. Well, now, there was the kind heart that she had been expecting from someone that the Shaman had prophesized about. A soft, warm smile came to her face, outstretching her arm to take hold of Ae-Ri’s. “It’s okay, my dear,” she began before another girl from the group spoke. Oh yes, she could see the strong aura around this girl. Especially when she suggested that they could carry them home. “It’s okay, it’s okay-” she responded warmly, her other arm stretching out to take the girl’s hand sweetly.

However, before any of her hands could take hold of the two girls’ to show any sign of thankfulness, the third sister decided to yank her friends back, try to coax them away and – Did she just try to throw holy water at her? She sat there, hands still outstretched, blinking in complete bewilderment. What the hell was actually happening? Was this the God’s strange way of punishing her for creating her children? Having these three be the sisters the prophecy was written about? No, there had to be something off with the translation. There was no way at all. However, every time she dismissed the prophecy, she could feel a tug inside of her chest draw her towards the girls. It must’ve been them… much to her dismay.

I’m okay,” she insisted to the girls, trying her absolute hardest to act old. “Please, you have such pure hearts. Wanting to help an old lady like me. Please, take a piece of jewellery” She motioned towards the rings displayed before them. “I have no use for them anymore. I am old, with no family or children. When I move onto the next life, I will have no need for jewellery or money. So please, give my darling jewellery another life. They’re like children to me.

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in the streets.


ajumma, minsu and aeri

even in the dark haze of yejun’s drunk mind, there was a ray of clarity tugging at the threaded ends of her focus. it was a gravitational pull, one that reached into the soul and captured an essence dimmed by the shadows of inebriation. did… this woman just mention a next life?? there was an inner hymn of religion flowing through the mind as if awakened by those sole words. did that mean she was also a believer? yejun’s demeanor changed significantly upon this ‘epiphany’, an excitement blooming inside. aside from her family, there were very few people who believed in the dangers of the dokkaebi and promises of reincarnations. being a herald of this faith often felt like being the only one able to see the dark matters at the edge of a wild, blue sky. so, crossing paths with a fellow believer was almost something akin to catching a fallen star in your hands -- rare but fated.

“ah well, if the kind ajumma insists-“
there was a glance at the jewelry laid on the ground, followed by a pauze…. these rings,, they were very…. peculiar. yejun’s expression twisted from ebullience into hesitation, and she was certain to be scorned by the Mother, if not this old lady, if it wasn’t for kind-hearted ae-ri to compliment the rings. oh, sweet ae-ri. if anyone deserved the universe and a free ring, it would be her.

“yejunnie, minnie this is exactly they kind of ring that i want when I get married make sure my future boyfriend gifts me one like this!” the ring ae-ri picked up was something that perfectly encapsulated her soul; lovely and delicate. it was a pretty ring.

“of course riri, we will ensure you get something as pretty as you are.” yejun reassured with a wink, before sharing a glance with minsu. thankfully, the way her other best friend gave yejun that look indicated that she was not the only one with reservations about the selection of rings. they weren’t necessarily awful, but there were not any yejun would see herself wearing either. nevertheless, aeri’s with her pure heart and sweet spirit, wavered her initial judgment. the remaining resolves were crumbled by minsu’s inquiry, pulling her attention back to the rings — this time with slightly more interest. a lot of the jewelry got exiled to the realm of oblivion in one glance, but there was one she could not help but feel the tiniest bit drawn to. the purple gem entranced the drunk yejun for long enough to forego the ominous vibes lingering around it. picking it up, she inspected it some closer before turning back to her friends.

“minsu-ah and riri-ah, what do you think? it doesn’t look too cursed right?”
there was an uncharacteristic giggle escaping her. joking about these kinds of things was a general faux-pas for the cha family - lest you might beckon any wandering misfortune into your life - but in this case, yejun was not afraid to be humorous about it -- drunk and under the firm belief the jewelry was blessed by a fellow disciple. if anything, this ring might grant her some more protection against those wicked dokkaebi.

“i might take this one, what about you minnie?” yejun was not too sure if minsu would pick one; her best friend’s fashion sense had always been bold but unforgiving. but perhaps, under this sea of stars and gentle moonlight,, even one of these rings could sway a fashionista.

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na minsu.

despite yejun's odd jump from over-cautious to over-zealous, minsu was at least relieved her friend shared her sentiments. she watched as yejun mulled over the rings with as much interest as she had, finally picking out one adorned by green and purple jewels that looked positively sinister. perhaps not something she might mind herself, but not the choice she thought yejun, with her talismans and holy water, would go for.

at least she was aware. "what do you think? it doesn't look too cursed, right?"

"it looks very cursed,"
minsu interjected, her tone amused and clearly teasing,
"watch out, a dokkaebi might jump out of it."
her hands jumped up, mimicking the claws of the monsters that plagued yejun's nightmares, her giggles cut short by her friend's playful hit to her arm.

minsu tilted her head at yejun's question, her eyes scanning through the rows of jewels on display with mild disinterest while her fingers toyed with the one she'd already picked up. it would be the lesser of evils, she concluded after a moment's consideration, gesturing a little wave with the jewellery,
"this one, i think. it's... nice."

nice enough to sit at the bottom of her jewellery box.

the old lady seemed pleased when the last of the girls confirmed her choice, clasping her hands together with what minsu thought was a little too much ardour. "i'm pleased my precious gems have found such sweet owners— won't you girls... try it on? see if it fits?"

she drew the line then, her mind already too sober to be making crass styling decisions like this.
"haha, i'm sure it'll fit fine, ajumma. we'll take good care of it."

"ah... you could still try it on to be safe..."

a frown spread across her lips, quickly forced into a disingenuous smile.
"no, no, it's okay."

"wouldn't hurt to–" why was she so insistent?

"i know a good jeweller to adjust it if need be, don't you worry."
minsu assured, slipping the ring into her pocket. there was an odd feeling of suspicion creeping into her mind, though she wasn't sure if was just being influenced by her deep desire to not have it clash with her outfit.

"are you sure–" yeah, she was definitely too enthusiastic. it was time to go.

minsu looped her arms through her friends' and marched them away briskly, cutting off the old lady's further attempts at persuasion with a laugh.
"they'll definitely have a good life with us. we're gonna go home now!"

"remember to look out for evil spirits, ajumma!" yejun's farewell was characteristic of her, as was ae-ri's excitable wave, all while minsu dragged them away as the impromptu designated-sober-friend for the night. maybe the old lady hadn't had bad intentions and hadn't been paid off by a gang to sell ugly jewels to unsuspecting girls on the street so they could mark them out as targets, or maybe she was oblivious that wearing such gaudy, tacky rings made them out as easy targets to be robbed. either way, minsu's rationality, aided and perhaps supervised by her fashion sense, decided it'd be best to not take chances, for the sake of their safety and their outfits.

it was that thought that had her turn back to glance at the old lady, her eyes searching through the darkness only to find the spot she had once occupied vacant. had they walked that far? minsu turned back to her friends just as the beginning of a drunken song slipped out of ae-ri's lips, a self-produced parody of gee that mused of the beauty of her newly-acquired ring. the tune elicited a giggle from her as she joined in quickly, her friend's drunken carefreeness quickly tossing the observation to the back of minsu's mind.

ah, whatever. maybe she was just less sober than she thought.

너는 어때?


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The return to their apartment was chaotic, to say the least, or that's what Ae-Ri remembered. Listen, she didn't blackout; she wasn't such a terrible drinker, or at least that what she wanted to believe. But she could clearly remember the old lady and how she offered them the rings followed by Ae-Ri's commentary on how the ring she chose was exactly like the type of ring she wanted when she got married. This was funny because Ae-Ri didn't want to get married yet or at least not to any of the guys that her parents set her up on blind dates so she could settle down because they had stable jobs and could provide a good life for her.

But either way, she wasn't really thinking straight at that moment as she also delighted her two best friends as she sang with all her heart Gee, because no one could stop Ae-Ri from believing she was the newest addition to Girls Generation, so Taeyeon you should better watch out because she was coming for your parts.

The rest of the way was her proclaiming her love to her best friends and showing off her ring as if it was the most expensive piece of jewelry in the world. Maybe she did, in fact, remember more than she thought, which was mostly her embarrassing herself, but well, it already happened and she and fun so that's what mattered.

But, what was a night of fun and dumb memories that she would laugh at one day, make her regret all her life choices the next morning as the hungover strike in even if it wasn't terrible it still wasn't a pleasant feeling, what some people would have seen as a beautiful and sunny day. Ae-Ri was not having it. Why did she have curtains of a light color? Right, because she loved when rooms had a lot of natural light, well now she wasn't a big fan of the sun, she tried to put a pillow over her head as she tried to fell back to sleep again, but it was impossible once she was awake; she couldn't go back to sleep even if she tried as if her life depended on it.

Still, groggily Ae-Ri left her room, she really needed some coffee and something to eat otherwise she would never be able to even start her day. Maybe if she wasn't still sleepy or was so lost in her own thoughts as she wondered if she had enough ingredients to bake some breakfast muffins for her and her best friends because at that moment the last thing that Ae-Ri wanted was to go and do grocery shopping she would have noticed the body that was resting on the living room, but who would have woken up and thought "Oh I'll check if someone is sleeping on my couch" well, she wasn't like that nor the thought passed through her mind.

After preparing a piece of toast bread and some coffee, Ae-Ri decided to go to the rooftop, something that was out of her routine but that in that day she felt it would help her feel energized, an innocent idea that would eventually start so much drama if only she knew back then. As she headed out to the rooftop she was expecting to find the place empty like most of the time, it was almost as if they were the only ones that use it. Well, the last thing she expected as soon as she opened the door was to see two men that looked as if they were taken out of a period drama. Where do they come from? Who were they? And what they were doing on their rooftop?

Ae-Ri started panicking about what she was supposed to do she couldn't fight them and the running back to the apartment meant that she would lead those two suspicious men to Yejun and Minsu, she didn't have any other option so she screamed hoping that someone would help her, but she was sure this was going to be the end for her, she would make it to the news as the girl that was murdered by two men dressed in period clothes.

Why she didn't stay in the apartment like she always did?
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Kim Won Hyo
the stupid farmer

I know you didn’t… It’s okay, my son. Everything is going to be okay. I’m here now. I’ll protect you. I love you so much. I am so proud of you…

And just like that, the warmth that had radiated around his body and warmed his soul was gone. A cold draft tingled down his spine, leaving goosebumps to rise all over his body. It was chilly. It was dark. It was just a place filled with ongoing… nothingness. He had attempted to walk as far as he could, trying to find the end. It was a losing battle as the void continued, swallowing him in their void of darkness. He was cold, alone and scared. The last thing Mother had said to him was that she loved him and was there to protect him; something which he constantly chanted to himself as he laid down on the hard, freezing floor as he attempted to sleep. Time merged together and there was no telling if it was day or night.

And then, all a sudden, there was a shining light. There was warmth. There was a familiar tug that pulled onto him, calling him towards the energy that was radiating from the beacon in the distance. At first, he casually and slowly walked. As he drew closer, the pull calling him only grew. His walking became a jog, leading to a run before sprinting onwards. He didn’t know what the light was, or what was calling him; all he knew was that he needed to go towards it. Perhaps it was Mother on the other side, waiting for him with open arms? Perhaps all this time worrying that she had forgotten about him was wasted energy?

But it wasn’t Mother who was there when he approached the light. In fact, it was a group of women acting… well, like they were upper-class folk who had spent their life savings on sul. Not to mention their inability to walk in a perfectly straight line or to identify that he was even present before them before completely passing out. They were so drunk that they possibly didn’t even notice the commotion he created when he saw his brothers for the first time in many years. A wide grin spread across his glowing face as his eyes enlarged in excitement, wrapping his arms around his brothers that he had so dearly missed. He was completely unaware if the feelings were mutual or not, but that didn’t matter right now. All that mattered was that he wasn’t alone anymore.

Even in this strange-looking house (that's what it was, right? A house?) they were in. There were strange objects within the place, drawing in his inquisitive nature. But it was when he saw the shining lights through the window that he knew he had to go outside and look. Through the door and up onto the rooftop, Wonhyo stood in absolute awe. It was like the heavens fell to the Earth, and the stars were living amongst the living. They twinkled in the night sky and before them on the horizon. He could’ve sat there all night just staring at them.

And, well, he did.

Even as the sun rose, he was still in awe. The pigeons of Itaewon found comfort in the morning sun perched on the side of the rooftop; Which Wonhyo took to his advantage. He sat by their side, asking them questions about what he was seeing before him and if it was always this pretty. He stroked their feathers, thanking them for their information as they cooed to one and another. Stranger the pigeon cooed, taking flight as the sound of the rooftop door creaked open.


Curiously, Wonhyo looked over towards the door to see not a stranger. But the upper-class woman he had seen last night; the one who had obviously had some fun at a distillery during the night. A sense of familiarity flooded his body causing his face to automatically shine with a large grin and wide eyes. His hand in preparation to wave towards the girl to greet her on this lovely morning – when she did that thing.

She screamed.

The sound of her shriek oddly reminded him of having to pin down one of his pigs who was trying to attack one of his chickens on his farm. And even though it was a sound he had heard before, it still shocked him. Eyes that were once wide from joy were now in sheer horror, his smile dropping completely. His hands raised for a greeting wave were now planted over his ears, attempting to shield them from the horrible sound. And, like always, he automatically and instinctively, ran to his brother’s side, hiding behind him.

Is she possessed?” Wonhyo called out to his brother who was literally standing right in front of him. I suppose he forgot that covering your ears didn’t lessen the volume for others.



wow my ears. and you scared my pigeon friend away too. so rude.





Ae-Ri ( Stardust Galaxy Stardust Galaxy )
Sehun ( natasha. natasha. )
Mingi ( triples triples )

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na minsu.

for what should've been a rude awakening, minsu was surprisingly calm when she sat up, attributing mostly to the fact that she knew neither who nor where she was. the only true thing in the world, at that moment, was that it was far too early for her to be awake.

to the ambience of someone's distant wail, memories of last night began flooding in, though its pace was undoubtedly more comparable to that of a mountain stream— the girls had stumbled home safe and sound; ae-ri had hobbled straight to her bedroom and presumably passed out. meanwhile minsu, deadset on knocking herself out via alcohol, had forced yejun into doing a second round with her. that would certainly explain the position she had woken up in, slumped over a pillow with an empty soju bottle and shot glasses littered on a tray nearby.

her bearings gathered, it was time to address the very shrill elephant in the room.
"i'm not just imagining that, right?"
she asked aloud, her question directed at her roommate and no one in particular as she tried to figure out why someone would be screaming bloody murder at...

(a glance at the clock.)

...eight-thirty in the morning. on the roof, no less. her sleep-muddled mind cycled through the possibilities, noting absentmindedly that whoever it was was shrieking in an impressive A6, before realising that the most likely person to be screaming on the roof while hitting that note was none other than one of her best friends. case closed, back to bed.

oh fuck, it was one of her best friends.

minsu rushed to her feet, powering through the temporary blindness as she stumbled first to yejun to give her a rough tug to the leg as a wake-up call, then to the door, flinging it open with a little more strength than necessary. it hit the wall with a loud bang, drowned out by her exclamation as she scrambled down the stairs,

she caught the last of the other girl's cry as she hit the bottom step, rounding the corner by the living room with so much speed she nearly crashed into the wall. weapon? do i need a weapon? minsu halted in her tracks, a brief pit-stop at the dining table in search of a suitable object. kitchen? knife, maybe? her gaze followed along, quickly mapping out the distance between her and the doorway and deciding it was much too great.

her eyes darted back to the table. newspaper! green onion!!!

something, something, anything can be a weapon, right?

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*​

now, when minsu charged to the rooftop heralded by a resounding
"riri, are you okay?"
, armed with a vegetable and ready to earn an assault charge, she can't quite say what she was expecting to see. maybe a huge cockroach, or a burglar who sucked at his job. perhaps even taeyeon herself, presenting a signed album if she was being scored on creativity.

not this, that was for sure.

"what the fuck? sa- sammaekjong?"
her eyebrows furrowed in confusion, fighting stance momentarily dropped before it hit her that intruders dressed in historical garbs were still intruders, no matter how much they looked like they'd just walked out of a drama set— no matter how... terrified (?) they looked.

she half-turned to the other girl, her eyes trained on the two men as her tone dropped low,
"do... do you know these guys?"
skip the dumb question, only one answer made sense. she should just call the cops. or the landlady. her non-onion hand reached around to pat her back pocket, discovering with alarm when she felt no distinctly rectangular shape that 1. she had no pockets, and perhaps the more important 2. she didn't have her phone with her.

"fucks' sake..."
minsu mumbled, before fixing her gaze on the strangers once more, brandishing her make-shift weapon,
"don't move if you don't want to die."

너는 어때?


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i got the power of faith and friendship on my side !!



on our rooftop.


minsu, aeri and two intruders.

yejun's drunk recesses of the mind spun a dream that mingled and twisted with the fabric of nightmares. the dreamscape that had taken her to a misted green field wrapped in the scent of spring morning had become a shrouded one of blood and fear. one moment, she was caressed by a gentle and sunny breeze,, and then, suddenly, there was a darkness stripping away the kind and peace. in a world of many dimensions but no time, the illusory walls became entrapping and a clock started ticking.

a sense of fear wrapped around yejun like stark lace as the shadows around her began to whisper. wake up, the inner voice called -- but the wish made on moonbeams got lost in dark dust. in this nightmare, the stars cried and the milky way echoed like an ill-fated presage. wake up. there were saturn tears and astral blood. wake up. everything got enveloped in dark flames of decay, before drowning in wasteland waves. wake up. towering horror, appearing figures, and a voice booming loud and clear; beware and prepare.

a heartbeat and a prayer.

wake up-

yejun jolted awake to the distant sound of a scream and a rough tug to the leg. frightened by the nightmare, her gaze darted around in panic, before heaving a relieved sigh to find herself back in her apartment, albeit not in the normal comforts of her bed. muscles cramped from the position with one leg still half leaning up against the side of the seat, while laying on the ground. huh....perhaps she had fallen in her slumber..? yejun emitted a groan and momentarily closed her eyes again. how did she get here? mind still unwinding from the nightmare and the alcohol, only select snippets of last night managed to trickle in; the muffled melodies of good day and gee, the cheers and clinking of soju shot glasses, the flash of an ajumma's face and odd-looking rings... yejun could only conclude that it was certainly an eventful night before letting her mind wander back to her haunting slumber.

beware and prepare.

was this nightmare supposed to be an omen from the deity? while yejun believed in the mother's protection over her worshippers, she had never heard about her visiting in dreams. there were rumours about holy sights and hidden messages under the artifice of altering appearances but this was different. nevertheless, yejun was not someone to ignore any warnings, may they turn out to be fantasy or not. her hand went up to brush some hair out of her face, a sigh escaping her. there was another moment of pondering about the meaning behind the night terror, the dooming message instilling a sense of dread that weighed heavily on the bones, before a faint thought noted a lot of noise coming from upstairs. then, an almost distant memory that felt more like a lucid dream seeped in; a worried exclamation in the voice of her best friend. ae-ri?

yejun's heart stopped for a moment before a whole new level of sense of dread came flooding in. oh god, what if her nightmare meant something bad was happening today?! she immediately jumped to her feet, panic and adrenaline fuelling the surge of energy streaming through her blood. quick ! a weapon ! her eyes frantically searched around, only to find her bag hanging from the seat. holy water ! if it was something of evil spirits, she could save her friend. if it was something else - well,, it could serve as a less effective pepper spray?? ah, too much danger. not enough time. yejun hurriedly grabbed the bag, before sprinting up to the roof.

"rinnie!" she shouted as she entered the playing field, eyes immediately finding the intruders. "stay away you-" her eyebrows furrowed in slight bewilderment. "..cosplayers..?" she glanced sideways at minsu, who was brandishing an interesting weapon herself. great, they were up against two intruders with a bag and an onion. this was probably the beginning of an en- no. yejun shook her head at the negative thoughts, not wanting to give up that easily. despite fear trying to rip her resolve asunder, the flames of protection became her sword and shield. taking a deep breath, yejun squared her shoulders, before mustering the best intimidating glance she could.

"you better leave you evil spirits or cosplay robbers! i got burning water and I'm not afraid to use it!" she pulled out her spray bottle of holy water from the bag and took a readying stance.

"minnie-ah, rinnie-ah, stay close to me. i got my bujeok, it should lend us some protection"

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    the rooftop.
For a long time, Sehun felt nothingness. It was a sensation he didn't think he was even capable of feeling, and yet it persisted. It just went on and on, to a point where he could hardly keep track of how long had passed. He just experienced darkness and loneliness. There was no food, there were no books, there was no music.

It was a punishment for his actions, and he knew this, but he never believed that boredom could feel so horrifying. How long was such torment meant to last for what he'd done?

It was a question he asked himself often, and he supposed the upside was not having any other spirits answering those questions. Out in the world, that particular ability of his had been both entertaining and annoying, but one bad connection with a demon was enough for Sehun to be wary of any other voices that weren't human. Sitting in silence with his own thoughts, though terribly dull, would have to do.

For a while, Sehun resigned himself to thinking he'd be trapped in this world of nothingness forever, so he was surprised when there was a change one day. It was small, but he'd spent so much time in the darkness that even the tiniest difference was easily noticeable.

Initially, it felt like a tug in his gut. It was enough to get him to scramble to his feet, at which point he noticed the light. It seemed far, but that didn't stop Sehun from beginning to run toward it almost immediately. He had no idea what it was, or what was waiting for him once he reached, but when he noticed the light only getting brighter, he ran faster. Eventually, the light surrounded him, and after spending so long staring into the dark, Sehun now found himself blinded by something completely white.

When that eventually faded, he was standing somewhere unfamiliar. A lot of things seemed new, and the three people passed out a little distance away seemed... different. Humans, yes, but dressed differently from how he remembered women dressed up. Judging by their auras, they were unlikely to wake any time soon, but all the colours were surprisingly soothing after having spent so much time on his own.

What was most surprising of all, however, was the presence of two of his brothers. Wonhyo was quick to embrace him, which Sehun should have admittedly seen coming. Though he did little to return this gesture of affection, it was oddly calming. He blamed it on having been alone for so long, so he stood still and allowed Wonhyo to hug him before he went on to tackle their other brother.

There were many questions in his mind — probably some really important ones that needed to be addressed — yet all Sehun could do was busy himself in the kitchen. So many things were new, so not only was he hungry, but he was fascinated as well. He gently poked around with various contraptions and tasted things he came across in the fridge or in cabinets. He only stopped himself when he mixed up some spices and ended up in a coughing fit. After that, he turned his attention elsewhere since there was still much to explore.

Eventually, with a book he'd found lying around, Sehun followed Wonhyo up to the roof as the sun began to rise. He was in no rush to figure things out when things had been calm so far. He was enjoying being back in the real world, so he had every intention of taking his time and simply living for the moment.

That thought abruptly came to an end when he heard a shriek.

Sehun had been laying on the ground and flipping through the book in his hand when it happened, and it caught him off guard so the pages slipped through his fingers till the book slammed down onto his face. It all happened very quickly, including him scrambling to his feet just as Wonhyo came to hide behind him. His question would have probably made sense, had Sehun not been able to read auras. "No, she's just scared."

They were soon joined by another girl, and Sehun quickly recognised them both as the ones who'd been passed out downstairs. She was brandishing a peculiar weapon while making her threats — in fact, it wasn't a weapon at all, unless there had been some serious advancements in his time away. Could humans have possibly militarised vegetables?

Just when he began to wonder where the third girl was, she came bounding upstairs to join her friends, and she too carried something with her. The bottle she got out of her bag confused him even more than the onion did, and yet he fixated on something else she said.

"What are cosplayers?" Sehun briefly looked to Wonhyo as if he'd know the answer before his gaze returned to the three girls. He wasn't good with people. He could clearly tell that all three of them were cautious and feeling a flurry of different emotions, with two of them clearly poised to attack at a moment's notice, but Sehun had absolutely no idea what to actually do with that knowledge. Reading auras could only get him so far when he had terrible social skills.

Since everyone seemed keen to be holding onto something, Sehun picked up his book from earlier and held it out in a similar stance — just to be on the safe side — all while wondering where their other brother was. He'd probably know best how to deal with this situation.


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    a great day to be out of prison

A set of footsteps passed by his proximity; light steps, that were probably elegant at their best but currently rather off-beat. After centuries of nothingness, his ears took in all of even that small sound. But he didn't get up. He didn't want to get up. Whatever magic these fabrics were made out of, they were so much better than anything he'd ever been covered in. Just so, so, so comfortable. Who set such brilliant traps? As someone who'd spent way too much time encased in cold, hard stone, he couldn't get enough of them.

Mingi wasn't a deep sleeper, but he was sure if he simply tried hard enough... and closed his eyes... he could fal-

A sudden scream, high-pitched and dastardly. It tore through the room, making him flinch and his brows furrow. Sounds like someone had laid eyes on something bizarre and terrible to behold. Poor woman. She must've seen Wonhyo.

As the clang & clatter of a building commotion buzzed on like white noise, more footsteps joining in on the play, Mingi mulled over the thought of getting up a little more. On one hand: his brothers, confused, being screamed at and possibly threatened. On the other: this beautiful bed-like structure and wonderful, sheer softness. Ah, the tough choices one must make in life.

"I got burning water and I'm not afraid to use it!"
A loud, trembling voice warned, bringing the last of Mingi's senses to reluctant attention. With an internal sigh, he rolled over to face the direction of the noise, throwing part of the blankets off himself. Stretching lazily, he propped himself up with an elbow, the rest of his body still splayed across the bed-thing, as he finally surveyed the chaos in front of him.

To be more specific, it was a chaotic standoff that greeted his still-adjusting eyes. He'd seen his fair share of tense, battle-prone but, he had to admit, this was the first that had involved a... was that an onion? It was. Mingi grinned. How fun. He swung his legs off the edge, bringing himself upright at last with their momentum. Their brains clearly scattered from the strangeness of the moment, the girls failed to notice his presence behind them even as he rose up to his full height, just one room away from them, gaze running over the limited expanse of the scene.

Speaking of scattered brains, what was Sehun doing with that book? Surely not try to beat their dear saviors (or so he presumed) and gracious hosts (using the term loosely) with it. That'd simply be terrible manners. He raised him better than that (he didn't).

"I got my bujeok, it should lend us some protection,"
the girl with the shaky voice proclaimed, her thin arms trying to offer some sort of protection to the other two, an odd container of sorts clutched in her other hand with clear water that he could only assume was water. Shamans and their useless tricks, Mingi scoffed, so they existed in this odd world too.

Quietly, he approached the trio, counting the steps in his head with a lilting melody — how long would it take them to notice him? Very, clearly. Mirth danced in his eyes as he fell in line with them, completing a very odd quartet as he took in the morning with a relaxed smile. What a beautiful day to not be stuck in a ring. Taking in a deep breath, he glanced at his brothers, then at the huddle of women beside him, and breathed out.

"Good morning,"
He greeted, tone as light as a summer breeze. A pause. He took in each of their terrified stances, gaze resting on the bujeok girl's ring-adorned finger before he beamed at them.

"Nice to meet you all again,"
he laughed, eyes carved into playful crescents,
"don't you remember buying us last night?"



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na minsu.

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    about 2 become religious

she should've known. there was nothing else minsu should've— could've expected from her beloved yejun, and however endearing her quirky obsession with her family's cult-like religion, it was not going to save them from this.
"yes, junnie, your bujeok,"
minsu drawled, her green onion swishing in annoyance,
"did you bring your phone?"

minsu turned back to the criminals as one of them spoke, finding with great disdain that they (it was just one, actually) had assumed a fighting stance as well, armed with a book that looked suspiciously like the one she'd left in the living room. had these bastards frolicked in their apartment too—

"good morning," a voice behind her sounded out, a frighteningly peaceful tone amidst the chaos of the situation. she whirled around so quickly she nearly lost her balance, letting out a shriek that sounded suspiciously like a swear word at the sight of the man. he'd appeared behind them with all the silence of a horror movie serial killer, which he might as well be if this film was set in the fucking silla era.

he was too calm. why was he smiling? "nice to meet you all again." where'd he come from? the stairs? that meant he'd definitely been in their apartment, which was out of fucking bounds, man. "don't you remember buying us last night?" there was no time to process his statement, because her body moved faster than her brain. with a great slap to his cheek with her edible weapon, minsu tackled him, barrelling him towards the fence that enclosed the rooftop.

the guardrails that minsu had once thought were too short seemed to now conveniently be the perfect height for her to threaten someone of his size, his body teetering precariously off the side of the building, supported only by her iron grip on his collar.
"you fucking criminal-ass... cosplayers had better start talking, or i'm going to fucking—"
ah, a cramp. her arm twinged in pain and her grasp loosened, the fabric of the criminal's clothes slipping through her fingertips as he slipped off the railings, plummeting towards what could be a fatal fall.

was it? physics was never her strong suit.

"oh, shit."
her eyes were wide with shock as her gaze stayed fixed on where he'd once been, the dread of peering down sitting uncomfortably within her mind. she was fearful of the sight that she might behold, even if the thud that should've echoed through the alleyway was remarkably silent.

"do... do you think that constitutes self-defence—"
minsu began, turning back to her friends only to let out a piercing
because there he was. she stared, her brain struggling to process this turn of events, before she cautiously peered over the side of the building. it was as she expected, or rather, was hoping not to expect; the limp corpse that should've been at the bottom of the alleyway wasn't, and if her eyes weren't deceiving her, he was behind her and a little annoyed, perhaps, but most definitely not a corpse.

the shock gave way to relief at having not unwittingly committed her first homicide, then promptly pivoted into confusion dashed with a healthy dose of fear.
"hey! you... what the fuck..."
minsu struggled to form a coherent sentence, barking out a half-panicked half-incredulous laugh as a dozen questions floating through her mind— surely a dozen too many for eight-thirty in the morning.

maybe she was still asleep. it would be more plausible, wouldn't it, that her subconscious had been so muddled by the alcohol that it had concocted an absurd dream so stupid she would have to recount it to her friends over a much-needed cup of coffee— minsu glanced down as pain shot through her limb, the nail marks clear as day on her forearm.

ah, fuck.

"cha yejun... spray it. spray his ass!"

너는 어때?


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begone demons!



on our rooftop.



everything was happening so fast.

first, another shadow darkened the fold in a frightening manner from behind, harboring a similar appearance to the other intruders, save for the suspicious calm smile. but there was barely time to recover from the mini heart attack nor could yejun fully register the words that were spoken in such a playful way it unnerved her, for her whirlwind of a best friend decided it was time to launch an attack. one slap with the vegetable weapon, and a push towards the edge of the roof.

“minnie-!” yejun shouted as she automatically took a step forward to help her friend. this plan was however paused at the reminder of the other two intruders and her other weaponless friend. hurriedly, yejun passed her bag over to aeri and pointed to it. “aeri-ah, quick, grab my phone out of the bag and call the police.” weapons and kickboxing minsu and all, she still doubted that they were able to take on these intruders without any official reinforcements. it was, however, at that moment when something else happened.

ah, minsu. the one with a mind of the bold and an ace of hearts. the best friend who claimed hell and had embedded her soul in mercury. one glazed with a temper of flames and a tongue of fire. yejun knew that minsu, out of all, never hesitated; she’d strike and burn the world if it meant protecting those she loved. minsu had always become justice when the official one was absent, may that be in matters of teaching aeri’s exes a lesson or stepping in at the sight of bullying. her best friend was and always would be a protector. yejun just hadn’t anticipated the pushing people off the roof kind….

“uh…. maybe don’t call the police…”

yejun stared wide-eyed at her best friend, but the shock had barely seeped into the body when something far more dreadful emerged. out of thin air, an identical body materialized only seconds after one had presumingly fallen from the roof. it was at that moment when yejun felt an ocean of acid cascading down her throat and a darker shade of fear slipping in. a drum that played the march of death rang through her ears and the heart felt like it had run a mile despite her standing idle. the nightmare of before came back, this time even louder. yejun could see the ghosts of people who have died in the arms of a faltering god, could hear their wails in echoes of the same foreboding words.

beware and prepare.

yejun now knew of what.


flashbacks of a sister gone and a family torn monopolized the mind. fear and hate flowed through the veins while love drifted through the brain. each feeling more bitter than the last, it was yejun who did not hesitate this time. armed with her holy water, she flung herself at the dokkaebi minsu had thrown from the roof. sprays of the concoction filled the air, but the demon proved himself agile and easily dodged her attacks.

“whoa let’s calm down with the violence girls,” he said, tone annoyingly casual.

as if we should listen to the demon trespassers” yejun retorted with gritted teeth, before diving to attack again. this time, she did manage to land a hit -- just not on her target. that infuriating demon had moved close to the other dokkaebi and ducked while standing in front of the other, seemingly weaponless, dokkaebi, leaving him to get sprayed in the face instead. oh well,, in the end it didn’t matter. they all needed to be gone.

yejun shook her bottle once again, though quickly noted that it was getting quite empty already. her grip tightened as annoyance flared, a silent curse uttered from the mind into the air. she could not keep up, not without the help of others faithful.

yejun lowered her holy bottle spray, but kept her glare as she spoke up again; “listen, i don’t know where you dokkaebi came from or what you want, but you better leave before our reinforcements arrive.” she turned her head back towards aeri and mouthed: “call my parents.”

that’s right. they would not know what hit them once mr and mrs cha would come, holy sticks and all.

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Kim Won Hyo
the stupid farmer

Wide-eyed, mouth agape and confused as hell, Wonhyo’s hands slowly descended from his ears as he watched everything before him unfold. One by one, additional people appeared before them and the atmosphere continued to grow with intensity. There were new words being thrown around the place like cosplayer and phone. But also, old words like bujeok caused even more confusion. The girl didn’t look like a shaman – why was she using a bujeok? He felt like he was watching a game of chuk-guk in the village. His eyes darted from one person to another, much like when watching the leather ball on the fields. In fact, it was very much so like chuk-guk in his village, because it seemed to be a game where he was only the observer. On the other hand, his brothers were the players, and they were versing this other team filled with girls.

And in the midst of trying to figure out what in Mother’s name was going on, Wonhyo forgot for a split second that he and his brothers were immortal. As Mingi’s body fell from the height, a welp slipped past his lips and his body froze. Was he going to have to fight someone now? Fighting had never been his strong suit. That was more of a Mingi thing in his own opinion. But… Mingi had just gone over the edge so that now meant… He and Sehun were the ones who would have to raise their fists and defend themse-

Oh wait. Mingi was back.

Oh right. They were immortal.

Wonhyo’s next intentions were to run over and gather up his brother in his arms and into a loving embrace. Heck, after being stuck by himself for so long, he knew that Mingi would’ve probably appreciated the hug (or at least, that was what Wonhyo had convinced himself to think). A step forward followed by three steps back as the futuristic female shaman was ready to strike. With a failed attempt, the shaman went once more and – What the heck was that? Surprised by the splash of water upon his face, Wonhyo pulled a face of disgust. The smell. Dear Lord. It reminded him of the tavern down in the village. “Is that… Is that makgeolli?” Wonhyo questioned with slight disgust, lifting a wet lock and bringing it up to his nose to sniff and inspect.

Whatever the hell it was, it stunk. And he sure as hell didn’t want this girl pouring more of that stinky stuff all over his clothes and hair. It had been a good couple of thousand years since his last bath, and he wasn’t quite sure when he was going to be able to indulge in cleansing waters once again. He had half a mind to call on his pigeon friends to come and help him take revenge by pooping on these girls. Although that train of thought and pull of motion halted as the female shaman said something quite interesting.


She knew what they were.

She knows about us!” Wonhyo hissed to his brothers in excitement. It wasn’t every day that people would be able to identify their true beings. Unable to hold such excitement, he took a couple of steps forwards and towards the girl. “You know us?” He asked the girl, his eyes wide and a childish grin on his life. The poor boy looked like someone had just revealed that Santa was on his way to drop off presents. “So you know Mother too?

Oh no. He was getting way too excited now.

You must know Mother if you know us!” His voice was bright and bouncy, matching his aura and posture as he took another step forward. Wonhyo stretched his arms out, a wide toothy grin on his face as he extended out his offer for an introductory welcome and hug “If you’re Mothers friend, then you’re our friend too!



does she know mother?!




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Aeri's head was spinning out and not because of the hungover, but everything was happening so fast that it didn't give her time to even grasp the situation that she was in. She went to be encountered by two unknown and strange men to have Yejun and Minsu ready to attack with interesting weapons, but it was the intention that mattered although she wasn't sure if in this situation it was the best idea but it seemed the robbers? cosplayers? She didn't have a clue what they were at this point, they almost looked as confused as she and her best friends were.

Everything felt like a dream, her friends were ready to throw hands in their own way while the other two, well one was behind the guy holding the book as some kind of protection. Maybe this was their opportunity Ae-Ri could grab Yejun's and Minsu and dragged them as they run for their lives trying to ask for help, there was no fail in her plan, besides the girls were the ones closer to the door.

She was about to grab her friend's hands when a singsong voice was heard "Good morning. Nice to meet you all again, don't you remember buying us last night?" Ae-Ri just turned to see another guy just dressed as he came out of the Silla era what kind of modus operandi was this one? And meet you all again? Oh no, were they some kind of stalkers who also happened to be fanatics of historical dramas and thought it would be a good idea to show themselves like that because they thought the girls would find that attractive? Ae-Ri had to admit she loved her fair share of historical dramas, but these guys were not exactly Park Bo-Gum in Love in the Moonlight nor did she wanted to be involved with these strangers.

"Buying you..."
Ae-Ri started saying but was interrupted by Minsu who was the one that was more into actions rather than discussing things like a scene out of a movie her best friend hit the guy and tackle him which made Ae-Ri take a step back because Minsu was not playing games and she didn't want to get involved in the fury of Minsu's vengeance towards the robbers besides she had another task as she was the one in charge in calling the police, nothing could go wrong sure threatening people by almost making it seem they were going to be thrown from the roof wasn't the best idea, but they needed to buy as much time before the police arrived and it wasn't like Minsu would really throw him if Ae-Ri's ex-boyfriends still lived the guy would have the same luck, just a couple of reminder of Minsu existence, but that would be all he would be able to continue his life in jail most likely.

Well, Ae-Ri was wrong because as she started dialing she saw how the guy fell from the roof oh, shit. do... do you think that constitutes self-defence—" Minsu asked. This couldn't be happening now they were part of a murder and the only thing that Ae-Ri wanted was to enjoy her morning
"Minsu, what did you do!? The cafe doesn't pay me enough to hire a lawyer!"
She replied anxiously. If there was something that her love for True Crime Podcasts teach her was the someone was going to find the body, someone would check the body and eventually find Minsu's fingerprints even if they had come with a believable alibi and the 3 of them would be thrown in jail for homicide. Did any of the candidates that her parents have set her up to marry was a lawyer? She couldn't remember, but if there was one Ae-Ri was ready to take one for the team if that meant keeping her best friends out of jail.

Ae-Ri's mind was spinning from what happened that a couple of seconds ago that she didn't notice that the body was back alive as if nothing happened, it wasn't until she heard Minsu's voice "cha yejun... spray it. spray his ass!" Ae-Ri turned to see confused on why Minsu out of everyone would ask for the use of Yejun's holy water until she saw him alive and annoyed. What was happening?

The next scene in front of her eyes was mostly like a cat chasing a mouse as Yejun tried her best to spray the entity that just came back from the dead and it seemed like her friends aiming wasn't the best as she ended up spraying the other guy? demon? ghost? dokkaebi as junnie call them? Whatever they were. “Listen, I don’t know where you dokkaebi came from or what you want, but you better leave before our reinforcements arrive" Yejun started saying almost as if she was the heroine of a webtoon that's when she added “call my parents.”

"You want me to what?"
Ae-Ri questioned her. Listen, Mr. and Mrs. Cha were lovely she liked them, but Ae-Ri wasn't sure if they were the best reinforcements don't get her wrong she wasn't a non-believer like Minsu, but she wasn't exactly the believer to the heart like Yejun was and adding Junnie's parents to the equation wasn't the best solution to their situation.

But then the dokkaebi that seemed to be that was scared of the whole situation suddenly got the courage to step in “You know us? So you know Mother too?” the dokkaebi started saying and what Mother was he talking about? She was sure none of them knew his mother or who they were in the first place “You must know Mother if you know us! If you’re Mothers friend, then you’re our friend too!” the dokkaebi added as he continued to step forward ready to... hug Yejun? Oh no, this was terrible if the dokkaebi touch her friend. Junnie was going to lose it and Ae-Ri was sure that Yejun would make sure to have the biggest exorcism known on the planet earth because she was sure she was going to be possessed by the dokkaebi.

So, Ae-Ri stepped up grabbing Junnie by her arm and putting her behind her trying to protect her friend as she stood between them, she thought it was time to bring her inner actress and try to persuade the dokkaebi's
"Yes! We know your Mother! She is... a lovely lady to say the least. You know what...?"
She started saying as she started searching on Yejun's bag for some money, which she was going to eventually return when they were safe, finding some spare money she offered it to the dokkaebi
"Why don't you use this money to go and call your mother so she can pick all of you, there' a public phone at the end of the street...or you know you could go to a temple to contact her if that's how you guys do it"
She added as she took a small step back.

"Let's just use that as a peace offering for the yelling, throwing from the roof, and spraying of holy water, you could say this is like a welcoming to the 21st Century!"
She added excitedly, Ae-Ri was just waiting for the right moment to run as she dragged her best friends with her.
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    the rooftop.
Mingi was quick to come to the rescue when Wonhyo and himself found themselves unsure of what to do when up against three defensive girls. However, Sehun quickly realised that perhaps even Mingi might not be able to deal with this particular situation because one of the girls promptly tossed him over the edge of the rooftop. He could see that hadn't been her intention, but regardless, it seemed to make this entire situation a lot more complicated.

One of the girls quickly dived in with a different attack approach, spraying something that was intended for Mingi, but that ended up hitting Wonhyo instead. Sehun lifted the book in his hands to shield himself from whatever came in their direction, but the spray hardly affected any of them. At the very least, he got a few drops on some of the pages on his book, which made him frown when he held it down to look it over.

For a few moments, Sehun ignored the way one of his brothers seemed overly excited about being recognised for what they were, mainly because he was more involved in the book despite the fact that it wasn't even his, and it wasn't a particularly exciting book to begin with either.

His attention was finally grabbed when one of the girls, the one who screamed initially, mentioned knowing Mother, even going so far as to call her a lovely woman. "Hah!" Sehun snorted, a noise that slowly shifted to soft laughter till he realised that laughing at something like that probably wasn't the best idea after being released from the ring. He was maybe still just a little bit sour about how things had gone down before he was put into a ring for who knew how long.

Casting his gaze to the sky, Sehun muttered a half-hearted apology. "Sorry." Then he looked back to the girl who'd spoken. "I only laughed because that's a lie. You don't really know Mother. I'm assuming you must have met her though, or we wouldn't have ended up here..." Sehun was still wrapping his mind around what happened there, exactly. Mingi mentioned something about the girls buying them last night, but he'd been more excited about being out of that ring that he hardly put together what had actually happened.

Those details didn't concern him as much as what he heard next though. "This is the 21st century?" He arched his eyebrows and tucked the book in his hands underneath one of his arms. There were several things he could ask about that -- technology, new books, new inventions -- but Sehun went with a question revolving around the main thing on his mind right now, given how hungry he felt. "What's the food like?" Despite being able to read their auras, Sehun didn't consider that they were probably focused on far more important things than answering whatever questions he had for them.


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Ms. Onion packed some strength in those skinny arms. Luckily for him, he supposed, since they were the only thing tethering him to solid ground. He'd gone along with her momentum, figuring that she wouldn't be able to do much harm to him, anyway. But she — and the unusually flat roof — proved otherwise.

Do I fight back? Was the question he'd just begun to mull over, when he felt the grip on his collar loosen, slowly and yet all too quickly. She wasn't even going to give him the chance, huh? Mingi almost had to respect that, as he found himself free-falling, though the surprise in her eyes implied perhaps a less then intentional release on her part.

Her gaze wasn't the only one he caught that flicker of emotion in, however. Just in the edge of his vision, Mingi could spot a certain Wonhyo, staring after his disappearing body with something like despair. Touching, he supposed, if he was really about to fall into the arms of the eternal sleep. But he wasn't. And, why?

1. For Mother's children, who were all varying degrees of immortal, this drop was nothing to worry about.

2. Mingi knew a little trick about the rings from his previous escapade.

As the feeling of fading out of existence overcame him — a sensation he didn't think he would ever get used to — he turned his head to gaze at the expanse of strange roads and stranger buildings, lit by the soft glow of the morning sun, and -

- promptly landed back on his feet, not far away from bujeok girl. Not giving him even a second to rest, they launched yet another attack, this time of a longer range using a dastardly... wine? Mingi barely managed to swerve out of the way, throwing out a half-hearted attempt at persuasion through words just as he did. It, as expected, did not work, and he dodged once again.

In his escape from her odd attacks, he failed to noticed an incoming second attacker until it was too late; that is, Wonhyo, and his hug. If Wonhyo's body was as useless as his brain, Mingi would not dislike his bumbling affections so much. At least he would not feel the wind knocked out of him upon the impact of the embrace. This time, though, he wasn't too opposed to his brother's approach.

Why? Because it meant plus one body shield for him, of course.

As they both backed away from bujeok girl's crazed attack, Mingi backed up just a step faster, allowing him to dodge behind Wonhyo's body. He stared curiously at his brother's face, wondering what the alcohol was meant to do — but nothing happened. Disappointingly. He'd thought perhaps it was some kind of magical poison.

Skipping back a few feet further away for good measure, he dusted himself off, as the chaotic semi-conversation continued to steer itself in a nonsensical yet perfectly understandable direction. Semi-conversation, because neither side seemed to be truly comprehending what the other said. The only thing Mingi was sure of was that Sehun was right: these women didn't know Mother. Couldn't possibly.

She probably forcefully inserted herself into their lives and then slunk away like a divine nuisance. As always. Was that millennia of pent-up resentment speaking? Absolutely.

"Wonhyo, come back here,"
he called, breaking his silence just as Sehun brought up the topic of food, right arm coming to rest on his hip as he once again took in the group.

"Anyway, unfortunately, Mother isn't somebody to respond to calls,"
Mingi finally responded to the most normal girl of the group,
"even using... whatever this public phone you speak of might be."
He was fairly confident in this analysis, but he eyed the money in her hand regardless. Now, that could be useful for other things, though.

"She's something of a god, you see,"
he paused. Do they know what a god is? They must, if they even knew about dokkaebis and the like. He glanced at bujeok girl, wondering if she was a shaman, then remembered the sight of his ring prison glimmering on her finger. What a twist of fate, what a terrible match-up.

"And she bound us to those rings,"
He continued to explain, hoping they would get the drift,
"you know, the ones you all decided to claim ownership of last night?"



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na minsu.

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    they r so ugly plssss eww

nevermind that yejun had missed that snarky, smug little rat bastard, the rat bastard who'd taken the holy water to the face did not spontaneously combust nor melt into a puddle of water. that would be the last time she had faith in the bujeok warrior— she couldn't even call them an insult worse than dokkaebi. something more intimidating that might scare them off, like... rat bastard, or whatever.

"you know us?" huh? no way.

it was the wet one that spoke up, his soggy appearance failing to dampen any of his evident excitement. "so you know mother too? you must know mother if you know us!" what the hell was he on about? what the hell was going on? minsu shot a glance at ae-ri, as if wanting to confirm that yeah, the other girl was seeing this too, only for ae-ri to chirp up with cheerily as she graciously offered them cash.

"you're giving them money?"
minsu hissed, her question gone unanswered as ae-ri continued to ramble. she allowed her best friend to tug her closer, though her glare was still fixed on her out-stretched hand. a laugh pulled her attention away, now to the last of the rat bastards who only echoed his accomplices' fixation with their parent. his words seemed to alarm yejun, her best friend exclaiming in incredulity at how "offensive" his words were.

ae-ri, seemingly intent on her bribery, rambled on with fervor about a welcome to the 21st century. "this is the 21st century? what's the food like?"

she paused.
they were talking as if they weren't from this time. dokkaebi... her gaze flicked to yejun briefly, the resident expert on all things ludicrous, though it was as the shadiest of the three spoke up that she returned her attention to the criminals-cosplayers. time-travelling mythical creatures?

"unfortunately, mother isn't somebody to respond to calls, even using... whatever this public phone you speak of might be. she's something of a god, you see." it was so crazy she was almost buying it. if they were really just cosplaying con-men, she'd advise a career change to creative writing. "and she bound us to those rings; you know, the ones you all decided to claim ownership of last night?" minsu followed his gaze down to her friends' hands and then to her own, all three adorned with those tacky, tacky rings she had a vague memory of receiving hours ago. absent, however, was the memory of her putting it on.

and she'd also forgotten how ugly it was. she tugged at it, tilting her head in confusion as it offered far too much resistance.
"what is this...?"
junnie seemingly had the same idea, for more fanatical reasons, though she met with the same unfortunate outcome minsu arrived at.

the ring was stuck.

"what the fuck is up with your demon-ass rings?"
she said, her eyebrows furrowing as she continued her futile attempts to remove the ring. it was as if it was glued to her finger, the band not budging an inch no matter how hard minsu pulled at it.
"fuck, i knew something was off about that old lady."

shooting a frustrated glare at the three, she asked,
"how do you get these ugly things off?"
one more pull with so much strength she felt her poor joint pop at the assault, and she let out a yelp of irritation and pain.

너는 어때?


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a plan, stat!



on our rooftop.



blasphemy. absolute blasphemy. those bitter words about Mother was an expectation as much as a confirmation of their corrupt nature. to speak as if they knew mother best, as if they were not blinded by their nefarious schemes and erosion of faith. their truth was nothing more than sacrilege, their words whispers of a shadow dareful and demonic. not even the most innocent and revering looking one could sway yejun's perceptions of the dokkaebi; that hug could've very well been a trap to suck out her soul or something. them, a friend? ha! she'd rather fling herself from the roof. no, yejun was not going to be fooled. their hellish trickery could be strong, but her own faith was stronger.

"I know Mother! And I also know you shouldn't speak ill of her, dokkaebi" the words might not have been particularly offensive, but the tone, layered with glacial apathy and hints of acrimony, was palpable enough. she supposed it was given that those, contemptuous and immoral, would blame the one delivering out the punishments more than their own wicked actions. to them, Mother was probably the villainess of their saga. to yejun, however, mother was a cosmic pneuma of starlit souls and moonfire manners -- timeless and ethereal.

was there something akin to fear laced throughout her beliefs? perhaps. nevertheless, the path to ruin was relatively easy to avoid; just don't mess with Mother. yejun had done that, she thought, and was faithful the bujeok would protect her from harm. she couldn't say the same for her bujeok-less friends, though... so that's why it was best to chase these demons up and away.

surely enough a prayer to mother could hel-

"And she bound us to those rings,"


"you know, the ones you all decided to claim ownership of last night?"


yejun's gaze dropped to the ring adorned finger, its purple gem twinkling with even more of an ominous purpose than what she could recall from last night. it could have been another lie, like the blatant accusation that Mother could be behind all of this, but with the way the events of obtaining the rings and sudden appearance of these goblins lined up... the betrayal. this was the last time she was going to trust a street ajumma. speedily, yejun tugged at the ring, desperate to get rid of this demonic object -- which was being very stubborn. "what the-" another tug, and another, and another- why wasn't this ring not coming off???

minsu seemed to run into the same problem, indicating that it wasn't only yejun's ring harboring a curse. then came a sense of dread, not unlike the slow flickering of lights or gathering of dark grey clouds, followed by panic, panic of a world crumbling and the meeting of a fate ungodly and unbecoming. there were the dark whispers, of what was new, what was old , of futures forehold. yejun could all see it going down, like misery turning into tragedy. the thought of being bound to a dokkaebi was as abhorrent as terrifying, and something she couldn't, wouldn't, accept. to hell - literally and wishfully - with these dokkaebi. she was going to find a way to sever these ties.

and there was only one logical start.

"we gotta contact mother at the temple..."
she whispered to her friends, faithful as ever. " she must have an answer to this." yejun would have contacted her parents first in any other case,, but given their already manic reaction to minsu, who wasn't even a demon, it was probably better not to. there remained one problem, though. her eyes travelled back to the dokkaebi.

"we first need to get away from them though..." her gaze flickered back to her best friends. "any ideas?"

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