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Poetry The thousands musings of the romanticism and sadness

The Dreamer of the Lore

Greetings from the chatty scissors.
Hello everyone, are you well today? I sure hope so. If that is not the case, I hope your day goes better soon, no storm lasts forever, so why dont we allow ourselves to share a moment right here? A moment to enjoy the good that ails you, the bad that is a pleasure to experience, that is sadness of the heart from a big happiness. Let us enjoy those sensations from the past and present. I welcome you all to my greetings to sadness and romance. A salute to the sensations of love and departure. Critic is welcome to all of what I will write, enjoy.

1.- Worthy of your greeting.

Tell me, am I truly worthy of the greeting you so kindly offer me through your window?
I wonder, what is it that makes me worthy of being greeted by an angel.
Is it something I did before? For I dont recall anything that great on the past.
Is it something I will do in the future? For I dont have plans for it...

Maybe. Your greeting is not to the one I was.
Nor the one I will be.
Maybe. Your greeting is to the one I am.
The one you see on the morning.


But one thing is for sure.
I will always greet you back with the same smile.
Because your greeting is the best part of my day, the one I keep closer to heart.

The one I keep closer to my hopes of a new day.
The one that makes me smile.
The best part of my day...

Is thinking I am worthy of your greeting.

2.- The thing I miss the most.

My life was fine, never felt it lacked anything nor did I ever felt I miss anything. The memories of the past, the tales of the childhood, the adventures fighting the monsters under the bed. All of those safely kept in the vault that is my heart. Always able to get them out of the vault with the ease of a bank withdrawal. And yet, there is a memory, one I miss the most. And the worst part, is that the only thing I have left is the memory.

A memory of two strangers dancing together, laughing, enjoying the little things.

But not everything in the memory is good. There are plenty of moments of sadness and anger. Yet...the memory is all the more valuable because of that. Because it holds every moment. The good and the bad. A reminder, of how the thing I miss the most.

Is the one who is no longer but a memory.

3.- Love like a sunflower.

Love like a sunflower, follow that which lights your day, follow it the best you can and be sure to never lose it from sight, but not with your eyes. When it inevitably goes away, dont fret. Stay with your heart looking at them, like a sunflower looks at the sun. And even when it cant follow it, it will always be able to follow it. Let that love grow and mature, let it be free, for when you are unable to see the source of your love, your heart will still keep it on sight.

Learn to love like a sunflower, forget possession, forget dependance. Let your love grow, let it mature, let it exist without the need of always looking for it. Love is like the sun. It comes out everyday even when you dont see it. So forget the idea of holding it in place. Love like a sunflower, patient and caring. Trust that the love will come again, just like the sun.

The Dreamer of the Lore

Greetings from the chatty scissors.
4.- Wondering about the causality of love.

Is causality not the way love dances? I often go thinking about it...
How someone is walking out there, thinking about other things. And someone else is doing the same, minding their own bussiness. But those two people dont know it yet, but they are about to take part into the dance of the universe, the dance of Xochipili.

Two strangers dancing to the same compass of a melody that people call destiny, and other likes to call the causality of the world...
I wonder, would Yue Lao with his fated red string, be able to tell me how the world dances with the causality of love, what some others call destiny, I wonder if they may know an answer to the causality.

Anteros of the Erotes, mind giving me a hand with this one? Because I believe if I were to ask Himeros, the answer he would offer me would be different from yours.

So many names, so many forms of causality that put people together.
And yet love seems the common constant.

I guess, I shall keep wondering.

5.- Your happiness, my wish.

If this story that we started so long ago were to end... that is fine really, we been travelling so much that our miles of journeying together can easily let us go around the world a couple times. My wish is a simple one.

My wish you ask? Ah, that is a simple one.

The same wish I had from the start of our adventure, the same one that made me ask for your hand to hold mind. The same wish that made me feel fear and courage at the same time.

My wish. Is for you to be happy.

Even if that picture of happiness does not include me on it.

6.- Chess for the soul.

How about we play some chess today? A game of chess to bring some peace to the heart.
Let us play a game that moves without pawns hiding the back line.
How about you show me what lies behind.

I will be willing to move the knights to the front if you move the rooks away.
I will trade my queen with yours if you want to trade them.
I will expose the king alone for what it is.

Let us have the kindest game of chess out there, one where no piece ends up gone.
We both know how to make the horse go around the board,
sixty four steps to the heart.

So how about it? Would you like to play some chess today?
I will even let you have the first move if you wish, but do know I will answer in kind.
For what is the fun of the game if we are not playing together, after all, chess, like dancing, requires two.

7.- Sweet Lies


Why must you be so sweet?
So easy to roll off the tongue,
With little effort big rewards,
Why are lies so sweet?

Oh lies, why are you so beautiful?
You hide my secrets,
You fool my enemies…
But you also fool me.

Oh lies, so sweet,
Yet unrelenting,

Oh lies, why are you so sweet,
Is it to hide your nature?
That behind the sweetness…

Lies cold hard truth?

The Dreamer of the Lore

Greetings from the chatty scissors.
8.- Nothing wrong with feeling sad.

There is nothing wrong with feeling sad, the day may be shining and the sky may be clear. That doesn't mean people are not allowed to feel sad.

When did the denying of sadness start? There has never been anything bad in being sad, sometimes, one needs to be sad to get some contrast on the painting that is life. Not every single moment will always hold the sunshine perfectly or the clear sky. Storms will undoubtedly one day come to hit and the roarings winds will blow on the palace of cards that is the happiness of others. To some happiness is this palace or a fortress, one that gets chipped constantly. And there is nothing wrong with that.

When the wind rages on, don't hide the flags of the ship, trust the wind, be a captain and prepare to set the sails. Ride with the storm. Whoever sees you on the sea of life will most likely be confused. But let whoever doubts you see it, see how the good sailor always comes back to the sea and rides on it without fear. Don't let the clouds of sadness become symbols of despair or stains on your painting. Enjoy them!

Sadness comes from a source, and the people often forget, if you are feeling sad, you most likely went through a period of happiness, maybe you have been through a blue period.

And that is perfectly fine. You are allowed to feel sadness. But, never forget the same right you have to feel sad, is the same that allows you to feel happy.

9.- My home on the edge of the abyss.

Be my guest, by all means, feel welcome at my home balancing on the edge.
Everyone can see is a fun place I assure you. You can enjoy the wind.
The sun is also always shining.
The moon dances too.
Electricity sparks on the air.
Ride the plane and visit.

See it for yourself.
Exactly as I say.
Endless abyss on the bottom.

Far away sky on the top.
Only one way to see it, and is to visit.
Remember one thing though when you come to visit.

You are my guest in this house on the border of the abyss.
On the house you are safe.
Unless you go seeing for the abyss.
Remember that and do not forget, please.
Simple rules are not to bother you on your visit.
Expect them to exist for the purpose of making things easier.
Let it be a good reminder to be careful, rules have reasons and purposes.
For in the house that stays on the border of the abyss, one can never be too careful.

The Dreamer of the Lore

Greetings from the chatty scissors.
10.- The gift that is friendship.

Such a wonderful gift. An unspoken contract? No, a promise.

A promise to help each other, to be there for each other? No. Is more simple than that.

A good friend is the one who listens and supports, the one who is like the wind, always there, invisible but always present.

Is such a marvelous gift, a proof of the beauty of others. The gift of friendship is something so simple that asks nothing in kind for it.

Such a magnificent gift. Invaluable and always treasured. So when you see your friends.

Dont be afraid to tell them how much you care for them.

The Dreamer of the Lore

Greetings from the chatty scissors.
11.- Pulchritudinous

Can you guess this title? For the love of everything I cant.
Why make something so complex? Why not simply stop playing around and say it.
Beautiful. What is so hard of telling someone they are beautiful? Is it because of fear?
Is it because of shame?

I have never once understood whats so fearsome of complimenting someone.
Maybe the times have changed. Maybe I am not one to understand.
But there is something simple and nice in complimenting someone.
I know I will keep doing it when the need is big.

For I am the kind of being that enjoys seeing reactions.

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