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Realistic or Modern The Thing

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Action, Mystery


Two Thousand Club

Outpost 42 or the MaCready-Childs Arctic Research Station has made an important discovery. With the recent surge in melted ice, they have uncovered an ancient starship and a specimen trapped in the ice. With the current crew of eight managing the excavation, they were able to extract the specimen without harm.

It is a cause of celebration, as the team prepares to announce their discovery to their main base once the blizzard passes over. However, an error in the heating system has caused the ice to melt prematurely. And the creature...is nowhere to be found. Right now, the team has assembled themselves into search crews to find the creature, but little do they know that one of their own is not who they seem to be.

One of them looks the same, acts the same, and even has the same memories. But they also remember the creature attacking them. Assimilating them and replacing their basic instincts with a simple drive: survive and spread. Their goals, dreams, and aspirations are nothing more than false dreams overshadowed by their desire to spread. They are smarter than the creature that escaped, but they will also not risk being caught. They must somehow isolate the team and destroy them. Person by person.

Welcome to the Thing.

I will update this with roles. Derpy Dev Derpy Dev crumbelivable crumbelivable taliaangeni taliaangeni

1. The Captain: (Open)
Leader of the base, will be in charge of the team and assist with maintenance of the base, personnel, security, and overall operations.

2. Second-In-Command/ Doctor: (Open)
Assists the captain in all of the above, but primary role is to ensure team members are healthy and provides autopsies along with the biologist.

3. Biologist: myst.erion myst.erion
Expert in arctic wildlife and marine life. Assists the Doctor in checking crew health.

4. Geologist: (Open)
Expert in geological activity. Works with the Biologist often in the lab.

5. Security Officer: (Open)
Hired mercenary to provide protection from hostile wildlife as well as trained in arctic survival tactics.

6. Cook: Alvaris Alvaris
Manages the supplies and food for the team, as well as takes inventory of base operations.

7. Communications: (Open)
Handles all communication, radio, and computer equipment on base to ensure they are receiving a signal.

8. Engineer/Maintenance: (Open)
Handles the vehicles, maintaining expensive equipment and tools. Works with the Communications Officer.

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*always screaming* DES PA CITO
Hey! This sounds super interesting to me! I’m liking the look of either the Security officer or the Doctor person.

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