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Neon Chilli

A Shaggy main
Basically, the "God damn" Mantis (Bruce wayne/Batman in every way but costume and name)
(The black mantis Molt Winard)

Has had enough of dealing with growing restrictions the world has put on superhuman heros or "masks"
In a effort to hinder and control the supers who perform vigilante work, the act of donning a mask to deal out justice is now highly illegal... unless you register with the government and work with them.

This has driven the Mantis to form a team of super powered humans who can do the right thing covertly or at least with no legal ties to the US government. The team Operates where ever Molt decides they are needed, this team only answering to
"the Mantis"
Molt Winard has spent years preparing for this in some form or another, his careful nature predicted that the world would one day try and own the masks. With connections inside the superhero world as Mantis and The vast Winard fortune Molt is able to find suitable members for his team.

Which would be the characters you’ll be making.
The Team will have to deal with a multitude of scenarios, as the Mantis is obsessed with fighting crime on many levels.
You could be dealing with...
Common street crimes,
International incidents,
Alien invasions,
Super villians,
The police,
This rp is more DC than marvel but even so I've chosen to make it "original" for a number of reasons, the two big ones being I don't want to use the fandom tag and i dont want any back chat about how canon characters should act
. "Bruce Wayne wouldn't...."
"iron man hasn't...." etc etc.
So to make it easier to write manage and play this plot will only involve original creations.

If you want to make a character!
You can have almost any power for your character within reason. Here's some things I'll most likely say no to...
No one gets multiple powers like superman flying, ice breath, heat vision etc etc.
No one is a mechanical genius creating shit on a iron man level what with his tech that let's him fight on God levels.
No one gets anything to do with time, no one is a speedster like the flash, telepathy won't result with easy kills to people,
You can make up a ability but lifting a idea from DC isn’t to bad. I may post some examples below... main thing is
"if your character can do every major mission alone" then they are to powerful. Like superman or the flash could basically solve every problem ever pretty damn fast if they chose to.

Looking for four to five people who can post a few times a week.
If joining Please try your best to spell correctly and have more than three lines each post. A paragraph or two is the minimum

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Neon Chilli

A Shaggy main
The hero or designated good guy I had in mind was a teleporting teenager/young man who was more along the lines of a criminal who was paid by Molt to fight crime. With Mantis money backing your life one soon learns to love justice and the crushing of evil.

A baddie i have in mind is a dead pirate whose cursed to roam as a evil spirit constantly working to pay back a debt in blood. The spirit inhabits a body and is then able to construct swords out of energy. The pirate needs to spill enough blood in the name of a ancient demon if he's soul is to ever rest.

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Interested — I’m a fan of the pacing of Injustice and Invincible, and there seems to be a decent balance of that between friction from the Mantis’ operations, global threats, and menial, street-level crime work.

Lord Moldoma

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I am so stoked for this RP. I love Superhero stuff. I don't care what those elitist, gatekeeper pricks who say it's "Overdone" say!

I have a few ideas for characters. But it really depends on what role fits the best for this RP, so I think I'll go into detail on each idea before I make my full decision.

Are we going for a more subversive look at superhero archetypes?

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