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Fantasy The Tale of Two

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Adventure, Dystopian, Pokemon, Realistic


The Emerald Knight
"We should be getting pretty close to the bandit camp." Frederick spoke to his friend, Krauss, as they both cantered toward their destination atop their steeds, "Hope what the village elder told us was the truth. Remember that job back in Bessin? I'm still aching from that onix's rock throw."

Frederick and Krauss have been travelling for the better part of a day to reach a camp of bandits that have been extorting a small village, Bessin, as well as raiding local travelling merchants. A bounty of 500 silver coin pieces is up for grabs to anyone that can wipe out the bandits, and Frederick and Krauss are not the only ones looking to collect. Competition can be pretty cutthroat in this business, as Frederick and Krauss know all too well. The bandits have made their camp deep within the local woodland, far from any roads and other settlements, clearly keeping themselves hidden away out here. Local guards and civilians have been killed by these bandits, so they certainly have no qualms about killing anyone that gets in their way.

"Should be about 10 bandits in the camp." Frederick reiterates what they were told by the village elder, "They're pretty well established at this point, so they are likely to be dug in and fortified. The bandits didn't have full control over their pokemon, according to the villagers, so they must be pretty wild. Still trying to tame them. Maybe Loudrin there can spook them up. Their pokemon might just end up killing them for us."

"I think this is close enough. We should dismount here." Frederick said, gently pulling the reins back, coaxing Storm into a gentle stop before dismounting, walking over to face Storm in front of her before petting and rubbing her nose affectionately, "You stay here, alright Storm? We'll be back soon. And if anyone stragglers find you, you know what to do."

With a nasally grunt, Storm nudges Frederick's hand with her nose, telling him to be on his way. With a smile, Frederick turns to Krauss. "Are you ready?" He asks his friend, his voice held low in a whisper, "Fuck knows what we'll find in this camp. Be prepared for anything."

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