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Realistic or Modern The Substitutes (High School centered)



Welcome to Niceville High School located in Niceville, FL. (It’s a real place; I can assure you. But most of this will be very fictionalized.) The school has a suburban to rural feel to it. It is located near Eglin AFB and Destin - coast of the Gulf of Mexico. But all this information takes a back seat to the fact that your school has been struggling with a shortage of teachers and oversized classes. That said, the school has brought in some Substitute teachers to help.

School Map (I hate the real one. Boring campus map.)

Ms Sybil Shepard - Math (Her day starts with Algebra and works its way up to Calculus.)

Ms Ellen Chanell - Biology

Ms Enola Gray - Earth Science

Ms Kara O’shea - Girls’ PE

Ms Rose Mitchel - Choir.

Ms Rhea Dreyfuss - Chemistry

Yes, I know. No male substitutes. Kinda defies the odds. But that won’t be the only thing odd about them as the students will soon begin to realize. I’ll have to come up with some brief descriptions of them. Some are absolute sticklers for the Rules. Some clearly could care less. Some are clearly experienced teachers; others absolutely suck at it.

I may have some of them sponsor clubs if asked.

They all ride in the same mini-bus each morning.

They all have the same address. (Only Admin would know about this.)

They seem clueless about some of the most basic social issues - like gender identities. Good reason for this as they aren’t from this world. But we will get to that in the RP. As soon as they realize they are failing to understand something like this, they will make a more indepth study.

I will be looking for a mix of both students and teachers. You may do more than one character, but please only one teacher. I am also open to other adult positions like Admin and Staff. Again, only one Principal.

If you create a student, make sure they are of the right age / grade to be in the courses they study. A Freshman generally doesn’t take Chemistry.

If you create a teacher, try not to overlap courses. The school doesn’t need two chemistry teachers. But Math, English, etc …sure. A second Girls’ PE coach is fine though.

This is Fall 2022.

The RP should have some Stranger Things feels to it, but set in 2022-23. (I would have loved doing the 80's.)

3rd Person Past Tense
Decent spelling and grammar
Semi lit is fine. I am relaxing my usual standards.
Min length - Try to manage 2-3 paragraphs per post. Renember, others will probably have a harder time responding to a very short post than one with a little substance.
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