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Fandom The Strange Ones (anime Multiverse Realistic Roleplay) (open)

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Adventure, Anime, LGTBQ, Multiverse, Naruto Universe, Realistic, Romance, School, Slice of Life

Shadow The Hedgehog

The Ultimate Life-form
*side steps it*

Amy: "Ulquiorra read page 10 it's Shadow but it's.........a bit scary" (Imagine as a human)
Screenshot 2021-02-22 at 7.46.22 AM.png
Shadow Doom had orginally looked like this when he was first created. This was his Black Arm state. Overtime from countless battles with the Black Arm's worst enemies the Darklings. Shadow began to lose his memory as he reverted to the Shadow I knew and loved. Shadow out of his 3 brothers. Melephis, Eclipse, and Scourge was the only one to stay on the side of the black arms before he lost his memory. Melephis, and Eclipse went to the darklings and Scourge went on to help us normal humans. After a few years in Amercia Shadow, Maria, and Scourge had been reunited and got along just fine. Scourge had noticed Shadow wasn't himself. As I cared for him and watched him then even adopted him I did see slight times when his memories returned a bit. Shadow had been able to use his black arm power (where his eye white turns black) but that had been it. Until the day before I died.......at the hands of Shadow. Shadow had been in a fight with Eclipse. He was losing the fight from the begining. His rage had reawaken his Black Arm state. His fully manifested one. At that point Shadow had been able to win easily. All that day Shadow had caused chaos and destruction and I made a pair of rings to surpress his power. Sadly as Father put them on Shadow killed him before turning normal.
Section wrote by: Gerald Robotnik
Last Sentence by: Maria Robotnik
Page put in the book by: Maria Robotnik


The 4th Espada
"im going to tell you something Amy that you should know about me," Ulquiorra says "Before I was 'human' I was once a lone demon causing fear and despair for others until Aizen came along and made me who I was today"

Shadow The Hedgehog

The Ultimate Life-form
Amy: "Poor Stark.......I.......think I'll go find Shadow and......hope he remembers nothing of his.......real self"
*Shadow had threw a punch at Rin as a flashback came to him. It looked like a fully red him vs Eclipse. He did look younger though.*
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