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Fandom The Strange Ones (anime Multiverse Realistic Roleplay) (open)

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Adventure, Anime, LGTBQ, Multiverse, Naruto Universe, Realistic, Romance, School, Slice of Life

Shadow The Hedgehog

The Ultimate Life-form
"You realize that Maria has no idea I'm artfical.......so for her to know Rin is family she'd have to know that.........and I hate when people figure that out......I feel out of place....."


The 4th Espada
"Because he is possessed by one of Satan's demons during the explosion and its one of his generals Azmodan who is a deadly and chaotic demon whos strong as Sonics speed level"

Shadow The Hedgehog

The Ultimate Life-form
Amy: "Let me guess.....your going to train with all of us or just Sonic?"
*shakes my head* "niether.....I'm going to train with Rin this is a demon we're dealing with after all plus me and Rin aren't exactly fully human" *I turn and feel for Rin* "Rin takes Satan I take Black Doom and Ivo" *I vanish in a green light when I finally find Rin's energy* "Sup......cousin"

Shadow The Hedgehog

The Ultimate Life-form
"Yeah I just figured it out......plus I always thought since I came here we both weren't.......exactly human.....I knew I was alien but not artfical and I didn't think you were demon but your energy tells me other wise"

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