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Fantasy The Story of Aether and Chaos - Custom Setting (New Lore Linked in First Post!)

What sort of story would you like?

  • Focus on the City of Labyrinth and the Labyrinth Below

    Votes: 3 30.0%
  • Something more open, explore the world doing quests

    Votes: 5 50.0%
  • Either/Or

    Votes: 2 20.0%

  • Total voters
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Mythy The Dragonwolf

Four Thousand Club
Hello there! My name is Mythy, and I've made a bit of a setting for your perusal! I think it could be a fun RP, and am curious what you think! If you're interested, please drop me a post - and let me know what kind of story you would like!

Labyrinth, Chaos, and Aether

The Labyrinth is a seemingly endless, ever-changing dungeon, the entrance of which is found in the city named Labyrinth, having been built around said entrance. No one is sure exactly why the entrance to the Labyrinth breached through to the surface, but magical tracing has linked the breach to the unleashing of the Aether and the Chaos. In fact, since the Labyrinth breached, the upperworld has changed. Undead, both mindless and sentient, once more wander the lands, along with the Chaos and Aether gradually transmuting more and more of the landscape.

Oddly, the city of Labyrinth seems to be the most safe place from the changes. Granted, it has its share of warlocks, Aethermancers, and undead citizens, but the taints of Aether and Chaos seem to be non-existent in the city and surrounding area.

The Aether and the Chaos are living beings, formless and alien, but living all the same. Legend holds that they used to work together to form the world, but in this age that knowledge is long lost. Their current forms are known as energies, ones that have seeped into the land since the breaching of the Labyrinth.

The Chaos energy manifests as a sickly green; Where the chaos touches, things are twisted, given the look of the epitome of evil - though it does not necessarily twist intelligent minds to darkness, it more often than not either brings them to madness, or twists their appearance so horribly that the sane shun them. The Chaos is able to infuse anything, at any point in their life.

The Aether, meanwhile, manifests as a sky blue, and seems to enhance rather than twist. Colors seem more vivid, sounds seem brighter, and generally the environment is the opposite of a Chaotic area. However, despite this brightness, Aetheric areas are just as dangerous as those touched by the Chaos. Plants and animals infused by the Aether grow beyond their normal size, and most have a tendency to become frenzied when bothered. Yes, that includes plants. Aether seems unable to infuse humanoids past birth, with the exception of corpses. This means that Aetherborn and Angelkin - both status from birth - cannot be ‘attained’ later.


- Humans are one of the more common races, partially due to their proclivity for breeding but also due to the fact they seem to be the most resistant to taint. Many are born with the power of Aethermancers or Warlocks, but most often those who are, are also born without any outward traits

Elf - Elves are a race said to be born of the sky, and are heavily attuned to Aether. They live at high altitudes and their homeland is a sprawling complex inside a mountain, where one of their favorite pastimes are sky-surfing. When affected by Aether, elves' skin gains flowing blue tattoos

Dwarf - Dwarves are a race attuned to the surface world, and seem to be similarly attuned to the Chaos. Living in large fortresses built of stone and wood, no one is sure where they originated, but they have made the land their home. When a Dwarf is affected by chaos, their skin turns black and craggy, with green 'cracks'.

Orcs - Powerfully built and green-skinned, the Orcs are a proud warrior race. Making their home in the frigid tundra, the orcs have learned how to fell large predators to survive. They seem to be more susceptible to Aether and Chaos, sharing the changes that manifest in both Elves and Dwarves.

Lizardfolk - Making their home in the sprawling southern rainforest, Lizardfolk are a superstitious people. Magic of all kinds is viewed with suspicion, however it is also down to the individual mage to prove their intentions. Aether and Chaos affects the Lizardfolk by influencing their bodies, with Aether making them broad and muscular, while Chaos causes them to sprout spikes, especially on the tail.

Beastfolk - Similar to the Lizardfolk of the rainforest, the Beastfolk roam in the hilly forests in clans. They are a nomadic people that share both peace and battle between clans. When affected by Aether, the Beastfolk begin to exhibit more bestial forms, and Chaos suppresses those to reveal a more humanoid appearance.

Angelkin/Demonkin - Angel and Demonkin are children born from wombs touched by Aether and Chaos. The majority of such wombs now belong to grown kin, but it is said that the races came into being during the initial explosion of energy during the breach. Physically, the Anglekin are generally paler, always with white hair and bright eyes. Demonkin tend to have swooping horns on their head, spaded tails, and skin colors of red, purple, and similar.

Warforged/Woodborne - Construct races whose creation is lost to all but them. Contrary to the conventional wisdom, neither of these races are immortal - the magic that animates them is simply long-lasting and using rituals long-lost to the humanoids.

Undead - Not all undead are mindless or destructive. Those who are born from Chaos or Aether, rather than raised with dark magic, find themselves with a personality built from Aether/Chaos, and only the feeling of loss. It is hard to tell how long an Undead will last, but the energies that animate them last generally for at least ten years.


- Those born as Aether-touched who make the decision to embrace their abilities will become Aethermancers. Those in more civilized lands go to the Aetheric College to learn safely, while those who live out in wilds often learn by trial and error, or blow themselves up in the process

Archer - The masters of the bow, they abhor the invention of the loud and messy gun, counting themselves glad that pistoleers and Riflemen are few and far between. They are often confident in their marksmanship, and do not hesitate to prove that they can back it up. This is not to say that they decry the use of magical bows, indeed they are seen as greater tools for their art.

Arcane Archer - Some find themselves born with the spark of the arcane, but a drive to master the art which is the bow. These individuals soon learn how to empower their arrows with powerful magical effects.

Barbarian - Warriors born with the blood of Arlbast, first Barbarian King, in their veins. A majority of the Barbarians are born in the Barbarian clans of the north, but in theory any child born can carry the blood of Arlbast. Barbarians are born with the innate ability to channel Chaos, becoming berserk war machines for a time.

Brawler - Invariably a type of warrior who has learned how to do one thing: manipulate their inner Aether in order to deal unarmed blows that punch through steel, or shatter a blade that strikes them. There are a multitude of fighting styles that utilizes this power.

Bulwark - Warriors trained in the use of heavy armor, and sometimes shields, to defend themselves and their allies. They tank through powerful blows, before delivering a strong, crushing strike of their own.

Cleric - Oftentimes, but not always, agents of one of the multitudes of deities that populates the Pantheon. Othertimes they are paladins of a cause or belief. These agents and paladins are known collectively as clerics, and are users of White magic.

Dark Mage - The catchall term for mages who use the darker side of magical arts. Blood mages, necromancers, and soulsplicers are among the types known as Dark Mages.

Druid - A somewhat secretive sect of nature magic users who charge themselves with the protection and proliferation of pure nature. They see the rampage of Chaos and Aether as a threat to the world, and seek to either remove or tame them.

Gunner - Users of new skills known as gunsmithing and gunslinging. The way to create workable, decent firearms is still a closely guarded secret, and only those in the order are skilled enough to use the intricate mechanisms necessary for operation.

Mercenary - A term for most warriors who use a combination of weapon and armor. They are the most "open" class, as a large majority of melee fighters will fall under this category.

Noble - not technically a 'class' but more of a state of being. Despite a large number of Noble lines existing, a true noble in this case carries blood of an older line in them, and it has happened to awaken. Some items refuse to work their best without being paired with noble blood.

Spellsword - The term for a magic user who has traded some amount of magical ability to learn how to fight with a weapon. They have less magic at their disposal in exchange for being more versatile.

Sorcerer - A magic user with a special inborn talent to use any kind of destructive magic, utilizing a special force that dwells in their blood. They tend to have less powerful magic from each class, but gain spells from every class - unless they decide to specialize.

Skirmisher - Those warriors that specialize in hit and run tactics, usually using either one or two swords and light armor. They dash in, out, and to the side as they harry and harass their opponents. And then, once they are tired, they dash in for a single strike.

Strider - Warriors, explorers, scouts, and rangers. The strider has many names, many jobs, but the single aspect that links them all is the urge to wander. They often fall into the companionship of a wild animal, leading some to think this urge is indicative of a connection to nature, though druids remain tight-lipped about it.

Wizard - Wizards are the premiere arcane masters, utilizing their learned arcane abilities to decimate, and to protect. After years of study, a wizard will be able to call down power beyond most mundane warriors. As they grow in experience, they gain more power. But they must be careful, as if they use too much mana, their body refuses to channel more - and they are defenseless.

Warlock - Warlocks are the Aethermancers of the Chaos. The College of Chaos is the Aetheric College’s counterpart, though at times there can be found a majority of older students, as chaos taint can occur at any time, and thus a Warlock can manifest at any age.

Magic Styles

- Magic that utilizes Aether in their spells. Only Aether-touched, those who are born with an abundance of Aether running through them, can become Aethermancers. Aether magic deals with the manipulations of Aether. This includes specialized attacks, as well as internal manipulation to strengthen the user's body.

Chaos - Chaos magic is used by warlocks, who must either be born as a chaos-touched or invite chaos energy into their bodies later in life. Much of chaos magic deals in large area, heavy damage attacks and bodily transformation, often at cost to self.

Arcane - Arcane magic is a school of magic borne of the 'neutral' energy known as mana. Like Chaos and Aether, Mana pervades all things, and at times is more present in an individual than others. However, its presence in the air does not manipulate the environment, and it is present everywhere. This allows for anyone with the desire to learn magic to cast Arcane spells.

Nature - Nature magic is a hidden and oft-overlooked art of the druid enclaves, and there are not many practitioners outside the druids. Nature magic uses the powers of the natural world, to heal and to harm.

White - White magic is often associated with divinity, though a 'connection' to a deity is unnecessary. What is most necessary for this healing and beneficial magic school is willpower and belief.

Dark - Dark magic is a catchall term for a number of practices considered unsavory. This includes Necromancy, Blood Magic, and Soul Binding.

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Mythy The Dragonwolf

Four Thousand Club
I guess, how strict is the class system? Because I'm thinking of either playing either an undead 'mercenary' or some form of Alchemist.
Hmm, Alchemist. Didn't think about that. And of course, suggestions are always appreciated!

And am I correct in thinking you mean combat alchemist? Making items, throwing them?


Great Old One
Hmm, Alchemist. Didn't think about that. And of course, suggestions are always appreciated!

And am I correct in thinking you mean combat alchemist? Making items, throwing them?
Was thinking more of a weak scientist who has to hide in combat, haha. I'll probably go with the more conventional undead mercenary. Interesting story there.

Mythy The Dragonwolf

Four Thousand Club
Was thinking more of a weak scientist who has to hide in combat, haha. I'll probably go with the more conventional undead mercenary. Interesting story there.
Interesting story makes me interested to hear! That and I'm curious if I actually got the Undead part explained very well.

To actually answer your question, the class system isn't meant to be *super* strict, but more of a sort of guideline. Though magic is more strict.


Lucky Laki Malakis
Mostly the roles we play but I guess that comes after we decide the focus. Maybe little more about the labyrinth city and the rest of the world. Is the former short of a city state, part of an empire or country or a stronghold of some sort of order e.g night watch or grey warden.

Mythy The Dragonwolf

Four Thousand Club
@Quinn is Here @ThatGuyWithSouvlaki @fuil @Abyss @pbtenchi and whomever else!

OOC is up, Lore is linked, and character thread with Boss character and my PC will be up shortly! Please feel free to chat and ask questions!

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