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Futuristic The Station

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Ignore the radiation. I do that all the time.
Gently floating in the infinite void of space, outside the range of any star or galaxy... perhaps even outside the boundaries of the universe itself.

The Station has no title; who or what could hope to name such a construction? Not built by the hands of humanity or any other known species, it stretches many tens of thousands of miles in length. Engines fueled by unknown matter, life support suitable for creatures of any environment. Maybe it was intended to be a colossal menagerie, built to contain numberless species? Maybe it was a warship, designed to lay entire systems low? But in the end, one can only speculate as to what its purpose may be. No one has been able to board it; the Station does not allow intruders to roam its endless halls.


No one except you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Eight members only; rules are pretty simple. Know how to write, you have to be able to get along at least a little bit with the other roleplayers, two paragraph minimum. The setting is an enormous space station (as the top implies). Please don't make your character overpowered - if they can take out ten people in an instant (without a rocket launcher or something), then that constitutes overpowered.

The story begins with all of the characters waking up in one of the larger biodomes on the ship, a tropical place. Plenty of giant trees, vines, a solid two thousand feet of dirt and rock beneath their feet - and a decent number of predators, of course. I do have an overarching story in mind, but you're free to interact with each other and the environment in any way you wish (although I will ask that you not kill other roleplayers). Your character can be from anywhere in the multiverse, and they can remember their whole lives prior to waking up in the Station if you want them to. They can be aliens, cyborgs, humans, elves, dwarves, robots - literally anything! You do need to PM me with the details before they're approved, though. I'm fairly active, so I should be able to get back to you within eighteen hours or so.

Minimum information is name, age, species, equipment, skills, and at least two paragraphs to describe their personality (edit: at least one physical weakness and at least one psychological or mental weakness, i.e. not good at math). If you want to include a backstory in the CS that's up to you; if you want to include a personal goal that is also up to you. I'll ask that you post at least once a week, but that's not an ironclad policy - it's there to make sure you don't get too far behind. There is no maximum amount of information; include as much as you want.

I don't think I've forgotten anything, but if I have, please let me know.
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Sounds interesting. I do have a character in mind and have a CS that I just need to review before I send for your consideration.

Thank you.


Ignore the radiation. I do that all the time.
Sounds good! The RP won't start until we have a few more players, so you have plenty of time.


Ignore the radiation. I do that all the time.
So, I'm going to just put this here - the Station teleported everybody in from wherever they're from, regardless of what universe that might be. DC, Harry Potter, Star Wars, your own headcanon universe - literally. anywhere. Just don't make them overpowered!


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Interested! I'll need to work on the character's art a bit, but I'll get to work on a CS and DM it to you for approval asap!

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