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courage the cowardly dog

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    here is a town that is located off of the grid. You cannot find it on your local map, a GPS won't take you there, and overall, it is a difficult town to get to. This is the town of Larkfield, enshrouded in mystery and secrets. The town of Larkfield is full of not only humans, but spirit animals as well. Yes, the residents of Larkfield live with their spirit animals. It has been said that everyone has a spirit animal. Whether yours might be a tiny field mouse, or a might grizzly bear, or perhaps even a parakeet resting comfortably upon your shoulder. Everyone's spirit animals stay beside them. They go about their day and there's never a dull day in this town considering that there's so much to do. Masquerade Balls, Camping, Parties, you name it! But the town of Larkfield was said to be safe, and it is. Right? It's not like anyone is going to come and separate everyone from their spirit animals right?

    Is the town of Larkfield really as safe as it is claimed to be?

    Hello, it is I, Juniper! Here with a reboot of a spirit animal roleplay! It is inspired by The Golden Compass/His Dark Materials. It's a sandbox type of roleplay where everyone goes about their daily lives with their spirit animals! There will also be events sprinkled throughout to add drama in there as well. As of right now, it's your local slice of life, sandbox town roleplay with events sprinkled in.




The Spirits

the town of


slice of life, sandbox, drama



spots open

unlimited !


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